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    I cannot access any of my silos in Harton Valley. It took about 5 minutes before one silo came up for some Ironsilk Spool. Trying to access my Yew Board silo, been sitting here at least 15 minutes (watching Futurama waiting for it) and still nothing.

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    I agree. The lag is horrible in some places in the game. Normally this is caused when there are lots of players and computer entities in the same area. I don't know if anything can be done about it. Perhaps the devs could figure something out to add stability but honestly when there's a lot of people on in the same area there is little you can do about it. I can recommend setting your graphics settings to minimum for ALL of them cause graphics use memory which can also generate lag. However the worst lag I seen so far in istaria is New Trismus.

    I always crash as soon as I enter the town after runing over to it from the telleport pad and fly to the town (since I am a dragon. New Trismus always causes me to crash. I do have lag when I access lair silos and storage chambers in my dragon lair, like my t2 hall and my Grand Hall. I have to wait 30 seconds to a minute before being able to drop another item into the silo/storagr chamber/hall. I can also see the lag cause I watch the watetfalls in my lair and I see they also lag when I drop something in my grand hall. So yes lag is an issue almost everwhere. But again we don't know what fixes can be made.

    As far as that, I can recommend so far to you is to turn down your graphics to minimum, though this is may not always work cause in some cases the lag is too serious and you may end up with a crash and have to relog. But it does help in a way to lower your graphics settings. I find this helpful in frustrating lag situations. Try it and see what effects it has on your silos.
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