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Thread: Can't do anything O.O

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    Hey guys! Thanks for reading this ^^

    I was just chatting to my friends when I decided to go do a few quests in the meantime. I quickly came to realise I couldn't talk to the trainer, or any other npc for that matter. I relogged, same problem. I restarted my computer, same problem.
    Then I went onto another of my characters and found I could not recall (it would show the animation and say it in the combat log but nothing happened), I could freely walk among mobs standing strangely still and could not attack them. It was like my internet had lagged out completely but... it's just fine.
    I have a freshly-downloaded copy of istaria, so hopefully there'll be an easy copy+paste fix, but I couldn't find anything by google or forum search.

    Thanks for any replies! Hopefully this will be the last of my many istaria problems in the past few days haha :P

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    Having same problem. Order shard at my plot. I cannot access my inventory, cannot sell anything, cannot get anything from my house, silos or vault. I cannot use the portals at all. Basically, I can walk around but do absolutely nothing. Please look into as soon as possible. Submitted a trouble ticket. Tried full scan and patch update but made no difference. Thanks. Slimey

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    Same I'm unable to trade or store things.

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