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Thread: Graphics/Sound/Effects Upgrade and Ships/Carts Suggestions

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    Default Graphics/Sound/Effects Upgrade and Ships/Carts Suggestions

    I have a few suggestions for the developers of istaria. First of all I would like to let yu know that I love your game and its a great experience. I really enjoy your game and I think all the time and money yu invest to keep our favorite game alive for so many years is totally worth it. I salute you all. :)

    My suggetions are as follows, a better graphics engine and actual ships/carts in game. When I look at istaria its a nice world and fun to explore, but would It be nice to add a better graphics and sound engine and effects engine? You know for better graphics and spell effects and melee attacks. It would be a nice idea though. The action would be more fun and entertaining. And a polished graphics engine would make istaria shine and provide more beautiful scenes and bring istaria to life. Imagine seeing istaria pop with more realistic graphics. Trees and forests could be made more realistic, dragon lairs could have sound of waterfalls from chambers that have them and same for lava as well as more crystal or particle effects in dragon lairs to make it a more realistic dragon cave and make yu really feel like a dragon. As well as make your lair more beautiful with crystals too. That would be nice. But still better graphics for ALL of istaria in General would be nice to see. I would like to ask the developers if this is possible for istaria or is istaria set to have the graphics it currently has and cant be upgraded or is there a possibility of improving the graphics engine.

    Another suggestion I have is ships and carts. I always see empty harbors and roads. Would It be nice to sail your own ship on a voyage to those islands that bipeds have a hard time accesing? And perhaps have ships that can store cargo as in everyday goods in istaria for those bipeds who like being merchants. Imagine you could anchor your own ship on a cost, then go ashore and gather resources and then drop them off on the ship and go get more? That would be fun to see. And consider the dangers at see like monsters, or pirates. Making the sea a challenging place as well. Perhaps a few sea quests too. And we could have many types of ships too like Brigs, sloops, Galleons, Frigates, full rigged ships. Each one with a better cargo capacity and features. Would be nice to see ships fill those empty harbours. Imagine the fun you could have sailing the oceans of istaria from island to island and have a great time too. Set up trade routes and become a merchant. That would be great for istaria. Or become a dashing naval officer?

    As for the carts. I was thinking like market wagons and carts, floating platforms for dragons. Something that could be used as another cargo disk to help transport materials to those peds struggling with plot construction. It would be more convenient to have a large cart with you to go gather all the nessesary materials to build your plot. And also create some special carts for dragons to either tow or have magically follow them like a cargo disk but with a higher capacity and allowable stacks making lairshapping less irratating and time consuming. Also make flying cargo platforms for dragons that have already earned thier wings helping them carry large quantities of goods or materials. Im positive that these special carts would both help and benefit dragons and bipeds and make our roads a more busy place too. It would help new comers to ask a passing merchant for directions on how to get somewhere or perhaps trade, this could even improve the community through trade. These carts would act much like a cargo disk but they would have much higher capacities and allowable stacks. Definitely something traveling merchants would like to have. Or peds who are finding that it is taking forever to build their plots and same goes for dragons with thier lairs. But carts for dragons will be more like large floating platforms with crates on them to store goods or materials, etc. Considering they are much different then peds and larger in size.

    These are my suggestions for istaria. I would love to hear everyone's opinions and the developers too. I was thinking that these ideas mare good and will improve game experience and make istaria alot more fun to play. I just like to share my thoughts and ideas. I hope my suggestions have provided will inspire or give some ideas for the developers to think about. I'm sure these ideas will also inspire others to come up with better ideas, I ask those people also share their thoughts too. It would be great to get everyone's opinion on this, it would be much appreciated too.

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    Default Re: Graphics/Sound/Effects Upgrade and Ships/Carts Suggestions

    They're already revamping textures as it is, some of which has been pushed to Blight. You can download client and check it out.

    What you're asking for in graphics revamp, is asked probably every day, if not multiple times a day. That would be amazing!

    Ships, caravans, and the like I doubt they could touch. Adding some livelihood to towns once again, animating NPCs and giving guards a purpose is something they're working on though! I know this is something Amon is excited about, so at least you know it's something that will happen <at some point>.

    That would be cool though if the utilized some structures that has been left to rot. Perhaps like you say, a harbor where people could construct ships, or just enormous world building projects. It's a shame the castle keep was never implemented, I hear Izzon's Crest was the likely home for it.

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    Default Re: Graphics/Sound/Effects Upgrade and Ships/Carts Suggestions

    Thats what I ment, trade would boost the community. Ships would pull in and out of harbours with goods, roads would always have carts going by so there's always someone to ask for directions or help, perhaps trade. As for dragon cargo platforms that would help with remote lairshapping projects like Drakul, where there is no town nearby with vaults or machines. As for ships I already have the controls in mind and to build them you'd have to go the main harbor which to me should be Dalimound, but the bay and entrance to the bay would have to be widened to fit ship traffic, but again more world development required. But still its a good thought. And the ship controls are the same as controls on land and dragon.

    To raise the sails hit space or hold space to unflur the sails as much as you like sails will keep unfluring untill you let go of the space bar or till they are completely unflured. X will be to flur the sails and slow the ship down and eventually Anchor, if yu hold X long enough. But the strearing controls should be the same as land controls. Same with battle, click on target and click attack and yur ship will open fire, cannons reload automatically and return fire automatically untill yu cancel the combat action. The good thing is with peds on board if yu bring yur friends with you they can shoot bows and magics at the target too if they are in range, think about that kind of fun eh? Imagine the fun you could have with that also make it so yu can board enemy ships as well and loot them. If yur ship dies it will sink but again as gifted hit recal and yu go to your bind point (which is why before yu set out bind to a shrine in a harbor) And carts should be similar to cargo disks, they follow yu around (if horse drawn) or you pull them if its a manual cart. As for ships to even controll them you would have to stand at the helm and click on the ship's wheel to activate sailing mode and press tab to cancel so yu can freely walk on deck as yur ship is sailing or if its anchored, and get to the shore if yu spot resource nodes on the shore yu could launch a row boat to go ashore with yur friends and go gather all the resourses and bring them back to the ship and stash them in the cargo hold. But still good ideas if yu ask me. I love getting creative

    Note: ship health should be repaired at the nearest harbor. I dont think they should have a auto heal or regeneration rate like dragons and peds have. Either repair at nearest harbor or bring supplies with you to repair the ship. Or have your friends repair the ship as yu fight other ships to stay afloat.
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    Default Re: Graphics/Sound/Effects Upgrade and Ships/Carts Suggestions

    Closing this thread as these have been answered in another stickied thread:
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