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Thread: minecraft mods?

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    Default minecraft mods?

    does anyone know how to get them to work? my friend has mc and he cant get a minecraft mod to work any help?
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    Depends on what version you are running ... earlier mods required that you extract archive into the minecraft.jar and then delete meta-inf.

    This is no longer the case with newer versions, I think after 1.8? It's when they revamped block IDs so now they're referred to by NBT.

    You can find numerous tutorials on how to install mods in general, or using a launcher instead to manage the .zips. Also, most decent mods authors have videos or specific instructions on installing mods.

    Mods also may only be for SP, and not have MP capability. You can't run a SP only mod in MP. Some client side mods like REI's MiniMap or TMI or NEI could be used client side for both SP and MP, but you'd need op permission for most of its features.

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