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    Hello everyone. I'm thinking on maybe returning back here, but first I would like to hear some of yours opinion on me joining again.

    You see, about an year ago or something I found this game and tried it out for about a week, maybe I didn't last that long. I got interested in it, because I love Dragons, and I wanted to be one. So I created a dragon and started playing, but from what I recall wasn't a lot of fun.

    I generally found the game, quite confusing. And the combat was boring to put it lithely. After I finished the tutorial, I arrived at a town where there were some dragons sitting on top of houses. But besides that, nothing going on. Then I saw another hatchling running around, we started talking and eventually started doing funny gestures to each other and kill somethings lying around. But I remember getting bored, and telling him I was gonna go. And after that I just kinda forgot the game entirely.

    Now I was thinking on coming back because:

    1.I can be a dragon
    2.There is no Auction House system here, which is something I hate from new MMO's
    3.No PvP mess. Modern MMO's just only care about PvP and I'm tired of it.
    4.There are no other MMO's in the whole world that interest me.

    But then again, I'm also afraid of just going in again to end at the same exact place.

    And sorry for my bad English.

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    Hehe I'm sure my english much more worse then yours But I've learned the most understand me and doesn't bother.

    The first steps in Istaria might not be that easy like in other modern mmo's. There is been working on and an update for the starter isle is beeing scheduld.

    There are alot of features for fighting and crafting that need to be learned, the "learning curve" might be a bit higher then most modern mmo's - but you get more complexity, and still one of the best crafting systems (I've played, beta tested and tried many of them...) I've ever seen. With crafted things from weapons, spells, potions up to crystals...

    For further information you will find all important information sites belonging Istaria down in my signature, and the player base is helpful and friendly, give it a try, a weak may not be enough, two weeks are free to play

    From my own experience I can say dragons become much fun when you hit lvl 50, when you try to keep the dragon crafter in a equal level, it's even more fun.
    Terao (Gnome, Grand Master Crafter, Order [Unity])|Draigourn (Ancient, Master Lairshaper, Lunus, Order)|Echentrial (Ancient, Lunus, Order)

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    Pher- I darkly remember your name.

    If you are German- join German chat channel- I gladly will assist you on your first steps into Istaria:-)

    If not- join a guild- that will help too
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Thanks for the posts. As I was looking at some videos, it came flashing back to my mind why I had really stopped playing.

    Indeed I got bored, but for a reason. All of those that I already said, and I found the combat to be...errr...."Weak" to put it lithely. And the Visuals are a bit disappointing. :\

    And no I'm not German. :P

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    Yes, Istarian combat is different from most others...slower to begin with. One reason I don't have a dragon is to do multi-classing to add in extra abilities; this is where it gets interesting. But it is against the grain; most games have moved to easy mobs and easy multiple mobs with quick kills; here I know that stuff around my level will be a challenge. On even a simple trash mob, they won't go down quick, and even if the first one is trivial, if the next one rolls better, it might rip me up. The cue system for spells is a nice touch. So, I can't really speak for a dragon, but towards other adventuring schools, Istaria offers something you don't usually find. A few of the spells have cool effects, but it is an old engine--seems more comfortable to back away from the screen a little bit.

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    Game is old, combat is akin to its generation of games. You grew up with it, learn to love it or just hate it. :P

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