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    Why are walls impossible to place and align proper? Stone, Trellis, Ice or Sandstone are the ONLY viable options when attempting to cover the perimeter of your plot.

    The plots compensate with an additional 1m but it's unusable. Alignment tool is worthless with walls as they'll always be placed out of bounds, and aligning left or right doesn't sight up structures right.

    Frustrating trying to use Fiend Walls, which are already at a disadvantage due to footprints and 8m sections only.

    Walls need to be revamped to same footprints as flooring, or plots need designated wall space.

    We lose functioning buildings (adventure center, gambling den) and leave these never used structures.

    Plots seemed to function better when red walling was around. So many assets in this game go to waste.

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    I'd be happy with a footprint that's say a line maybe at most.
    Why would you even TRY to use walls when they don't even line up to make an actual COMPLETE perimeter right now.

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