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    Just a thought not sure if it is even possible but i'll throw it out there anyway.

    The topic of the different gates at the hubs got me thinking about landing pads. Would it be possible to make it possible that landing pads don't glow until attuned? I was just thinking it might help newer players realise a pad needs attuning to as they run along. I understand if its even possible it will probably require a clearing of the world cache.

    oh well just a random idling.
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    I like this idea. I also like the idea of always positioning immediate vicinity portals at the same compass point relative to the port pad, such as racial cities portal always to the north, etc.

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    I agree. This is a good idea. It will also help you keep track of the pads your already attuned to and those you aren't yet. So if you come across a pad that isn't glowing it will encourage you to investigate it and become attuned to it. Same goes to new players. Most new players run around and sometimes don't pay attention how useful telleport can be. However this will require development and time, and the developers woul have to figure out how this will work. But still good idea!

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    There is already something related to this in place, the gatekeepers. They are usually standing near the landing pads that you can attune to, and if you are not yet attuned the gatekeeper will have a quest bubble over their head. This seems sufficient enough to me. In some places the gatekeepers are not exactly next to the landing pad, but that could be easily fixed. It would be Far simpler to move a small number of gatekeepers than to create a new pad mechanic i think.

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