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    Default Hello everyone!

    Greetings to all! Glad to be here in Istaria. I'm kind of new, played back two years ago, but never really got the chance to really get into the game or to give it good time... Just tried out the game for a bit (Then poofed for 700+ days). I'm on the order server and love it, glad to be a part of this game, and hoping to be a part of this community too. Awesome! I'm looking forward to meeting you all, and to also make a formal introduction (or one of the sort) here to the forums. So... Hi everybody! Another dragon join in. Yay!

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    Welcome to Istaria!

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    Hi, welcome back!
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    *serves Dovaknwa a container full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    Welcome home! :-)

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    As Awdz says, welcome home! And, welcome to Order shard...I'd suggest you join the New Player and Dragon chat channels, at a minimum...feel free to ask'll almost always find someone who can help!

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    Greetings and welcome to Istaria and Order.

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    So many familiar faces. Enjoy the community these guys will become like family in time.

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    most welcome home!
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    Welcome home indeed, Istaria is a home to me and many others, Order is like a family, and I certainly hope you enjoy your time playing.

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    Welcome back from the long waited sleep, and to Order, Its good to see some old players coming back, I hope you get to Enjoy it this time around, I didn't get too my first time either, again I Hope you Enjoy.
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