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    Quote Originally Posted by Machaeon View Post
    Didn't see anywhere a mention about a damage reduction on GR.
    I think he's refering to the change in the timer 1 min is 4 times longer than the old 15 seconds... but like you said Always hits... fair trade off against the likes of the mylocs or fyakki... I would say its more a 65% reduction (to take into acount the misses and even a pure melee dragon misses sometimes)
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    3 rangers.. killing the island eli Bipeds are more op then dragons in general..and the Eli on the mountains 3x stronger then the one in the void..
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    I'm pretty sure dragons didn't work very hard to get to their "max" potential, unlike bipeds, who have to work REALLY hard to get to their max multiclass potential. The way the game is designed, bipeds are pretty all powerful with their many classes, while dragons are stunted by having to follow a single class. =P I'm old though... way back in the day we all knew dragons were gimped lizards compared to the bipeds [kept more people playing bipeds rather than dragons]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchDemon View Post
    again its a tiny player base. and no Elie takes more then four takes more like 8 dragons. without the GR we have today. see all those ancients? see all those adults? we wouldent have that.. Virt all abilities would need a major buff all our crafting spells plane outright suck. tempest, gust, barrage, those aoes i know theres four of them i forgit one i know i did.. those just plane suck alot of our powers are underpowered dramaticly. and ffs fire burst 1? 5:00 cooldown and volcano has what 10 to 5 mins of cooldown? play a dragon we only got 1 class not 80 like you bipeds get >> 20 secs is a better idea for a gr cooldown.. 60 is just smacking your paying dragons in the face.
    On the note of this... I'd like to proudly say, I don't even really have to rely on Gold Rage, or most of my hoard using abilities on my primary dragon, a 100 hatchling.

    As some of the other posters mentioned, a large number of us had some discussions with the devs themselves about the changes they were going to make. As another poster mentioned, it was going to be 12800 hoard cost for Gold Rage 7, both sides needed to compromise and the devs were willing to drop the cost of Gold Rage a significant bit.

    On the note about 'nerfing' Gold Rage will 'destroy any dragon', that's, not entirely true. First off, I have a few pure casters who don't even use Gold Rage to start with, because their spell damage is so high.

    Then, as I mentioned before, I have a hatchie that I don't even use Gold Rage, Ravage, or even Silver Strike with much, unless I'm being swarmed by countless enemies.

    The reason being is that she's built to DoT most things to death and that generally happens within moments, or even seconds, depending upon the critter.

    While there are/were some unenjoyable changes to Gold Rage, at least we were able to compromise with the devs and get it to be a fair bit more reasonable. Gold Rage is not the 'be all, end all' of dragons, sometimes... one just has to be more creative in their battle style.

    Dragons can still be very, very good without using Gold Rage as their core attack. If you'd like, you could even ask a few of the people I've dueled in the arena with my hatchie, they'll all agree that she's very deadly, even without Gold Rage.

    As another poster mentioned, it cannot hurt to give the changes a try before 'rage-quitting', give the devs some time to balance out and power up other skills too.

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    So here is my personal opinion:
    I do not care (much) about the GR- nerf:
    Playing hybride, I am used to use all dragon weapons, and my set up and tactics are not reliant on the GR like it is atm (before patch).
    The costs for it after patch still are not high in my eyes- there is much hoard ingame- and its easy to hunt for. I remember hunting for hoard for weeks on IoI- just to reach the 26mio. At a time when hoard was rare.
    If my memory serves me well, GR even was linked with Gold Shield once-and that was really a challenge. We survived even that.^^
    All in all: It was nice to have such a strong GR- but well-not really necessary.
    Making other dragon abilities a bit stronger can`t compensate a weaker GR- but its nice to have^^
    I hope that this changes will motivate those players-who have not done it yet-to train their drags to use all there is, and feel, that they might be stronger than before, cause GR is, often enough, not the only or the right solution in a fight.
    E.G. I love my breathes- and they do terrible damage, and rarely miss (not only the burst).
    Have you ever tried drain bolt on certain mobs? Or acid breath on bosses?
    Did you know that a drag can solo an anchor without using any melee attacs?
    Enjoy finding out ;.)
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    I couldn't agree more with Litarath. And yes, her dragons, some of them at least hurt alot.

    So GR is losing some power. I tested it on blight, retested it when the changes were made to its hoard cost and such, and it works fairly well. I will continue to test it on the live servers and see if I can spot any bugs I missed or weaknesses in the combat efficiency.

    When the hoard cost was set to 12800, not a single piece of feed back outright said anything resembling 'i don't want this change' they read 'the hoard cost is a bit much.' For myself, I can only read that as agreement with the changes and asking for the devs to tweak it to something more reasonable. The devs worked with us and the hoard cost was set lower than what any of us were asking for. Many asked for it to be lowered to 4000-6400 hoard. Well the devs did us better than that on hoard cost and lowered the time from 1:30 to 60 seconds while letting it keep the ability to always-hit. I think we all need to be fair and at least give the changes a try before stomping them out flat, as a tweak was what the majority of feedback on here asked for.

    Also, perhaps rather than all the negativity surrounding these changes, consider what opportunities are open to dragons with this change before refusing it out of hand. It seems to have gone unnoticed that if GR is taken a down a notch, then it is allowing the door to be opened to dragons to get much needed overhauls in other areas. Maybe things like new abilities and even abilities that were passed over or refused. We were told on these forums in the myriad of repeated discussions on dragon abilities that further tweaks to dragon abilities and new abilities would not be feasible until GR was lessened. Now we have a nice opportunity to have these things added to dragons. We however need to offer ideas and feedback, and give the devs time to consider these things and slowly go over dragon abilities.

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