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    For those of you who don't already know, Starbound has recently released a massive update to their content. The winter update overhauled almost every aspect of the game, creating a new and fresh experience to what Starbound originally was a year ago.

    Currently, the server software is a little less than stable. Through a petition on the Starbound forums, the players gained the attention of one of the lead developers, Tiy. He is working on a fix for the issues this week that are currently present involving terrible lag, crashing, and generally unstable server software.

    Once the software is fixed and functional, I plan on running a dedicated, 24-hour server. It might not be for a while, but I wanted to gauge interest and ask all of you, the community of Istaria, if you would like to see this done. Everyone would be welcome and I encourage all of you to check out the game if you haven't already:

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    That sounds pretty cool, I tend to log on that every now and again!
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    Looked at it and it just doesn't look like something that interest me. Maybe 30 yrs ago I would have played it a bit.

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