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    Today is a very sad day , Lennard Nemoy has passed at the age of 83 He lived a good life and shaped many lives with not only his role as Spock but as a father writer voice actor and director . May his spirit Live long and prosper \V/

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    Reminds you that time stands still for no one. Enjoy life everyday as if it were your last. Just seems like yesterday I was watching these on a black and white TV.

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    A loss for us, indeed. :-(

    I remember as a young girl going to meet Leonard Nimoy at a publicity event; he got to greet a rather long line of people that day. After I got to shake his hand, I recall being very disappointed that he did not have pointy ears. That was when the difference between characters and actors was first explained to me.

    It's amazing, the effect that someone who does their job well can have on the world.

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