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Thread: Talk to the Team: Gifts

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    So far this seems like a good idea, my only concerns are that Dragons couldn't cast Gifts so if your swapping them with old gifts will they then be able to cast the new gifts?
    Also like the old Dragon techs we can now purchase which you can only have 1 (at like a 5% chance is not worth the tech space) and you cant add 2 to the same scale. Would these new gifts be 'you can cast this and this but not that and that at the same time like the Enhances are now?
    I don't think they would be worth the cross over from what we have now if we will be limited to 1 or 2 gifts at a time sort of play.

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    Hi Guys,

    I really like the ideas, however I think gifts should be close to game changing, like how your play style can be based around them because they are that strong.

    My idea would be along the lines of having a super gift per class leveled to 100 (amongst other quested, crafted and earn via leveling up), these gifts will be tribute to the class and the mechanics themselves. Allowing you, similarly to the masterables to increase your focus on that playstyle if you so wish to.

    For instance the healer gift can empower your beneficial and hostile spells to trigger a small heal to a team member, allowing you to fight and heal, or heal more effectively. The spiritist gift allows you to gain some HP leached from any spell or skill cast, adding additional effect if you have the spirit disciple gift combined. The Monk gift will allow you to combo attack with melee, building 6 stacks (a stack per special move) will unleash a critical on the 6th strike, allowing you to trigger that with your biggest attack for tremendous damage.

    I think gifts with game changing affects, both entice the player to reach max level, and allows you to customise the playstyle even more.

    I would much rather have some gift that speeded up my gameplay, and allow me to support my team members even when I am not strictly a priest class. I currently play Storm Disciple, but would love to heal better and function like a melee druid, where my punches can heal the team and make up for the missing healing spells I could have had when I was a druid.

    Anyway, just my thoughts, hopefully the ship has not sailed already.

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    What I don't see here, (unless I missed it somehow) and I think is worth mentioning... Is adding gift slots. 1) keep the original 5 for the stats. 2) add another 5 for ability and 3) add a row for skills (craft or whatever) Getting all these new gifts seems nice, but at the cost of losing others in the process. The first 5 keeping for stats, isn't going to be a game breaker if you add a new row for each type of gift being added in. (craft and abilities) The craft gifts won't interfere with stats or abilities, and vice versa. So, if nothing else, add a row of gift slots for crafting alone if you feel adding 2 extra rows is too much

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    Good idea. Add.
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    Appreciate the feedback and all of the new Gifts do present a problem for players... which Gifts to have active at a given time. Its all about choice and we encourage players to make difficult choices about what buffs to use and which to not when entering combat. At this time, no additional Gift slots are planned.
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    I've seen Gift of Fate implemented into the game, at least I think it is the same as the gift of the fates, have any other gifts been changed/added?

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    Gift of Arcanist, Brawler, Colossus, Hunter, Shroud, and Stargazer. Those are the ones I just got of an NPC with coin.

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