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Thread: Bristugo Community Plot (CHAOS)

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    I'm building a community Plot in Bristugo (chaos) just off the NW corner. I have 1 T6 silo and an Expert Woodshop up so far. I'm hoping to put up Scholar for pales, and Blacksmith for Iron in the area all Expert. I'm also adding a Medium Vault due to space constrains there it's at 70% or so. If anyone has any suggestions for other shops that would benifit the area let me know. The two T6 silos will be public. If anyone would like to help contribute some crafting time to helping get some shops up, it would be appreciated but, it's not required. I have both my toons slaving away on it.

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    Medium Vault was erected, would of done large, but the plot is pretty small. I had to put the Vault up since the main plot up top had a sub that ran out and the vault disappeared. So if your in Bristugo and wondering where the vault is....Hop off the NW corner.

    Helping a friend build their Small Guild House, then I'll be back onto the Expert Scholar shop there.

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    Expert Scholar shop is open for Business in Bristugo, it now accompanies an Expert Woodworking shop with a public T6 silo and a Medium Vault!
    -Enjoy Kor

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    Bristugo has 3 Expert shops now just off the NW corner:

    Also has a medium vault and a t6 silo.

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    Installed an Expert Paper Press and a t1 Conny. I am throwing around the idea of maybe putting up Travel Scrolls for sale here T1-T5 towns. Not sure if there is a big demand for this in the game, I use them for crafting quite a bit and cycle between Kion/Mahagra well no longer kion as I crash too hard there but those two work good then you can scroll out every 15 minutes rather than 30.

    If someone can think of something else that they would like to be offered in the conny let me know. I can change it form T1 to a higher tier to hold more items. Potions? Travel Scrolls? Shield Scrolls? ect...


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