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Thread: Use the same UI set from one character to others

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    Default Use the same UI set from one character to others

    Well hello.

    Before one of the updates made recently in some files, there used to be a folder which was saving the UI interface you had on your X named character which you could copy and paste into the folder of your another char and the UI setting would be the same which eventualy saved you like 15-20 minutes of configuring your chat windows, hotkey bars, etc. so basicaly you had this:

    Character Folders> Folder of Character A> UI settings of Character A which you could copy and paste on Character Folders> Folder of Character B> and that character would have the hotkey bars and all windows on your screen you had on character A, the same way.

    What I want to say is that, after the update I cannot longer find that folder so either they removed that or I'm just stupid and cannot find it. If either of you know this method I was using to have the same UI settings in all characters, if it still exists or if there is still a way of doing it the same way, please, could you tell me?

    Thank you

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    All of your character settings are stored in the /prefs/server_Playername folder. All of these files can be copied to another character. Just copy the contents from /prefs/server_PlayernameOne to /prefs/server_PlayernameTwo folder or vice versa.

    Some files in there:

    ClientPrefs_Character.def: Default settings for your race: Never copy this to another folder, default race settings
    ClientPrefs_Controls.def: Your keybind settings (map keyboard to an action)
    UIHotkeys.def: Hotkeys, names/images assigned to all your hotkeys
    UIInventory.def: Saves the location (where in the grid/slot) that an item in inventory, disk, player plot, vault, etc is currently located. You inventory is saved on server. If this file is lost, you don't lose inventory, just the grid location in inventory where you last moved it. Worst case, you have to organize items in your vault around again.
    UIMapMarkers.def: Any personal markers you manually added on the map.
    UINotepad.def: Any notes you saved in the Notepad.
    UIPersonal.def: The meat and gravy file that saves your last window locations, last chat tabs open and more.
    UITutorialFlags.def: Shows what tutorials you've cleared. Ok to copy, but will undo any undone tutorials or vice versa (the blue popup boxes).

    Last: There is a folder inside the above folder called hotkey_icons . The actual hotkey .png files (picture that appears on a hotkey button) is stored here. Be careful about copying this folder, if there are extra icons from the other folder, it'll cause buttons to have images, but no hotkey assigned).

    I've seen in some rare cases where the game uses the /prefs/local folder . If you don't see a /prefs/server_PlayerName folder, then the files would be in that local folder. Not sure why it occasionally uses that folder.
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    Default Re: Use the same UI set from one character to others

    I see, thank you. I couldn't find that folder.

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