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    Default Client Release 386.146

    Well the day has finally come and the client update is as ready as it's going to be. The focus with this update was mostly fixes, and a few small but important updates. Patching to any shard will get you the latest fixes and features. If you see an issue or have a bug to report, please reproduce the problem with logs enabled and submit your logs at

    Not sure about how to enable logs? Please see the KB article below:

    • Adjust hold parameters for spells and other abilities so that animations synchronize better
    • Fix so that feedback about faltering network connection displays correctly (unack messages or failing to send)
    • Increase priority of network message processing, so messages get into sub-systems quicker
    • Adjust file progress information so it updates counter properly
    • Further changes to deal with the reported crazy window aspect size
    • If player is following something that is killed, make sure to stop following. Monster can respawn close by and player will go running.
    • Catch problem with texture allocation and prevent crash
    • Further changes to deal with the reported crazy window aspect size
    • Remove option to disable loading screen - screen drops fast now and lack of loading screen leads to issues because of improper setup
    • Crash fix if quest data is slow to be sent from server and quest window is opened
    • Fix for machine sound emitters - should now hear sounds when walking up close in all situations
    • Fix for saving world cache after manual delete of world cache folder (will save now)
    • Rewrite sound manager - does cool things like cache sounds, recover from slow disk load, and predictive pre-loading. Lasers too.
    • Rewrite file stream loader - was trying to flush when doing reads which caused crashes sometimes
    • Crash fix for loading UI elements
    • Fix footsteps fading away from player based on distance
    • Fix chat window not accepting chat / say if the chat window started as a tell window, and then cycled chat channel status
    • Obscure crash fixes for UI listview / windows
    • Crash fix for color selector if rapid clicking at window close
    • Fixes for loading window dropping at appropriate time / good time
    • Increase timeout for warning message about network activity
    • Fixes for makeMap
    • Improve when the loading screen drops - don’t wait for all characters to finish loading.
    • Improve loading screen message ordering so when possible, are more orderly list.
    • If “Show Weapons/Tools Only When Using” is checked, then show tools / play sounds when gathering.

    • New pref environmentSystemEffects so that sky / fog can be disabled. environmentSystem should almost always be enabled.
    • Pre-cache UI sounds
    • Biped Emote/Sound Pack

    This release has been updated with the following fixes:
    • Tweak loading screen so it displays for all teleports (even short ones)
    • Improve display of recall animations / effects
    • Crash fix for using substitution in hotkey text ( like /say %t% )
    • Improve teleport times
    • Prevent foginess when recall / teleport if loading screen is disabled
    • Clean up log prints
    • Crash fix for loading assets when under high load
    • Add checking to UI elements to avoid crashes
    • Allow ambient sounds to be muted when setup "as if" they are music
    • Tidy up profiling code
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