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Thread: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

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    Default Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Thought I would share that one with you. A friend had issues reading the entered text, because it was too small.

    Screenie (click to enlarge):

    • Chat entry field growed to fit with bigger text
    • Font size raised from 8 to 13
    • Chat symbols rearranged to look cute

    Where to download:

    How to install:
    • Unzip the file on your computer (don't worry, just a simple text file in there)
    • Copy the folder 'resources' and it's contents into your istaria's resources_override folder
    • When you're on another theme than the default, change into the copied directory until you see the 'default' folder. Rename that folder to your used theme accordingly (ex. amethyst, garnet,...)
    • If you are unsure which theme you currently use, open your 'Options' in game, switch over to the 'Video' tab and check the name shown in the 'Theme' dropdown.

    Note: If you are using other mods you could be asked if you wish to overwrite the file 'UIChatWindow.def'. In that case it's wise to stop now. There is a modified file version already, probably from another mod. If you overwrite it you will end up with errors. If you know well what you're doing you may try to merge the two files, else try to ask here or some modder if he is able to help you out.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    what a gift!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you friend.

    It works great. Should massivly reduce my embarrassing typos.
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Glad I could help *hugs*

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Can you explain what this does please? Is it just to increase font size? I can already adjust font to 12 or 13 to make it easier to see. Or increase the size of the chat box, make it transparent slightly, remove the title of it, lock it so it doesn't move around ect...

    If this is something different than what we have today can you just give a little detail? Or a screen shot so I can look at it?

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Sorry Korchak, thought I pointed that out on the description.
    If you look at the screenshot you can examine the (blue enlightened) text entry bar in the chatbox. This one cannot be manipulated to have a greater font ingame. This mod simply enlarges the box and it's font size. All other things you see are just my personal gui and were not changed.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    ok I think I get it, the text where you type before you hit enter typically can't be adjust but, you have created something that allows it. I don't see the screenie. I'm not sure if it's something on my end or not. I saw where you wrote Screenie (Click to enlarge): but nothing shows for me. It's ok though i understand. I don't look at what I type I just type and enter. I can remember a day when I used to watch my fingers poke keys frantically trying to type faster, this game has really brought my typing skills up though. :-)

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Yes you got it.
    That's weird though that you can't see the screenshot. It is right under the 'Screenie (Click to enlarge)' headline, filling almost the whole width of the text area. Did you try that with an alternative browser or another computer?

    Can anyone else confirm if the screenshot is visible or not, please?

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Here's the direct link to the screenshot. Hope that works

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    I do see the screenie, and was able to click on it and see it bigger.

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Ahhh, works in IE but won't work in Firefox, strange. I see it.

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    Default Re: Chat Mod: big font in entry box

    Doh. I'm on FF, too. Must be some strage issue on your config or so

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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