Like the article on the RoP, this one is a basic guide to the Ancient Rite of Passage (ARoP):

How do I start my Ancient Rite of Passage?

  • In order to being your ARoP you must be:
    • Be an Adult Dragon of at least 100 days old
    • level 100 Dragon Adventurer
    • Have completed the Tooth and Claw Mastery IX quest
    • Have completed Primal Master IX quest
    • Have completed the Accurate Breath IX quest

These are the only constraints (or limitations) on the quest. But they are also considered a minimum requirement. It is suggested that you have completed your Dragon Ability Quests and have obtained a higher level of Dragon Crafter school as well so that you may craft your own items.

I am stuck on the quest. What do I do?

  • There are no known bugs with the quest series at the time of this writing.
  • All the quests that are part of the ARoP series can be cancelled and restarted without the need for intervention from support but for a very few. Quests in the series start with either Karane, V'Tieru, Valkoth, Semeneth, Vladtmordt, Lantenal, Jendre, Grizelian, Hethsa, The Sleeper, or Elial. If you dropped your quest and tried speaking to these NPCs and no one offers you a quest, then you will have to seek support.
  • The most likely cause of becoming stuck is three fold. One would be that you have deleted something which is part of the quest. Most likely to obtain this time again, you can simply drop the quest and restart it. The second issue is that a particular mob needed for the quest is not spawning. Unfortunately this is a known issue that all that can be done at this time is to wait for maintenance. The third is that the directions are vague and unclear as to where you should be going. Often times asking in chat or on the forums will help clear this up.

I deleted an item which an NPC now is asking for. What do I do?

  • The good news is that if this is an item which can be crafted or is obtained by killing a mob, you should be able to simply craft or kill again. Most of this quest is set up such that if you don't have the item in your inventory, as long as you can obtain it again, you can continue.
  • If the item isn't one which can be crafted or killing the mob again doesn't work, the quest can be dropped and restarted. Again, most of this quest is very forgiving in that it can be restarted.
  • If neither of those works, you will have to submit a support ticket with specifics as to what you need.

This quest has many parts to it and has undergone numerous changes over the years so that it is more forgiving than it was before. It is designed so that most every quest in the series is self-contained so long as you don't delete any of the items.

With this guide and perhaps a bit of help from your friends, your dragon will be an Ancient in no time!