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    Default Compact Quest Window Mod

    Hi everyone,
    this modification makes the quest log window a bit more overviewable. All in all it is much more compact to the original window which eases searching your quests.

    - Smaller quest names and smaller heading size
    - Quest details are still formatted original
    - Removed alot of spaces between the relevant data (wasted space)
    - Quest history overworked, too
    - Compatible to the original istaria themes

    Screenshots (please click to enlarge for original size):

    Download and install instructions:
    • Download from here:
    • Unzip the file on your computer (don't worry, just a simple text file in there)
    • Copy the folder 'resources_override' and all of it's contents into your istaria install folder (resources_override may exist already)
    • When you're on another theme than the default, change into the copied directory until you see the 'default' folder. Rename that folder to your used theme accordingly (ex. amethyst, garnet,...)
    • If you are unsure which theme you currently use, open your 'Options' in game, switch over to the 'Video' tab and check the name shown in the 'Theme' dropdown.
    • Ensure the quest font setting is set to the most lowest value (It's located InGame in your Options Window, under 'Options' -> 'Quest Font Size'

    Note: If you are using other mods you could be asked if you wish to overwrite the file 'UIQuestWindow.def'. In that case it's wise to abort. There exists a modified file already which is from another mod. If you overwrite it you will end up with errors. If you know well what you're doing you may try to merge the two files. Else try to ask here or some modder if he is able to help you out.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    Istara bless you Elt!
    I've always found the quest window too bulky to keep open constantly unless i keep it reaally small, in which case I can only see 2/3 quests at once, with this mod I can see 6/7. <3

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    Always glad to help

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    I need this, i have a bad habit of stacking quests, thx

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    Hi Dragonredux,
    the download link is on the original post on the top

    Also, please read carefully since you got to do some minor adjustment in your client.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    Heya, this mod is no longer functional.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    Firebrandcrest Arma: Ancient Helian Dragon | Dragon 100 / Dragon Crafter 100 / Dragon Lairshaper 100 / Dragon Crystalshaper 100 (Order) | My MODs: Zexoin's and Firebrand's Sound Emotes Pack v2.5.1.7, Alternate Dragon Bolt Casting v1.4, Old Istarian Ambiance v1.0.5.

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    yay thanks!

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Compact Quest Window Mod

    I've made some minor changes, so the new expand / collapse buttons are visible.

    You can download it here:

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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