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Thread: Draelen has passed.

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    Default Draelen has passed.

    For those who have been around long enough to remember him:
    I just learned that Draelen passed away not too long ago, in April.

    I will always remember him as a kind soul who brought energy and excitement to those around him.

    Wind to Thy Wings fellow dragon.
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    Default Re: Draelen has passed.

    Oh I can`t believe that--what a sad news.
    My deepest sympathy to all who loved him

    He will be missed badly- haven`t seen him for a long while-but I will always remember the good times we had together on both shards.
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    Default Re: Draelen has passed.

    my deepest sympathies to the friends and family of draelen. the lady bless and keep him in her arms
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    Default Re: Draelen has passed.

    So very sad to hear... My heart goes out to his family and all who loved him well. The world I know was better for him having been here.

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    Default Re: Draelen has passed.

    Oh my, that is hard to believe... I'm so sad to hear this. We had many great adventures together in game... he was a kind one. Sleep well in the wings of Drulkar, fellow dragon.

    My sympathy to his family and loved ones.
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