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    Hi was just wondering if there is any new info on this. I have not been actively playing for a while but have kept up my subs in anticipation of its release. Maybe it has already happened and I just missed it lol.

    Any info would be great and thanks in advance.

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    It's... coming. Eventually. I think it's next on the developers' to-do list after they're satisfied with hammering out bugs.

    Haven't seen anything about it besides the fact it's coming next.

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    Just to clarify in case you didn't see the latest Developer's Desk, any tier revamps have been placed on hold indefinitely at this point. There are no plans at this time for any actual new content.

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    Here's the developer's desk that talks about the schedule for 2015. For the remainder of the year, the primary focus is on fixes. Starting in 2016 (really only 6 months away), development will begin again on content development (such as the T3 revamp).
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