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    Default Dragon Vocation Unlocking Quests

    [Place holder; actual post coming soon.]
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    Welcome to the Dragon Vocations Quests Post!

    If you came here from the Dragon Schools thread on the Talk to the Team forum, then you already know these quests are designed to unlock the dragon prestige schools known as Vocations proposed there. As this post reveals the unlocking quests and on the tiniest insignificant glimmer of hope that they make it in game, I must warn you that there are spoilers ahead. If you are not worried about spoilers and are interested in the lore behind the Vocations or the challenges you might face, please feel free to read on.

    Each quest is presented as one long quest simply because linear storytelling through multiple characters is easier for me in full-length form, both to create and to read. Judging from the RoP revamp which broke that quest into several smaller quests, it is highly preferable that these long quests are broken up into smaller ones. I have attempted to note every Quest Update that occurs – it should not be hard to decide which to stop on to start a new quest-step. It may require a little extra writing, but I’m certain that won’t be much.

    If you have any comments about the difficulty (too hard, too easy, etc), please feel free to leave them. While I am content with the general flow of the quests and the lore therein inscribed, there can always be more challenge added or removed. In addition, you will note that every single ‘bring me X item’ with the exception of those obtained from kill quests do not require your character to do them yourself. As these unlock adventure schools, I do not believe there should be any crafting schools needed to unlock them (though someone will of course have to make your class 4 recharge cell. Sorry. ;p).

    Lastly, some information: text surrounded by [brackets] is either part of the quest log update, or are notes about the quest. If spoken text is set apart by --- three dashes, it is relating to one particular clicked dialogue, showing up most commonly in dialogue that is branching or otherwise non-linear. I’ll try to make it clear which path the dashes refer to. I am relatively sure that “%N%” is what NPCs use when you speak to them to say your name, so replace %N% with your character name while reading this.

    --- Spoiler warning! Maybe! ---
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    Default Re: Dragon Vocation Unlocking Quests

    Search for the Ultimate Warrior

    [Task begins at Xerix]

    Xerix tells you, “Hello, %N%. I haven’t seen you in a while. I hope you have been keeping up your tooth and claw skills and felling many golems! Dragon warriors are the ultimate warriors, you know.”

    Xerix tells you, “The other day, a naka wandered in here, searching for the ultimate warrior. Apparently, he had been told that I was an excellent warrior – and I am! – but he dismissed me out of hand when I offered to show him my golem fighting techniques! If not for the Accord, I’d have struck him down.”

    Xerix tells you, “Apparently, he was looking for someone even more focused in tooth and claw than me. I told him only Periado was more knowledgeable and skilled than me, but he was again distraught to discover Periado’s injuries.”

    Xerix tells you, “Periado is not ashamed of them, I don’t think. He earned them on the battlefield with Malganival Lunus – were I so lucky! He and the naka spoke for a time, and then the naka left. If you are interested, you can talk to Periado. As for myself, I couldn’t care less about some crazy biped.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Periado about the strange naka.]

    Periado tells you, “Yes, a naka did visit us. Such impudence would have been immediately punished in Malganival’s day, but we no longer live in those times. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I actually enjoyed speaking to him. He proved an excellent listener.”

    Periado tells you, “It seems the naka had discovered a forgotten part of our past, though how he did not say. He spoke to me of fury unleashed and of monstrous dragons of old. I set the record straight, however.”

    Periado tells you, “Long ago, there were many different types of Vocations amongst the dragons. Some went into the Grand Academy to become scholars, but some went to become soldiers. Regrettably, many of these fighting styles were lost with the Academy and the wars that followed. What we teach you now is an amalgam of many styles and vocations – essentially all the scraps we could piece together into a cohesive and adaptable fighting style.”

    Periado the Veteran raps his tail against the floor, staring hard into a wall as though it has offended him.

    Periado tells you, “Some were lost. Others had been intentionally forgotten years before.”

    Periado tells you, “We have legends, %N%. One of them speaks of the Myrmidon. The Myrmidons charged into battle like dragons possessed, the fire within them burning so hot that it seemed as though they would burst into flames at any moment. They whirled around the battlefield, tearing apart naka and their stone construction with equal ease. When a Myrmidon entered a battle, he was the only one ever to leave it alive.”

    Periado tells you, “Some began to believe they were possessed. When the Kingdom of Barasavus fell, the Myrmidons tore down every last brick and hunted every human they could find. The sands had turned to glass with their breath and the land ran red with blood. And… there are other rumors as well.”

    Periado the Veteran curls his tail around his injured paw.

    Periado tells you, “As you know, Drulkar’s most sacred law is that dragons should not kill dragons. However rumors spread that, during the assault on Barasavus, one of the Myrmidons struck down another dragon in his uncontrollable rage. When this happened, the practice was banned from the Grand Academy and the council ordered that the Myrmidons should never again be studied or remembered. It was one of the first steps towards our inevitable Schism.”

    Periado tells you, “Many warriors were displeased with this. Most learned new ways of fighting and ultimately began to follow Malganival during the council meetings. Some, however, refused to let go of their precious fighting style and practiced in secret. One of these dragons was the Entombed, may he be forgiven. He was not only judged for his actions, but for the way he performed those actions.”

    Periado tells you, “Alas, there is no way to reverse the Entombing process, and with his mind afield for the enslaving myloc, I doubt he would be able to assist you in learning any Myrmidon techniques. I told the naka of this, but he seemed adamant about visiting the Entombed anyway. Should you follow after him, take care, %N%. While it was pleasant to remember the old times of greatness and of my time spent with General Lunus, the naka himself worries me. I can’t put a claw on it, but something about him was… off.”

    [Quest Update: Follow the naka’s trail to the Entombed Will.]

    The Entombed tells you, “Cannot think… need… brains… and hearts… myloc…”

    [Quest update: Collect a plethora of myloc hearts and brains to help the Entombed Soul fight off his Enslavers for an extended period. 0/25 Myloc Hearts
    Collect 0/25 Myloc Brains]

    The Entombed tells you, “I can feel their hated hearts… brackish brains… It brings me clarity. How long has it been? No, do not tell me. I cannot bear the answer. Though my eyes are as stone, I can sense you are no mere hatchling. What need is so great to sojourn to this blackened ruin? What need is there for one such as I?”

    The Entombed tells you, “The Myrmidon! I have not heard that word in centuries. Or has it been days? A naka was here, or perhaps I thought I saw one. The Enslavers assail my mind’s eye often with visions to cloud my thoughts. But if it was no vision, then for once my worry is justified.”

    The Entombed tells you, “The naka was displaced from time, as I am. He cannot adapt, as I cannot. He cannot accept. Neither must you. The naka is correct – the Myrmidon is the strongest of all dragon warrior disciplines. There is not a creature alive or dead that could stand up to one in full fury. That is why he seeks to prevent us from ever discovering this Vocation again. If only it had been taught, perhaps the tragedy around us could have been averted!”

    The Entombed tells you, “He possesses a stolen memory crystal. Using it, he has been taking the memory of the Myrmidon and of its techniques from every dragon he can find that has knowledge of it. Would it be possible, I would instruct you on how to become a Myrmidon this instant, but it has been taken from me.”

    The Entombed tells you, “He could not have acted on his own. Naka do not possess knowledge of how the crystals are made or function. I doubt a dragon would have helped him… furthermore, I know nothing about him, not even his name. All I know for certain is that he was human, and displaced from time. If you can find such a place, you might be able to track down where he has gone. Until the memory crystal is collected, I can help no further.”

    [Quest Update: Find a village displaced from time.]

    Zalikhet tells you, “Great Dragon! Please take pity on… I am sorry. I am still not used to this modern world where your kind do not eat us. Most of us in Kaiyar have come to accept the change, though most of us still cannot believe Nazderon is truly gone.”

    Zalikhet tells you, “*Zalikhet fidgets.* Some are not able to accept this, no. There was a man who came to our village, just before the siege. His name was George and he had suffered terrible wounds. We had been treating him when Nazderon arrived, and he was still not healed when we were turned to stone. He suffered the curse with us. When we were freed from our prisons, the Empire took him away to be treated in the large city north of here.”

    Zalikhet tells you, “He did not say what had caused them, but I remember. It was no sword that had cut him – it was claws. Dragon claws. It is a miracle that he survived as long as he did. The Empire used its new magic to heal him and he was returned to the village, but he grew restless. He began to leave for long periods of time and would not tell us where he traveled. One time, he returned with a dull look in his eyes. He had trouble speaking. Whatever he saw must have truly terrified him.”

    Zalikhet tells you, “I am sorry, Great Dragon, but we do not know. He struggled against those demons until he could speak in clear sentences again. And then he left, swearing revenge. He never returned. We had assumed he was dead. This is all I can tell you. I can only imagine what kind of creature might have harmed him, but his trial was extremely taxing on the mind and he did not act like himself…”

    [Quest Update: Find the creature that attacked the naka, George. The only clues Zalikhet could give were that his speech was labored and he was not acting like himself.]

    Talon tells you, “Grrrr… You arrre a bit larrrge for an ascension… No, you have otherrrr busssinesss with me… You sssseek a biped? I sssssee many biped. One with a memorrrry crystal? Drrrragon things, crrrystals. Uselesss to me.”

    Talon tells you, “Not uselessss to all, no…I am young among my kind, drrragon. But those olderrr than me? Let us sssay that if you knew the full extent of ourrr reach, you would not send your childrrren to play with us. Or barrrter, in my case… if you wisssh my help, we will trrrade.”

    Talon tells you, “We do not give up our sssecrets for free, drrragon. We do not give up our brotherrrs either… I will ask two thingsss of you. The firrrst is the easier of the two. I need a body with more… possssibilities. You would object to dragon, yesss? Forrrtunately, I have my sightsss set on a biped.”

    Talon tells you, “Do not worrrry. You will not have to get your clawsss dirty. There isss an elf named Dramedon in Tazoon. Convince him to leave the wallsss of Tazoon for a time, and I will do the rest. When you arrre done, come and see me here.”

    [Quest Update: Esh, in the form of Talon the Possessed, will not assist you unless you help him find a body. He has selected the elf, Dramedon in Tazoon. You are not certain you should help him, but you cannot warn Dramedon overtly. Perhaps someone who knows more about mind magic could assist you?]

    Asfendhia tells you, “Greetings %N%, I do not believe I can be of assistance – you are seeking information about mind lashers? I don’t think you realize what you are getting yourself into. Even a mighty fiend – or some dragon, I suppose – can be humbled by mental coercion. When we delved into the field of the mind, we originally did so for this reason. We discovered more than we could have imagined, though.”

    Asfendhia tells you, “Mind Lashers are more endemic than you realize, dragon. The weakest of them is easy to spot: slurred or labored speech, difficulty recalling memories, unusual behavior. But the strongest of them? They can converse with you so fluidly that you can’t tell the difference. Only one studied in mind magic can even guess at them being there.”

    Asfendhia tells you, “Ah, then you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew. Which I suppose is a lot for a dragon. Hmm. Metaphor aside, you are looking to stymy the efforts of an unskilled lasher? It sounds as though this might be his first attempt to possess multiple bodies at once. If so, interrupting the attempt without arousing suspicion should be easy – I can tell you from experience that putting your mind in two places can be quite distracting indeed. Find a mind resistance crystal – any will do. His target can escape as long as they have the mind to do so.”

    Asfendhia tells you, “I do possess knowledge of them, dragon, more than your own kind. In fact, though I dislike the interruption, continue to visit me as you deal with this lasher. I suspect you are looking for something more than a neophyte and it may require additional assistance. Better to help you than let them turn you into an enemy.”

    [Dev note: If any mind resistance crystal is not specific enough, alternate ideas might be a viridian spirit resist crystal made with dragon crystalshaping or a specific mind resistance crystal, such as a t5 armor crystal.]
    [Quest Update: Find a memory resistance crystal (any type) and bring it to Dramedon in Tazoon, then convince him to leave the gates of the city.]

    Dramedon tells you, “Hello dragon. It is rare to see your kind here. Forgive me, I was enjoying the spray of the fountain. When I feel it, I can almost forget the memories that haunt me by day.”

    [Dev note: clicking memories will lead back into his normal spiel.]

    Dramedon tells you, “Forget? That is an impossibility. The best one can do is to try to move on, but how can we knowing what we know? Seeing what we have seen? Can new memories be found in the haze of the old?”

    [Dev Note: clicking “Seeing what we have seen” returns the usual spiel.]

    Dramedon tells you, “You suggest trying new things? From time to time, I have dabbled in the arcane, in studying, in martial training, as all elves must. None have worked. The water feels clean, though, and that is why I come here.”

    [Dev note: clicking “in martial training” or “water feels clean” returns him to his usual spiel.]

    ----[The arcane] Dramedon tells you, “I never had much affinity for the path of the mage. Perhaps I preferred the forests too much, or perhaps the realization of what destroyed my homeland of Feladan is too great, even now knowing it is restored.”

    [Dev Note: once again, “destroyed my homeland” returns to his usual spiel. Poor guy really can’t get over this thing.]

    ----[Preferred the forests] Dramedon tells you, “Perhaps you are right. Maybe a more mystical pursuit could help me overcome my grief and memories. I shall head by travel gate to Dalimond; I hear there is one of my kind who knows the ways of the forest.”

    [Dev note: Quest is NOT updated by this. Esh needs him to leave the walls, not use a travel gate.]

    [in studying] Dramedon tells you, “Yes. I grew interested in this barren place, perhaps because it did not remind me of home. I learned there were others who had suffered a loss of their home, or, well, their time. I never did visit them though.”

    [Dev Note: Guess what “Loss of their home” does? Yup. Returns him to usual spiel of memories of Feldan’s fall.]

    ---[Visit] Dramedon tells you, “I suppose I could give it a try. They are more settled in now. Perhaps going to visit them might clear my mind. Maybe their unique viewpoint on this age and how they coped with being in it might help me, as well.”

    Dramedon tells you, “A gift? Why, thank you dragon. I have never received a gift from a dragon before. I will keep it close to me always.”

    [Quest Update: Dramedon has been given a crystal and will leave the gates of Tazoon as planned. Return to Talon the Possessed and hope it is enough to save the elf.]

    Talon tells you, “Grrr… did not work, did not work! Must not let Lem find out, he would neverrr let me live it down… Well, you did yourrr part, I sssuppose. I will stick with the dog forrr now. The second thing I need from you is sssomething you need as well: a piece of a Mind Lasherrr…”

    Talon tells you, “One of the ssstrongest among us is Vor. Vor is not content to control his victimsss… he devourrrs their souls and overtakes them completely. It has made him verrry ssstrong indeed… But sssmart, too.”

    Talon tells you, “With the soul comesss the complete domination of the mind… without one’sss soul, one doesss not possess the will to resist anymore. Not even Lem orrr Kaa can do this, but Vor can. I do not believe you can beat him, drrragon. Certainly not alone. But if you do, brrring back a piece of his essence. With it, I can take his memorrries and tell you what you need to know.”

    [Quest Update: With Dramedon safe and Esh’s first task appeased, he has told you of Vor, a mind lasher who eclipses Lem or Kaa. Unfortunately, he did not say where to look. Perhaps Asfendhia might know more?]

    Asfendhia tells you, “Hello %N%, I do not believe I can – sorry, force of habit. Your curious kind come stomping through our halls more often than you think. Terribly bestial. What did you find out?”

    Asfendhia tells you, “You want to fight Vor? I have always believed dragon brains were smaller than your head size suggests, but I never imagined they’d be that small! Vor is one of the eldest and most powerful Lashers we have ever encountered. Rumor has it that he was behind not only the rise of the Kingdom of Barasavus, but also its war with the dragons. He tried to wipe your people out, and you fools thought it was just humans acting up!”

    Asfendhia tells you, “Sorry. My uncle’s bad habits are contagious. And this matter is one I cannot help but look at with incredulity. Even if, and I stress if, you were able to coax him out of any of his current victims, you would only be able to harm a portion of his being. He is completely split amongst many, many others.”

    ---[uncle] Asfendhia tells you, “Who is my uncle? He is Akhanis, the spiritist trainer here. Perhaps you know him?”

    Asfendhia tells you, “I do have a spell that might work. I’ll need some ingredients for it, though. Bring me a sheet of azure papyrus – I do love the color – a Warped Perception V spell shard, a radiant orb, and some shadowstem fungus. Full disclosure: the last part isn’t for the spell, I just want a good mushroom broth tonight. Go! I don’t care how you get it, but get it. While you’re busy, I’ll try to find one of Vor’s puppets that isn’t too insulated.”

    [Quest Update: Gather or purchase a sheet of azure papyrus, a Warped Perception V spell, a radiant orb, and 5 shadowstem fungus, and return to Asfendhia.]

    Asfendhia tells you, “Good. While you have been a busy little bee, I have located the most isolated of Vor’s puppets. You won’t like it though. Captain Aaron Legendweaver of the Empire’s elite is not exactly isolated, but the others, well. They are even harder to reach, I guarantee it.”

    Asfendhia tells you, “Take this spell scroll. Do not use it, but show it to him. He will likely agree to meet you outside of the city, as he does not wish to damage his host or risk exposure. Bring friends. Vor’s spirit grows stronger with every mind he devours, and he has been devouring since Barasavian times.”

    [Quest Update: Confront Captain Aaron about his true master, Mind Lasher Vor.]

    Aaron tells you, “Hail citizen. I hope you are having a good day. Unless you have something to show me, please move along. I have patrols to coordinate.”

    Aaron tells you, “Oh? You are clever for one of your kind. Or you had help. Worry not, I’ll find out which soon enough. As for you, I think you deserve a proper reward, don’t you? Rather than make a mess here, meet me at the Tazoon Crater. I could always use another dragon. Oh yes… don’t think you’ll be alone once I have you…”

    [Quest Update: Confront Vor at the Tazoon Crater.]

    [Dev Note: I ideally want this to be a spawned mob, where a second instance of Captain Aaron can be spoken to in order to summon out Vor. If you need or want to save NPC space, you could also use Narsi as the summoning NPC, as she’s already there. Summoning should remove the scroll from the speaker’s inventory to hopefully prevent double spawn. There should also be a way of getting the scroll back from Asfendhia. If this is too much of an issue, just make Vor a permanent non-agro fixture there.]

    [Dev Note 2: Vor is an epic-level mob. Ideally, he will have three stages – ie, like the Guardian of Heart, he will respawn immediately upon death two times, though each time will have different training. Again, if this is too difficult, just a single spawn would be fine. His first training would be paladin, like the captain he is possessing, then sorcerer, and then finally reaver. Souped up abilities and health will do for this mob, so I don’t think I need to make specific attack notes/abilities here. As for look, a recolored and largely scaled human spirit would be ideal, especially if each form gets progressively darker colored.]

    You recover a sliver of Vor’s essence. It seethes at you. Unfortunately, the commotion of battle has drawn the guard of the empire! You had best flee before you get caught!

    You receive Shard of Vor’s Essence. [Lore: “Trapped on the scroll is the piece of Vor you fought so hard to collect. It causes the text to move like ants across the page, creating menacing faces and images.”]

    [Quest Update: Elude detection and return to Talon the Possessed with the shard of Vor’s Essence.]

    Talon tells you, “I did not expect you to rrreturn, drrragon. I am exceedingly impressed. Give me the essence!”

    Talon opens his mouth and cups the scroll to it. Drops of ink drip into the werewolf’s mouth and it seems to cause him visible pain.

    Talon tells you, “Grrrr… bark! So powerful, yesss… This is the first time I have received a sliver from a dragon, instead of having to give up a part of myself… I cannot handle morrrre yet… Memories, so many different memories…”

    Talon tells you, “Yesss, your memories… Vor tried to possess this one you speak of, George… but he failed! A great surprise, yesss… Protected he was, by things even Lashers fearrr…. Curious! He made a deal with him instead! Yesss… Vor was most unsssatisfied with the conclusion of Barasavus…”

    Talon tells you, “He saw the powerrr your kind used to possess then… the bloodlust! The rage! Things of horrible beauty, uncontrollable by the mind, only the heart, yesss! All he could do was rrruin reputation, yesss… He wanted to remove Myrmidons from existence! So did George. George’s memories are here too.”

    Talon tells you, “They are disjointed, out of time, but I see them… memories of fighting a drrragon! He fought a Myrmidon and lived! Truly assstounding… Wounded though he was, he sssurvived… Vor gave him the memory crystal – he ssstole knowledge of its use and alterrred it for himself. Vor last saw him in Tazoon arena… you might need the help of a sorcererrr to get the memories back out of the crystal once you rrretrieve it, though…”

    Talon the Possessed gives you a curious look, as though suspecting you have already seen one.

    [Quest Update: Vor and George were working together to remove all knowledge of the Myrmidon! You had best visit Asfendhia again and see if she knows a way of moving memories out of a memory crystal.]

    Asfendhia tells you, “I’m sorry %N%, but I can’t help you now. Captain Aaron survived, but it is still Vor. There is no way to convince the Empire without proof. I suggest you visit your most eldest leaders and see if they can clear your name. Take the scroll – it may have enough of Vor’s essence to convince them.”

    [Quest Update: Oops! You’re wanted by the Empire for attacking a captain of the Imperial Guard! Head to V’Tieru and plead your case!]

    V’Tieru tells you, “So, %N%, you have arrived. I am glad that the Empire has not yet caught you to put you to death – as many times as is necessary for a Gifted, I suppose. Perhaps you can enlighten us as to why you have acted so irrationally and against the wisdom inherent in dragons?”

    V’Tieru tells you, “A powerful Mind Lasher controls the Captain? And he claimed that dragons were infested with his ilk as well? If you have proof of this, I should like to see it.”

    V’Tieru peers at the biped scroll you give him for a time, and then casts it into the lava!

    V’Tieru tells you, “I imagine that you might believe I and the rest of the Council are possessed by Mind Lashers? No, that is not why I am less than amenable to you, %N%. I have heard what you have been seeking, what set you on this path. The Myrmidon was a dark point of our history. Yes, they fought with the fury of flame itself, but they were bestial. They struck down their own kind in their rage.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “A Lasher ruse? That is much to believe. And there is no way to prove it. But we have always had doubts as to how Barasavus was able to grow so quickly and why they were so intent on provoking us to action. If it is true, if Vor has been manipulating these events and attempted to weaken us… we did not see it. And we may have paid for it.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “Even so, the knowledge you seek is perilous. What the Myrmidon represents is the pinnacle of dragon warriorship, but also of human genocide. Valkoth and Semeneth will have their claws full explaining this to the Empire. As for you…”

    V’Tieru tells you, “Since you are already a fugitive, we might as well make some good use of it. Find George and challenge him to a fight. Slay the naka. Take back the crystal. You may find the battle more challenging than that of Vor, so do not go alone – to remove a mind lasher from one’s self requires a tremendous amount of will – or assistance not of this Realm. Once you have it, take it to Balennos. He should be able to undo the damage the Lasher has done to the crystal.”

    [Quest Update: Time has come to confront the naka of the past, George. Be careful, as he may be more powerful than expected! He was last seen at the Tazoon arena.]

    [Dev note: New NPC: George the Displaced. He can be found in the Tazoon Arena, standing near one of the entrances inside.]

    [Dev note 2: His non-quest related dialogue reads, “Please excuse me, %Race%, but I am waiting for someone right now.”]

    George tells you, “He told me about you. He knew you would come. You are no Myrmidon – yet – but you are strong to have bested the Lasher. Perhaps you are the strongest your kind has to offer? It would suit me. My search would finally be over.”

    George tells you, “It is true that I worked with Vor to remove knowledge of the Myrmidon. But that was not my goal. My intention was simple: revenge. Even before Vor crossed your people’s path, I lived in my village, little more than a collection of tents. On the fringes of Nazderon’s domain, we were watched over by one of his Magadi warriors. He was quite convinced of the mage’s powers, but the fool did not realize their limits.”

    George tells you, “I do not know if the dragons somehow undid the magic on him or that the man was nothing more than a brigand who claimed to be of Nazderon’s ilk. But his bragging and posturing drew the attention of even the dragons. He claimed to be the ultimate warrior. And the dragons put him to the test.”

    George tells you, “The dragons tore him limb from limb. No magic saved him, no glorious battle was had. Just a massive lizard descending upon the fool and rending him asunder. But the dragons did not stop there. They turned on us and burned our tents to the ground. They slew women and children without remorse. Devoured them like demons of our darkest dreams. As I lay dying in a pool of my own blood, I reached out to the gods. And the gods answered.”

    George tells you, “Daggarth gave me the strength to rise again. Niatha Moraven promised me a chance at revenge. Nyrevin swore that she would not take me until I had been given that chance. I wandered the deserts in a daze, half dead, but the gods kept me alive. I found the village of Kaiyar. The rest you know.”

    George tells you, “You are not the dragon that struck me down or the one who killed my family. But you are strong. You are the best warrior that your people have thus far shown me. I will defeat you, dragon. And I will stop there, for I will prove to your kind, the world, and the gods, that humans are greater than dragons. I challenge you, devil! Do you accept?”

    [Quest Update: Unexpectedly, George has challenged you to a duel! Accept his challenge and defeat him!]

    [Dev note: Again, this would be a situation with a spawned mob. If I can only have one, I’d prefer George, because the Tazoon arena would make a fantastic backdrop for a battle.]

    [Dev note 2: George the Dragonslayer is a 120 level mob. He has three main abilities: Niatha’s Cloak, which is a damage shield. Attacking while it is up is extremely ill-advised. It has a short duration, but also a short recycle, meaning an attacker must pay attention. The effect should be something obvious, if possible. The second is Strength of Daggarth, which is a longer recycle, undispellable buff. It increases his chance to hit as well as his strength by a large portion. Gold Shield/healing will be necessary when this is up. The last is Nyrevin’s Whisper, which is a heal over time spell, but this one can be easily dispelled, and should be. The frequency is long, but each tick heals for a significant amount of life on a mob with a whole lot of health. As always, this mob has lots of health and is an epic mob. If you don’t want to reuse Elial, using a largely scaled human or half-giant zombie model would work – he’s basically undead since Nyrevin refused to take him into the Realm of Spirit. A better option would be the unused Undead Warrior model, unless there’s something horribly wrong with it.]

    George the Dragon Slayer has been killed.

    George falls to the ground with a sigh, staring up into the sky. As his life leaves him, his face seems to be at peace. You quickly search him and discover the memory crystal.

    You receive Myrmidon’s Crystal. [Lore: “Swirling images of ancient battle and techniques clutter the smooth, crystalline surface.”]

    [Quest Update: With memory crystal in your grasp, you had best visit Balennos and see if the memories can be returned to those they came from.]

    Balennos tells you, “You’ve caused quite a stir, %N%. Your faction leader and a fiend of all people vouched for you. Many also saw your fight in the arena. The Empire will be sorting this out for a long time, I imagine. It astounds me that naka political construction is even more unwieldy than our own. Did you retrieve the memory crystal?”

    Balennos the Crystalshaper examines the crystal with a trained eye, and then frowns.

    Balennos tells you, “There are quite a large number of memories here, but most of them are from the Entombed Dragon. Unfortunately, the tinkering done to the crystal to allow it to steal memories has also left it unable to function as it normally should – in other words, only one person can receive these memories, after which point, the crystal will shatter.”

    Balennos tells you, “As they are primarily the Entombed Dragon’s memories, you should speak to him and see what he wishes. He may be unable to move and pass on his knowledge, but it is still his knowledge. It is only right that he decides what to do with it.”

    [Quest Update: Return to the Entombed Dragon on Draak with the memory crystal and inform him of what has occurred.]

    The Entombed tells you, “It is… hard to focus. The effects of… your work wear thin.

    The Entombed tells you, “No, worry not… I will not send you for more… It seems you have… had a hard time of it… But my faith… in the Myrmidon… was vindicated… I can finally put that fear… to rest… and the Enslavers can torment… me with it no longer. And the memories…”

    The Entombed tells you, “Take them… to an able-bodied dragon… good in tooth and claw… let him… teach the next generation… of Myrmidons…”

    [Quest Update: The Entombed has given you permission to pass on his memories to someone able-bodied who can stand around and teach others about tooth and claw techniques. Take the crystal to someone fitting that description.]

    [Dev note: This is obviously hinting at Xerix, who will hence forth act as the Myrmidon trainer for the player that completes the quest. If Xerix is a bad idea, a new NPC could be found and recommended by Xerix. In about half these quests, the ultimate trainer is a well-traveled NPC like Xerix, so this message applies to them as well.]

    Xerix tells you, “Greetings, %N%. I have heard all about what you have been up to. See? Didn’t I tell you that you shouldn’t worry about what some silly naka duskael was up to? Or maybe I should have been. It seems you’ve uncovered a lot.”

    Xerix jerks his head back in surprise as you relate the Entombed’s will.

    Xerix tells you, “You want… me? To take the crystal? I am honored. I have heard much about Myrmidons since you and the naka passed through here. I must admit some apprehension to the prospect; the Myrmidon was said to lose all control. But if it was just a lie concocted by a mind lasher, then perhaps we can take a lesson from our fallen naka foe.”

    Xerix tells you, “Yes: that great rage must be directed with great will, and at those who deserve it. The naka wished to prove himself better than dragons – but we must prove that we are better than we were. That is what it means to lead. I think this will be the first lesson I teach. Thank you, %N%. If you are interested in becoming a Myrmidon, speak to me again in a moment.”

    Xerix uses the memory crystal. His eyes glow with the transference of knowledge, his body twitching and jerking. His wings lift high above him and then crash to the ground, sending a gust of air over you. Anger passes over him and then serenity. As the glow fades, he nods with pride.

    [Quest complete. 25000 adventurer experience. Myrmidon class unlocked for training.]
    Maekrux Vythulhar, the Blue Phoenix

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    Old Path, New Talons

    [Quest begins at Wintheria]

    Wintheria sighs at your approach, apathetic in pose. Her wings droop and her eyes look more tired than you have seen of her before.

    Wintheria tells you, “Let me guess. Coming to learn more about Gold Rage? Hoping for another level of strength you might yet glean from me? I should not complain about spreading what I know, but ever since I was granted leave to teach the uncouth technique, other fields of study have fallen away. So many dragons rush in here, some hatchlings barely out of the shell, looking for their chance to draw out the rage of the dragons without thought to its cost.”

    Wintheria tells you, “It may surprise you to know that I did not always teach Gold Rage. The technique was something my father passed on to me before he died at Bayn Hill, one of the few who did. The techniques and the field of study he followed were forbidden, and still are, but the Aegis forced us to bring at least one part of it out of service. As much as I cared for my father, his way was not the way I wanted. That is why I became a Helian, and that is why I became a Talonmaster.”

    Wintheria tells you, “A Talonmaster wields magic and claw with equal skill. Their very attacks are not only bolstered in Primal power, they are consumed by it. But this is not something as simple as a Primal Attack spell, %N%. Indeed, the Talonmasters of old wielded Primal energy, but were able to convert it to other elements. Their movements were a devastating dance of elements.”

    Wintheria tells you, “Yes. That was a sticking point for most. Prime is widely regarded by dragon circles to be the definitive power and greatest of all energy. And it is certainly true that Prime is, at its most basic form, limitless potential. But bipeds believe that their magic fully realizes that potential – that only once the energy has been bound and converted can it be fully used. It’s certainly true for them.”

    Wintheria tells you, “It is less true for us. We can manipulate the Prime quite well, and are the only ones who can, because we were adapted to this realm long ago, whereas the humans and their ilk terraformed – they and their gods changed the Prime to suit them, not the other way around. After the rise of Nazderon and the magi that followed in his footsteps, dragon thought changed.”

    Wintheria tells you, “Once, we believed it was our right to decide when to change the Prime to suit us, and when not to. After all, our birth place of Char is quite terraformed by fire, despite our coming here and adapting. But we felt differently once the naka utilized their magics. We felt it was a blight upon the Prime and that it could do permanent damage to the wellspring of Prime energy still hidden within our world. I suppose that sheltered viewpoint was proven right.”

    Wintheria tells you, “Yes, %N%... the Realm of Blight poured into our world. It has infested the Prime and converted large swathes of it to Blight energy. We may never be able to undo the damage that has been done to this realm.”

    Wintheria tells you, “The thought has occurred to me, and certainly to others. I have longed to return to my study of Talonmasters, in hopes that there may yet be an answer. If we can convert Prime into Realm energy, is there not a way to convert it back? If we could find a way, we would not only find acceptance among our fellow dragons, we might find a way to push the Blight back permanently!”

    Wintheria sighs again as a young hatchling bounds up the ramp chattering about Gold Rage.

    Wintheria tells you, “There is no way I can go out into the field and do research with the demand my father’s ability has. But if you are truly interested in uncovering some of these secrets and advancing the field of study, then go out and locate a shining nature-imbued essence orb, a shining flame-imbued essence orb, and a shining frozen essence orb. Get them however you can – the demand for them is quite small, after all.”

    [Quest Update: Collect a nature, flame and frozen imbued shining essence orb and return to Wintheria.]

    Wintheria tells you, “What? You actually got them? I thought you were just trying to cheer me up. I… do appreciate this, %N%. But my research is going to need more than a few orbs. But with them, I can begin to instruct you on what we know. Essence orbs are Primal energy. They aren’t completely pure – radiant is the closest we can come to harnessing it in its true state – but they are a part of the Prime. The process by which they filter through the ground and surface is still something of a mystery to us.”

    Wintheria tells you, “You wonder how naka can use it if they cannot use Primal magic? They aren’t. You don’t cast spells with dim essence, do you? Think of it like water – naka can use a cup to pick it up, but the extent of its use is to pour it out. They do this on spells and other places, but they aren’t shaping or using it in a magical sense. They are simply holding onto it using tools. We, on the other paw, can cause water to rise from its river bed and dance around us.”

    Wintheria tells you, “Which brings us to the next point: The Prime is all around us. Even in its bound state, a part of the Prime remains, like water seeped into wood. But there are spells that might be able to unbind them… I have longed to visit the spirit of Allathos, but as you know I cannot leave here for the need of our race. Please go in my stead and ask the spirit about the Rite of Unmaking. I have heard it can blast things apart, but I need to know if it can be done without exploding everything around it.”

    [Quest Update: Consult with the Spirit of Allathos about the Rite of Unmaking.]

    Spirit tells you, “What? Who are you? %N%? I cannot remember if we have met before or not. You seek knowledge of the Rite of Unmaking? Only a truly powerful ancient can – oh, just knowledge? Well, let me think…”

    Spirit tells you, “Primal magic made this world, and primal magic can unmake it. When this is accomplished, when bound becomes unbound, the effects are devastating. It took a great deal of energy to bind the Prime into the forms that Istara and Alyssa did. Both of them gave up much for the process and for their children. They did not understand as we dragons did. We had to accept the Prime, not the other way around.”

    Spirit tells you, “When the bound is unbound, all that energy comes rushing out. The Prime in its natural state is extremely volatile and just touching the air or the ground can cause it to whip like a tail against all near it. When Drulkar’s Wrath is used, it is the will of the dragon and their skill at magic that shapes it. It is their will that flashes like a dragon and contains the power so that they themselves are not caught in it.”

    Spirit tells you, “To release it carefully? To revert, rather than unmake? I imagine only Kallinoth might know, but she has long since left this world… I am sorry, %N%, but the Rite of Unmaking would be unsuitable for your purposes. The energy unleashed with even just a small bit of material unmade is truly devastating. I can scarcely imagine what kind of will or technique must be utilized to master such a thing. I was an explorer, not a researcher in a traditional sense. I hope you find what you are looking for.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Wintheria with the bad news.]

    Wintheria tells you, “You are back, %N%! Did you hear – oh. Oh, I see. That is unfortunate. I had heard the effects were devastating, but I had not realized it was natural law that caused them to be so, rather than intent of use. Well, if knowledge of our solution cannot be found in our ancient history, perhaps it can be found in our allies.”

    Wintheria tells you, “Several years ago, the land of Feladan was Blighted as badly as any of the Deadlands. There were even Blight Portals there, conduits of Blight energy designed to help anchor our reality to theirs. Had you asked the question we ask now over a decade ago and got this response, you would imagine Feladan would always blighted – but it is not.”

    Wintheria tells you, “Blight anchors – siphons, really – were used to suck the blight out of the land. This does not revert the energy, but it does remove it. I am curious, however, as I am certain many others are – why has this technique not been utilized since the reclamation of Feladan? I doubt the elves are hoarding the technology for themselves, but they would know what happened better than anyone. Please go and speak to them on my behalf and find out why the siphons are no longer used.”

    [Quest Update: Visit Feladan and speak with an elder about its reclamation.]

    Quintin tells you, “Greetings dragon, and welcome to the city of Feladan. Please do not harm the trees! Though they are quite sturdy, they are also sacred to us. What brings you to our city?”

    Quintin tells you, “Ah, so you wish to know about the reclamation of Feladan? It was a grand battle, pitched on both sides, with great effort of smuggling in resources – Oh, you want to know about the Ethereal Substantiators. Well, the old adage goes, it is best not to keep a dragon waiting. I’m afraid there are two issues with using the machines again.”

    Quintin tells you, “The first has to do with the loss of technology. They were Vielo plans, and all of the Vielo except for Nadia left for places unknown. It is largely believed they left her behind because she is a greedy, inconsider– sorry, I should not speak so. Regardless, she claims not to have them. They were also responsible for the Novo Machine… I can only imagine what kind of world once lay beyond the Great Barrier. I can only imagine how they got here.”

    Quintin tells you, “Whatever the Vielo were, or where they came from might never be truly answered. We have attempted to recreate the Substantiator technology, but the Aegis has been far more successful at it than we have.”

    Quintin tells you, “That brings us to the second reason. That pitched battle you didn’t want to hear about? Well, it wasn’t just because there was an army already present here. The machines did draw the Blight out of the land, but that didn’t destroy the energy. It just moved it, creating a powerful wisp of pure blight. The Gifted fought it off, each one after the other, until the land itself was healed. Most of that energy was dissipated back to the Realm of Blight, but it gave the Aegis new ideas.”

    Quintin tells you, “You might have heard of the so-called ‘celery stalks of death’ – the Aegis’ answer to the blight siphon machines was to create blight siphon machines. Only they did not carefully place them to suck the blight out of the land – they used them to suck the blight out of the Realm of Blight itself! These new Blight Anchors are essentially the same thing we fought then – wisps of pure blight energy, walking fonts waiting to settle down somewhere and start a new Deadlands.”

    Quintin tells you, “We aren’t sure where these machines are or what they look like. Even the Gifted can only do so much in a Deadlands. And it is highly unlikely they are using the same technology that we used. What is likely, however, is that they are using a conduit like the one we could not drain of blight.”

    Quintin tells you, “There is still one part of our beautiful forest that is blighted. If you want more information, I suggest you speak with the guards there.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with the guards at the Blighted Grove.]

    Tikel tells you, “Yes, Quintin is right. This was once a portal the Aegis used to bring in more troops. We know not if it goes to some distant blight stronghold or the Realm of Blight itself, but we think it is inactive… probably…”

    Tikel tells you, “I have my doubts. I always feel as though I am being watched when I guard here. Nothing except a few wisps of blight energy left over from that time have ever passed through here, though. Still gives me the creeps… anyway, no matter how much the Substaniators worked here, nothing but more Blight came out. We eventually gave up and accepted our victory.”

    Tikel tells you, “As far as we know, this has been a near complete victory. Feladan Woods are no longer blighted save for this spot, and the Taniqel trees have mostly recovered. Clean, bright essence even springs from the land again.”

    Tikel tells you, “Oh yes, you might have seen a few wisps on your way in here. They seem quite happy! … if wisps can be happy. Do you suppose wisps have feelings? Well, anyway, we will keep watch here in case anything comes out. I pray to Alyssa and Galderos nothing will.”

    [Quest Update: The Ethereal Substantiator machines are no longer available or viable, but Feladan Woods does seem healthy. Wintheria will want to know about the presence of the wisps.]

    Wintheria tells you, “Good timing, %N%, I just sent another hatchling off to malice some beetles. Fifty of them ought to keep them busy for a while. What did you find out?”

    Wintheria tells you, “There was Primal energy still in the forest in the form of wisps? That is amazing! It could mean that there is simply more untouched Prime left in our world than we realize, but if we are lucky… it could mean that the Prime can heal itself! If that is so, we do not need to take a direct role in converting Realm to Prime!”

    Wintheria tells you, “So there was a place where the blight still remains? That does put a damper on my hope, but I am not yet deterred. I haven’t had a chance to advance my art in years, and even the smallest spark is enough to keep the fire burning in my chest. We need to determine if the wisps are a scab or a wound, %N%.”

    Wintheria tells you, “Speak with Nielenoss the Tinkerer. He is probably the most learned of how to incorporate biped machines into dragon technology. Tell him that we need a machine to measure the amount of Prime energy in Feladan Woods. Hopefully he’ll have some idea of how to help us.”

    [Quest Update: Wintheria believes that the Prime may be able to heal its own wounds. To discover if she is right, you must visit Nielenoss the Tinkerer above New Rachival to create a machine to test the theory.]

    Nielenoss tells you, “Ah hello, %N%! I take it you are here to learn about flying cargo discs, no?”

    Nielenoss tells you, “No? A machine to measure the amount of Prime in an area? Do you know how difficult a task that is? First of all, you are asking me to measure something which cannot be easily defined in terms of mass or size of area or quantity of any form! Why, it is like asking me to build a machine that counts every grain of sand in the Barasavus desert! Can’t be done, can’t be done!”

    Nielenoss tells you, “Well, I guess it could be done. Goodness, I think I am starting to sound like the gnomes! Maybe I need a vacation. Even if we can’t determine an exact amount, we can determine richness and we can judge whether one area is rich or not. Normally we just look for wisps – that tells us all we need to know – but you clearly are interested in something else, so I’ll do my best. I’ll just need a few parts.”

    Nielenoss tells you, “I’ll need at least 10 Focused Crimson Azulyte Crystals – they do make such beautiful red lights when properly wired – a class 4 recharging cell, and some wires… You know what? Let’s make them special wires! The naka below always talk with fear about some massive automaton called Project X. Go tear it apart and bring back some wires for me!”

    [Quest Update: You have commissioned a special machine from Nielenoss, and he has requested you tear apart a large automaton called Project X. Well, sounds easy enough… 0/1 Project X slain.]

    [Dev Note: No changes are necessary. Project X isn’t too bad or too easy as is.]

    Project X has been killed.

    You receive Oversized Damaged Wires. [Lore Text: “That was a very large automaton… maybe too large?”]

    [Quest Update: You have the wires. Return to Nielenoss with 10 Focused Azulyte Crystals and a class 4 recharging cell.]

    Nielenoss tells you, “Ah, do you have what I need? Sweet Drulkar, these are very large wires! I can’t use these! Oh well… I have plenty of spare smaller ones. Now, give me a moment to set all the pieces into place.”

    [Quest Update: Wait 5 minutes for Nielenoss to do his work.]

    Nielenoss looks pleased with himself. Perhaps you should speak to him?

    Nielenoss tells you, “There, all finished! Now, see this? I have intentionally drained the power cell – no, don’t worry I won’t send you to get another. A class-4 recharge cell uses bright essence, which is the quality you mentioned in Feladan Woods. The line of azulyte crystals is wired in such a way that, were the battery fully charged all would light, and if it was half charged, half would light, and so on.”

    Nielenoss tells you, “Take this device to Feladan Woods and hold it close to the ground. You’ll need to take it to at least three or four spots to get an accurate picture of the presence of Prime in the area – the more crystals lit, the more Prime is present. Once you have your readings, you can discuss with whichever of your colleagues sent you to me about what they mean.”

    You receive PKE Meter. [Item Lore Text: “Created by Nielenoss the Tinkerer, the Primal-Kinetic Energy Meter can be used to determine how much Primal essence is present in an area. With it, you will never need fear any wisps.”]

    [Quest Update: Now that you have your device, visit four locations in Feladan Woods.
    Road leading towards Tazoon examined 0/1
    Blighted Grove examined 0/1
    Feladan Shrine examined 0/1
    Wisp field examined 0/1]

    [Dev Note: A part of me really hates these loc-based quests, but they are somewhat unique in our world. The only one of these that could give serious issue would be the Wisp Field loc, as there isn’t any particular landmark. Still, if that’s fine, go for it.]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 24570.19, 23378.47, 630.61]
    Road Text: When you take a reading on the road on the outskirts of the woods, the energy spikes to seven crystals.

    [Dev Note: Loc is 24897.79, 23084.99, 595.06]
    Grove Text: You have to strike the meter to get a reading, which is satisfying. Unfortunately, there is only one crystal filled here.

    [Dev Note: Loc is 25257.91, 23254.75, 596.70]
    Shrine Text: The local elves look at you strangely as you wave your meter at the shrine. Despite their curious stares, you get a reading of five crystals.

    [Dev Note: Loc is 24955.80, 23260.30, 588.84]
    Wisp Text: The ambient reading in the forest is five crystals, but in the wisp field, it spikes to ten! You had better leave before your cell recharges through osmoses!

    [Quest Update: It seems that the area surrounding the forest has more primal energy than the forest itself and the blight area has little prime energy, but the wisp field is gushing like a wound. Best return to Wintheria with your results.]

    Wintheria tells you, “Ah, there you are. Was the machine a difficult thing to build? What did you find out?”

    Wintheria tells you, “So, it was bad news again. It seems as though the forest is attempting to equalize the amount of Primal energy in the area, and the wisp field may or may not be a part of that process. But the lack of Prime at the Blighted Grove means that the Prime simply cannot heal the Blight… unless…”

    Wintheria tells you, “That guard said he felt like he was being watched, yes? Perhaps he was. The gate is not overtly open, but what if it were covertly opened? Just enough to keep the blight flowing in and stunt the healing? There has to be some way of telling…”

    Wintheria tells you, “No, I won’t ask you to go visit Nielenoss again. Perhaps the forest itself might be able to tell us? Speak with Quintin again. I remember something about their trees glowing with Blight energy before. Perhaps he might be willing to help us.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Quintin the Wise about the Taniqel Trees.]

    Quintin tells you, “Welcome back, dragon. Did you enjoy the forest while you were out there? The Taniqel Trees are beautiful, even if they are a bit more pallid than they once were.”

    Quintin tells you, “Yes, Taniqel Trees are strong and can survive even in the blight. While others warp into thornwood as the life is drained from them, the Taniqel thrives. They can even use Blight to grow. Alyssa gifted us these trees as a symbol for us to emulate – to be adverse to hardship, and to take hardship into ourselves to become stronger. ”

    Quintin tells you, “You are trying to determine if there is energy in the forest, and if the portal is still active at the Blighted Grove? We would never risk our trees for some simple experiment, but if the gate isn’t closed… You have been to the grove and you have seen that the trees there still glow with Blight. We had assumed that the glow was due to the blight still present, but if it is not…”

    Quintin tells you, “We can test it. In order to do so, you will need a fragment of a blight anchor. Once you collect this, bring it back to the tree that Tareviel stands beneath. If the tree begins to glow when in the presence of the fragment, then we will know that the gate is inactive and the effect is left over from the war. If it does not… ”

    Quintin tells you, “We could have a serious problem waiting on the other side of that gate. Please go with all due haste, dragon. Feladan may be in more danger than we realize.”

    [Quest Update: Slay a blight anchor of any type. 0/1]

    A lesser blight anchor has been killed.

    You receive a Shard of Blight. [Lore Text: “The shard still pulses with the energy of blight and makes you feel weak when you touch it.”]

    [Quest Update: Return to Feladan and use the shard to test the Taniqel Tree Tareviel stands under.]

    You hold up the shard to the tree, but the white marks do not react to the shard’s presence. The blight portal of the Blighted Grove is not inactive!

    [Quest Update: Return to Quintin and inform him that the blight portal is not closed!]

    Quintin tells you, “It is the worst case scenario, then. We have not been attacked yet, but so long as the Blighted Grove remains, we are in danger here. We will speak with the Empire and determine our options. Perhaps there is yet some way to close it completely. I hope you have gotten what you need, dragon, for I can permit no more experiments on our trees.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Wintheria and inform her of what you have learned.]

    Wintheria tells you, “That is bad news for Feladan, but it is good news for us! The blight is the reason why it is not healing, but it is trying to heal! That means Talonmasters cannot harm the Prime by converting small amounts into different energies! Take this information to the dragon council and see if you can convince them to allow me to teach the ways of the Talonmaster again!”

    [Quest Update: Visit V’Tieru and the rest of the Dragon Council to discuss the possibility of teaching the ways of the Talonmaster.]

    V’Tieru tells you, “Greetings, %N%. I have heard why you have come. Many are interested in the old Vocations, and you are not the first to stand before us seeking permission to rediscover these ancient callings. Talonmasters were an oddity in our time, though they were well respected. Malganival himself studied many Talonmaster techniques after the events in Barasavus put an end to his original vocation. ”

    V’Tieru tells you, “It was not his primary vocation – more of a hobby, as Talonmasters were by that point. He instead became a politician… and we all know how that turned out. Old wounds aside, the Talonmaster converts Prime into Realm energy. The process cannot be undone. For this reason, it is not permitted except as a hobby.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “You have evidence that the Prime can heal itself? The Taniqel Trees? Naka plants are hardly conclusive. The energy flowing into the forest could simply be a natural wellspring. And if the Prime constantly attempts to heal itself, why has Istaria not come undone by now? After all, Istara and Alyssa, and even the great lord Drulkar did their fair share of terraforming this Primal realm.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “I see you have not considered that. Were my voice the only on the council, this matter would be closed right now. You are fortunate that it is not. Speak with Nafemi. Perhaps the two of you can come up with some additional evidence before the council is called to deliberate.”

    [Quest Update: V’Tieru is not convinced that your findings are enough! Speak with Nafemi and hope the two of you can convince the others!]

    Nafemi tells you, “While it is not my main vocation, I have dabbled in the hobby of Talonmasters from time to time. There is a thrill in it – perhaps it is the sense of doing something you are not supposed to? Regardless, your story reminds me of something that has kept me curious.”

    Nafemi tells you, “In my day, weaving Realm energy was not as horrible as talking with the naka, but it was close. Fortunately, we are no longer in my day. If your conclusion is true, then only two outcomes can be reached. Either the blight is inherently different from the realm energy already present here, which is unlikely, or something must be keeping Istaria together, just like that blight portal.”

    Nafemi glances to Deisaes.

    Nafemi tells you, “There are many theories as to why Drulkar left our realm long ago. My personal belief is that it was to stabilize his realm – the Realm of Fire. Without him, perhaps it might have reverted into something else. If this is true, perhaps one of the goddesses of creation – Istara or Alyssa – continue to have something to do with our realm being what it is.”

    Nafemi tells you, “Naka gods, yes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real or had an effect on this realm, %N%. As I said, we never spoke with naka in my day; I know the names more from final prayers and swears than any religious discourse. I understand this world is less faithful than before, but there must be someone who knows the old religions. A priest.”

    Nafemi tells you, “Unfortunately, I unaware of any who might fit the description. Healers and clerics of today are not the priests of old. They rely on energy, not prayer. There is something lost, I grant, but I fear their knowledge may be as well. All I can suggest is that you search for a religious figure. I can’t imagine any survived after the rise of Barasavus and the prevalence of magic, but it’s not like you can find a dead priest or something.”

    [Quest Update: Nafemi has suggested the goddesses Istara and Alyssa may have something to do with stabilizing the Prime’s current state. He wants a biped priest to confirm it somehow. Unhelpfully, he suggests that all the priests are dead. You wonder if any of those dead priests are still walking…]

    Kiruu tells you, “Come to gawk at the dead, or do you have more blue petals for me? No? You want information about Alyssa and Istara? Yes, I was a priest, but I didn’t follow those goddesses you know. I followed Nyrevin.”

    Kiruu tells you, “Goddess of death and rebirth… I could tell you stories if you like. But if you wish to know a bit about Istara and Alyssa, I will comply I suppose. Istara’s labors in the Forge of the World were great, and it took a significant toll on her. Alyssa came to Istara and bade her to rest…”

    Kiruu tells you, “What? Yes, it did. To create something is to give up a part of yourself. Even my goddess did so with her rose called Death, for it contained the tears of Nyrevin. She was to give this to Istara, but Alyssa refused the gift in her stead, and Nyrevin smote her on the spot. All of Alyssa’s children began to wither and die!”

    Kiruu tells you, “What? Yes, their life was still linked to Alyssa. Are you going to keep interrupting me, or am I going to be able to tell the story?”

    Kiruu tells you, “Oh. Well, at least you’re honest, I suppose. If you want to hear the full story, just ask, but otherwise I doubt I can help you.”

    [Quest Update: Kiruu has revealed that life was still linked to the goddesses even after creation. Return to Nafemi and tell him what you found.]

    Nafemi tells you, “So there may be some truth to it? Well, naka stories aren’t going to convince a council of comprised of the eldest dragons, you know! We’ll need to prove it and I think I know how. Travel to the Fiery Rift and bring back a stone. Any stone will do, just take a few steps forward and grab one. Also bring three radiant essence orbs, and finally a shining flame-imbued essence orb. We shall perform the experiment right here in the council chamber.”

    [Quest Update: Travel to the Fiery Rift and grab a stone just a few steps forward from where you land. 0/1 Fiery Rift-spanned Stone]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 15741.88, 47299.81, 2815.12]

    You receive a Fiery Rift-spanned Stone. [Lore Text: “The stone remains warm to the touch, but strangely insubstantial.”]

    [Quest Update: With the stone in hand, bring back three radiant essence orbs and one flame-imbued orb to Nafemi.]

    Nafemi tells you, “Excellent, you have them. My esteemed colleagues, we are going to perform an experiment right here. Before me, I have three objects, and three essence orbs. The first two are stones: one from the Fiery Rift, the closest to the Realm of Fire we currently travel, a lava stone from this very cavern The last is a flame-imbued orb. I shall place the objects inside these radiant orbs and see what becomes of them. Have patience, as this may take a while.”
    [Quest Update: Wait for the experiment to complete. It could be a while… [1 hour]]

    Some time has passed. Maybe you should check in on the experiment?

    [Quest Update: Return to Nafemi to learn the results of the experiment!]

    Nafemi tells you, “There it is. We have before us three objects – the stone from the Fiery Rift has been partly consumed and broken down by the infusion of Primal essence – this much is expected. However, the stone from our halls has not; it is utterly unbiased by the orb in which it has been placed. Finally, the flame-imbued orb has diluted and is no longer suitable for its original use; the Prime has reclaimed its energy.”

    Nafemi tells you, “This evidence seems to corroborate the theories put forth by %N% and Wintheria about the nature of Realm energy upon the Prime. At the very least, it is clear that small uses of Realm energy by dragons – as the Talonmasters do – can be safely recycled by the natural processes of our realm. I wish to call for a vote based upon this new evidence.”

    [Quest Update: Hear Deisaes’s vote. 0/1
    Hear Ristef’s vote. 0/1
    Hear V’Tieru’s vote. 0/1
    Hear Edath’s vote. 0/1]

    Deisaes tells you, “I am still against it. Fire is one thing, but I know Wintheria worked on an attack known as Ice Strike. You didn’t know, %N%? I understand she used to teach it before the vote was given to allow her to teach Gold Rage.”

    Ristef tells you, “I cast my vote for it. The evidence appears to be sound. More experiments would need to be run to confirm it, but we are dragons; time is something we have. Perhaps it might yet hold the key to cleaning up the naka’s mess.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “I still vote against it. The Prime is all that Dragons need. This was Drulkar’s gift to us. He is the God of Fire and gave us fire in our souls; we should not need to take more than what we were given.”

    Edath tells you, “I will allow it. My grandson wanted to be a Talonmaster, you know. He was… so young when we left. He died trying to defend Draak from the Aegis, I understand. I know not if those skills might have saved him, but were he here today, I think he would have agreed with my decision. The research is sound.”

    [Quest Update: Hear Nafemi’s Vote.]

    Nafemi tells you, “I cast my vote in favor of the Talonmaster. The motion carries, 3 to 2. Please return to Wintheria and inform her she may teach the way of the Talonmaster, but she must also continue to teach the techniques of Gold Rage. If she cannot do both, she must stay with the previous decision over this one and a different teacher of Talonmasters must be found.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Wintheria and inform her of the Council’s decision.]

    [Dev Note: As highly suggested by the quest, Wintheria is ultimately going to be the Talonmaster trainer. If this is bad for any reason, though, I wrote the possibility into the quest text.]

    Wintheria tells you, “There you are, %N%! I thought things had gone poorly! You mean to tell me they will allow it? That is excellent news! I want to get started right away, but there is one last thing I wish to do.”

    Wintheria tells you, “There’s been a rumor going around Chiconis that Helian’s work on the Storm has resurfaced. I’d love to incorporate some of it into the Talonmaster vocation. Please speak with Semeneth and see if he will allow it.”

    [Quest Update: Check with Semeneth about the Storm magic Helian researched.]

    Semeneth tells you, “Greetings, %N%. I understand you have been busy. I must thank you; Wintheria hasn’t been this happy in a long time. What brings you to me?”

    Semeneth tells you, “Indeed, Storm may also be an accepted dragon magic soon enough. If you are interested, you should probably speak with Scholar Adannith. You need not worry about doing the research for it on her behalf, though – I’m certain Wintheria will throw herself into it. She is quite fired up since you came by.”

    [Quest Update: The rumors of the knowledge of Storm are true. Let Wintheria know so she can begin work on incorporating it into the Talonmaster vocation.]

    Wintheria tells you, “I cannot thank you enough, %N%. Without you, I’d still be stuck teaching only Gold Rage. Anger has a purpose, my friend, but there are other pursuits equally worthy of a dragon. Now, at last, I am able to pursue mine. When you are ready, speak to me again, and I will instruct you on the finer points of being a Talonmater.”

    [Quest complete. 25000 adventurer experience. Talonmaster class unlocked for training.]
    Maekrux Vythulhar, the Blue Phoenix

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    Default Re: Dragon Vocation Unlocking Quests

    One Dragon’s Trash is Another Dragon’s Hoard

    [Quest begins at Derasian]

    Derasian tells you, “Greetings, %N%. As you might know, I was once a consignment merchant here in Dralk, but times have become hard across Istaria. It is an old wound made fresh of late; it has been so long since Lantenal had been into town, he had not heard of my termination. Apparently, he was looking to sell something.”

    Derasian tells you, “Oh yes, he was quite distraught to learn that he could not sell it with me and absolutely refused to go to a naka town to place it on consignment there. I don’t blame him, mind you, but it does make me wish there was more commerce… perhaps I can try to open my business again if more people want to sell their wares.”

    Derasian tells you, “I doubt he has sold it. If you are interested, I suppose you should go and see what he has to sell.”

    [Quest Update: See what Lantenal the Hermit has to sell.]

    Lantenal tells you, “Eh? You have something to sell me? Oh, you are looking for what I was trying to sell? Well, you aren’t exactly what I was looking for, but you’ll do, you’ll do. Let’s see, where did I put it?”

    Lantenal digs through a pile of shards of faces before he pulls out three, exceptionally average looking stones.

    Lantenal tells you, “Yes, yes, here we are. Ten silver for each! Would you like this stone, this stone, or this stone?”

    [Quest update: Choose a stone and pay Lantenal 10 silver. For a rock. Maybe you should rethink this.]

    [Dev Note: Though there is an apparent choice here, there really isn’t. Regardless of which stone you pick, the text is always the same. Also, if you can’t lose money via clicking on quest text, and I have to assume you can since the vault keeper took all my money, you could have the stone be purchasable from Lantenal. Do keep in mind, he will have all of the stone pieces, though, so he may need to be specific about which stone to take if purchasing is necessary.]

    When you take the rock, the stone seems to heat up in your paw, almost searing hot. The experience fades before you can think to drop it.

    You receive Strange and Overpriced Stone. [Lore Text: “The stone appears to be made of normal obsidian, but running your claw over the surface reveals part of a word, which glows with flame: Purif___.]”

    Lantenal tells you, “There you are! Proud owner of a rock! No refunds. Now shoo! And don’t bother my lava pool.”

    [Quest Update: Lantenal has sold you a strange rock. He doesn’t seem to want to tell you anything about it; maybe there is an elder who could tell you more?]

    Deisaes tells you, “Greetings, %N%. What brings you to this sacred place? A rock you purchased from Lantenal the Hermit? I’m afraid I’m no good with crafting, but I will entertain you. Please show me the stone.”

    Deisaes tells you, “It has been a long time since I have seen this stone. Let me show you. *Deisaes withdraws another obsidian stone and places it against yours. The word Purify is completed.* To purify is to remove that which contaminates. To make clean that which is unclean. I have much to tell you, but I wish you to purify first. Go to the Dralk Shrine, sit before it, and consider what I have said.”

    [Quest Update: Stand in front of the Dralk Shrine.]

    You have arrived at the shrine. You should meditate here on what it means to be pure.

    [Quest Update: Meditate on what it means to be pure for five minutes.]

    In Dralk’s shrine, rock is constantly purified by flame, unmade and remade. The thought occurs: what is it that Deisaes is supposed to purify? What is it you have to purify? With these questions in mind and heart, you should return to Deisaes.

    [Quest Update: Return to Deisaes and discuss your meditation. ]

    Deisaes tells you, “You have returned. Impurities have bubbled up in your mind and I must help to purify them. This is but one way that I purify, but there are many others. You stand here, before the sacred Gate of Embers, the final gift Drulkar gave to his children. Many see this as a purely political place, so factionalized as we have become. But this is a sacred place, %N%.”

    Deisaes tells you, “I wish I could so easily purify us of this. I care not if you are Helian or Lunus; in truth you are neither. Nyestra Helian lived and perished, as did Malganival Lunus. You are alive and you must make your own decisions. And you should do so with all the wisdom of the dragons – the same wisdom all dragons possess.”

    Deisaes tells you, “Have you ever considered where this wisdom descends from? There are many answers of course: our scholarly ways, our interest in the Prime, our superior intellect and long life. But there is one place from which wisdom descends that is sorely overlooked in this age: religion.”

    Deisaes tells you, “Drulkar is our forefather and god both. It was his wisdom that led us to the Prime. He called for us to adapt rather than to change the world to our needs. He walked us through our first steps and took us on our first flight. As we descend from him, so too does our wisdom.”

    Deisaes tells you, “Are you so surprised I should give so much credit to the Dragon Lord? I doubt Lantenal has chosen poorly – he rarely does. You simply need a new perspective. Perhaps you will gain one on this path you now walk.”

    Deisaes tells you, “You do not yet realize it, but it was not mere curiosity that drove you to the stone. But, perhaps, curiosity will suffice for now. The two pieces we have are but small fragments of a larger tablet called the Codex of the Champion. Knowledge of it was once commonplace, as was knowledge of Drulkar.”

    Deisaes tells you, “The Codex is a sacred Artifact of Drulkar, passed down in secret since the days of the ancient ritualists, who carried the Codex and the laws of Drulkar thereon inscribed. A great event shattered the tablet into ten pieces. The pieces were taken by the ritualists: the Judicators took two stones, the Acolytes took four stones, and the Champions took three. That adds up, does it not?”

    Deisaes tells you, “The last stone is in safe keeping. I suggest you worry about the others first, because I hereby charge you to collect the fragments of the Codex of the Champion. I suggest starting your task by speaking with Lantenal again. Inform him of my will.”

    [Quest Update: Deisaes the Purifier has entrusted you with the task of recovering a sacred Artifact of Drulkar known as the Codex of the Champions. He seems to suggest Lantenal may know where the other pieces are.]

    Lantenal tells you, “Back so soon? You know, it is very hard to be a hermit when everyone comes to visit you, you know. I suppose it is my own fault for making my home next to a travel gate. Did you come to ask about those stones I was selling? No refunds!”

    Lantenal tells you, “Oh, so Deisaes took the bait, did he? It is about time. He has been back this long and he still hasn’t sought out one to take up his mantle? Bah, you’ll figure it out eventually. Yes, yes, stones… I’m afraid managed to convince Derasian to sell them for me.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Oh, well, YOU convinced Derasian more accurately. I suppose you can go and check if they are still up there… oh, and if they have been sold, can you bring the money back? I’d like to add it to the pile.”

    Lantenal the Hermit motions absently to the large pile of Shards of Faces.

    [Quest Update: Lantenal has put the stones up on the consigner. Better hope they haven’t been sold yet! Check with Derasian quickly!]

    Derasian tells you, “Hello again, %N%! It is good to see you! I am so elated! I just had my first two sales in several years, and I am feeling the joy of success again!”

    Derasian tells you, “Oh yes! Lantenal returned not long after you left and asked me again, and on a whim I said yes! And wouldn’t you know it, a young hatchling was passing through and bought the first one for a silver, and the second was purchased by an elf! An elf here! Perhaps naka are more willing to trade with us now?”

    [Quest Update: Ask Derasian about the Hatchling. 0/1
    Ask Derasian about the elf. 0/1]

    [Hatchling] Derasian tells you, “I had not seen him before. He seemed old for his size – you know the type: hatchlings that wait for ascension for whatever reason. Truthfully, I wish there were more willing to wait and grow up a bit more gradually, but times aren’t what they were. He had a very strange coloration: red with teal or green decals. He said he was going home to his forest, though I don’t know which.”

    [Elf] Derasian tells you, “He looked a bit sun-burnt for an elf, despite the dark skin. Most of them moved back into their forest once they reclaimed it, but he looked like he wasn’t in any shaded place at all. I think he was here on business. Must have been official business; he was quite snide when he bought the stone too.”

    [Dev Notes: This would be a great place to split it up into two subquests. We’ll do the Hatchling part first, then the elf part, but they’re both doable at the same time.]

    [Hatchling Subquest]

    Spitfyre tells you, “Oh, hello, %N%! It has been a very long time since I last saw you here. You’ve grown, I think! I, well… haven’t. I know that I have an important job here, but it isn’t what I imagined it would be when I agreed to it.”

    Spitfyre tells you, “I greet the newly returned Gifted and new hatchlings left here. When I first agreed, I thought it would be fun. Spend my time as a child, meeting all sorts of new children, and old children in the case of the Gift, playing whenever I wanted and I wasn’t busy greeting newcomers. And it was, for a time.”

    Spitfyre tells you, “It has been over a decade since I became a hatchling emissary. Some of the hatchlings I greeted as my equal have become adults, ancients even. They have had hatchlings of their own. I know that, before the Sleeper’s destruction, I would have had to wait many more years before I took flight, but we are not in that time anymore. I feel extremely left behind.”

    Spitfyre tells you, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t burden you with my thoughts. It is nice to be a hatchling, you know. So you came here for the stone I purchased in Dralk? I bought it so that I would have a piece of Aradoth with me always. Skalkaar is very nice and has all I need, but this stone is a piece of a larger world. I do not wish to part with it just yet.”

    [Quest Update: Spitfyre, the Hatchling Emissary on Skalkaar, does possess the stone, but is unwilling to give it up. He has mentioned dissatisfaction with his current station; perhaps you could find someone in Chiconis that knows him?]

    Keori tells you, “Do I know Spitfyre? Of course! He was there when I hatched on Skalkaar. He was full of energy, and helped to guide me on my path to Chiconis. I haven’t thought of him in a long time. He is feeling down? That will not do! Please take him my old Skalkaar chest scale and tell him that I am grateful for his help with it.”

    You receive Keori’s Skalkaar Chest Scale. [Lore: “Inscribed on the scale is the affirmation, ‘Friends Forever – S&K’ ”]

    [Quest Update: Keori of Chiconis was apparently assisted by Spitfyre. Could there be a Lunus that was as well?]

    Vrylliak tells you, “Do I know Spitfyre? The hatchling emissary? I thought I saw him not long ago, but I did not approach him. So it was him coming through here… Without his direction, I might never have been able to recall glimmers of who I was before the Gift revived me.”

    Vrylliak tells you, “He looked so sullen. Had I known it was truly him and not a hatchling resembling him, I would have told him how thankful I am. I know: please take my Skalkaar Claw and send him my regards.”

    You receive Vrylliak’s Skalkaar Claw. [Lore: “Inscribed is the following: ‘Clawbuddies –V&S’”]

    [Quest Update: Vrylliak of Dralk also had a positive experience with Spitfyre! The root of Spitfyre’s sadness was his desire to ascend. Perhaps you should discuss the matter with Valkoth?]

    Valkoth tells you, “You come in regards to Spitfyre? He wishes to ascend? That is unfortunate. You see, Semeneth and I agreed that a hatchling would do best to greet other hatchings – unfamiliar adults or ancients might scare the lost and confused, Gifted or otherwise.”

    Valkoth tells you, “You wish to find a hatchling to take his place? That could certainly work. They would need to be responsible and they would need to show initiative – perhaps one who already has a vocation, working for the Empire or for dragonkind.”

    [Quest Update: Locate a responsible hatchling who would be willing to take Spitfyre’s place.]

    Angenehm tells you, “Oh, hello! You were looking for attunement to Pleasant Canyon? No? Spitfyre needs a replacement? I-I don’t know… I am still quite young. But I would do anything to help him! He was so mature and smart, and that’s why I look up to him. That’s why I became a gatekeeper here!”

    Angenehm tells you, “I don’t know that I’ll be able to do the job as well as he has, but I will gladly try if it will make him happy!”

    [Quest Update: You have found a replacement for Spitfyre and have both kind words and trinkets for him. Return to Skalkaar forest to deliver the news.]

    Spitfyre tells you, “Welcome back, %N%. What? You talked to Keori and Vrylliak? You know, I’m not really supposed to help hatchlings that come through here craft scales or fight the wildlife, but I was happy to help them. I am glad they still remember me.”

    Spitfyre tells you, “You spoke to Valkoth on my behalf? And Angenehm offered to take my place so I could ascend? I – I don’t know what to say, %N%.”

    Spitfyre holds the claw and scale tightly to his chest, his eyes watering.

    Spitfyre tells you, “All this time, I thought I had been forgotten. But I feel the warmth of their memories in these objects. The compassion that Angenehm has for me to take on this burden of mine. It was not long ago that she left here, you know. I think that I…”

    Spitfyre tells you, “I will stay here. At least for a while longer. Maybe many of the people I knew as hatchlings have ascended to the sky. But now that I have these, I know that I am not forgotten. That my job is truly important. Please, take this.”

    You receive M Stone. [Lore: “This piece of the Codex of the Champion is somewhat small, but very heavy. The letter M is on it.”]

    Spitfyre tells you, “I don’t need to think about the rest of the world. I will pass my spark onto those who leave this place, and I know the world will be alright without me for a while longer.”

    [Hatchling Subquest Complete]

    [Dev Notes: Depending on how the quest is split up, the actual place to complete the quest might be Lantenal, as that is where the quest continues once both subquests are done]

    [Elf Subquest]

    Allambe tells you, “Oh, how novel: a dragon traipsing about the Elven Sovereignty of Istaria. How did you fit in this building? Do you even have a pass? Bah, it doesn’t matter. State your business.”

    ---[Elven] Allambe tells you, “What do you mean you like Feladan-in-Exile better? We’re not exiled! Our homeland is reclaimed, but someone has to stay here and make sure elven interests are met in this Empire.”

    Allambe tells you, “The rock from Dralk? You’ve got to be kidding me. That piece of refuse cost me 10 silver, and the only reason I bought it was so that I could send that upstart consigner a letter to cease and desist. The Empire has no need of additional, dragon-only merchants.”

    Allambe tells you, “Oh no, now that you want it, it’s going to cost you. And I don’t want silver. Or Imperial Tokens. Bah, what a useless system… I’d love to see you grovel, but it wouldn’t look good politically. Let’s see, what price can I extract from you…”

    Allambe tells you, “Don’t you dragons value patience? I’m thinking. I know – let’s put those wings of yours to work. I have some letters to deliver. One for Jynasix, that greedy scaly monster, and one for Amad Belune in Feladan, and one for Sebas Greme, who should be with the rest of the giant hairy oafs in Mahagra, and finally one for Barmos at South Gate. Well? Hurry it up!”

    [Quest Update: Deliver Allambe’s letter to Jynasix. 0/1
    Deliver Allambe’s letter to Amad Belune. 0/1
    Deliver Allambe’s letter to Sebas Greme. 0/1
    Deliver Allambe’s letter to Barmos. 0/1]

    [Dev Notes: Optionally, this can have a timer.]

    Jynasix tells you, “A letter from Allambe, eh? Another excuse, I’ll bet. He is just a naka, I know, but I have spent a lot of time around naka here in Tazoon. I feel somewhat sorry for him. He is still Seneschal, but the Empire does not pay its politicians that well. This is the third time he has failed to pay me for the ornamental spears recovered from Attios’ last stand.”

    Amad tells you, “A letter from Allambe? Again? It is good that he attempts to keep connections with us, but these letters are quite grating. He has a certain way of communicating; perhaps you know what I mean? The elves are somewhat divided as a people now, because many of our more militant minded remained in Tazoon. Some of us… well, we blame him.”

    Sebas tells you, “A letter from who? Oh, right. Small man, abrasive attitude. If you ask me, he doesn’t have enough faith. He relies entirely upon the Empire and upon words, but outside the walls of Tazoon, the world cares little for words. The world cares little for him. It is almost sad, actually.”

    Barmos tells you, “A letter from cousin Allambe? He doesn’t write me all that often. When he does, it is usually because he is greatly stressed. I know he can come across as temperamental and rude, but he truly does care about our people, you know. He cares about all of the Empire, even dragons. He saw it.

    Barmos tells you, “The Fall of Feladan. He was among those who were forced to retreat, who saw the Soul Collectors, the binding of his brothers and sisters’ souls. He wants no one to suffer like that again, but it is causing him to suffer. It is no surprise he takes it out on others around him.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Allambe before he gets impatient.]

    Allambe tells you, “You are back sooner than expected. I trust you delivered the letters?”

    Allambe tells you, “Barmos worries too much about me. It does hurt to know that my brothers in Feladan blame me for the drifting apart of our people, but… Bah, I have no time for this nonsense. What do you want this rock for anyway?”

    Allambe tells you, “A sacred Artifact of Drulkar? I’m mildly impressed you haven’t torn me apart to get it. We bipeds know Drulkar only as a god of fire. What do you think Drulkar is? A God of Fire, or a God of Dragons?”

    ---[Fire]Allambe tells you, “Fire lights the way in darkness. Your soul might be fire, dragon, but all benefit from flame. You would do good to remember that. Especially when darkness closes in around you. And it will, sooner or later.”

    ---[Dragon] Allambe tells you, “Bah, just like a dragon. Yes, you have fire in your souls and Drulkar birthed your monstrously oversized race and is family to you, but all benefit from the flame. Even naka. You would do good to remember that.”

    [Dev Note: The one chosen has no effect on the quest line, as you might gather from his statement. They both lead to the next statement.]

    Allambe tells you, “Take your rock, %N%, and be gone. I hope you are using that Artifact for the good of the Empire. I’ll be keeping in touch.”

    You receive Min Stone. [Lore: “Another piece of the sacred Codex of the Champion, the letters MIN are engraved on this shard.”]

    [Elf Subquest complete. See note after Hatchling subquest.]

    Lantenal tells you, “Eh? What are you doing back here? You think I know where the other stones are? Didn’t Deisaes tell you who all took the stones? You know, Champions, Judicators, and Acolytes? I’m not in the mood for a history lesson. I have shards of faces to sort! Shoo now! And stay away from my lava pool!”

    [Quest Update: Lantenal is being as helpful as ever. Perhaps there is a dragon more versed in history that might help you locate the remaining six pieces?]

    Karane tells you, “Greetings, %N%. You’ve come seeking knowledge of the ancient ritualists? Goodness, I haven’t been asked about them in a very long time! Why, I think the last time was when Lantenal, Semeneth, and Valkoth were all here together discussing how to recreate the Rites of Passage.”

    Karane tells you, “After the fall of Draak, many of us were concerned that our race might never ascend again and die out as a result. The Grand Academy had a way of circumventing the great amounts of power that an ascension has required since the Sleeper’s loss. The relic was rumored to have been passed down by ritualists of old, but it had been lost with Draak. We fear it may still be in Aegis hands.”

    Karane tells you, “I can tell you what I know. The primary ritualists were known as Acolytes of Flame or Priests of Drulkar. These were not merely different monikers – they were entirely different approaches to our faith. One worshiped Drulkar as a god of fire, whose flames were the great illuminating beacon of our people. The other worshiped Drulkar as the Greatfather, not only bringing our race here, but fathering most of us.”

    Karane tells you, “While Drulkar was among us, these two approaches coexisted peacefully, but when he departed, there was a great debate. The heated exchanges ultimately brought about no solution to the problem, and each blamed the other for Drulkar’s departure.”

    Karane tells you, “It is believed that our declining faith or will was why he left, but the Acolytes never resolved the issue. Ultimately, their bickering caused their vocation to fall out of favor as a more rational society took hold of us. Champions filled in the gap.”

    Karane tells you, “Champions were Drulkar’s warriors. In fact, they are the oldest fighting style of which we know. It was they who originally tamed Char. Gemenoth the Eldest, first to reactivate the Gate of Embers after Drulkar’s departure, was a Champion. Sadly, nearly all of these techniques were lost.”

    Karane tells you, “As Champions began to see how secular their society was becoming, they started to withdraw from discourse and instead pass down their techniques and laws in secret. Perhaps it was suggested to them by the Judicators?”

    Karane tells you, “Judicators of Flame are perhaps our oldest form of worship. They were hermitic in nature, keeping to themselves and consulting lava pools to see the future or to contact Drulkar. As they were always disconnected from dragon society, they were affected the least by the secular shift following Gemenoth’s death.”

    Karane tells you, “You suspect it too, don’t you? Lantenal may be a Judicator. Their traditions have always been passed down in secret and we may never know precisely what Lantenal knows. It did seem like he was being consulted by Valkoth and Semeneth, and I always believed they were older than Lantenal, since he is still an adult. It is very curious, isn’t it?”

    Karane tells you, “So, you are seeking stones? An Artifact of Drulkar? Perhaps it is the same that was lost at Draak. If so, I don’t know what luck you might have. I’ll do some research in the archives and see if there is anything mentioning stones and the ritualists together. I suggest you travel to Draak and speak with Kalrenta and the others in the Lost Colony.”

    [Quest Update: Visit Kalrenta in the Lost Colony and see if she or the other dragons present have any idea where to find the lost fragments of the Codex.]

    Kalrenta tells you, “Greetings, %N%. What brings you to the Lost Colony? You seek a fragment of an Artifact? If you mean the stones, I fear that they are long lost. The Aegis swept through this place like a storm, and took everything of value… everything.”

    Kalrenta tells you, “Yes, there were more than one stone here. Three, in fact. Even if a stone did remain, its power would be too diminished for the purpose it was originally used for: helping hatchlings ascend after graduating the academy.”

    Kalrenta tells you, “You’re welcome to explore, but I caution you – the isle is exceedingly dangerous. Perhaps you should speak with Nezra. His lair is the closest to the blighted areas; perhaps he has noticed something I have not.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Nezra about the possibility of a Codex fragment being on Draak.]

    Nezra tells you, “You seek the stones? As I told the others, they are unlikely to be left here. Although… there is a small possibility that one might have been overlooked.”

    Nezra tells you, “The main academy itself, once a floating stone connected to the ground by a bridge, is utterly infested by our fallen kyn and children. The Shadow Dragon holds the blighted spires in the west. But there is one place that goes untouched.”

    Nezra tells you, “There is a small lair in the blight. There are webs over the entrance. We had always assumed that the myloc were responsible and dared not approach, but the hatchlings outside the lair seem… calm.”

    Nezra tells you, “Calm may not be the right word, as they still attack on sight. More… at peace, or at least as much as their tortured souls can be. Perhaps there is something there. Feel free to clear the webs away and have a look, but be careful. We have long suspected it was a trap.”

    [Quest Update: Visit the blighted lair and cut away the webs. 0/1]

    You cut the webs away with ease. The area beyond is musty and blighted, but devoid of life, living or otherwise.

    [Dev Note: Loc is 30099, 21015, 618.65.]

    [Quest Update: Search the cave for the stone.]

    In the back of the cave, a faint glow catches your attention. The stone blends in perfectly with the blackened cavern around it, but it seems to have reacted to the presence of the other stones. This is another piece of the Codex of Champions. Return to Nezra and see if he has any idea where the Aegis might have taken the other two pieces.

    [Dev Note: Loc is 30079, 20969, 619.16]

    You receive Illu stone. [Lore: “Another piece of the Codex of Champions, this stone has the letters ILLU engraved on them.”]

    [Quest update: Return to Nezra.]

    Nezra tells you, “You’re back. Now you want to know where they took them? Well, if I knew that, we wouldn’t have had such a problem with getting a new Rite of Passage up, now would we?”

    Nezra tells you, “Forgive me, I shouldn’t be so short with you. I may not have the same level of guilt that Brysmendrik experiences, but it would be untrue to say it did not wear on me at times. I pray Drulkar will forgive what I could not do and see what I have when my time comes.”

    Nezra tells you, “That is very kind of you to say. As far as I know, the Artifact pieces were never used against us by the Aegis. That means they likely meant to keep it from us. If they meant to hide it, they would have hidden it very well… perhaps in an unassuming place in the strongest deadlands. Maybe a grave? Who alive would dig up a grave in a deadlands?”

    [Quest Update: Nezra’s only suggestion is to search the strongest deadlands for a grave and dig it up. Better hope that whatever is buried there stays dead when you do!]

    You find an isolated gravestone. Praying to Drulkar, you disinter the contents and are surprised to find there is no body below it. You do, however, recover another piece of the Codex. This was nothing more than a fool’s errand, and yet it has been rewarded. Perhaps this truly is Drulkar’s will?

    You receive Ate stone. [Lore: “Another fragment of the Codex of the Champion. This one has the letters ATE engraved on its surface.”

    [Dev Note: Loc is 30139, 26141, 777.49. It’s near the baleful feeders, and I don’t know if this grave is used for any of the new quests as I haven’t gone through them. If it is, there is a graveyard directly below this location that could be just as suitable. In addition, you could have it spawn a random zombie for fun, but you know we’re going to fly away. >.>; ]

    [Quest Update: By some miracle, you have recovered another piece of the Codex. Return to Karane and see if she has come up with any more leads.]

    Karane tells you, “Welcome back, %N%. I think I might have discovered something while you were out. Admittedly, this is something that would have been hilarious in ages past, but might be seen as something a bit embarrassing now.”

    Karane tells you, “While I was researching Acolytes and stones, I came across an account of the last few Acolytes taking a stone with them to the north around the middle of the Age of the Dragons. Their goal was to prove that Drulkar’s will was to spread fire to cold places.”

    Karane tells you, “Apparently, they embedded the stone in the ground and set up a home there. While there is no record as to what became of the Acolytes themselves, this description is familiar: ‘The snow-covered land faded away and in its place was new grass and warmth. The valley would become a place of great rest.’”

    Karane tells you, “It sounds remarkably like the Valley of Repose. If this is true, then the volcano that the half-giants worshiped might have been nothing more than a fragment of Drulkar’s Artifact. Most half-giants no longer worship it, but I think we’ll keep this little detail out of polite conversation for now, mm?”

    Karane tells you, “We can only guess if the volcano erupted because of the Artifact, if it was natural, or if the half-giants were inadvertently worshiping Drulkar himself who grew displeased with them. Regardless, the stone might be lost. You can certainly look, though. I’ll continue researching for the time being.”

    [Quest Update: Ancient dragons might have committed a religious faux pas and blown up Trandalar. Let’s leave that out of the history books and focus on searching the volcano at the Valley of Repose for another piece of the Codex.]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 25832.38, 34970.47, 559.90]

    Searching the volcano turns up nothing; if the stone is present, it might be long gone. The golems here are made of obsidian, though – best kill a few and see if the stone might be a part of them.

    [Quest Update: Kill the local obsidian golems. 0/20]

    You never realized just how large an obsidian golem is until you tore so many apart looking for a tiny chunk of them. Again, by some act of Drulkar, you eventually find another piece of the Codex acting as a knee for a golem. Hope it wasn’t damaged! Better return to Karane.

    You receive the War stone. [Lore: “This fateful piece of the Codex was once a golem’s knee, and might have been mistaken for a god. The letters WAR are engraved on it.”]

    [Quest Update: Return to Karane.]

    Karane tells you, “Back already? I’m afraid I haven’t discovered anything new, but I did receive something rather unusual.”

    Karane tells you, “A letter from an elf. I think it came from Tazoon. Funny thing though, it wasn’t meant for me: it was addressed to you. Either the courier is quite confused, or the elf must have sent letters canvasing the whole of dragon dominion. I guess you should go and see what he wants.”

    You receive Letter from Allambe. [Lore: “If you are reading this, return to Tazoon immediately! I must speak to you about extremely urgent matters! –Seneschal Allambe”]

    [Quest Update: Allambe is flooding the Empire’s mail service. Setting aside surprise that the Empire has a mail service, you should probably find out what he wants.]

    Allambe tells you, “There you are! Do you have any idea how important this is? Of course not, you’re busy digging for rocks! Well, this is very important! And I’ll reward you if you help!”

    Allambe tells you, “Jynasix told you about my money prob…? – never mind, I’m not paying you in silver. I found another piece of that Artifact. I will give it to you, but only if you help my people. Feladan is in grave danger and we must mobilize our force immediately!”

    Allambe tells you, “There is a blighted grove in our forest. We had thought the portal was inactive, but it is not, and we are going to force it open and try to pull out whatever is on the other side. We suspect there could be a serious monster there, or an army, or… if anything happened to Feladan, I…”

    Allambe tells you, “It is hard for me to say this, but… please protect my people. Speak with Tikel at the Blighted Grove. And bring as many able Gifted as you can! I have no idea what is beyond that gate!”

    [Quest Update: Your search for the Codex has taken a detour: Feladan may be open to attack from the Aegis, and you need to do what you can to prevent it. Speak with Tikel at the Blighted Grove and bring friends to help.]

    Tikel tells you, “Oh dragon, there you are! We are working with another of your kind to open the portal. Just say when you are ready, and we’ll try to open it up.”

    [Dev Note: Another spawned monster. I would really like this one to be the Maggot Lord, as he was one of the major enemies during the early era of the game, and he has a really neat looking model. I seem to recall him being responsible for the enscrollment of the satyr, and I think he was also responsible for what was the Feladan deadlands. Please add any relevant lore for him if you do use him. If there is some reason why not to use the Maggot Lord or his model, a large kwellen like Son of Gigaroth (hmmmm, Gigaroth himself maybe?) will suffice. Following quest text assumes it was the Maggot Lord.]

    [Dev Note 2: This fight would be good to have summoned adds, like Shaloth does. If the Maggot Lord has unique abilities already, use those. I personally vote for GIGANTIC MAGGOTS!]

    [Dev Note 3: This mob is also used in two other unlocking quests, which is what Tikel refers to.]

    Maggot Lord has been killed.

    The horrible Aegis monster falls at your feet. Tikel seems frozen with fear; perhaps you should talk to Anatoli? He is stuttering at least.

    [Quest Update: Tikel seems beside himself after seeing that foe. Perhaps you should talk to Anatoli instead?]

    Anatoli tells you, “Do you know who that was, %N%? The Maggot Lord! He was thought to have been killed after the destruction of the inhibition machines… It seems he must have escaped and hid on the other side of the portal, biding his time until he could attack… If it weren’t for the dragons, he might have gotten his chance to try again. Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully this gate truly is inactive now…”

    [Quest Update: The gate has been dealt with. Time to visit Allambe for his promised reward.]

    Allambe tells you, “I heard what you did. Dragon, I know that I am hard to deal with at times, but I do what I must to protect my people, even if it estranges me from them. Even if I must rely on those I would not normally rely on. I believe it is the same with you.”

    [Dev Note: Regardless of what is chosen, Allambe continues with the next line.]

    Allambe tells you, “Please take this. Jynasix sold it to me when I learned that he had it. It cost me more dearly than I would have liked, but I am willing to make what sacrifices I must for my people. I hope they will understand.”

    You receive Tect stone. [Lore: “Another piece of the Codex of the Champion, this piece has the letters TECT engraved on it.”]

    [Quest Update: Allambe has given you the penultimate piece of the Codex you need to find. He mentioned that this piece came from Jynasix. You should ask where he got it from.]

    Jynasix tells you, “The stone Allambe bought from me? I honestly thought it was just a rock, but Lantenal insisted I take it for good luck or some sort of nonsense like that. I fear living all alone as he does might be driving the poor dragon mad. Allambe seemed to think it was valuable. I don’t suppose you know anything about that?”

    [Quest Update: Lantenal was holding out on you! Return to interrogate him about this!]

    Lantenal tells you, “Oh, not you again. You are visiting me far too much for me to be considered a proper hermit! What do you want this time?”

    Lantenal tells you, “So Jynasix ratted me out, did he? Leave it to ‘civilization’ to take away all sense of faith. Yes, I haven’t been completely forthcoming with you. It is a necessary step to choosing the right dragon.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Faith is exceptionally important, %N%. It tells us that there is more to this world than we can understand, that there is someone watching over us, and that our trust in our kyn is justified. Curiosity led you to this point. But did it lead you to the pieces you have found?”

    Lantenal tells you, “Still, have you learned nothing? The pieces do not resonate with everyone, %N%. They would not be so easily found if it were not Drulkar’s will. Were this untrue, they would still play a part in the Rite of Passage.”

    Lantenal tells you, “I did not hide the pieces from Valkoth and Semeneth. It was not my choice to make. Drulkar foresaw that there would come a time when his people needed to look back to him in order to know how to go forward. Do you disbelieve?”

    Lantenal tells you, “Then take this crystal, crush it in your paws, and thrust your hand into my lava pool. See what happens. See if your cynicism is rewarded, or your faith.”

    You receive Strange Crystal. [Lore: “It looks as though a small fire burns in this crystal.”]

    [Dev Note: This crystal can be used. Once used, it causes fire damage in a dot for 30 seconds, but is quite non-lethal.]

    Crushing the crystal, you thrust your arm into the lava. You feel its searing heat, but the pain is not as great as you expected. Through the heat comes the sensation of touch. Your claws strike against something in the pool. You reach deeper to grab it and withdraw it from the lava. The object is a very large piece of obsidian that strangely has not melted.

    You receive Consume stone. [Lore: “The largest piece of the Codex you have seen, this stone has the word Consume written on it. It is exceptionally heavy.”]

    [Quest Update: That hurt a little, but you are not seriously injured and you got a piece of the Codex. Speak with Lantenal again.]

    Lantenal tells you, “That is the heaviest piece of all. You might have realized that each of the stones have letters on them and that those letters come together to form a word. You will discuss these words with Deisaes soon enough, but this one you will not.”

    Lantenal tells you, “A Champion must purify, as you have learned. To cleanse the wrong and the evil and the filth. But sometimes, there is no redemption to be had. Sometimes, there is no going back for some. Then, and only then, is this law ever put into use. To Consume is to erase. To devour.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Drulkar’s most sacred law is that dragons shall not kill other dragons. We have found ways around this in the past, such as Entombment as you know. But sometimes, there is no way around it. I know of only two times in our history when this law was invoked. Both times, it cost us dearly.”

    Lantenal tells you, “I still have no love for history lessons, %N%. But this law is what shattered the Codex. Treat it with the utmost respect and never rely upon it except as a matter of the very final resort. And as you hold onto that stone, consider what it means to be faithful.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Believe me when I say that the stone you carry should be proof enough Drulkar is with you. By the way, that stone isn’t the last one you need – there should be a Pro stone still out there. Good luck, mm? As if you will need it.”

    [Quest Update: Once more, Lantenal has stopped helping, but you did get another piece. Perhaps you should return to Karane with what you have discovered and see if you can find the Pro stone Lantenal spoke of.]

    Karane tells you, “I think I might have figured out where the last piece is. The numbers you told me were correct as far as I can tell: the Acolytes took four stones, the Judicators took two, and the Champions took three. The final piece was the only complete piece, but it was cast into the Realm of Fire. That’s well beyond our reach now.”

    Karane tells you, “The record isn’t clear, but apparently there was some dispute over the law. The dragons attempted to remove that law by breaking it free of the tablet, but instead shattered the other laws, while only that law remained was the one they attempted to erase. It was described as a great tribulation of faith.”

    Karane tells you, “Apparently, it was the word Consume. Whatever that means. The dragons furiously tossed it through the Gate of Embers, and then split up the remaining pieces. I think you have tracked down all of the stones the priests took – the three donated to Draak Academy was the word Illuminate over three stones.”

    Karane tells you, “It makes sense for an academy, does it not? You have all three of those stones. The final priest stone was in the north, which you have also collected. Assuming Lantenal is truly a Judicator, he likely had access to the two stones the Judicators were supposed to have, the pieces of the Warm and Purify stones. But you said he had three or more?”

    Karane tells you, “Perhaps he was attempting to assemble the tablet in secret? Regardless, the Champions took a piece of the Purify stone, and pieces of the Protect stone. They took these to be their sacred duty above all else. Which brings me to my earlier statement: I might have discovered where the last stone is.”

    Karane tells you, “The last known Champion was Gerinex, who died at the battle of Bayn Hill. His body, like many others, was carried away and buried somewhere. I suspect where, but his grandson should know. Speak with Gerix in Kion and ask where his grandfather was buried and if he was buried with a stone.”

    [Quest Update: Did you reach into the Realm of Fire to pluck out the Consume stone? Perhaps only faith can answer that question. For now, finding the last piece of the Codex requires you speak with Gerix about his grandfather.]

    Gerix tells you, “Greetings. I was watching the naka again. I still have not figured out why they are in such a hurry. What? You wish to speak about my grandfather and a stone?”

    Gerix tells you, “I was a hatchling at the time, but I remember that he spoke to me often about it. The stone was more than a rock he said. It was a connection to the Great Father, Drulkar. It was his duty to protect it, and to protect all dragons. He said it would someday be my responsibility.”

    Gerix tells you, “I don’t know what that truly meant. But my father had the stone buried with my grandfather. Sadly, we could not have foreseen that the Aegis would rise and desecrate our ancient graveyard.”

    Gerix tells you, “I moved here after the Withered Scale came. Took the position to teach hatchlings to protect themselves. I don’t know if my grandfather would be proud of this decision, or ashamed. A part of me did not wish to go out there. I did not wish to see him on the battlefield.”

    Gerix tells you, “A dragon whose faith was that strong deserved better. Perhaps he truly is with Drulkar and only his corpse wanders, but still I could not face him. If the stone remains with him, it is in the claws of one of the Withered Scale.”

    Gerix tells you, “You have my permission to put his body down. I know not if it will stay down, but you have a duty to protect not only dragons, but all of the Empire. I shall stay here and watch over the little ones. Drulkar guide you.”

    [Quest Update: Gerix has given you permission to hunt down the corpse of his grandfather. Unfortunately, you might need to kill some Withered Scale before you can find him. 0/20]

    After fighting many of the fallen warriors, you at last uncover the final stone. Hopefully, Drulkar has taken the spirit of Gerinex to rest and this is nothing more than an empty shell. You should return to Lantenal with the stones.

    You receive Pro stone. [Lore: “While not truly a measure of your prowess, this piece of the Codex of the Champion has the letters PRO inscribed upon it.”]

    [Quest Update: Return to Lantenal with the stones.]

    Lantenal tells you, “Ah, so you are back, if you have all of the stones, please give them to me. If not, well, I am prepared to sell them back to you – One dragon’s trash is another dragon’s hoard, you know.”

    [Dev Note: If players have deleted the stones, they can purchase them from Lantenal. I’m fairly certain you can do this, if the titles/crests cannot be purchased until you have done the related quests.]

    Lantenal tells you, “There we are. Now wait a minute while I work.”

    [Quest Update: Wait a minute for Lantenal to work.]

    Lantenal thrusts the pieces into his lava pool. When he pulls them back out, the tablet has been made whole again, as though it had never been broken at all! Better talk to him and see what he has to say.

    [Quest Update: Speak with Lantenal again.]

    Lantenal tells you, “Behold, the Codex of the Champion. It thrums with the fire of Drulkar. The weight of his laws is heavy to his foes and light to his champions. Behold the words: Illuminate, Warm, Purify, Protect, and Consume. These are the tenets of Drulkar’s laws.”

    Lantenal tells you, “If you look closely, you can see that there are actual laws on this tablet. Long ago, those laws were abandoned by our people. Indeed even our most faithful Champions and Acolyte chose to believe in the creeds rather than the laws themselves. It was as Drulkar wanted.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Drulkar does not force anything upon his children, not even laws he knows are for the greater good. These laws were proscribed for us because we needed them then. But now, we are free to make our own decisions. We can review the creeds and decide what our faith should be, and what those creeds should mean.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Did you suppose that shattering the stone was a bad thing? I imagine you’ll be quite livid when I do this, then.”

    Lantenal reaches into the pile of shards and reveals a large hammer of the same coloration as the shards. He smashes it against the Codex and it shatters into ten pieces again! The hammer is destroyed in the process.

    Lantenal tells you, “Yes, a terrible event occurred in which the laws were exercised and the people disagreed. The tablet was shattered when they tried to alter the laws. But that was not Drulkar’s punishment – it was his gift. He said to us, now you must make the laws.”

    Lantenal tells you, “The Champions and Acolytes did not understand this. It tore the priests apart, and their protectors became aimless. They guarded the stones as though they were Drulkar incarnate, instead of understanding his will.”

    Lantenal tells you, “His will is, as it has always been: to illuminate our path; to warm our homes and hearts; to purify the unclean; to protect those blessed by flame; and to consume that which must be consumed. The stone was just a guide. We could step off to forge our own path at any time.”

    Lantenal tells you, “We certainly did forge our own path. And while that path took us away from Drulkar, we have always needed him. It is through him that we are able to ascend. We reach through time itself to touch him as hatchlings. As adults, we seek his blessings to become ancients.”

    Lantenal tells you, “You who would be Champion – you will need him the most. But understand there must be an accord between you and Drulkar. The tenets are known, but how you chose to apply them is just as paramount as knowledge of them. I have one final task for you before you return to Deisaes.”

    Lantenal tells you, “The stones must be returned to their proper places. Some of them have become part of this world itself, and should not be removed for long. Take the War stone, the Illu stone, the Ate stone, and the Pro stone, and put them back where you found them.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Yes, it might be impossible to find Gerinex’s body again. No offense to him, but it doesn’t really matter which corpse has it; they are all hollow shells. But it is important they hold onto it, because it makes them harder to control.”

    [Quest Update: Lantenal has charged you wish putting the stones back.
    The War stone goes to the volcano in the Valley of Repose. 0/1
    The Illu stone should be returned to the blighted cave on Draak. 0/1
    The Ate stone must be reburied in the Eastern Deadlands. 0/1
    The Pro stone needs to be on a member of the Withered Scale. Kill one and plant the stone. 0/1]

    You bury the War stone in the center of the volcano. You wonder how long it will take the golems to incorporate the stone into their being again.

    The air seems heavier here with the absence of the Illu stone. Placing it back where you found it, a profound sense of relief washes over you, but you aren’t sure if it is your relief, or that of the hatchlings outside.

    You locate the grave and bury the stone within it once more. You wonder if the Aegis realized they were doing exactly what Drulkar wanted them to do as you finish upturning the blighted earth.

    You plant the stone on the corpse of the fallen. You know it will get back up eventually, but at least you are comforted by the thought that the spirit of the dragon no longer resides within it.

    [Dev note: the last one is a kill quest update. The rest are visit a point updates, and you should have the locs from them earlier in the questline.]

    [Quest Update: All the stones have been returned. Best return to Deisaes and hope he isn’t angry you are coming back empty handed.]

    Deisaes tells you, “You return, %N%. May the Dragon Lord bless you and lend wind to your wings. Did you complete the task I laid before you?”

    Deisaes tells you, “So Lantenal destroyed the Codex again. Perhaps he is right. When I left this world, I took the Y stone with me. I felt as though our people didn’t deserve the laws or the Codex. I was wrong. Residing in the Realm of Flame brought me closer to my lord, but it did not bring me the peace of mind that I thought it would.”

    Deisaes tells you, “While I was there, I began to feel a profound sense of guilt. I became a Champion not only to purify, but to protect. I failed to protect my people. And my actions did nothing to purify those left behind.”

    Deisaes tells you, “Illuminate, warm, purify, and protect. These are the tenets of a Champion. You have been blessed by Drulkar on your path back to me. You have brought warmth to those that needed it, illuminated not only others but also yourself about Drulkar, you have purified yourself and others, and you have protected the people of this world. You are ready. Speak to me again, and I shall teach you how to fight like a Champion.”

    [Quest complete. 25000 adventurer experience. Champion class unlocked for training.]
    Maekrux Vythulhar, the Blue Phoenix

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    Hermetic Ramblings

    [Quest begins at Brysmendrik]

    Brysmendrik tells you, “Oh, I did not hear you approach. Long have I been tortured for my failure, and it becomes almost too much for me to bear any longer. I wish to ask forgiveness, but I know not how. I know not if I would even be heard.”

    Brysmendrik tells you, “For the lives I let down, yes! It was my responsibility! It was my fault we could not support them! All of those children, gone in an instant, my… I cannot go myself. I cannot show my face to him. Please ask Lantenal if there is any kind of absolution for me or if I am doomed.”

    [Quest Update: Brysmendrik is still tortured by his role in the tragedy on Draak even though none but he believes it was his fault. He has asked you to visit Lantenal on his behalf and ask for absolution. Why Lantenal?]

    Lantenal tells you, “I will never forget that dark day. You have likely heard the story – how the gate was disrupted, how we charged to the rescue, how we arrived too late. Would that I have been able to foresee that event and prevented it, but not even our lord Drulkar could look on Draak that day.”

    Lantenal tells you, “How do I know that? An astute question. I shall reply with a dull answer – I know because I know. I was there that day, %N%. Did you think otherwise? I too have my regrets. I did not realize that the Aegis had intended our wrath from the start.”

    Lantenal tells you, “That was how they worked in that day, pre-Gift. Not that I knew it at the time. The oracle of the eye of flame was shut that day, for it too could not bear to see what was to come. I did perceive it before it was too late, though, and warned Semeneth.”

    Lantenal tells you, “What does that mean? Absolutely nothing. But you aren’t here for nothing – you are here for absolution! And not even your absolution. That will come in time. Tell Brysmendrik my words, exactly: Embers still crackle, pools still bubble, and three figures still stand. Dragons are Patient.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Say even one word unclearly, and I’ll make you shovel my pile of shards from one side of the cave to the other! Now shoo!”

    [Quest Update: Lantenal has told you to return to Brysmendrik with a rather strange statement. You have no idea if it will bring him comfort, but you might as well deliver it.]

    Brysmendrik tells you, “Embers still crackle, pools still bubble, and… three figures. I shall try to be patient, Lantenal. I do not know that I can be, but I shall try.”

    Brysmendrik tells you, “Lantenal? His perspective is very unique in this age. I cannot speak on it now, %N%. My heart is not made lighter by this news. Leave me in peace.”

    [Quest Update: Brysmendrik did not seem to be any happier for Lantenal’s statement, but he seemed to understand it better than you did. Lantenal mentioned Semeneth in his lucid statements – perhaps the elder might have some insight on what Lantenal meant?]

    Semeneth tells you, “You are interested in learning more about Lantenal? Should you not ask Valkoth? Lantenal is Lunus, you know. Ah, he mentioned that dark day… I imagine you must have encountered Brysmendrik.”

    Semeneth tells you, “That day was when we needed the light of Drulkar the most. Lantenal was able to shine light on us, and we are thankful to him for that, as we are to Brysmendrik for protecting the rest of our civilization. Had the Aegis taken us, the Battle of Tazoon would have ended quite differently.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Consider a moment the sun in the sky. It keeps its distance, but it is able to shine its light on all of us. That is Lantenal’s role. He illuminates, brings warmth, and does what he must.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Do you consider yourself religious, %N%? I suggest you answer that question before perusing this any further. When you have your answer, you can do me a favor as well: Ask Lantenal if Helian and Lunus shall ever make amends and become one again.”

    [Quest Update: Semeneth has remained mysteriously tight-lipped about Lantenal, but he has asked you to question Lantenal about a matter of state. Perhaps it might shed further light on why Lantenal is so highly regarded.]

    Lantenal tells you, “Back so soon? I am not a proper hermit if people keep visiting me all the time, you know. Semeneth has a question? Ah ha, I see it now. That’s an interesting spark…”

    Lantenal tells you, “Not the question! That is a stupid question! But what I do see, let us say, I am intrigued. I shall play along. Tell Semeneth this: A wildfire starts in the east and spreads. It meets a wildfire in the west. Who can tell which blaze is brighter? Everything burns. EXACTLY AS I SAID IT!

    Lantenal tells you, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout that. However, I do mean to shout this. SHOO!”

    [Quest Update: Lantenal is acting as strange as ever. Return to Semeneth with the message.]

    Semeneth tells you, “Lantenal’s wisdom is as clear as usual. I hope he is wrong though. If it comes to that, everything would be caught up in it. The irony, of course, is that the Aegis might have saved us from an even darker fate.”

    Semeneth tells you, “You did not understand? Lantenal tells us that we will meet, but we will destroy the world in solving our conflict. A war like the one that spawned the Aegis: an uncivil war. I suppose we have become too different.”

    Semeneth tells you, “You think it means something different? You know, you shouldn’t interfere with another’s interpretation unless you possess the same gift Lantenal does. And it is a little premature to say that is the case.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Yes, his words are open to interpretation. But it is for he who asks the question to interpret. Were you trained as he was, I am certain you would understand, but it is understandable you do not. We do not see his kind often anymore.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Speak with Karane and ask him about the ancient ritualists. He can tell you what you really wish to know.”

    [Quest Update: Semeneth has sent you to Karane to ask about ancient ritualists. Whatever could that mean?]

    Karane tells you, “Greetings, %N%. You’ve come seeking knowledge of the ancient ritualists? Goodness, I haven’t been asked about them in a very long time! Why, I think the last time was when Lantenal, Semeneth, and Valkoth were all here together discussing how to recreate the Rites of Passage.”

    Karane tells you, “After the fall of Draak, many of us were concerned that our race might never ascend again and die out as a result. The Grand Academy had a way of circumventing the great amounts of power that an ascension has required since the Sleeper’s loss. The relic was rumored to have been passed down by ritualists of old, but it had been lost with Draak. We fear it may still be in Aegis hands.”

    Karane tells you, “I can tell you what I know. The primary ritualists were known as Acolytes of Flame or Priests of Drulkar. These were not merely different monikers – they were entirely different approaches to our faith. One worshiped Drulkar as a god of fire, whose flames were the great illuminating beacon of our people. The other worshiped Drulkar as the Greatfather, not only bringing our race here, but fathering most of us.”

    Karane tells you, “While Drulkar was among us, these two approaches coexisted peacefully, but when he departed, there was a great debate. The heated exchanges ultimately brought about no solution to the problem, and each blamed the other for Drulkar’s departure.”

    Karane tells you, “It is believed that our declining faith or will was why he left, but the Acolytes never resolved the issue. Ultimately, their bickering caused their vocation to fall out of favor as a more rational society took hold of us. Champions filled in the gap.”

    Karane tells you, “Champions were Drulkar’s warriors. In fact, they are the oldest fighting style of which we know. It was they who originally tamed Char. Gemenoth the Eldest, first to reactivate the Gate of Embers after Drulkar’s departure, was a Champion. Sadly, nearly all of these techniques were lost.”

    Karane tells you, “As Champions began to see how secular their society was becoming, they started to withdraw from discourse and instead pass down their techniques and laws in secret. Perhaps it was suggested to them by the Judicators?”

    Karane tells you, “Judicators of Flame are perhaps our oldest form of worship. They were hermitic in nature, keeping to themselves and consulting lava pools to see the future or to contact Drulkar. As they were always disconnected from dragon society, they were affected the least by the secular shift following Gemenoth’s death.”

    Karane tells you, “You suspect it too, don’t you? Lantenal may be a Judicator. Their traditions have always been passed down in secret and we may never know precisely what Lantenal knows. It did seem like he was being consulted by Valkoth and Semeneth, and I always believed they were older than Lantenal, since he is still an adult. It is very curious, isn’t it?”

    Karane tells you, “So you still wish to figure out whether or not he is a Judicator? I asked him directly once. He told me, and I’ll never forget his exact words, ‘Knowledge brings not understanding. Dust gathers in empty halls. When absolution sought, my time will come.’ The dragon has a gift for rambling, I’ll admit.”

    Karane tells you, “It was absolution that sent you on this quest? Poor Brysmendrik… I hope he finds what he seeks. But it is coincidence, %N%, nothing more. The Judicators of old weren’t able to see everything the future held, you know.”

    Karane tells you, “True, Lantenal didn’t foresee Draak, if indeed he did have any kind of oracle… Well, there’s no record in the Archives about who is or was a Judicator; as I mentioned, they dropped out of sight. But I am just as interested in this as you are.”

    Karane tells you, “The best thing I can think of would be to ask him a question… perhaps ask him if the Judicators will ever appear in public again. Do keep me updated, mm? This might turn out to be good fun!”

    [Quest Update: Karane has revealed information about the ancient Judicators who worshiped Drulkar in secret. Ask Lantenal is the Judicators will ever appear in public again and see if you can determine if he is one.]

    Lantenal tells you, “You have a question of your own now? Alright, listen well. Copper on the surface turns green. Deeper still you must travel, lest doom found. Have a heart. Have all the hearts… got it?”

    Lantenal tells you, “Don’t come back until you prove to me you understand it. Shoo now.”

    [Quest Update: ‘Copper on the surface turns green. Deeper still you must travel, lest doom be found. Have a heart. Have all the hearts.’ Where could Lantenal be telling you to go?]

    [Dev Note: shortly after zoning into Dralnok’s Doom… loc is 8048.71, 46075.66, 2899.80]

    This place is below the surface. Perhaps Lantenal expected you to hunt mylocs? Better grab some hearts before you return.

    [Quest Update: Collect ‘all the hearts’ of the myloc. 0/25]

    You now have ‘all the hearts’ – or at least a bunch of them. Better head back to Lantenal before they begin to smell.

    [Quest Update: You have the hearts. Time to return to Lantenal.]

    Lantenal tells you, “You brought me all the hearts? %N%, throw those things out the door this instant! They reek. You asked your question of me to discover who I was, but instead you discovered who you are: someone who seeks battle.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Oh come now, it doesn’t take a prognostication to tell me you’ve been speaking with Karane. That dragon has a habit of gossiping about me. I suspect what you may. And I still see the spark. But you haven’t understood what I told you. Return to the scholar and leave matters of faith behind.”

    Lantenal tells you, “The crux of faith is uncertainty. I imagine you may want a yes or a no, but faith happens in the maybe. If you can’t leave well enough alone, and I already know you cannot, would you like to hear one last thing I have to say to you?”

    Lantenal tells you, “Five pillars, one broken. Perch upon each vantage so that you might see. When spark becomes fire, burn brightly and follow the flame.”

    [Quest Update: Lantenal has still more unusual ramblings for you, but refuses to speak with you any further. Perhaps Karane can help you make sense of these new ones?]

    Karane tells you, “Welcome back, %N%! While you were gone, I had a most interesting story come across my cave – it appears Lantenal might have been in possession of several pieces of a sacred Artifact of Drulkar!”

    Karane tells you, “I am doing more research on the subject of the artifact now, but it was a set of laws and tenets that the ritualists followed. It was destroyed, but I am learning more as we speak.”

    Karane tells you, “Tenets? There were five of them, but thus far I have only found four by name: Illuminate, Warm, Purify, and Protect. Why do you ask?”

    Karane tells you, “Ooh, I bet he knew he was found out and now he’s sending you on a wild ruxus chase to throw you off the trail! I’ll figure it out yet! But I am sorry: I can’t help you much more right now, since I must do what I am called to do: research our history.”

    [Quest Update: Karane has revealed that there were five main tenets of faith in the worship of Drulkar. Perhaps Lantenal wanted you to experience a trial based on these tenets? You know little about them and Karane cannot assist as he is busy with a new project; perhaps you should speak with Semeneth again?]

    Semeneth tells you, “You have returned, %N%. I am afraid I am rather busy, though. You wish to know about the tenets of our faith? I am a scholar, not a priest. Still, if you wish to know more, travel to the Tower of Summoning and speak with the dragon you find there.”

    [Quest Update: Semeneth doesn’t have time to assist you either, but he suggested speaking with a dragon at the Tower of Summoning.]

    Khalentaris tells you, “Halt now and show me some respect. You have come seeking information on the tenets of the faith of Drulkar? I will not lie to you: I find it exceedingly disappointing that you must come to ask me this. But I also find it admirable that you do. Let us begin.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “The first tenet is also the one you need most of all right now: to illuminate. In ages past, acolytes would proselytize these tenets and speak on the glory of Drulkar. This was enough for them.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “You come not only to learn, but to apply? You believe Lantenal means to test you? If you are correct, I am overjoyed for you. It is well past time he took on an apprentice.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “Every dragon should, at some point in their life, pass on their knowledge and skills to a younger dragon. Especially after the horror at Draak. What he wishes to teach you is up to him. As is the decision to teach you at all. Best get to it, then!”

    Khalentaris tells you, “I’ll assist you for now – it’s not like I have anywhere to go for the next century. Listen, I have a small vendetta against naka mages for reasons I will not go into right now. But I want you to go to the biggest naka city in the world.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “Tazoon? Fine. Find the head mage there and demand he stop worshiping whatever god he does so long as he continues to use fire magic, since all flame descends from Drulkar.”

    [Quest Update: Khalentaris has asked you to evangelize in Tazoon about Drulkar to the leader of the mage school there as your test of Illumination. This should go well!]

    Jasinda tells you, “I do not believe I can be assistance – you want to talk to me about Drulkar? Whatever for? Drulkar is your god, isn’t he?”

    Jasinda tells you, “Well yes, I know he’s the god of fire or some such. Look, just because mages use flame energy from his realm doesn’t mean that we worship him or anything. Goodness, I’m not even that faithful of a follower of Istara.”

    Jasinda tells you, “Why not? Did you see any heavens parting lately? Did the gods swoop in at the Battle of Tazoon? No. We solved our problems without their assistance. It isn’t even that important to clerics anymore – they take Life energy the same way we do. Why should we ask them for aid if they will not aid us?”

    Jasinda tells you, “Ha! You go out into the middle of the Eastern Deadlands and pray to Drulkar. See if he cleanses the place for you. See if he even helps you fight off the swarms of undead in the walled trenches there! You come back wreathed in divine flame and maybe I’ll believe you.”

    [Quest Update: Jasinda does not believe in the power of the gods or that they can help her. She has set forth the challenge to go to the Eastern Deadlands walled trenches to pray to Drulkar. Might she be proven wrong?]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 29516, 25367, 584.90]

    This is a walled trench and seems suitable. You should stay here and pray. Hopefully the Aegis won’t notice you too much…

    [Quest Update: Pray to Drulkar for 5 minutes.]

    With your prayers complete, you feel a great fire welling up within you. The land is not cleansed by Drulkar’s fire, but you understand that you are Drulkar’s fire. Not just his child as a dragon, but a very piece of his spark. And you shall enact your prayers in his will!

    [Quest Update: Destroy 10 abominations of any type in Drulkar’s name. 0/10
    Destroy 10 blighted kwellen in Drulkar’s name. 0/10]

    [Dev Notes: I’d love there to be a temporary fire-y buff that is given at this stage, but don’t know if tech supports it. I know Lantenal can give ability buffs, like the one that was used for the Crystalline Golem, but I don’t know if it can be cast without an NPC available to do it. If so, great. Anything that would buff abilities or act like the capstone Judicator ability (attacks giving a primal or fire dot) would work well. If not, we can live. ]

    With the flame of Drulkar, the blighted beasts have fallen before you. You feel a connection with fire and its lord that you did not feel before. Return to Jasinda with news of your deed.

    [Quest Update: Return to Jasinda and tell her of your prayers and battle.]

    Jasinda tells you, “I do not believe – Oh no, not you again! Dragon, this tower isn’t large enough for you! Are you back to talk at me about Drulkar again?”

    Jasinda tells you, “You actually went there? Well the stench proves that much, but you said you forged a connection? Let me see. *Jasinda mutters some incantation and fire appears in her hand. The flame pulls towards you.* That is truly fascinating…”

    Jasinda tells you, “Unless you went out and learned the biped way of casting spells since I saw you, which last I heard you dragons refused to do, you seem to have gained an innate connection to the flame… no, not innate. This is not like your race’s origin story. This is something else.”

    Jasinda tells you, “Biped magic comes from the Realms. Obviously there’s the Realm of Fire, Realm of Energy, and so on… we literally pull it out of its place and bring it into our world by arcane techniques first handed down to us by Nazderon – sorry, from Mellohndar – by latching on to the elements already present here, such as fire or nature, and so on.”

    Jasinda tells you, “It is much easier to do than it was in Nazderon’s time, since the creation of the Towers of Magic, but that is neither here nor there. The point is, you are somehow disrupting the flow of fire in my spell. It’s like the flame is trying to go to you instead of to me. Which is a bit insulting, I’ll admit.”

    Jasinda tells you, “Well, I brought it here! Anyway… I suppose it proves that Drulkar has some sort of impact on my work. I’m not about to worship him, but maybe we can work together somehow. Say, do you mind sticking around to be my test subject?”

    Jasinda tells you, “Blast. Well, off with you then. I’ve got some calculations to do.”

    [Quest Update: Jasinda has seen the light of Drulkar and, although she isn’t likely to change from the experience, you certainly seem to have changed. Return to Khalentaris and ask him about this.]

    Khalentaris tells you, “You are back. I can see the light of Drulkar flowing through you. I imagine you are curious at this phenomenon. In truth, what you are experiencing is something any dragon can achieve – the Prime is our birthright, but so is fire.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “Our very souls are fire, %N%. What the foolish mage was describing is what her kind always do – they use the elements present. She had not considered that the flame might have a will of its own, and that your will is of the same will as the flame in your soul.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “Of course! Drulkar is the literal personification of flame – surely he has a will. And I believe his will was done today. Are you ready for your next test of faith?”

    Khalentaris tells you, “The second tenet of the faith of Drulkar is to warm. From time to time, our flames grow dim and we must do what we can to rekindle our brothers and sisters’ flames. Bringing warmth and comfort to those in need is something all true followers of Drulkar believe in. So to your task…”

    Khalentaris tells you, “Seek out a dragon whose spark is dim, whose flames have gone cold, and try to bring him warmth. Do this in Drulkar’s name and you shall complete your trial.”

    [Quest Update: Khalentaris has charged you with bringing warmth to those whose souls have grown cold. Unfortunately, there is only one dragon that springs to mind in need of warmth: Brysmendrik. Approaching directly will probably fail; perhaps you should speak with Valkoth about him?]

    Valkoth tells you, “Welcome %N%. You wish to speak to me about Brysmendrik? A way to warm his soul? I fear you are on a fool’s errand, my friend, however well-meaning you are. Brysmendrik’s torture arises from his own mind. I do not believe anything short of losing it will free him from it.”

    Valkoth tells you, “All of us who survived that day know him to be a hero. Even if he is not a hero, he did his duty and the right thing. However, there is no way to convince him of that. Believe me, we have tried for the last century. I doubt you can help him.”

    Valkoth tells you, “Again, I must reiterate that I do not believe you can aid him. But the only ones who might know a way are those who have suffered as he has, and knew him before the terrible events of the Lost Colony.”

    Valkoth tells you, “He is not the only survivor who lived on Draak, you know. Go to the Lost Colony and speak with Mesetha. He might have some insight that I do not, or perhaps some coping mechanism that might help.”

    [Quest Update: Valkoth has suggested traveling to the Lost Colony to consult with Mesetha in hopes of helping Brysmendrik.]

    Mesetha tells you, “You wish to help Brysmendrik? I wish I could help you. All of us here suffered loss like he did, but none of us suffered it quite as personally as he did. I and my colleagues here were once teachers, you know.”

    Mesetha tells you, “I can barely even remember the old lessons. I dare not. Every time I do, I see the faces of my students, listening in rapt attention as I spoke on ancient stories of days long past. And yet, I still see their faces every day – twisted and blighted…”

    Mesetha tells you, “It is… hard to speak on the subject, %N%. I cared for my students as all teachers do, and to have failed them as utterly as I did is heartbreaking. But I still stand here. I do what I can to make up for my failure and their loss. Of course, I did not make the same decisions as Brysmendrik – or suffer the same injury.”

    Mesetha tells you, “Brysmendrik left here that day to try to determine what was causing the distortion of the portals. But he left his mate and his two daughters behind. Had he allowed them to come with him, he would be a much different person today, but instead he feels as though he chose to let them die.”

    Mesetha tells you, “The subject is extremely sensitive, %N%. Even we cannot speak to him of it without him growing violently angry and despondent. I believe he thinks his family blames him and hates him. It would take a miracle for him to believe otherwise.”

    Mesetha tells you, “You believe a miracle could occur? I envy your faith, %N%. If Drulkar truly does guide you, then it is not me you need to speak with. Go to the fallen disc below and visit the old ruined shrine. Pray to Drulkar. I will pray he will answer you.”

    [Quest Update: Mesetha has told you of Brysmendrik’s lost family, and believes only a miracle could bring Brysmendrik from his grief. Head down to the ruined shrine in the fallen city of Draak and pray for one.]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 30089, 21184, 616.10]

    You have arrived at the fallen shrine. All around you are the wrecked ruins of a once-proud institution of learning. Outside, you can still hear the shifting and moaning of the dead, their tiny voices clawing at your heart. Try to drown them out with prayer.

    [Quest Update: Pray at the shrine for five minutes.]

    As you rise from the shrine, you hear a small voice. It isn’t Drulkar, but it seems to be coming from one of the ghostly dragons present on the island. However much it might want to communicate with you, however, its soul is still bound to the thrall of the Aegis. Put the spirit down and collect its essence.

    [Quest Update: Defeat a ghostly dragon and collect its essence. 0/1]

    You defeat the dragon with relative ease – was it fighting its captor? Left behind is a small crystal shard into which the essence has collected. You aren’t sure what to make of it, but the essence is still bound to the blight. Perhaps you should visit the Tower of Clerics and see if they know a way to free the soul from its control?

    [Quest Update: Speak with the arch bishop in the Tower of Clerics.]

    Tomas startles when you arrive suddenly, causing him to dump a plate of holy water on you.

    Tomas tells you, “Whoa! I was not expecting a dragon! Sorry about that… You are seeking assistance in cleansing a soul shard of the Aegis’ control? It is rare for even the Aegis to control soul shards as they do their undead – soul shards are generally merely power sources. Give me a minute to look.

    [Quest Update: Wait a minute for Tomas to examine the shard.]

    Tomas begins speaking with his fellow bishops and hands one of them his now-empty holy water plate. Perhaps you should speak to him?

    Tomas tells you, “This is a very rare case indeed, %N%! The object you brought me was once a soul shard, but now contains all of the poor victim’s soul! Well, what is left of it. As you might guess with a name like soul shard, the victims of the Aegis are not fully left intact.”

    Tomas tells you, “Indeed, it is extremely difficult to fully enscroll the dead. The Aegis’s Soul Collectors were probably closer to Soul Shedders, really – those who became victims to their earliest devices, such as this poor soul, were ground up quite horrifically. What was left was more manageable to control.”

    Tomas tells you, “I imagine if you were in five different places at once, you’d have a hard time focusing on any one of those places. All of this is beside the point though – this soul has somehow collected all of the pieces the Aegis still has of it into this soul shard.”

    Tomas tells you, “I suspect that the rest of the spirit has moved on to the realms beyond this one. That does not mean they are completely lost to us, though, as we have a direct connection through this soul here. Using it, we can free her.”

    Tomas tells you, “Go quickly and collect a bright essence orb. By the time you return, we will be ready for the ritual.”

    [Quest Update: Tomas has a ritual that might free the soul from its Aegis thralldom. You need to collect a bright essence orb and return with it so he can complete it.]

    Tomas tells you, “Ah, thank you. Give us a little time to complete the ritual.”

    [Quest Update: Wait five minutes to complete the ritual.]

    Tomas and his bishop work quickly, speaking in low tones and murmuring ancient incantations. The bright essence orb is absorbed into a strange, crystalline object the priests have prepared. When Tomas places the crystal against the shard, it absorbs the blight energy and destroys it, leaving a purified shard behind.

    [Quest Update: Speak with Tomas again.]

    Tomas tells you, “It is done, %N%. Holding this shard, I can feel a dire need in this spirit. It wishes to comfort another dragon – not you, no, but a dragon in great need of comfort.”

    Tomas tells you, “You know such a dragon? Take the shard there, and then break it. This will free the soul. It will not have long to speak, but hopefully it will be enough to help the one you seek to aid.”

    [Quest Update: The soul in the shard may have some connection to Brysmendrik after all! Take the shard to him, and then shatter it and pray for a miracle.]

    Brysmendrik tells you, “You return to me again, %N%? I asked to be alone. You have something important for me?”

    You shatter the stone. The spirit of a female dragon rises before you and Brysmendrik; he cowers from it as if terrified. The spirit approaches and seems to speak, but you cannot hear her. She reaches out and touches Brysmendrik and his eyes become the color of fire. It is only a moment that this lasts, but when the fire faces, the spirit smiles and blows away into the wind.

    [Quest Update: Check to make sure Brysmendrik is alright.]

    Brysmendrik tells you, “That – that was… and I saw… three figures in the flame, %N% - my family is there, and they are waiting for me. She said she… they… do not blame me. I saw them, and they were happy. They were happy!”

    Brysmendrik tells you, “I… am relieved, %N%. But she told me that I must stay here and perform my duties. It breaks my heart that I must still live apart from them, but perhaps this is my penance. Perhaps there is absolution for me after all.”

    Brysmendrik tells you, “Thank you for doing what I could not and freeing what was left of my mate’s soul here on Istaria. I am ashamed that you are the one who has done this and not me, but I am glad that it is done. Please leave me be. I have much to think about.”

    [Quest Update: Despite all odds, you have given Brysmendrik a shred of hope to hold onto as he continues his assigned role. Return to Khalentaris.]

    Khalentaris tells you, “I can feel it. You have performed a great service for another dragon. If Lantenal was not testing you for apprenticeship, he might consider it now anyway. Are you ready for your next trial?”

    Khalentaris tells you, “This one is much simpler: you must protect dragonkind and all who worship the flame. Go to Semeneth and ask if there is anything endangering our people. If he knows nothing, ask Valkoth. If neither know, return to me and we shall figure something out.”

    [Quest Update: Visit Semeneth and ask if there are any dragons in need of protecting.]

    Semeneth tells you, “Dragons that need protecting? Well, not in the strictest sense. However, we received word from Feladan that the portal at the Blighted Grove is still active. We are working with them to open it.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Whatever comes through is likely to endanger both Feladan and the dragons working with the elves. It would be of great comfort if you would go to assist those there. Speak with Tikel at the Blighted Grove – bring whatever help you can. It could be a trap set by the Aegis.”

    [Quest Update: Feladan may be open to attack from the Aegis, and dragons are working to prevent this. Speak with Tikel at the Blighted Grove and bring friends to help.]

    Tikel tells you, “Oh dragon, there you are! We are working with another of your kind to open the portal. Just say when you are ready, and we’ll try to open it up.”

    [Dev Note: Another spawned monster. I would really like this one to be the Maggot Lord, as he was one of the major enemies during the early era of the game, and he has a really neat looking model. I seem to recall him being responsible for the enscrollment of the satyr, and I think he was also responsible for what was the Feladan deadlands. Please add any relevant lore for him if you do use him. If there is some reason why not to use the Maggot Lord or his model, a large kwellen like Son of Gigaroth (hmmmm, Gigaroth himself maybe?) will suffice. Following quest text assumes it was the Maggot Lord.]

    [Dev Note 2: This fight would be good to have summoned adds, like Shaloth does. If the Maggot Lord has unique abilities already, use those. I personally vote for GIGANTIC MAGGOTS!]

    [Dev Note 3: This mob is also used two other unlocking quests, which is what Tikel refers to. You might have already seen this and much of the quest text in the Champion quest.]

    Maggot Lord has been killed.

    The horrible Aegis monster falls at your feet. Tikel seems frozen with fear; perhaps you should talk to Anatoli? He is stuttering at least.

    [Quest Update: Tikel seems beside himself after seeing that foe. Perhaps you should talk to Anatoli instead?]

    Anatoli tells you, “Do you know who that was, %N%? The Maggot Lord! He was thought to have been killed after the destruction of the inhibition machines… It seems he must have escaped and hid on the other side of the portal, biding his time until he could attack… If it weren’t for the dragons, he might have gotten his chance to try again. Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully this gate truly is inactive now…”

    [Quest Update: You have protected your fellow dragons as well as Feladan from a great Aegis lord. Return to Khalentaris.]

    Khalentaris tells you, “I see it in your eyes, you have fought a mighty foe! I am sad that I must guard this useless structure and could not join you for it. Are you ready for your next trial?”

    Khalentaris tells you, “This one is also quite simple: Purify. After that battle, you might need it. There is a relic left from long ago, a statue known as the Focus of Spirit. You can find it north of Dralk at Drulkar’s Watch. Stand before it and purify yourself.”

    [Quest Update: Go to the statue known as the Focus of Spirit, north of Dralk.]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 22572, 29980, 799.50]

    You arrive at the Focus of Spirit. It still glows with the power of the god that shaped it. Meditate here on the meaning of purification.

    [Quest Update: Meditate on the meaning of purification.]

    You swear you can hear whispers coming from the statue. The whispers do not have a calming effect, but the aura of the statue certainly does. It stands as a testament of Drulkar’s power, but you know little about it. Perhaps Khalentaris can explain more?

    [Quest Update: Return to Khalentaris to ask about the Focus of Spirit.]

    Khalentaris tells you, “You wish to know more about the Focus of Spirit? Its creation was long before my time, %N%, but I know this much: Drulkar had enemies. Past tense. When he defeated them, he sealed them into the Focus of Spirit.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “You heard whispers? I know not what Drulkar sealed, but I shall pray to him that they shall remain sealed and that the whispers you heard was nothing more than your sensitivity to the spiritual world.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “Of course you are more sensitive now than before. Did you think these trials would not change you? Have you not felt the fire building in your breast? It shines brightly. Perhaps someday you might be able to breathe a flame as strong as my own! Ha! That will be the day.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “You expected five trials? There are only four pillars of the faith of Drulkar. If there is something more to it than those four, I do not know it. Perhaps there is something secret passed down by the Judicators? Only Lantenal might tell you, I suppose. I do wish to thank you.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “You have made me very happy, %N%. Watching the flame of Drulkar build in you has been the one dot of light in this dark servitude I have been bound to. I know that, even if I cannot leave this place for the next century, there are still great dragons who will watch over the world in my stead. Wind to your wings, %N%.”

    [Quest Update: Khalentaris does not know about the fifth pillar, which Lantenal’s message referred to as ‘broken.’ Lantenal said to perch upon each before returning to him – perhaps Karane’s research might have revealed that last pillar?]

    Karane tells you, “Oh, you are back, %N%! You wouldn’t believe what I’ve learned. I found an ancient story of the ritualists. It described how the Codex of the Champion was shattered, though it was somewhat unspecific as to why.”

    Karane tells you, “Apparently, there was some argument over the laws. They attempted to remove one of the laws from the Codex, but it ended up shattering the tablet, while only that word remained. It was described as a great tribulation of faith.”

    Karane tells you, “The word? Consume. It was apparently the last of the laws. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea what that entails. I was going to send word to Vladtmordt to see if he might remember something that isn’t in the Archives, but if you are still interested, would you go in my stead?

    Karane tells you, “Thank you, %N%. If he does know something, please ask him to scribe it for the Archives and send it to me.”

    [Quest Update: Visit Vladtmordt the Chronicler and ask if he knows anything about the broken pillar of Drulkar, Consume.]

    Vladtmordt tells you, “You come with dark tidings. I know of the broken pillar of our faith. It has to do with the reopening of the Gate of Embers, the Champion Gemenoth, and his death.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “You may already know this, but Gemenoth was the first to reopen the Gate of Embers after Drulkar left the Prime. What you might not know is that he did not guide others to follow in Drulkar’s steps as he did, nor did he reveal what he had done. It was to be their challenge.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “Perhaps this was Drulkar’s will. Regardless, his brother Gemereth found this lack of sharing to be a particular slight. For a decade, Gemereth allowed his hatred to stoke in his chest for his brother. While Gemenoth was lauded, Gemereth was forgotten.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “When at last he could stand it no more, he stepped out of his brother’s shadow by striking him down. It was the first murder of a dragon by a dragon in our history. The laws were clear – there was no way to purify this act. He had to be Consumed.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “To be consumed is to be erased, utterly, from existence. To have everything that you are torn apart and used to empower others. Had this been all that occurred, perhaps the law might not have been broken away from the others. But it wasn’t.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “Karkaroth the Ancient, one of the last to ascend before Drulkar left the Prime and a close friend of Gemenoth, took it upon himself to avenge the death of his fellow Champion. This was not the issue. It was that he took the meaning of Consume quite literally.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “Keep in mind that we are descended from beings of fire. To snuff out another being of fire, one must fully devour them. Karkaroth did just this: he not only killed Gemereth, he devoured the corpse in hopes of truly erasing his soul.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “This act was too great for we dragons to come to terms with. And so the decision was made to change the law. They tried to strike the word from the Codex of the Champion, and the Codex crumbled, leaving only that word behind. It was this event that caused the greatest secular shift of our people.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “The priests could not come to terms over what the augur meant. Some believed that Karkaroth was justified and the loss of the Codex was Drulkar’s punishment for trying to disobey him. Others believed the exact opposite: that the stain of the act shattered the tablet more than the action to remove it. As for the Ancient himself...”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “Karkaroth was the first victim of Entombment. He was buried deep in the earth, never again to rise. His name was supposed to be stripped from the records, but the schism of our faith ensured that his name survived, and that his actions would be remembered – both in positive and negative light.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “Indeed. There is an irony to be had – Karkaroth is actually represented in a constellation that is supposed to point to the Realm of None, the Rift. If we had truly forgotten him, there would not be Ancients today. Keep this in mind. The broken pillar may have been broken for a reason.”

    Vladtmordt tells you, “I am no ritualist, so I cannot say for certain. But never practice that pillar again. I will send a copy of this tale to Karane as she requests. I sense you are not truly working for her though, but another. I hope this has been insightful. Please take care.”

    [Quest Update: Valdtmordt has revealed why the word Consume was broken away from the laws. You do not think you should practice this pillar. Perhaps it is time to return to Lantenal.]

    Lantenal tells you, “Well, look at you! You have been busy indeed. It warms my heart to see the fire burning in you – yes, I can see it. You followed it back here as I expected. You have neglected one of the pillars, but you have learned about it, yes?”

    Lantenal tells you, “Then hold this in your hands.”

    You receive Consume stone. [Lore: “The largest piece of the Codex you have seen, this stone has the word Consume written on it. It is exceptionally heavy.”]

    [Dev Note: This is *not* the same item as the Champion quest, because this one has an on-use effect that is similar to the crystal used to retrieve it in the Champion quest; when used, it puts a non-lethal flame dot on the user and consumes the Consume stone.]

    Lantenal tells you, “It is heavy, isn’t it? I can see in your eyes that you know why. The acolytes and champions never came to understand what the meaning of the Codex’s destruction was. But we Judicators do.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Yes, I am a Judicator, %N%. As will you be, if you chose to continue down this path. But there is one last thing you must do. Go to my lava pool, and thrust the stone into it.”

    [Quest Update: Use the stone at Lantenal’s lava pool.]

    [Dev note: As there is are two spoken lines before using the Consume stone, there is a possibility that someone will use it before the quest asks for it. I see three options: the stone needs to be given later; the quest needs to be flagged in such a way as to make using it at any time work; or Lantenal should sell that verison of the Consume stone as well.]

    The lava doesn’t sear the flesh from your bone as you expect. Indeed, you feel something similar to when you stood before the Focus of Spirit, and then a pulling – and then something brushes by your hand and takes the stone from you. It feels like another claw!

    [Quest Update: Speak to Lantenal about what you felt.]

    Lantenal tells you, “So, you were touched? You truly have made the connection. My lava pool is special, %N%. It allows me to contact the Realm of Flame and even send things through to it. That you can pull your hand back without it being melted off is sign that Drulkar has finally accepted you.”

    Lantenal tells you, “I want you to understand what we Judicators did all those millennia ago. The destruction of the Codex was not Drulkar’s punishment. It was his gift. He said to us, now we had to make laws for ourselves. We have to interpret what those tenets mean.”

    Lantenal tells you, “What they mean is at once both intensely personal and communal. What they mean to me and to you might not even be the same. But that is our responsibility. To be a Judicator is to decide.”

    Lantenal tells you, “You remember the words that I had you recite to Brysmendrik? Drulkar has long told me that Brysmendrik’s family is happy and taken care of in the Realm of Fire. But I could not tell him this directly, for he would not understand.”

    Lantenal tells you, “For him to understand, he would have to change his own viewpoint. That is a decision only he can make. And so it is necessary to relay the information in such a way that causes him to seek a change – or, in this case, for you to seek a change.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Drulkar told me that I would someday find one who would come to me seeking absolution for another. I knew not it would be you, but when you did, I knew that I had to test you, as is the way of our people. And you have not disappointed me.”

    Lantenal tells you, “I warn you – the path of the Judicator is that of healing. You will learn to utilize your breath in ways you have never before thought possible. But you must never share the secrets of this vocation with any but those who you believe are truly touched by Drulkar.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Not everyone understands what it means to truly worship Drulkar and keep his tenets. And not everyone is ready for the information Drulkar might share with you. Be judicious. And I have one last thing you must agree to.”

    Lantenal tells you, “Never tell Karane you are a Judicator or that I am. I rather enjoy messing with her! Deal?”

    Lantenal tells you, “Then speak to me again when you are ready and I shall teach you how to be a Judicator.”

    [Quest complete. 25000 adventurer experience. Judicator class unlocked for training.]
    Maekrux Vythulhar, the Blue Phoenix

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    Default Re: Dragon Vocation Unlocking Quests

    Primal Reawakening

    [Quest begins at Lisandia]

    Lisandia tells you, “Ooh, I am so mad right now! I don’t have time for lessons if that is what you are here for. A naka came by seeking to learn how to use primal magic! I resisted the urge to laugh, as all Helians should, and tried to explain things to her.”

    Lisandia tells you, “She told me that I wasn’t doing my job as a Helian if I couldn’t teach her! The nerve! As though she has any idea what it means to be a Helian! But it doesn’t end there, %N%. Then, she insults me by telling me she’s mastered all the other naka magics and they must be superior to the Prime!”

    Lisandia tells you, “I’m sure she’ll get a medal or a nice emblem in her towns, but I could care less about bound energy. Ludicrous! Absolutely ludicrous! Prime is the superior form of magic in all respects, and yet we play nothing but support to dragons who tear and rend their enemies with their bare claws! Uncivilized!”

    Lisandia tells you, “Did you think what magic you wield is all there is to the Prime? Ha! You do need a lesson, and that is why I am truly furious. Go speak with Semeneth and ask him to allow us to teach the true ways of the Primalist school as we did in ages past. I can’t without his approval.”

    [Quest Update: It seems Lisandia has been taunted by a naka mage and wishes to reopen the school of the Primalist. Speak with Semeneth about allowing this to occur.]

    Semeneth tells you, “Lisandia again? Now she is enlisting the aid of every dragon who passes by her. I respect Lisandia – she has been an excellent student of the prime since she joined us, even if she has been a bit… free with her services.”

    Semeneth tells you, “I am dissatisfied that she uses the knowledge of the Prime for monetary gain. Particularly, exploiting bipeds. Her fixation on money and naka is quite unusual, even for a Helian. All of this is beside the point, though.”

    Semeneth tells you, “She has told you primalists play support, but she didn’t explain why, did she? Of course not. What we teach dragons, that which we call Conquerors or Adventurers, isn’t a type of study that existed in Draak Academy, or anywhere in fact. It is a product of our time.”

    Semeneth tells you, “When Draak was lost, nearly all of our combined studies were lost as well. We had many ways of fighting, using the Prime, and so on – hatchlings would choose Vocations prior to their ascending and as adults do their best to further their field.”

    Semeneth tells you, “One of those Vocations was Primalist, of course, while Conquerors were another, and so on. But at Draak, here at the Battle of Chiconis, and at Tazoon, we lost so many of our kyn. Moreover, we lost nearly all of our kyn that could use their Vocations to fight.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Lisandia was still young during the Battle of Chiconis. She ascended only a year before Draak’s destruction, and her studies were put on hold due to the fall out. She proved herself an able combatant in that battle, but the Primalists that were trained to fight, who had spent hundreds of years mastering their craft… they lost.”

    Semeneth tells you, “The Aegis was much stronger decades ago, %N%. Without the Gifted – those who could fight the Aegis without making them stronger – the Aegis was practically unstoppable. We won the Battle of Chiconis, but only at great cost. All of those who were trained to fight lay dead. The rest of us were mostly scholars.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Our Vocation is that of the Scholar. We create and assemble and theorize, but application was left to those specialized in it. As a result, we were left woefully unprepared to teach the next generation how to fight.”

    Semeneth tells you, “The scholars and citizens of Dralk and Chiconis worked together for the first time in many years to create the fighting style we have today – one in which dragons can prove their worthiness for abilities regardless of faction, and utilizing techniques from all different Vocations.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Of course. Biting, clawing, tail whipping – all the practical combat is passed down from the Conqueror. Drain Strike is a Talonmaster-forged ability, as was Ice Strike, prior to our insistence that Wintheria teach Gold Rage, a Myrm- well, never mind that. Ultimately, it boils down to this: the knowledge of the Primalist is largely incomplete.”

    Semeneth tells you, “If the knowledge was completed, I could probably convince Valkoth and the Council of Elders that the Vocation should be taught again. Unfortunately, most of our knowledge was lost on Draak. I’d rather not speak of it further right now – though I share Lisandia’s desire, I am not permitted to explore it any more than she is.”

    [Quest Update: Semeneth has explained that the Primalist Vocation, one of many Vocations, is incomplete. Lisandia is too young to complete the knowledge in Semeneth’s eyes. Perhaps an elder Primalist might help you to pick up the pieces?]

    Grizelian tells you, “You seek knowledge of the Primalist Vocation. Yes, I heard Lisandia’s rantings over here, and I know where they lead. I take it Semeneth could not relate the loss on Draak? I do not blame him. He was there that day, and it was a dark day indeed. But it was not just people that were lost.”

    Grizelian tells you, “Prior to the coming of the Aegis, nearly all the texts on Primal magic were collected at Draak. We had no idea that the Aegis existed, much less was a threat with the potential for genocide that it had; as such, it made sense to have all the texts in one place to enable greater levels of sharing and study.”

    Grizelian tells you, “When the Aegis attacked, their main goal was to collect an army of dragons. Some of the texts were destroyed, but some were carried away by the dragons that had protected and studied them in life. We never found them again.”

    Grizelian tells you, “The generals of the Aegis could not use them, of course, as they are Primal spells, but it is possible they have gleaned knowledge from them for application in their own magics. A frightening thought. However, it is more likely that they still remain in the hands of those dead dragons.”

    Grizelian tells you, “You’re welcome to go look. I doubt they would have remained on Draak – that would be too obvious. Perhaps they are with the Withered Scale under Reklar? I have sent many to hunt them, but all we ever discovered was ether shards…”

    [Quest Update: Grizelian has explained that the texts explaining the magic were lost at Draak, in addition to the loss of life. The only hope of recovering them seems to be fighting the dead dragons of the Withered Scale under Reklar. 0/25]

    There seems to be no end to these undead dragons. Their ether shards mock you as you collect them. However, the last one had a small piece of a tablet on it with ancient runic writing on it. Perhaps it is a piece of what you are looking for?

    [Quest Update: Return to Grizelian with the stone you discovered.]

    Grizelian tells you, “Yes, this is a piece of old runic writing. We dragons formerly used it for all of our writing, but it fell out of style for a more basic script. Unfortunately, there’s nothing here but a fragment… wait a minute…”

    Grizelian tells you, “There is a strange, void-touched magic on this. Perhaps this is just a piece that was held by the dragon you slew, while the rest was transferred away for study. I have a theory, but it needs to be confirmed. Lean in close, I don’t want Lisandia to hear.”

    Grizelian tells you, “We should speak with the naka about this. Take this stone to the Tower of Magic in Tazoon and speak with Jasinda. As I recall, she taught the one that got Lisandia’s hackles up, and she might be able to recognize the magic.”

    Grizelian tells you, “No, I don’t mean that one was responsible. Only that Jasinda might be able to tell us if that piece is touched by dryad magic or not.”

    [Quest Update: Take the stone to the Tower of Magic in Tazoon and speak with Jasinda about the magic on it.]

    Jasinda tells you, “I do not believe I can be of assist- Oh, you have an object that might have void magic on it? Let me have a look. It’ll take a minute.”

    [Quest Update: Wait a minute at Jasinda evaluates the stone.]

    Jasinda looks like she has come to a conclusion.

    Jasinda tells you, “Your Primalist is correct, this stone has void-taint on it. Only the dryads really understand the magic of the void, as they lived there in exile for some time, you know. If you found this piece in blighted hands – claws – whatever, you might have been looking in the wrong place.”

    Jasinda tells you, “We have theorized that there may have been some undead dryads at work in unsealing the Lich King. The Dryads had originally sealed him before they escaped, and it is unlikely that the Aegis could have unsealed him so quickly without knowledge of how the seal worked in the first place.”

    Jasinda tells you, “Could the stolen Primalist knowledge have been used? Possibly, though not directly. Perhaps the techniques gleaned from it might have helped in some way, but that’s pure speculation. Anyway, if you want to find more pieces, try the dryads in Barrier Vale.”

    [Quest Update: Jasinda has confirmed dryad magic was used on the piece at some point. She has suggested traveling to Barrier Vale to slay the undead dryad there. 0/25]

    The dryads here are surprisingly tough despite their diminutive forms. As you defeat them, however, you recover several pieces of tablets with script matching those of the original piece. Best return with them to Grizelian.

    [Quest Update: Return to Grizelian.]

    Grizelian tells you, “You have quite a haul this time! From the dryads? Perhaps the Aegis required their assistance in applying the magics. Let’s see… from what I can tell, these are indeed primalist texts. These particular spells relate to dimensional manipulation.”

    Grizelian tells you, “The Aegis has long used such magic; you see Blight Portals in several of their stronger deadlands, which not only allow them to move troops around rapidly, but can also link directly to the Realm of Blight. But I believe they might have had a different goal in mind.”

    Grizelian tells you, “It is possible they were attempting to get into the Void at the behest of the Lich King. He hated the Dryads for what they had done, and knew they threat they possessed to him. I suppose this doesn’t help us though.”

    Grizelian tells you, “The goal is to prove that the Primalist Vocation is complete and invaluable to our race and to the Empire. These pieces are too specific. It is just one part of understanding the Prime; these magics were useful more in theory than practice.”

    Grizelian tells you, “I’d like you to visit the eight Towers of Magic and speak with those that oversee them. Ask to aid those present in magical matters, and see their reaction. I want to know what the naka think about our magic.”

    [Quest Update: Visit the Tower of Clerics and speak with its caretaker. 0/1
    Visit the Tower of Healing and speak with its caretaker. 0/1
    Visit the Tower of Wizardry and speak with its caretaker. 0/1
    Visit the Tower of Magery and speak with its caretaker. 0/1
    Visit the Tower of Nature and speak with its caretaker. 0/1
    Visit the Tower of Sorcery and speak with its caretaker. 0/1
    Visit the Tower of Spirits and speak with its caretaker. 0/1
    Visit the Tower of Summoning and speak with its caretaker. 0/1]

    [Dev notes:
    Cleric: Tomas
    Summoning: Khalentaris
    Healing: “Patriarch” Harle Aela
    Wizardry: Stromba
    Sorcery: Meria the Watcher (there is no biped npc here.)
    Magery: Eilen
    Nature: Iseru
    Spirit: Kilama the Watcher (no biped here either)]

    Tomas tells you, “Oh! Hello dragon! You wish to help? Well, we have some problems with the tombs – oh, magical help? We rely on the gods and life magic here, I am afraid. I do not know what need there is for Primal magic. But thank you! If there is a dragon matter, I shall certainly send for you!”

    Patriarch tells you, “Blessings of Istara be upon you dragon. You seek to bolster us here at the Tower of Healing? I do appreciate it dragon, but I know not how you might assist us. The life magic we receive here is more than enough to aid us.”

    Stromba tells you, “A dragon? Seeking to help me? Ha! That’s a good one! Look, I respect fire and prime and all that, but Energy is my specialty. Even if I could use Prime – and I’m pretty sure you dragons would tear me apart, Peace Accords or not – it’s not as practical as wielding pure Energy itself! I mean that stuff can turn you inside out if you do it wrong!”

    Eilen tells you, “I have no need for dragons in this tower. Ice is more than sufficient to combat my foes. Its icy grip squeezes just as strong and is twice as methodical. Leave, before you tempt me to prove my point.”

    Iseru tells you, “This one greets you, dragon. You wish to use the Prime to aid us? There is one thing I have need of. As you may know, this land has been torn open by the Lich King. Even after his death, the wound remains.”

    Iseru tells you, “The spiral to the north was once a mountain. It was turned inside out by the Lich King’s portal to the Realm of Blight. The Dryad once sealed it, but even they no longer can. If you could find a way to do this, all of the Living Races would be extremely grateful.”

    Meria tells you, “Were you expecting a biped here? Few are the sorcerers, %N%, Drulkar be praised. If you wish to apply magic here I shall watch, for that is my role, but I doubt any point would be made.”

    Kilama tells you, “Biped mages sent to this tower never last long, %N%. Either they are killed by the creatures outside… or the spirit realm calls to them in other ways. If you wish to prove a point, I doubt it shall be made here.”

    Khalentaris tells you, “Halt! You seek entry into this tower? You seek to aid naka? How disgusting! Do you have any idea what the summoners of this tower put me through? Of course you don’t. And I’m not about to share that shame with you, either. You’ll find no naka here now. Go home, waterblood.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Grizelian with what you found.]

    Grizelian tells you, “So few of them truly comprehend what function the Prime has in their lives. Even ignoring the techniques which were stolen from us by Nazderon, the bipeds use the very nature of Prime every time they cast a spell.”

    Grizelian tells you, “They do not use it directly, no. But their spellshards are imbued with primal essence the same as ours. It is this bit of Prime energy that helps to create the elements they call out in the first place. It helps to create a link between the Prime and the Realms.”

    Grizelian tells you, “The other Realms desperately want the Prime, %N%. The Prime isn’t Energy – not like that of the Realm of Energy. The Prime is unbound energy – it is the rawest form of magic and matter, untouched by gods and other realms. It can be shaped and molded into any magic, any thing your mind can imagine.”

    Grizelian tells you, “We cannot hold it for long, even we dragons, for Prime is volatile and easily imprinted. Surely you have noticed that your Prime Bolts have an outward appearance of fire. This is no surprise, as even we dragons taint it a little with our fiery souls in touching it.”

    Grizelian tells you, “Mm, yes… Perhaps a short lesson is in order? Iseru’s words give me an idea for applying what you brought, but I will need a few resources to complete it. And there’s no sense in passing an opportunity to impart still more knowledge of the Prime to you, is there? Let me think of a list…”

    Grizelian tells you, “I will need dim essence in its raw form. Ten will suffice. Bring ten dark essence as well. And last of the essence, I want you to bring me tainted dim essence, again ten will suffice. While you are out, I suggest acquiring a travertine spellshard and five marble spellshards as well.”

    [Quest Update: Collect 10 raw dim essence, 10 dark essence, and 10 tainted dim essence, and return to Grizelian.]

    Grizelian tells you, “Ah good. I could tell you were curious – what exactly are wisps, and if they are made of Prime, how can naka use them? First of all, wisps are not pure Prime. The level of brightness designates how pure they are, with this dim essence being some of the least pure.”

    Grizelian tells you, “Regard the essence you brought me. Untainted essence has to be carefully collected from wisps – specifically, from inside them. A wisp forms a membrane of tainted primal energy around it, which protects the raw power within. Even now, this dim essence forms a small membrane around it to protect the sample.”

    Grizelian tells you, “Oh, don’t worry, it won’t turn into a wisp and float away. Such would require a continual font of Primal energy, and there isn’t one here. However, this is why material is lost when we convert it into orbs. Now, the tainted essence…

    Grizelian tells you, “When you kill a wisp, you of course rupture the membrane. As soon as that raw essence pours out without being safely transferred through our innate primal power or a biped tool, it attempts to merge with its surroundings, tainting it with earth and nature, as wisps fall to the ground when they die, of course. But air is also there, as are myriad other elements.”

    Grizelian tells you, “That is why I had you bring the dark essence – sometimes, realm energy can permeate an area so completely that the wisps themselves become altered. It is not a taint exactly, for it has become homogenous – turned completely to its new element. This dark essence is infused with the Realm of Spirit.”

    Grizelian tells you, “It is believed we cannot turn it back, though I heard rumors that someone is researching that as we speak… anyway, I hope this has been enlightening. Prime is everywhere and everything you see around us, from the dirt to the trees to the air to the rock.”

    Grizelian tells you, “Of course. The Prime was bound into the forms you see by contact with other Realms and their gods. Drulkar brought fire to Istaria’s belly, Istara brought the shape of the earth, Alyssa brought many of its creatures. The list continues.”

    Grizelian tells you, “I’ve no desire to prattle on about naka gods, %N%. Besides I have work to do. The tablets you brought me on dimensional magic may hold the key to Iseru wants: a way to shut down Blight Portals completely.”

    Grizelian tells you, “I think such a pursuit would be worthy of increased study, don’t you think? I do not know if it is possible, but that is why I need to run some tests. Please bring me a travertine spellshard, and five marble spellshards.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Grizelian with 5 marble spellshards and a travertine shard.]

    Grizelian tells you, “Ah good, you have them. It will take some time to complete the research, I would like some quiet for it as well; unfortunately, Lisandia has been ranting again. Would you calm her down and see if you can assist her?”

    [Quest Update: Discover what has ruffled Lisandia’s wings this time.]

    Lisandia tells you, “Ooh, that naka came back again! She said she had discovered someone to teach her primal magic! Can you believe that nonsense? Naka cannot use the Prime!”

    Lisandia tells you, “Don’t lecture me about wisps, %N%! I don’t need any more of that circle of life nonsense from you too. I get it enough from Grizelian! I need to figure out who it was that agreed to teach her and give them a piece of my mind!”

    Lisandia tells you, “She looked cold. She must have come from a frigid place. What, do you think fiends are going to teach her? Bah! If you find out who it was, let me know.”

    [Quest Update: The naka returned to torment Lisandia; apparently, she has found a teacher for Primal magic. Ludicrous as this is, you should probably investigate. Lisandia said the naka looked cold. Where is there a scholarly dragon living in the cold?]

    Khemarius tells you, “Hmm? A naka seeking to learn the Prime? Yes, one such naka stopped by. I was more than happy to go over the basics of Prime with her, if for no other reason than there was no way she could actually learn it.”

    Khemarius tells you, “Of course I wasn’t actually going to teach her. I just wanted to see the look on her face when I explained how she couldn’t hope to master it. I suppose I’ve been living near fiends too long… or not long enough as, shortly after, she got very angry and I noticed some swirling lights.”

    Khemarius tells you, “I couldn’t look away from them. By the time they faded she, as well as several of my tablets relating to my studies into Drain Bolt, were gone. I’ve reported the theft to the Empire, but I can’t remember what she looked like… I don’t suppose I will see them back.”

    Khemarius tells you, “I couldn’t even ask another to craft it for me. If you do happen to find the naka, take it somewhere discrete and tear it to ribbons, won’t you? Oh, and return the property if you can.”

    [Quest Update: Khemarius only agreed to help to insult or tease the biped, but it backfired! Now his tablets are stolen. Relate the information to Lisandia before hers get stolen as well!]

    Lisandia tells you, “Khemarius! That dirty Lunus no good – oh, he only did it to tell her she couldn’t learn? And then she stole his tablets? This infuriates me in a different way. I shall keep a close eye on my own tablets, but we should track down this thief and fool.”

    Lisandia tells you, “I know that Jasinda was her original teacher, and that she was a human. I’ll not leave this to the Empire. Find out from her what the naka’s name is and where she might be hiding!”

    [Quest Update: Interrogate Jasinda in Tazoon about her student’s whereabouts.]

    Jasinda tells you, “What is with all the dragons today? Is it some sort of dragon holiday we don’t celebrate in the Empire? You aren’t here to preach to me about Drulkar too, are you?”

    Jasinda tells you, “You want to know about a human student of mine? You’ll have to be more specific, my dear dragon. You are in a city dominated by humans, and I have many students that come through here.”

    Jasinda tells you, “A master of all biped magics? And she is seeking to learn about the Prime? And she stole from Khemarius? I don’t know about that last part, but I do have a student who is extremely gifted. In more ways than one.”

    Jasinda tells you, “Of course she is one of the Gifted! Her name is Ysandra and she has put many Aegis to the flame! I tried to tell her that mastering Prime magic was something better left to Dragons and that all attempts by bipeds have gone poorly in the past, but she wouldn’t listen.”

    Jasinda tells you, “Our kind has attempted to master the Prime, %N%. It is the Realm on which we live; it is only natural we should want to learn about and control it. Unfortunately, we are unable to truly manipulate the Prime without disastrous results.”

    Jasinda tells you, “Most commonly, the caster is obliterated by the forces they simply cannot hold onto, but there have been rumors of worse things. Nonetheless, this only seemed to spur Ysandra further on. I can’t believe she would have taken the tablets.”

    Jasinda tells you, “I wish to remind you about the Peace Accords, dragon. She will face the Empire’s justice if she is indeed guilty. Do not take this matter into your own hands – claws – whatever. But try to find her. Last I heard, she was staying in Feladan. Ask Quintin about her.”

    [Quest Update: Jasinda has revealed that her student was a Gifted human named Ysandra, and she might be in Feladan. Check with Quintin the Wise.]

    Quintin tells you, “What? A human thief? We don’t have time for that right now! One of your kind came through here and revealed that our blight portal is still active! If we don’t do something about it, Feladan could be overrun at any moment!”

    Quintin tells you, “We don’t know what is happening on the other side of the portal, but if we don’t close it, sooner or later, Feladan is doomed. We are all extremely worried right now. Please, if you are not here to help us, please leave.”

    [Quest Update: Quintin has no time to help you find the thief, as Feldan’s blight portal is active and the city may be threatened with an attack. Perhaps Grizelian’s research might be put to practical use now?]

    Grizelian tells you, “The Blight Portal at Feladan remains active? This is somewhat fortunate news for us, as it is the easiest portal to reach these days. Unfortunately, my work is not yet complete, but you can assist me.”

    Grizelian tells you, “Take this spell and use it at the portal. It should tell us how difficult it will be to close the portal, and perhaps what challenges await us in doing so.”

    You receive 1 Spell of Closing.

    [Dev Note: This is a dummy spell – its only effect is to give the quest update when used at the portal, and as such, there needs to be a location update first. If you want this to not be a spell, it could be an item.]

    [Quest Update: Travel to the Blighted Grove in Feladan Woods.]

    You have arrived at the blight portal. Time to cast your spell.

    [Dev Note: loc is 24854.70, 23027.85, 614.28]

    [Quest Update: Cast the spell given to you by Grizelian.]

    When you use the spell, you can feel a sense of panic coming from the other side. The doorway created by the Blight Portal closes slightly, but then is forced open by a powerful force on the other side!

    [Dev Note: If possible, spawning a random high level Aegis mob would be an idea here, but unless we are told to kill it, we’ll likely just fly away. Even though we will need to clear it later…]

    [Quest Update: The spell appeared to be working, but there was a force on the other side of the portal that forced the portal open again! Report your findings to Grizelian.]

    Grizelian tells you, “You felt a sense of panic, and then a great power forcing it open again? It is possible that the Ethereal Substantiators could have closed the portal were it not being held open. Our understanding of this magic is currently limited; to force it closed may be beyond our capability at current. ”

    Grizelian tells you, “That is not to say we are out of options. We can close the door if nothing is propping it open. Speak with Jynasix and give him this note. We will need his assistance for this.”

    You receive Grizelian’s Note. [Lore: “Jynasix, I must call upon you for a favor. We recently uncovered old knowledge of dimensional manipulation and plan to use it to seal a blight portal, but we need to pull something out of the portal first. I know you have the skill, my old pupil. –Grizelian.”]

    Jynasix tells you, “A note from Grizelian? Mm, I see. My old teacher has discovered something interesting. I shall have to visit him soon; it has been a long time since I have learned anything from him. But the matter at hand…”

    Jynasix tells you, “You may be too young to remember this, but some years ago, my knowledge of dimensional pockets wasn’t as complete as it could be. You had to actively create the space in order to use it. Nowadays, it is passively and permanently there.”

    Jynasix tells you, “That doesn’t mean that creating a pocket of space at will can’t be useful… just something I tend to keep for myself these days. Still, it is a request from my teacher. Give him this tablet, and tell him that he needs to create a pocket inside the portal.”

    You receive Jynasix’s Tablet. [Lore: “The tablet is inscribed with extremely advanced forms of both math and magic dealing with the creation of extra-dimensional space.”]

    [Quest Update: Return to Grizelian with the tablet.]

    Grizelian tells you, “A pocket inside the portal? Of course, that would shut out whatever is holding the portal open! Of course, there would only be one way out of the pocket: straight into whoever created it!”

    Grizelian tells you, “It is a risky maneuver, and you will need friends to fight whatever you pull out of that thing. But we need some ingredients first. In order to reach through a portal and create a new space inside it, we need the essence of something that does that by nature.”

    Grizelian tells you, “I speak of the inter-dimensional worms known as vexators. They burrow through reality like warms burrow through dirt. Disgusting things, but effective nonetheless. I’ll need the essence from no less than five vexators known as Void Horrors.”

    [Quest Update: Fell 5 Void Horrors and collect their essence. 0/5]

    You have slain the requisite number of vexators. You can only wonder at where these creatures originally came from. Best to ponder that later. Return to Grizelian with your haul.

    [Quest Update: Return to Grizelian.]

    Grizelian tells you, “You have the essence? Good, I have prepared the shard. Just a moment.”

    [Quest Update: Wait a minute for Grizelian to incorporate the essence you brought him.]

    Grizelian looks up at you. Perhaps he is done?

    Grizelian tells you, “Here. This spell is self-contained and will expend itself the moment it is cast. It is quite effortless. Gather up as many able-bodied dragons as you can. There is no telling what awaits on the other side of the portal. You should probably let the local guardsman know what you are doing.”

    [Quest Update: Return to the Blighted Grove with a fighting force and speak with Tikel.]

    Tikel tells you, “You have come to close the portal! Thank Alyssa and Galderos! Just let me know when you are ready and we will tell Feladan to prepare for anything!”

    [Dev Note: Another spawned monster. I would really like this one to be the Maggot Lord, as he was one of the major enemies during the early era of the game, and he has a really neat looking model. I seem to recall him being responsible for the enscrollment of the satyr, and I think he was also responsible for what was the Feladan deadlands. Please add any relevant lore for him if you do use him. If there is some reason why not to use the Maggot Lord or his model, a large kwellen like Son of Gigaroth (hmmmm, Gigaroth himself maybe?) will suffice. Following quest text assumes it was the Maggot Lord.]

    [Dev Note 2: This fight would be good to have summoned adds, like Shaloth does. If the Maggot Lord has unique abilities already, use those. I personally vote for GIGANTIC MAGGOTS!]

    Maggot Lord has been killed.

    The horrible Aegis monster falls at your feet. Tikel seems frozen with fear; perhaps you should talk to Anatoli? He is stuttering at least.

    [Quest Update: Tikel seems beside himself after seeing that foe. Perhaps you should talk to Anatoli instead?]

    Anatoli tells you, “Do you know who that was, %N%? The Maggot Lord! He was thought to have been killed after the destruction of the inhibition machines… It seems he must have escaped and hid on the other side of the portal, biding his time until he could attack… If it weren’t for the dragons, he might have gotten his chance to try again. Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully this gate truly is inactive now…”

    [Quest Update: With the force holding the portal open gone, the portal appears to be closed for good now! Return to Grizelian with the news!]

    Grizelian tells you, “This is excellent news! Perhaps with this information, we might sway the council. Before we try, however, there is one matter that must be resolved first.”

    Grizelian tells you, “I have heard from Lisandia about the thief you were chasing. The Council of Elders fears that our Primalist knowledge might fall into the wrong hands if we were to spread knowledge of it more freely. The thief must be brought to justice and the items returned.”

    [Quest Update: Before you can visit the Council of Elders to plead your case, you need to catch Ysandra. Perhaps Quintin might be willing to speak with you now that Feladan is out of danger?]

    Quintin tells you, “Great dragon! Thank you again for all your help. Without you, our city might have been lost again. The thief? Oh yes, I remember you asked about that. I am sorry; I shall do everything in my power to assist you.”

    Quintin tells you, “Ysandra, the wizard that matched your description, left the forest before your arrival. As soon as you felled the monster of the gate, I had the rangers seek her trail. They followed it to a blighted area south east of Sanctuary. She should still be there.”

    [Quest Update: Quintin has repaid you by giving the exact location of your thief. Head to the blighted area southeast of Sanctuary, the Floating Isle. You should bring friends as well, in case she does not go quietly!]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 22293.74, 26735.20, 841.40. Ysandra the Gifted is a new NPC standing right by the blight spires there.]

    [Dev Note2: Ysandra’s non related quest text follows: “Prime… can we not… master it?”]

    Ysandra tells you, “You have come to reclaim the tablets I took from Khemarius? The cruel lizard had it coming! All I wanted to do was to master all magic so that I might better fight off the Aegis threat, and instead he taunted me.”

    Ysandra tells you, “Don’t patronize me! The old stories about how dragons are filled with the Prime is nothing more than fairytale! We bipeds can master any magic that is set before us! So many magics have I learned, so strong have I become, I know I can master the Prime as well! I have studied the tablets thoroughly!”

    Ysandra tells you, “Not just Khemarius’s tablets. I had collected many from my battles against the Aegis. Khemarius’s insights, however, gave me just what I needed: musing on the merging of Realm and Primal magic, the same woven into his famous Drain Bolt spell. Now you shall witness what I have learned!”

    Ysandra tells you, “I shall invoke the Prime, here and now, and use it to cleanse this place! I will prove that bipeds no longer need dragons! ”

    Ysandra begins casting a powerful spell. She attempts to hold onto the Primal energy with Realm energy – but something goes horribly wrong.

    Ysandra tells you, “What… what is this? The Prime is mutating… breaking apart! No! No!”

    [Quest Update: Slay Ysandra the Primal Golem. 0/1]

    [Dev Note: a spawned mob of course. I recommend reusing the Crystalline Golem model for her. There are three major abilities used in this mob: Primal Volatility, Primal Engulf, and Primal Fury.
    Volatility is an undispellable damage shield that activates on any melee hit for huge primal damage. You do NOT want to melee Ysandra. I recommend this be the first buff she casts, and that the animation be the same as the ascension animation, as that would make it appear as though she just exploded into the golem. If so, very long recycle and duration.
    Engulf is a high DoT spell that needs to be dispelled. Make it pretty easy to do so, since dragons only naturally have cleanse techs to do this.
    Fury is a flurry ability she uses periodically that makes every melee strike hit multiple times for primal damage. It also greatly reduces her speed and is undispellable. Dragons should kite in this phase until it fades.
    In addition to these abilities, you should throw in a few biped mage abilities, like beam of pure energy, mage’s maddening trick, etc, as she was originally a maxed-out wizard and would still have access to some of these skills.]

    Ysandra the Primal Golem has been slain.

    The energy of the primal golem breaks apart into a blinding flash – and left behind is a once-more human Ysandre! Did the Gift save her?

    [Quest Update: Ysandra was Gifted. It seems she has reincarnated right on the spot she was before… maybe you should talk with her?]

    Ysandra tells you, “I.. what? Where.. Primal… so much energy… untouched, unknown…”

    You receive Collected Tablets. [Lore: “The tablets you have collected from Ysandra are not only the stolen batch from Khemarius, but several more detailing Primal knowledge collected by Ysandra during her battles with the Aegis.”]

    [Quest Update: It seems that Ysandra has been permanently traumatized by her failure and subsequent transformation. You should discuss the matter with Grizelian and see if he knows anything about it.]

    Grizelian tells you, “She transformed into a golem of primal energy? Truly, she was an accomplished mage to draw out so much power, but she failed to understand. Only Prime can safely touch Prime. That is why we can wield it.”

    Grizelian tells you, “She was Gifted and returned as a human? That is most curious. There have been records of transformations on a much more limited scale before, but the Gift was not yet enacted at that time. I shall see if there is anything to do for her.”

    Grizelian tells you, “Ysandra lost her way, but she did so for the right reasons. She has proven that we dragons must guide the naka even more so than before. Had Lisandia or Khemarius taken the time to work with her, we might have been able to show her by example in a much safer setting than the one she ultimately chose for herself.”

    Grizelian tells you, “It seems she truly wanted to help the Empire. We may never know for certain now. But those tablets she has inadvertently bequeathed us… is it not ironic? The knowledge of Primalists returned to us by a naka.”

    Grizelian tells you, “I shall make sure Khemarius gets the tablets that were stolen from him, but the others you recovered from Ysandra are precisely what we need to fill in the gaps. They contain treatises on practical applications of Primal magic in battle. Go to the Council of Elders. Inform them of our discoveries and our use, and ask them to vote on teaching the Primalist Vocation again.”

    [Quest Update: Relay what you have learned and seen to V’Tieru.]

    V’Tieru tells you, “We have heard what brings you here, %N%. Your actions at Feladan are quite profound. We have also heard of the naka mage, Ysandra. Some of us are wary that another like her might rise again. We are in scarce need of another Elial. Still, we shall vote.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “Speak to each of us to hear our vote.”

    [Quest Update: Hear Deisaes’s vote. 0/1
    Hear Ristef’s vote. 0/1
    Hear V’Tieru’s vote. 0/1
    Hear Nafemi’s Vote. 0/1
    Hear Edath’s vote. 0/1]

    Deisaes tells you, “I am still against it. Primal magic is our birthright, but studying it should be a spiritual endeavor, one sought to find a connection with the Dragon Lord and this realm he once loved as he does his children. It should not be spread to places where naka can hear.”

    Ristef tells you, “I cast my vote for it. Primal magic is needed now more than ever. Perhaps our wizened study and practical use can finally rise to the levels it once did when Kallinoth still walked this world.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “I shall vote for it. The Prime is all that Dragons need. This was Drulkar’s gift to us. We should not need to take more than what we were given, but we should greatly respect his gifts and cherish them always.”

    Edath tells you, “I will allow it. Even if this knowledge might only be used to close down the portals of the Aegis, this is more than acceptable and worthy a reason to study it in full once more. I doubt any future portals will be as easy to close… but that only means we shall need stronger Primalists than ever.”

    Nafemi tells you, “I cast my vote in favor of the Primalist. I was concerned that our knowledge of the practical applications was too lax, but with the recovery of these tablets, I think I can give my blessing.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with V’Tieru.]

    V’Tieru tells you, “The motion carries 4 to 1. Return to Grizelian and inform him of the Council’s decision. He is free to teach the Vocation to those who have proven truly worthy, so long as it does not interfere with his teaching already assigned.”

    [Quest Update: You have done it! The Primalist Vocation will be free to learn anew. Relay the information to Grizelian.]

    Grizelian tells you, “I, Lisandia, Semeneth, and hopefully all dragons that desire to master the Prime, should thank you, %N%. Without your diligence, we would not be in the position to begin anew. I accept V’Tieru’s charge, and I deem you more than worthy, my friend. Speak to me again if you wish to learn the Primalist Vocation.”

    [Quest complete. 25000 adventurer experience. Primalist class unlocked for training.]
    Maekrux Vythulhar, the Blue Phoenix

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    Default Re: Dragon Vocation Unlocking Quests

    Helian’s Legacy

    [Task begins at Scholar Adannith]

    Adannith tells you, “Greetings friend. I am glad to see an exceptionally abled Gifted here today. If you have some time, perhaps you would be willing to help?”

    Adannith tells you, “You see, some time ago, the Aegis riled up the spirits around Helian’s tombs – well, all of the tombs in this area. But for us the desecration of Helian’s tomb was the most foul. Fortunately, we were able to stop the Aegis from unbinding the crystals of Eternal Rest that Helian set up in her own tomb. However…”

    Adannith tells you, “Helian was buried with a number of artifacts. And the Gifted that passed through revealed that several of the sealed hoard chambers had been torn open and ransacked. We can only guess at what has been stolen, and we could only guess at where it had been taken – until now.”

    Adannith tells you, “We received word from the Eastern Outpost that the troops at Delgarath have been finding strange, dragon-touched artifacts. As you might know, the area appears to be one of the Aegis’ favored testing grounds; researchers of the Aegis redeployed automatons as well as the flesh golems known as bioscholars.”

    Adannith tells you, “It is possible that they are preparing to use whatever knowledge they might have gleaned from Helian’s tomb, though I can’t imagine what that might be. The guard at Delgarath has said the artifacts seem to be on Risen Researchers. Please hunt them on my behalf and bring back what you find.”

    [Quest Update: Draconic artifacts have been turning up on Risen Researchers near Delgarath. Could they have the stolen items from Helian’s Tomb? 0/25]

    [Dev Note: Kill quest for Risen Researchers. Following is an emote upon completion.]

    Most of the items collected from the Risen Researchers are hoard trophies likely from Helian’s Tomb. However, you find a memory crystal on the last researcher. The moment you touch it, your mind is filled with the image of a great blue ancient who tells you, “I am Nyestra Helian. And this is the start of my final legacy.” Adannith will want to see this!

    You receive Nyestra’s Memory Crystal. [Lore: “Touching this crystal causes visions of a blue dragon. It is partly cracked, and it still reeks of blight; it appears the Aegis have been forcibly accessing the crystal.”]

    [Quest Update: Return the Memory Crystal to Adannith.]

    Adannith tells you, “You have returned! A crystal? Goodness, it is damaged! Blast the Aegis! Helian did not deserve to have her tomb ransacked and her possessions molested so. You say you saw an image of Helian? Give it to my companion, Orthondrin. He is related to Helian and may be able to recognize her.”

    [Quest Update: Show the crystal to Orthondrin.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “You have a crystal for me? It should be replaced, not viewed. If Helian took these artifacts to her grave, it is clear she did not want any to see them. But yes, that crystal belongs to Helian. Even without touching it, I can feel the kinship we share.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Adannith again.]

    Adannith tells you, “Orthondrin, I know we do not see eye to eye, but perhaps it was Drulkar’s providence that these particular crystals were taken? They may contain forgotten knowledge or something important that Helian wished to share with us all. The crystal called it her legacy.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Orthondrin once more.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “You know better than I that Helian’s legacy is the faction that bears her name. The city in which they live. The ideals which they hold. This is more than enough legacy for Helian the Great. Leave her private thoughts to her eternal rest. Repair the crystal and seal it in the tomb once more.”

    [Quest Update: Hear Adannith’s response.]

    Adannith tells you, “A Lunus would hold such a view as this. You are part of the family she left behind, are you not? Regardless of your wishes, we have right enough to see what this crystal holds. And, at least, we can agree the crystal should be repaired. %N%, take the crystal to Balennos and see if he can fix it.”

    [Quest Update: Take the crystal to Balennos and see if he can repair it.]

    Balennos tells you, “You have brought a memory crystal for repair? Mm, this one has seen some rather hard times. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel the weight of the emotion that went into it. One of great sorrow and personal struggle.”

    Balennos tells you, “Crystals inevitably are impacted by the emotion that is put into them. Even those with very specific roles, such as memory crystals, will be partly clouded by what emotion the wielder places into them. Regardless, it seems that bipeds were attempting to forcibly extract the memories here.”

    Balennos tells you, “Normally, only those with primal energy can properly use a memory crystal. However, even biped can glean some knowledge from them if they crush the crystal and allow out the energy and memories inside. Their goal appears to have been to access, but also preserve, the crystal.”

    Balennos tells you, “It is possible they wanted to access the information more than once, perhaps to enable them to recreate something. I can only guess what that might be. But if I am to repair this and find out, I need some items.”

    Balennos tells you, “I will need a focused cerulean azulyte crystal, as that crystal was used in the base. I will also need five shining essence orbs to help cleanse and serve as a merging agent for the new azulyte.”

    [Quest Update: Bring Balennos a focused cerulean azulyte crystal and five shining essence orbs.]

    Balennos tells you, “Ah, you have them. Good. This will not take long.”

    [Quest Update: Wait a minute as Balennos does his work.]

    Balennos carefully washes the memory crystal through three of the orbs, cleansing it of the taint of blight. He cuts and sets the azulyte you have brought him to fit the crack and then places the remaining two orbs atop the combined crystals. Slowly they recede into the crystals, leaving behind a single, unbroken crystal.

    [Quest Update: Speak with Balennos.]

    Balennos tells you, “Watching the crystals meld is a thing of beauty. One of the greatest things in life is watching two become one, do you not agree? I wonder if I might have had that experience once…”

    Balennos tells you, “I speak of… never mind. I believe the crystal is affecting me. Please take it back and return it to whoever’s family it belongs to. It was meant for them, I believe.”

    You receive Nyestra’s Restored Memory Crystal. [Lore: “The crack has been sealed flawlessly and the memories no longer attempt to escape.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Orthondrin.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “Balennos told you that this message was for her family? If that is so, it should not have been taken to her grave. Return it to Helian’s Tomb and leave it there. That is where those memories should lay.”

    [Quest Update: Travel to Helian’s Tomb and place the crystal back in the ransacked chamber.]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 924.56, 45062.20, 2499.75. This chamber should also have an NPC in the shape of a statue; something like the Entombed, but scaled down; preferably it would be the same type of statue as what greets you when you first zone in.]

    The statue here would be a suitable place to leave the crystal. In fact, it looks like the statue’s hands are held in such a way to cradle the crystal. Placing it there causes the statue to come to life!

    [Quest Update: Inspect (hail) the statue.]

    Helian tells you, “I am Nyestra Helian. And this is the start of my final legacy. As the Helian and Lunus factions continue to drift apart, I worry that my only legacy left behind will be one of strife and conflict. I might have avoided the spilling of dragon blood by dragon claws in the founding of Chiconis, but now as I face my death, I worry that I have only delayed the inevitable. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “When I graduated from the Academy, I wanted to enrich our people. I wanted to make us stronger, more civilized. I had heard so many stories about what we had once been, read so many tales of what we have lost, that I believed we needed to change course. We had to reevaluate where our ideals had taken us. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “I flew the route of Drulkar. I touched the sky as he did, and I pondered upon what drove him from us. When the time came for me to stand before him in the Realm of Fire, I tried to ask why, but the heat sapped my breath. He looked at me with such dire eyes, like soft glowing embers. Did he know then? --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “When I returned, I learned that the council had decided to act against Barasavus. That Malganival, of all people, would lead the charge. He knew how I felt, but he went anyway. I immediately opposed this. I went to the council and demanded a reconsideration. That the posturing of the humans was no more than posturing. That it was time to lead, rather than destroy. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “They would not listen. The force was already released. So many died, dragon and naka duskael alike. The desert sands were burned to glass. They sparkled like… like tears in moonlight. I never forgave him. Now, that he is gone, I wish I had. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “My family turned their backs on me as I demanded our people become more than they were. My father… he was hurt the most, I think. He was so full of Pride, for me, for his race, for himself… it blinded him from the truth. He disowned me. He left with the other elders through the Gate of Embers, never to return. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “I spent so many, many years of my life trying to convince those that remained to see reason. To be willing to change and alter their viewpoint. To look back and see what they were and not be content with what they are. I began to fear that Drulkar had left us because we were no longer worthy of him. I began to fear that my insistence would lead to bloodshed. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “After the Battle of Bayn Hill, Malganival could no longer keep full control of the passionate dragons who followed him. His Lunus turned on their Helian brothers and sisters, claiming the lack of resolution was due to lack of support. Their hatred for the naka duskael nearly became their hatred for their own kyn. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “I did the only thing I could. I chose exile for myself. My people followed anyway. Chiconis was founded, and Dralk was left emptied by the exodus. I only returned once after that, during a Festival of Ash. It was… good to see him again, after all those years. But too much time had passed between us. What family I had left refused to speak with me, and would not even shelter me for the Festival. Heartbroken, I never returned. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “After that, I threw myself into my studies. I thought that, perhaps, Drulkar had truly given us a chance to vindicate our view, to enrich our lives once more and to prove to the world that dragons were the ones to lead. That we might, finally, become true Dragons again. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “Things did not work out that way. Separate, we fell apart. We were only further lessened by my choice. Was I wrong? Or was the world wrong? I will not live to know the answer to that, and can only pray that Drulkar will give me that answer when I stand before him again. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “For the last fifty years, I have collected texts from Draak that are no longer taught. I have grown interested in the ancient arts of the Storm, of the Windmenders and the Cloud-Dancers. There are great holes in both studies now, but over time I have pieced them together into a cohesive Vocation I have come to call Cloudmenders. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “However, the world to which I would release what I created is not yet ready. The Storm is Prime that has been touched by Life and Nature – a beauty to some, a taint to others. I fear it would only further divide us. I want my legacy to be more than Schism. I want to see us unite again. That is why I am so terrified of what I have in my paws. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “I have left this message to you, because - I hope - you are my distant family, and you have come to pay respects. I leave no children of my own. I look to my broodchamber and weep for what little I truly leave behind. You, descendant of Lunus, must make the choice of whether or not to release my studies on the Cloudmender. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “I have divided my studies into three parts. The first I sent to my family in Dralk. If they did not destroy it, you should already have access to it. The second I left in this very tomb. The final piece I have hidden in the Archives, under fairytales. I suspect it will not be bothered until someone seeks it. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “My kyn. Please respect my final wish. When the time is right, reveal what I have left behind. Do not let my final legacy tear us further apart. --MORE--

    Helian tells you, “*The statue is silent.*”

    [Quest Update: Helian’s crystal has begged her Lunus relatives to make the decision to release the knowledge she gathered on something called Cloudmenders, but only if it would not further divide them. Inform Orthondrin of what you have seen.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “You have replaced the crystal? Good. What? It caused a statue to speak and relay the message inside the crystal? And you stood there and listened to it? How dare you! Get out of my sight! I have nothing I wish to say to you!”

    [Quest Update: Orthondrin was furious with you for listening to the statue and would not hear what you learned from it. Maybe you should give him some time to cool off.]

    [Dev Note: “Some time” equates to one hour.]

    Some time has passed. Perhaps you should try speaking with Orthondrin again.

    [Quest Update: Return to Orthondrin.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “You again? I am still angry. I will not speak with you. Leave me in peace.”

    [Quest Update: Orthondrin is still angry! Perhaps you should tell Adannith so that she can relay the information later.]

    Adannith tells you, “Helian spoke to you? I wish I could have been there to see it. So, she completed her work on Storm magic? I know scarcely anything about it myself, but I heard rumors. No text was ever found, though.”

    Adannith tells you, “She told you where the texts were? Perhaps we can retrieve them and assemble them without Orthondrin’s aid. Helian’s teachings were meant to be passed down to her people! The Helian should receive her final legacy!”

    Adannith tells you, “What do you mean that isn’t what she wanted? If we leave this in Lunus claws, it will slip through our fingers. *Adannith looks up as Orthondrin calls.* What does he want now? Don’t listen to him.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Orthondrin.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “While you were gone, I went to the tomb. I intended on destroying the crystal, but… I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I listened to her message.”

    Orthondrin tells you, “My grandfather was her brother. He loathed his sister, and he passed that loathing onto his son, my father. And my father nearly passed that loathing onto me. But truthfully, I began to reconsider my feelings after this tomb raiding nonsense.”

    Orthondrin tells you, “When I heard of the sacrilege at her tomb, it filled me with anger. I thought that I hated my great aunt, but I didn’t. If I did, I would have left the matter of her tomb to Adannith. I already knew of the text she left behind. I have studied it.”

    Orthondrin tells you, “What, aren’t Lunus scholars more of a thing now? Oh – yes, the hatred. It was a necessity to study it, %N%. The Crystals of Eternal Rest in her tomb were empowered by Storm magic, not Prime. Did you not think it strange bipeds would have something similar if Life magic were not in some way involved?”

    Orthondrin tells you, “I want to protect my great aunt’s resting place. Her legacy… I am uncertain of still. However, the pieces I have are scraps. My grandfather shattered the tablets she sent us. My father thought it right to give most of the pieces to Semeneth after he took over. I need you to collect the pieces for me.”

    [Dev Note: This would be a good point to split it up into three separate quests to complete. We’ll do the Chiconis text first.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “As I said, Semeneth should have the pieces. Ask for them on my behalf. Hopefully he still has them.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Semeneth about the pieces of Helian’s Legacy.]

    Semeneth tells you, “You wish to speak to me about broken stones I received from Orthondrin’s family? Yes, I know they are part of Nyestra Helian’s research. I also know that Orthondrin’s family did not bear our great founder much love.”

    Semeneth tells you, “I have his assurance he will not destroy them? No? Then return to him and make sure he swears on his word as a Lunus. And before you come back, there’s another matter too.”

    Semeneth tells you, “I once approached the elder Council about the matter. Though I did not know where the rest of the pieces were, I was interested in recreating her work on the Storm. For a time prior to the renewed offensive against the Aegis, my work was actually used by dragons.”

    Semeneth tells you, “The council found it to be woefully inadequate, however. They deemed it too similar to naka magic, and banned us from further use. If you intend on using this magic, you should let them know and hear their grievances.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Orthondrin about not destroying the pieces.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “You are back… without the pieces, I see. So Semeneth refuses to give them and believes I will destroy them? … I suppose his fear is justified. I nearly did, after all. Very well, I give him my word as a Lunus that I will not destroy the pieces.”

    Orthondrin tells you, “Please remind him that the spirit of his great founder is still at peril while we do not possess the knowledge to repair the crystal.”

    [Quest Update: Visit Edath of the Elder Council and ask about Storm magic’s use.]

    Edath tells you, “You come to ride the Storm? I found the magic to be agreeable personally. It was not nearly as strong or as malleable as the Prime in its pure state, but it had a gentleness when used right that even modern breezes cannot match.”

    Edath tells you, “Did you not know? The gusts and breezes passed down to you originated in the Vocations of the Cloud-Dancer and the Windmender. They fell out of favor even before I was born, though, as Prime in its pure state was deemed to be superior.”

    Edath tells you, “One of the simplest devices that even naka mastered centuries ago is a lever. Do you know what that is? We have scarce use for it as we have magic, but it is a simple concept: a rod, braced against a stone, can multiply force in moving a larger one.”

    Edath tells you, “Sometimes it is better to have overwhelming power – but other times a little power applied correctly can have an even greater effect. With this in mind, know the complaints of the council: the Storm has little place as we have the Prime, the knowledge of the Storm we have is incomplete, and there are currently no practical threats that it might counter.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Semeneth with Orthondrin’s promise and the council’s answer.]

    Semeneth tells you, “I thank you for assuring the relics will not be lost and may yet see the light of day once more. I will consider the council’s complaints and see if there may yet be evidence to counter them.”

    Semeneth tells you, “What? You don’t want me to release the Storm magic? A statue of Helian spoke to you? Tell me everything.”

    Semeneth tells you, “I see… Helian is right. I do not wish that her legacy will always be one of Schism, but I worry that our race may never be whole again… Continue to work with Orthondrin and do what you can to convince him. I will still prepare in the meantime.”

    Semeneth tells you, “Even if I cannot release the research, Storm magic is still a hobby, you know. Here, take the pieces and keep me informed.”

    You receive Fragments of the Cloudmender Tablets. [Lore: “Once destroyed by Nyestra Helian’s own family, the tablet fragments have been cared for remarkably well in Semeneth’s possession.”]

    [Quest Update: Return to Orthondrin with the tablet fragments.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “Good. But we will still need all three pieces of Helian’s research to attempt a repair.”

    [Dev Note: The next part is the fairytale one.]
    Orthondrin tells you, “The Archives… Karane is the only dragon with access to them. Please speak with Karane about the fairytales section. I was not even aware such a section existed, so hopefully no one else did either.”

    [Quest Update: Find out from Karane about the fairytales section of the Archives.]

    Karane tells you, “You want to check out a fairytale? Aren’t you a bit old for that? Well, far be it for me to judge. There is some wisdom in the old fairytales, you know. Why, just the other day in fact, I gave Spitfyre a tablet so that he could share some of it with the hatchlings on Skalkaar.”

    Karane tells you, “Oh yes. I heard he was feeling a bit down. I don’t think it helped to see me, though, given, well… never mind. You said you are looking for a tablet that was intentionally misfiled? Curious…”

    Karane tells you, “Well, everything is in order here. As ordered as the Archives get, anyway. Here’s the tale of Drulkar and the Wind, the Forging of Istaria, the Adventures of Kallinoth and Bobby – one of my favorites. But that’s odd.”

    Karane tells you, “Not the adventure book, no. I mean it’s odd that I gave Spitfyre a tablet and none are missing. I doubt he snuck in here and put it back. You don’t suppose I gave him the misfiled tablet by mistake, do you? I suppose I should have been more attentive. But then again, no one ever goes in the fairytales. I only read a few myself once a hundred years ago or so.”

    Karane tells you, “I suppose it is because stories are passed down from parents to hatchlings. I suppose… I wouldn’t know that, though. Mm. Please leave me, %N%, I am currently doing some research and I should get back to it.”

    [Quest Update: Karane might have given the Storm tablet to Spitfyre by mistake! Better go visit him on Skalkaar.]

    Spitfyre tells you, “Oh, hello there! It has been a while since I last saw you. A tablet that Karane gave me? Yes, I was feeling kind of down, but I’m much better now. As for the tablet, I’m afraid I gave that away. I hope it wasn’t important.”

    Spitfyre tells you, “I know Karane was trying to cheer me up in her own way, but lacking wings was the cause of it. Seeing her didn’t exactly help. So I gave it to a new hatchling. They already moved on to New Trismus though. Maybe Pratt knows? He talks to everyone who passes by there.”

    [Quest Update: Spitfyre gave the tablet to a random hatchling! Speak with Pratt and see if you can track them down.]

    Pratt tells you, “A hatchling! Oh yes, many hatchlings. Not as many dragons stay here, though, not since the roof burned down. Funny, I always thought it would collapse with all the dragons that sat on it. And really, look at this place!”

    Pratt tells you, “It’s a shame, that is what it is! And on my wedding day, too. This isn’t a proper place to welcome newly Gifted, much less freshly hatched hatchlings! It looks like a warzone, not a place to learn and share and build community! We need to find and stop the perpetrators and then rebuild our town!”

    Pratt tells you, “Stop? Oh, right, right. Sorry. Hatchling with tablets. Well, there was one actually now that I think about it. Didn’t stay here long, what with the town in shambles. Must have moved onto Kion.”

    [Quest Update: The hatchling with the tablet seems to have moved onto Kion. Maybe they spoke with Gerix?]

    Gerix tells you, “Ah, welcome to Kion, kyn. A hatchling with a tablet? Ha! That was a sight. The tablet was too large for them, but they kept carrying it around anyway. I took it off their hands.”

    Gerix tells you, “I figured it was just rubbish some mean hatchling had tricked the little one into carrying around. I tossed it behind the vault. If you need it for some strange reason, it should still be there.”

    [Quest Update: Seems Gerix wasn’t paying attention either. Check behind the vault for the stone.]

    [Dev Note: Loc is 20447.49, 24484.67, 542.92]

    The tablet isn’t here! Ask the vault keeper if she saw anything!

    [Quest Update: The tablet is missing again! Check with the vault keeper.]

    Sharista tells you, “A tablet behind our vault? Yes, I did find it! I figured Gerix had simply thrown it away. I was curious what all that writing on it meant. It looked like magic runes I see come through the vaults here from time to time, so I sent it to Akhanis in Kirasanct for study.”

    [Quest Update: Sweet Drulkar, why did it have to be Akhanis?!]

    Akhanis tells you, “Oh look, another dragon come to beg me for help. If I had a copper coin for every dragon that walked in here, I would have enough copper to smelt a door to lock them out. Wouldn’t that be novel? A door! We haven’t had those in ages.”

    Akhanis tells you, “You seek a tablet? One of my many spiritist – what, some old rock a cat sent me? Something to do with Prime, or lightning, or whatever. I stopped paying attention after I learned it was draconic. I got rid of that useless thing.”

    Akhanis tells you, “Normally, I’d require you to do some extremely long task to assist me, but today I just want you out of my hair. I’m due for a vacation soon. I gave it to that foolish dragon that keeps coming over here to talk to me about Spiritist magic. I’m sure you can figure out who that is. Now go away and don’t break anything!”

    [Quest Update: Akhanis apparently didn’t take Sharista’s request seriously and gave the tablet away to a dragon who speaks to him about spirit magic often. Must be a local.]

    Khemarius tells you, “Oh, Akhanis’s gift? That is about as thoughtful as he’s ever been towards me. After examining it, though, I knew I couldn’t keep it. It appeared to be a part of Helian’s work on Storm magic. Drulkar rest her soul. I wonder if she wasn’t right.”

    Khemarius tells you, “About her ideals? Oh heavens no, I’m happily Lunus, and anyone who works with Akhanis probably wants to be Lunus for a little while. But I mean about her study into Storm. Drain Bolt is mixed magic, just as Storm is. Perhaps someday, Drain magic might become a thing!”

    Khemarius tells you, “What do you mean, don’t get my hopes up? Everyone who learns this spell says they love it. Anyway… I sent the tablet to Karane not long ago. It should be there by now.”

    [Quest Update: Khemarius had the tablet, and sent it back to Karane! Maybe you should have just waited. Return to Karane to ask about the tablet.]

    Karane tells you, “Oh, %N%! I am sorry about earlier. It turns out, I received a tablet from Khemarius a few days ago, but I didn’t bother to file it since I was working on a project. I think it’s what you are looking for. Have a look.”

    Karane tells you, “Oh, it is? Good. I’m glad I could be of help. I hope you didn’t have to go too far looking for it!”

    You receive Tablet of Storm Magic. [Lore: “Another tablet scribed by Nyestra Helian on Storm magic and its application. The tablet seems unusually spaced, as though there are words missing.”]

    [Quest Update: You have another piece of the tablet! Return with it to Orthondrin.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “Good. But we will still need all three pieces of Helian’s research to attempt a repair.”

    [Dev Note: The next part is the tomb one.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “The one in the tomb may be the most challenging… as you know, the Aegis took a lot from the tomb, and it is likely that the crystal was in the same chamber as the tablet.”

    Orthondrin tells you, “The Aegis must still have the tablet. We can only hope it is still in one piece. You should return to Delgarath and hunt down more risen researchers. Pray to Drulkar they still have it.”

    [Quest Update: Kill Risen Scholars until you find the tablet containing Helian’s legacy. 0/1]

    [Dev Notes: This is one of those dreaded not-automatic-drop quests. It’s a relatively rare drop from Risen researchers, rather than a kill quest.]

    You receive Blight-tainted Tablet. [Lore: “Though the blight has tainted the tablet, the words are still legible. The script is difficult to comprehend and there is space as though words are missing. There are strange notes about a crystal on the tablet that appear to be recent additions.”]

    You have found the tablet. Though a bit stained, it is no worse for wear, save for a few notes scribbled onto it by the Aegis. Return with the tablet to Orthondrin.

    [Quest Update: Return the tablet to Orthondrin.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “Ugh, the taint of Blight. It will pass in time, and we have another piece. We will need them all though.”

    [Dev Note: Back to a single quest now.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “We have all the pieces. Now I have to do what I did not wish to do in the first place.”

    Orthondrin tells you, “Adannith, I am not a studied scholar. I apply my skills to tooth and claw, not to the Prime, much less Storm. What little I have gleaned from the pieces I have are not enough, but now with all of the pieces in place, it is too much. I need your help.”

    [Quest Update: Hear Adannith’s response.]

    Adannith tells you, “Orthondrin, I’ve never seen this side of you before. You know that I wish to pass on the knowledge. Do you not fear that I will do so without your approval when we are done?”

    [Quest Update: Hear Orthondrin’s reponse.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “I trust you as a Helian – no, as a fellow dragon. Nyestra Helian left us in the Schism, but we Lunus had our paws in that too. And now, with the Aegis and the Empire, we are working together again. Here we stand, side by side.

    Orthondrin tells you, “Perhaps now is the time to consider releasing it. As long as both Helian and Lunus are able to benefit from Helian’s knowledge, then perhaps her final legacy will be realized.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with Adannith.]

    Adannith tells you, “Orthondrin… I’m moved. Let’s work together on this with %N%. If everything is in order, maybe we can share this with all our kyn. But before we do that, we should set things to right in Helian’s Tomb.”

    Adannith tells you, “It will take some time for us to fully comprehend these tablets, even working together. But I believe we might be able to repair the Crystal of Eternal Rest in Helian’s Tomb if we have the right resources.”

    Adannith tells you, “We need a source of Storm energy, and fortunately, there just so happens to be one. The Stormy March west of Delgarath is home to a type of ogre called Than’kuk. Like most ogres, they are able to adapt to the local energy by absorbing it.”

    Adannith tells you, “Hunt them down and bring back several vials of their blood. We can extract the Storm essence from it without much difficulty. And just in case the quality is too diluted, you should probably kill the strongest, meanest one there.”

    [Quest Update: Kill 25 Thank’kuk of any type and collect their blood. 0/25
    Kill the strongest Than’kuk. 0/1]

    [Dev Note: The strongest Than’kuk is of course Furahrage.]

    You have quite a lot of blood to carry! Return to Scholar Adannith.

    [Quest Update: Return the samples to Adannith.]

    Adannith tells you, “Thank you, %N%, but we have a problem! While you were gone, we received a general call to arms from Delgarath. It seems there is a giant crystal floating around! It sounds like one of the azulars found in the tomb, but much larger.”

    Adannith tells you, “It’s likely that the Aegis have been attempt to infuse crystals with Storm Magic to create powerful artificial azulars. Those in Helian’s tomb are accidental, but to think the Aegis would attempt to weaponize them…”

    Adannith tells you, “We don’t know how successful they were. You’d better bring some allies to fight this thing off. While you’re gone, Orthondrin and I will deal with the tomb.”

    [Quest Update: Defeat the Blighted Azular. 0/1]

    [Dev Note: This one doesn’t have to be a spawned mob! Yay! The Blighted Azular is an epic level mob, with three major abilities. The first is Thousand Shards, which deals 1000 direct damage to everyone in an area around it – which if I understand what direct damage does, should completely bypass all armor and resistances. The theme of this fight is healing – everyone who comes needs to be kept above 1k health or risk death.
    The second ability is Blighted Radiation, which is a pulsing aura which leaves a DoT, similar to the flame beetles of Fire Isle but stronger. Again, everything nearby is taking damage, but this at least can be mitigated. It can, and should, be dispelled to keep area damage low, but it has a relatively short recycle and so will need to be dispelled often.
    The final major ability is Chain Whip, which does heavy damage to a single target and stuns for a few seconds. Others will need to pop a heal on the afflicted as they will not be able to do it themselves.
    Additional abilities could be pulled from the Storm spell list (see the Dragon Schools thread mentioned at the start of this article.) Obviously this mob’s model is a scaled up Azular, but if possible I would recommend a green crystal rather than blue to represent the blight taint.]

    Blighted Azular has been killed.

    As the crystal ruptures, the Storm and Blight energy is released high into the sky. Hopefully with the confiscated tablet and memory crystal back in dragon possession, the Aegis will never be able to create such a monster again. Return to Adannith with news.

    [Quest Update: Return to Adannith with news of your victory.]

    Adannith tells you, “The Azular is destroyed? That is good news, and I have more for you. While you were gone, Orthondrin and I believe we have discovered a way to repair the crystal. We will do so without the Elder Council’s permission if we must, but we would like you to go to them.”

    Adannith tells you, “Orthondrin and I would like to teach this magic when all of this is over. He and I… well, never mind that right now. Semeneth relayed the council’s worries over Storm magic, but between its use at Helian’s Tomb and the Azular, I think we might be successful in persuading them.”

    [Quest Update: Return to the Elder Council and ask V’Tieru to hold a vote on the inclusion of Storm magic.]

    V’Tieru tells you, “We have heard of the Azular and of the desecration of Helian’s Tomb. Nyestra was quite wise to have set up the crystals she did to protect herself, though I am surprised Storm was her choice. Nonetheless, we have our new information and will call it to a vote.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “We shall decide if the Cloudmender Vocation, passed down from Helian, should be taught to the greater dragon populace. Speak to each of us to hear our vote.”

    [Quest Update: Hear Deisaes’s vote. 0/1
    Hear Ristef’s vote. 0/1
    Hear V’Tieru’s vote. 0/1
    Hear Nafemi’s Vote. 0/1
    Hear Edath’s vote. 0/1]

    Deisaes tells you, “I am against it. Primal magic is our birthright, and any taint of it, save perhaps fire itself, should be eradicated. I will always prefer the pure over the corrupt. And don’t try to tell me life and nature aren’t corrupt – from my perspective, they are.”

    Ristef tells you, “I cast my vote for it. I see this as another facet of the Prime that we are to study, and it is in line with Drulkar’s command to master to the Prime in my opinion. Moreover, it seems the Aegis will attempt to use it even if we do not. We should counter the threat while we can.”

    V’Tieru tells you, “I vote against it. The Prime was Drulkar’s gift to us. We should not turn our nose up at that gift, but if it is sullied, we should make it worthy of us, not stoop to use the unclean.”

    Edath tells you, “I am in favor of the Storm. I found it agreeable before, and I do believe Nyestra’s research will allow me to find it even more agreeable now. Our race – and this council – could use a gentler hand at times. Perhaps Storm might teach us how.”

    Nafemi tells you, “I cast my vote in favor of the Cloudmender. Nyestra was a friend before we departed into the timeless Realm of Fire. I know that her decision weighted heavily on her, and when I returned to learn the full extent of her suffering, I was both appalled and ashamed.”

    Nafemi tells you, “She could have come with us. Instead, she chose to remain behind and guide our people in their darkest hours. She sacrificed everything to make sure her people would survive and avoid bloodshed. But I left. Perhaps her legacy will bring us together. I owe her the chance to try, at least.”

    [Quest Update: Speak with V’Tieru.]

    V’Tieru tells you, “The motion carries 3 to 2. Return to Adannith and inform her of the Council’s decision. She is free to teach the Vocation to those who have proven truly worthy, so long as it is taught to both Helian and Lunus, and as long as Orthondrin remains in favor of spreading his relative’s legacy.”

    [Quest Update: Return to Adannith with the good news!]

    Adannith tells you, “They agreed! This is wonderful! I shall gladly teach both Helian and Lunus this magic. In fact, I have my first pupil already. Orthondrin has taken to learning the magic with great interest.”

    Adannith tells you, “He remains in favor of it. And I remain in favor of him… he and I have grown close working together on Helian’s legacy. I would never have imagined that the brutish battlemaster that strutted in here years ago would have caught my fancy. No offense, Othrondrin.”

    [Quest Update: Hear Orthondrin’s response.]

    Orthondrin tells you, “None taken, so long as you take no offense at my agreeing with you and saying that the weakly-looking Helian scholar that pranced in here wouldn’t have caught my fancy either. *He grins.*”

    [Quest Update: Hear Adannith’s reply.]

    Adannith tells you, “*She laughs.* I’ll deal with you later. %N%, I cannot say that Helian’s legacy will truly bring us together. The Council’s vote was quite divided, and others may be just as divided even now. But I know that, at least for a certain pair of dragons, Helian’s work has brought us together.”

    Adannith tells you, “If you are interested in learning the Cloudmender Vocation, speak to me again in a moment. I am certain that, between the three of us, we’ll have this study mastered in no time at all.”

    [Quest complete. 25000 adventurer experience. Cloudmender class unlocked for training.]
    Maekrux Vythulhar, the Blue Phoenix

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