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Thread: Dragon names for a book..

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    Default Dragon names for a book..

    Hey all, I am writing a book with dragons in it, so I need dragon-y names?
    (Also I might write a fanfic of istaria, so I might add your chars if you so please!)

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    For the names of my dragons, I've used the Dragon Language originally used in Istaria by the Guild Keir Chet k'Eilerten, which I my meandering before and shortly after I began Ancient calls himself Tondargaet Glit (his real name remains secret), which translates as "Ice Witness," fitting with his backstory. While you certainly don't need a thought-out language to help create Dragon names, at least an outline of how their language works would be helpful.

    Or, if you're not that concerned, then just using one of the many "Dragon Name Generators" on the Internet should work well.

    Feel free to use any of my dragon's names, should you so desire, in any fanfic.

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    Default Re: Dragon names for a book..

    Thanks! ..hmm and weren't you the big white ancient that helped me on my RoP? If so, I'll certainly add you in the fanfic!

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    Default Re: Dragon names for a book..

    I use rinkworks namgen for pretty much all of my characters. Googling will have it as the first option.

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    Default Re: Dragon names for a book..

    Something I do with my character's names when I can't come up with something on the spot is I go to google translate and type in a word that's related to some aspect of the character I'm trying to name and see how that translates into other languages, see what I like and possibly alter it a bit.

    For example, my dragon Zarek Goldenwing's name came from typing in either 'gold' or 'golden' in google translate and fiddling with one of the translations of that in.... I forget which language and then I added a descriptive last name.

    Descriptive last names can be simple to implement while keeping the character grounded within the narrative of the story. Many last names even today are or were derived from descriptive names. Anyone with the last name Miller, probably had someone in their family who ran a mill of some sort and any Smith likely had an ancestor who was a blacksmith. Don't forget that some names can also be derived from where the person or their family came from too. Say one of your ancestors came from a town called Rockham, they would have been known as "(first name) of Rockham" which would have eventually been shortened to "(first name) Rockham" thus becoming their last name.

    Have fun with the naming, play around with how the names sound when you speak them to see if you like them or not and good luck on that book of yours. Feel free to use Mach in your fanfic if you so choose, just try not to make her too OOC if you end up using her

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    Default Re: Dragon names for a book..

    I`m not sure about actual Draconic names, but my dragons I try to name mine as close as possible. if you want to add some of my characters feel free.


    Are my most original names XD

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    Default Re: Dragon names for a book..

    Thanks for the input guys! Will defiantly take you advice!

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    Default Re: Dragon names for a book..

    The Chinese Underworld Dragon

    Kiyo was a Japanese waitress who, when spurned by a priest, turned herself into a dragon to seek revenge.

    The Chinese word for "dragon", also often found in the names of other dragons.

    The Japanese dragon who is god / king of the sea. Also known as Rinjin.
    Ryujin information

    A generic name for Japanese dragons.

    The Chinese Earth dragon.

    The Chinese Celestian dragon.

    A huge Japanese dragon that would snatch men from their horses then eat them.

    Yofune Nushi
    A Japanese dragon that craved human flash. Once a year he demanded a maiden be sacificed to him.

    A generic name for Korean dragons.

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