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Thread: Istaria Remake?

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    Default Istaria Remake?

    Hello guys

    For a long time I was thinking about if the devs would do a remake of Istaria. So I noted my ideas in a list I want to share with you
    Feel free to add your own ideas too and let us discus about an possible Istaria Remake^^

    Remake Istaria

    Name: Istaria - The Goddess Returns
    Platform: PC Mainly, but also tablet and smartphone capable and mybe for handhelds like Nintendo 3DS
    Engine: Unity / Unreal
    Financing option: Kickstarter
    Publication: Steam / main website Istarias

    Istaria remains basically the same from principle and construction. But many more places are added. More islands and continents, reached by the new craftable ships and by the friendly dragon. All characters get upgrades.

    Added are more selectable races. Basic form is the European dragon. Added are Wyvern, Lung, and more Amphitere and multi-headed dragon. More will follow. Added to the individuality of character creation:
    - A color wheel, thus infinitely adjustable colors for main body, adornments / Decals, wing skin, armored scales and other things
    - Arbitrary adjustable back or tail tips, but none at all are also possible.
    - A lot more head models (perhaps selected by a competition), also multi-headed models possible
    - More wing variations (five wing struts, a wing strut etc.)
    - Significantly more adjustable sizes and lengths. Also for wings, legs and other body parts
    - More scale models (fish scale model, etc.). The size of these can be adjusted, but too large scales are not possible
    - More available eyes
    - More sensitively to customize individual body parts by sub-controls to the main ones
    - Adjustment of the basic elements (fire, ice, water, etc.). This also has an influence on the forces of the Dragon
    - Several Adjustable Decals and adornments. Also possible to combine, several of them
    - Free choice of "language" of the dragon
    - Obtain the ability of air combat, which makes it possible that the dragon can also fight in the air as well as on the ground. But that requires more skill than the ground combat (A Quest Line)
    - Depending on the size the agility and power of the dragon varies. Small dragons are agile, but not as strong, large dragons are more powerful, but not as maneuverable. So medium Dragon form a harmonious level of both
    - Added gender. Dragons can be female or male, but also Neuter
    - Arbitrary addable parts (For example, four wings or barbels in a non-Lung-head)
    - Addable additives such as a mane
    - Only squamation possible as otherwise the scales as armor makes no longer sense
    - Any number of adjustable claws of two to five
    - In addition, portable armor for dragons. However, these can only produce biped
    - It is given the opportunity to make every part of the body of the dragon individually. For example, that the mouth of the dragon inside glows like fire.
    Even more schools will exist for dragons. In adventure and crafting.
    - Adventure schools:
    - First school: Dragon novice (Level 1 to 100) - Ascention to Adult
    - Second School: Dragon Warrior (Level 100 to 200)
    - Third school: Dragon Master (Level 200 to 300) - Ascention to Ancient
    - Fourth School: Dragon elder (Level 300 to 400)
    - Fifth School: Dragon Legend (Level 400 to 500) - Final Ascention to legend (only possible if all the available quests and all schools were completely leveled up and completed)
    - Crafting schools:
    - First school: Dragon Apprentice (Level 1 to 100)
    - Second stage: Dragon Blacksmith (Level 100 to 200)
    - Third stage: Dragon master blacksmith (Level 200 to 300)
    - Fourth School: Dragon Forge Grand Master (Level 300 to 400)
    - Fifth School: Dragon Forge Legend (Level 400 to 500)
    - Subsidiary class: Lairshaper
    - Subsidiary class: Crystalshaper
    - New subsidiary class: Cargo Engineer

    - Within the Adventure schools there is the possibility to choose a path that you want to follow and which affects the Stats of the dragon.
    - Primalist: mainly used magic spells and attacks that produce no direct contact. These dragons can select their attacks in quick succession, however, are particularly vulnerable to certain attacks.
    - Demolisher: Uses teeth and claws and direct attacks and made to break in on the opponent. However, they have a high attack, on the other hand no great immunity against most attacks.
    - Breath Specialist: specializes in Breath attacks. Dragons, who go for this route, mainly attack with theyre breath. Your breath attacks do so more harm than their spells and direct attacks.

    Further options will be added to RoP. Thus, besides Helian and Lunus now it is possible to pursue different paths.
    - Hybrid: The Hybrid combines Lunus and Helian. Not only in the fighting style and skill system, but also to their relationship with bipeds.

    - Total achievable rating of 500 in Adventure and crafting
    - More Abilities and Skills
    - Learnable skill floating next to the main flying skill with Ascention to Adult

    New Breath attacks of dragons
    Besides the usual attacks Breath Fire, Ice, Lightning and acid, six more are being added.
    Steam, lava, Nuclear / Atomic, Fear, light and darkness. In the vapor breathing dragon spews very hot steam, the opponent gets severe burns, which cause for a certain time continuously damage. This breath also makes fire damage as the fire breath. When Lava Breath of Dragon spits liquid fire / molten rock at the enemy, inflicting severe burns and slowly but continuously inflicts more damage. The Nuclear-breath leaves the dragon a surge radioactive mud spit, that seriously injures and
    poisons the opponent. This breath causes Atomic / Nuclear Damage. When Fear-breath, the
    dragon shouts to his opponent, put him in fear and stuns him. This breath causes Fear damage. Spits the dragon light and dark beams, he glares, or robs the enemy's vision and makes him blind for
    some time. These two attacks naturally cause light and Blight damage. In addition to their extra damage these Breaths also add damage.

    New Breed: Lycans
    Lycans are similar to Saris. They are wolf creatures that resemble werewolves, but they are none. They can acquire the ability to accept a full wolf form. These are larger and different from ordinary wolves.

    New Breed: Kitsune
    The Kitsune did not originally come from Istaria. They came across the sea from an unknown continent and settled in Istaria. As in mythology the Kitsune correlate to foxes with any number of tails from one to nine. Theirr physique is roughly equivalent to those of Saris. The Kitsune tend to Caster and Spellmaster. They also have an Tier form.

    Also the enemies get more variations and obtain upgrades. Level and rating variations of mobs can be particularly at Bossen fairly reach level 1000 rating. These can only be hunted in large groups or in several ones. But these bosses actually drop very rare and powerful items.
    Also the seas are populated with mobs. These are only huntable by boat or by air with dragons or upmounted bipeds.
    Flying enemies will now be able to rise in the middle of a fight and then continue fighting in the air. Thus biped mobs are attacable only with ranged weapons now. If the mob reached a specific height, it can be combated only by an airfight. Bipeds mounted on dragons thus can plunge into airfights. Skeletal and mummy dragons will be added as mobs. Even skeletal dragons can fly.

    Biped given the opportunity to craft a dragon saddle. This needs to be located in inventory of the dragon and has to be put on by the dragon itself. The upmounting is thus occurs in consultation with the Dragon Player, which, similar as in Groupinvite, gets a message that a biped would like to sit. He can reject or accept. Precondition is the wearing of the saddle.
    The saddle adds an extra armor bonus to the dragon, depending on the Tier. The biped is now fighting from the back of the dragon and can cure him when needed.
    But Hatchlings can mount an older dragon and thus carried. For that a belt crafted by bipeds is necessary.

    New Craft Class for bipeds: Shipbuilding
    To achieve the new islands and continents the bipeds obtains the shipbuilders craft class. Depending on the Tier they can thus build bigger and better ships and boats. These require a lot of special building material. They are also upgradeable with techniques as well as tecable spells and armor / shed / claws.
    New Craft Class for biped: instrument maker and composer
    "Music opens and connects the hearts of all races" Istaria once said. The art of making instruments
    is an ancient art that not everyone has mastered. It's a long way to master this school and perfecting it. The class of instrument makers include the composer. With more and better instruments more and better music can be created. In some cases, the music is also the key to open doors and to enter dungeons. The music can also be used in spells to stun opponents for example, lull etc., but also played to buff a character.

    New Spell for bipeds: Istarias anger
    This particular spell is similar Drulkars Wrath of the Dragon. This Spell is gained through a long quest line. Minimum rating is 500 and fully completed Adventure classes. This Spell summons the goddess Istaria who directed their anger focused on a mob. Depending on Dexterity of the caster in a 5 - 10-series this spell procuces damages from 5000 to 10000. This is a target-seeking spell.

    New craftable Item (if purchased separately)
    A form for a Spell is given, which makes it possible to catch a few mobs and tame. These do not work for Aegis or Blight-creatures, but with wolves and other mobs of a rating up to 100. These caught mobs can be specified as assistants, but when they die they are gone. In other words, you would have to catch a new one.

    Special for biped
    The bipeds get the opportunity to acquire packing and riding horses and warhorses in capital cities. The higher the city is in the Tier, the better the horse. Packhorses can get crafted pockets that further increase the storage space. The packhorse has no effect on the speed, but a recall is not possible with that horse. The horse, however, can be tied at special mounting sites in the cities and then wait for the player. For foreign players, it is not possible to access the inventory of the horse, unless the owner unblocks the content of certain other player. Pack horses can not be ridden
    Riding horses and warhorses are not affected by the recall lock. For them, it depends on the Tier and the equipment. Riding horses with the right equipment can run very fast and can stanbd a lot during attacks. Especially for mounted combats a lance as a weapon is introduced.
    Warhorses are able to fight on condition. Like pets they can be equipped and skilled. The higher the new school knights is the more effective and stronger the attacks of the horses will be.
    All three horses types can be purchased, but only one can be "equipped".
    Bipeds can now also craft equipment, that allows to climb mountains. Mountains as glaciers get different heights of snowfields, snowy forests and different strong blizzards. As they move through snowfields the characters leave a aisle behind.

    Pets will be buyable for the first time. These are not like the mobs, but more or less Tiers such as bears. These serve not as luggage assistance, but as a support. They can be purchased in any city. The higher the Tier of the city, the better the pets. These pets as well as the players can be increased and
    support them in the battle. The Tiers define themselves to specific areas, crows for example do scouting, etc.

    It is the first time that arbitrary spells could be tect. Statistic spells are also techable. Gift of speed can be made even more effective, for example by techs and still give more speed. Also, the number of sockets and addable techniques are increased. This applies to spells as well as to weapons, armors and tools. There will be a maximum of ten slots, thus the space is increased from three to ten, which makes armor and tools even more powerful and stronger.
    Because the Tier is also increased, namely up to fifteen and ten sockets, the player is now able, to craft the highest and best spells, armors and other things. The gift slots are also increased to a maximum of twenty-five. Five slots for each school leveled to 100.

    It is also possible to combine the Tiers of each crafting school. So you can, for example, with a certain amount of Garnet to Diamond, to craft a claw / scale / armor crafting that clearly outstands others in armor or attack. Of course, these features are techable.

    In addition to learnable forms is now also the possibility to combine individual items and experiment a bit. This results in the ability to create own Forms which also allow to improve attacks and abilities learned by levels or received by quests. The craftable Epic Items for example may thus be combined and improved. But for that it is important, to entirely level up your skills in the field of magicians and Spellmaster.

    The music we newly remixed, partly newly composed and there are entirely new pieces. As a composer Gareth Cocker is thought of.

    Technical innovations
    Significantly improved graphics, adapted to thegraphics of today. New released soundtracks, new soundtracks and the ability to import your own music in the game, which can be changed ad libitum during the play. The game, the characters and everything is designed as realistic as possible. An attempt is made to approach the artwork of The Forest, Ark or Kholat or perhaps even Life is Strange to come.
    There is a specially developed World Edit for the game, which is included by default in the installation. For players with active and paid account, this World Edit offers the opportunity to expand the game with specially prepared Islands, Maps and small changes and new content. However, these need to be viewed and controlled by the developers.
    The NPC get a narrator who speaks their texts. But that can be opted on or off.
    Besides the classic keyboard and mouse control, there is the possibility to access the game by an X-Box and a playstation controller.
    Ability to copy the character from the original to the remake Istaria or transfer it completely, including items, Vault, level etc.
    TeamSpeak is added. This allows the players an even better and closer communication for successful hunts.

    Bugs and glitches are fixed and stability is improved significantly. Crash should no longer happen. The
    Dragons fly realistically.

    Feel free to start an discussion^^

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    Looove it! Especially with the better flight. Now I have a suggestion: if the devs release content like this,they should do it in increments,so we don't have to wait ten years to play istaria again. And for flight might I suggest something like Primal Carnage's pteranodon flight animation?

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    New idea! Learnable skill: dragon body slam, ok adults and ancients can use it, and it works by flying over your target,and an animation occurs that slams you into the enemy

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    Aaannd make it so I don't have to start a new char, so we adults and ancients can load our chars there?

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    Yeah. I noted, as you can read, that you can transfer your original character to the remake
    This have to take some time, I think, because the data have to be converted into the new data^^

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    True, and sorry I didn't catch the char transfer part, hehe,so I think,if possible istaria should still be playable while the new one is being made

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    Yeah, that I think too
    Dont shut down the original one while the new one is in the making^^

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    While all of this is nice and everything, there's a lot of rose-tinted glasses being worn here. Not to mention the contradictions spread everywhere:
    "Even skeletal dragons can fly." -> "The Dragons fly realistically."

    I'm just going to stay calm and not go into detail why none of this would be a possibility (Crowdfunded MMO with ARK/Life is Strange Graphics? really??).

    The only thing I can say, is that I hope this doesn't get any more attention, while yes, I would enjoy "Istaria 2.0" there needs to be -actual- thought put into designing it, and not some rabbid fangasming.

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    Default Re: Istaria Remake?

    Please notice, these are just ideas I note. I know, not all is realizable
    Sure, it is your opinion, as well it is mine
    For sentences who are repeated in this text: This was a german text I translated with my humble english, so surely some of it exist twice

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    Yusssss, that would be great! I have some ideas, like adding mounts to the game for bipeds such as horses or other creatures. Also every biped race should have some special ability (for example, lycans can transform into wolf), to be more interesting for player, to avoid choosing dragon only for ability of flight. Inspired by guild wars 2, I would apriciate gliders for bipeds too. On estetical site, they should remake character models, texture and animations, just to make it look more realistic, but keep anathomy of dragons and for fucks sake, do realistic water physics.

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