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Thread: Heavenly Storm of Chaos!

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    Default Heavenly Storm of Chaos!

    Heavenly Storm is a new guild that's growing and advancing rapidly in Istaria! I lead the guild with the hopes of creating a small, helpful, and strong community within the game that will help keep new players and returning players with us.

    We own Guild: Grandli and have a large master plot being built with plenty of storage and expert shops to help out our guild members. We have plenty of active players and hope to add even more people to our family!

    Please visit our site to see the rules, rank structure, and other guild information if you are interested in joining. Contact me here, on the site, or in game as Aekaitz Helicias to join. Happy gaming!

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    Updates on our guild!

    We are almost 30 members strong now, and our plot is getting built up nicely! Our vault and consigner are up and we are working hard to get everything in working order!

    We are also getting closer to being able to create guild hunts for important bosses and such, (as soon as more of us become level 100, haha!) We're excited to organise hunts for not just our guild, but opening the door to anyone else who may need or want that kind of action in their life!

    If you are new or returning and interested in joining a helpful, family-like guild, let me know here or in game!

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    Another (big) update!

    A huge thanks to guildies Qetesh-Amun, ValKano, CrafterKatie; as well as generous helpers Allyson, Serres, and Concoidal, for completing the small guild house as well as the two other storage houses on our plot today! It was a huge help to our guild in continuing our growth as a community.

    We now have started our tech component stock, resources that will be available to all guildies at any time, as well as various other materials such as armor that someone may no longer use, blighted armor and weapons, crystal stashes, and much more for guild community use.

    If you're interested in joining, drop me a reply here or message me in game as Aekaitz Helicias! We will be more than happy to have you with us! And again, a big thanks to all the helpers from today, I'm glad you were all brought together to work toward a common goal. After all, that was the idea of the guild in the first place!

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    A late 'Good luck' from Order on your guild! *cheers*.

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    Thank you very much!

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