The game tells you to go North, but you can't technically go north because of the wall. So I learned you need to head to the tin & copper ore, go around that bath, head up a little ledge another the side to avoid the maggots, and then glide down to the old path way near the fallen tree.

Also because you have to kind of find the tree and then back track around (which is rather annoying), in order to issue the next part of the quest. I actually forgot to check to make sure that next part triggered, so I had to slide down from my mountain perch and go trigger that section.

The next part, you'll need to go up into the maggot to trigger and then quickly run the heck away from soon as possible! Cause you'll probably have like 3-5 of the suckers jump you as soon as you go to trigger that part.

Now the best way to handle the Saris, given you can't get to them easily anymore. Is you will need to hug the mountain up where the fallen tree connects, follow that around to the backside of the Burnt house area, and you'll eventually see a side of the mountain you can climb up. From there you can skirt the mountain top back down and have a nice place to pull those evil ghost kitties for the quests.

Hopefully this quest line however will get resolved and hopefully this helps someone. If I need to post pictures, I will, but-- hopefully the written details will be enough.