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    Question Lost Mother Lode

    Not sure if this should be in Suggestions or Bugs so I post here

    I have been building T4 silos and for me Obsidian is the worst resourse to work on.

    So what I want to know is where is the Mother Lode for Obsidian?

    All other resources afaik have ML's but I cannot find one for Obsidian.

    If anyone knows please tell thanks.
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    3 obsi motherlodes on Island of Fire,fire opal golem area.
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    Thanks I'll take a look
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    Mottle, Ancient dragon on Chaos

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    They can also spawn in the entire area west of Dralk. Mixed in most areas where the Obsidian and Obsidian Boulder Golems roam.
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    Good spot for Obsidian is on Ayia @ 293/294, there is a plot close with a shop and vault.
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    Thanks Dacurly i'll take a look there.
    I checked the other spots but they are not very good for crafting, IoF spend more time fighting fire golems than digging, and West of Dralk on the coast is a big area looking for a ML , and both long runs.
    Was just hoping to speed up making blocks and keystones.
    Gimbold, Ancient dwarf on Chaos
    Mottle, Ancient dragon on Chaos

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