Lunak lair for sale, mainly to keep the T6 crafting machines available to the community.

T6 crafting room of every type.
T2/4/6 libraries (1 each Lunus built, 1 each Helian in progress)
Grand Hall ~21% complete
T1/T2 lair not started
Vaultkeeper and T6 Pawnbroker completed (inaccessible without unfinished player lair mod or completing Grand Hall).

Charging only community price of 3g 778s 125c
This is listed to sell to players, so if you want it stop by in-game and purchase it

Location is just up the hill from the dragon Stoneworking trainer Saphias (22008 29164)

  • Pets/patrolling guards in the form of Volcanic Pustules. They are tame, but just don't poke them.
  • Not sure if it will stay in the public T6 resource processing storage, but there is an assortment of resources I was gathering for continuing construction.