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Thread: Istaria Lexica

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    Lightbulb Istaria Lexica

    Greetings everyone.
    This is the update thread for Istaria Lexica. Lexicans will post site-related updates here to inform the community. You are invited to have a talk in this thread, as long as it is site related and does not end up in flames or pointless debates. If you feel the urge to loose some frustration I'd encourage you to use the proper boards: 'Just Ranting' or 'Rant Istaria Style'.

    Updates on Istaria Lexica, August 14th, 2015

    Content updates:
    • General: All of the pictures (4500+) have been heavily optimized to enhance the loading time of the site.
    • General: Added reference footers to 11119 pages. This ensures to stay license conform on our third party content.
    • Buildings: Residential, Commercial and Industrial flags have been updated and there are lists by zone type available now.
    • Creatures: A new Loot List for creatures has been established. This should make it easier for Lexicans to add loot to creatures and fixed a few buggy behaviors. In parallel, some pre-filled templates were added to add certain loot-types (like Tier 1 hoard loot, Tier 6 broken items,...) with just one small call. This saves hopefully alot of time on editing.
    • Creatures: Changed the template behavior for the creature summary. Resources shown have become searchable which results in a sortable list for our readers.
    • Items: Added all missing (211) broken item components. They need to get linked to the formulas still, though.
    • Items: Added tons of missing technique resource details like screenshots, description, links to monsters the are dropped off, link to techniques, and so on. All in all these were around 1000 pages.
    • Delta276: Tier 4 and Tier 5 crafting boons were added. The lower boons were updated while on that mission, too.
    • Delta276: Added new bonus infos to the updated emblems
    • Delta277: Renamed some articles to fit with the delta changes
    • Lore: A few lore pages and NPC dialogue texts have been added

    Site updates:
    • Added a scheduled script doing a cache-purge for each edited page. It runs every two minutes and acts as a workaround for a Semantic Mediawiki problem, where dynamic tables do not update their view when a contained page result was changed. The script is still in testing, if you still find weird results in articles using SMW tables, please let me know.
    • Added APC to the site. The tool caches certain site parts so browsing should become a bit faster.
    • Added Extension:Arrays to the site, which lets editors use -programmatic like- array functions in WikiEditor
    • Added Extension:CreateBox to have a direct and easy to use page creation link on Istaria Lexica's main menu.
    • Added Extension:DynamicPageList, which is a pretty good alternative to Semantic Mediawiki. It offers Lexicans advanced research options when looking for certain sets of pages and enlisting those in their article.
    • Added Extension:LabeledSectionTransclusion. This enables Lexicans to show a selected section of another article in their own article. Already actively used on the New Page templates' documentation pages.
    • Added Extension:YouTube, so that Lexicans are able to add YouTube videos via WikiEditor. Example can be found on the main page (thank you Racktor!).

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    • Added Extension:YouTube, so that Lexicans are able to add YouTube videos via WikiEditor. Example can be found on the main page (thank you Racktor!).
    That is some great news! I'm loving all these extensions that allow a user to do more and get more indepth with a page and its information.

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Thanks Arzel, always glad when I get something better

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Greetings Istarians,
    just a small heads up: Our server location is getting some new switches installed on 18th/19th. Please be aware that there may be some timeouts or even 404 errors when trying to access the site. The breaks should be very short timed though, spamming F5 on your browser might do the trick

    A small hint on our site performance: I'm aware of the slow loading and this is sadly permanent by now (ten years old hardware). I'm currently looking for an alternative so stay tuned.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Quote Originally Posted by Elteria View Post
    A small hint on our site performance: I'm aware of the slow loading and this is sadly permanent by now (ten years old hardware). I'm currently looking for an alternative so stay tuned.

    I don't find it that slow, not having a lot of ads makes it way faster than most web sites
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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Keep up the good work. Some nice new changes

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Quote Originally Posted by Dacurly View Post
    I don't find it that slow, not having a lot of ads makes it way faster than most web sites
    seconding this, sure it might not load super-duper fast, but it shouldn't have to.

    teeny tiny edit:
    I think I'll make it a routine for me to go on my blight characters on tuesday and check their vaults/inventories for stuff that might need updating on the Lexica

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Thanks everyone.

    Meepsa, maybe you'll find some old CPU off an Automaton for my hardware?

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Greetings Istarians,

    Updates on Istaria Lexica, August 22th, 2015

    Content updates:
    • The Bitter Pickle quest line, areas, mobs and drops are in now.
    • Trophy Hunter: renamed misnamed quests (mainly just false capitalised parts).
    • Trophy Hunter: added a few missing quest texts.
    • Trophy Hunter: The overview page now has fixed table widths which makes it better readable/searchable.
    • Trophy Hunter: The Imperial Outpost quests are listed again.
    • Trophies: All trophy articles are in now (~170 new).
    • Trophies: All pictures are in now (~140 new).
    • Trophies: Linked all creatures to the trophy loot.
    • Trophies: Linked all trophy quests the the loot and the creatures.
    • Added tons of missing creatures!
    • Templates: Template:LootList now outputs a sorted list of loot. Side effect of that is a fix where some of the loot had leading whitespaces when showing on articles.
    • Templates: fixed some layout bugs (margins) on several templates.
    • Quartermasters now put out a sorted list of buyable items.
    • Quite alot of quest NPC dialogues and -texts were added.
    • Resources: A few resource pages have been revamped: Azulyte Crystals, Gems and Essence.

    Site updates:
    • We changed the captcha system on registration to reCaptcha (Google) since we all know: Gnomes can't do simple maths.
    • On article commits which contain external web links, a captcha verification popped up. This is suppressed now.
    • Extensions: Installed Extension:CharInsert. The tool appears below the WikiEditor box and offers Lexicans WikiCode clickies. The most used templates and the most used WikiCode snippets are available. If you feel something is missing, please let me know (very easy to add more)!
    • Extensions: Installed Extension:RegexParserFunctions. This enhances MediaWikis' parser with some tags to enable regular expressions in WikiCode (good for template development, especially on search/replace tasks).
    • Extensions: Installed Extension:WikiLove. I thought we should have a chance to be nice to each other on IL :-). You can post barnstars and small messages of appreciation to other members from their user page (not your own, self loving is a no-go, teeheee!). There's a new 'Thank user' button above the user page.
    • Layout: The middle part (right below main menu) of the menu toolbar now appears on every page (was suppressed earlier).
    • Licenses: License templates were revamped to fit with the current site's design. They're also looking more unique now for 'familiar feeling'.
    • Licenses: The Image copyright tags help page has been changed to fit with our needs.
    • Licenses: Added Template:GNU GPL.
    • Licenses: Added Template:Cc-by-sa-2.0.

    Be well Istarians!

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    impressing- again
    where do you get that much creativity from?

    (though I have an idea^^)

    many thanks- again
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    I forgot to mention the most urgent update of all:

    @Lov, thanks! Not much creativity needed, just trying to think what the users could be happy with.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Updates on Istaria Lexica, September 3rd, 2015

    Server move:
    The new hardware has been chosen and we're going to move there on Sep. 17th and 18th. This should take no longer than 24 hours without issues but if there are any I'll inform you right here. While moving, the site may still be available, or not. Please do not count on a good performance or a persistent connection. Once everything runs fine I'll give you a final okay in the good old Deforian-manner
    Committers, please avoid doing changes on the site on those two days. I'm pretty sure, one or another is glad about a bit of a vacation.

    Content updates:

    Site updates:
    • The new purge script got a few fixes. To get it work correctly more changes are due once the server move is done.
    • Made lots of preparations for the server move, so not much done else.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica


    Just a reminder, the Istaria Lexica servermove will start in 15 Minutes...

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    *looks at the sandglass*...
    *yawns again, even louder*....
    *sticks some toothpicks beween eyelids*
    *the toothpicks break*

    No more popcorn. Peanuts gone, too. Coffee went out after 20 hours, had to wait 6 more until shop opened. At least I got a breakfast. Cat made me bleed several times, just out of boredness.. or should I say because I ignored her? Red bull didn't help btw.

    Ahh well. Let's talk about the server move:
    Istaria Lexica is back online with all of it's beauty. There were heavy issues while moving. One story is that the server rack I'm located at catched fire, just at the moment where I made Lexica's database import. Perfect timing don't you think? The vServer was set up in another rack within an hour but I had to restart importing stuff which delayed everything for about three hours. After around 30 hours without sleep the domains were propagated across the globe and Lexica was *runnable*. However, the thumbnails did not load. This issue still exists and seems to be a very, very deep software problem on either my server's set up or MediaWiki itself... or both. I managed to create a workaround so you guys are able to view the images. However, as long as the issue persists you may encounter almost the same slow loading performance as you had at the old server. This is because auntie Elti activates MediaWiki debugging here and there, which slows down like a nuclear winter does *giggles*. I'm sorry. Tonight the server is utilised by 100% because database maintenance scripts are still running. It causes heavy lag while loading pages so please use your left-over patience

    We also got a few good news for ya:

    Updates on Istaria Lexica, September 18th, 2015

    Content updates:
    • Quests: Added Earn Title: Antidote Expert
    • Quests: Added Primal Instant Heal X: To the Doom!
    • Reference Card: Added a new list: 'Available game modification types'
    • The Player made game mods page has been heavily overhauled! All already existing entries have been evaluated to have existing download links and refer to the official webpages or community threads. Dead mods have been removed. On a few critical mods there are special installation instructions mentioned now, as well as caveats like conflicts with other mods. Alot of additional mods were added aswell so the whole list contains 49 right now. If found there's something missing, feel free to let us know. I hope this list contains pretty much everything the modding community offers for istaria by now. More surprises to come.
    • Several selling NPCs have got an update to their selling lists, or they even got the list added - finally.
    • Alot of new boons have been added.
    • Delta 278: All changes are in. Two exceptions but I heard some green gnome takes care of that.
    • Tier 1 loot lists on creatures were heavily updated and should be pretty complete now.

    Site updates:
    • Added shiny browser titles which will also show up on your bookmarks. Each individual for every article.
    • The Istaria Lexica News section can now be 'watched' by our members.
    • New Template 'New GameMod'. Used to create a new article for game mods.
    • New Template 'Infobox:GameMod'. Shows brief details about a game mod.
    • New Template 'List'. Provides a formatted table with entries (linked to a SMW property). Columns and Headlines are customizable.
    • Extension:Charinsert: the clicky listings were reformatted to be more overviewable
    • Extension:Charinsert: quite a few new templates, tags and functions were added to the lists. If you would want to see even more let me know. Adding them is as easy as chasing a chocolate mouse.
    • Template:Quest has got a fixed width now. This should let it look a bit better on higher resolutions.
    • Template:New Quest was corrected to use the proper parameters on the Template:Quest call. It places the article in the correct category (Quest, not Quests) now, too.
    • Extension:LinkSuggest. YES! It's finally there after three bug fixes! LinkSuggest acts as an inline-suggestor on WikiEditor for internal wiki links. It enlists up to 10 results whenever you open an internal link '[[' or a template call '{{' and write at least 4 characters. Very useful if you don't know how a template or a page is written correctly. Works pretty much the same as the suggestions on our search bar.
    • Cleaned up a whole lot of obsolete and misplaced categories.
    • Template:InfoboxMultiproperty got it's values limits increased from 200 to 400. Nadia will be happy now.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    It *looks* awesome! I'll have to spend a few hours going through everything, but, first impression is: WOW!!!

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    I thought this was a good thing to have, Always good to have more Sites and things to help out the Istaria Community, I've looked at the Site a lot, I like it, and i noticed it was being moved around, but i used it during the days, but never really seemed that slow to me. I like it a lot, thought it was very good. I heard some Mixed Complains and Good things about it too.
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    Thank you Elteria for making my Sig for me!

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    Why thank you, Alae and Berda.

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    • Tier 1 loot lists on creatures were heavily updated and should be pretty complete now.

    That's wrong. I was talking about the creatures themselves, not their loot. All Tier 1 and Tier 2 creatures were updated and missing one have been added. The lists should be very accurate now.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Istaria Lexica

    Will you be willing to add in abilities mob have and their attacks too in the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZyrimShadowheart View Post
    Will you be willing to add in abilities mob have and their attacks too in the future?
    I've slowly been working on it, a big thing I ran into though is that some mob buffs do not have tooltips.
    I already sent in a ticket about it and the devs are working on it.

    Mob abilities are a bit of an oddity to write down though, we can only guess the cooldown based on the time between using it, and then the damage tresholds can only be guessed at based on getting hit by it multiple times, but then it's also dependant on armor, resistances, etc.

    But at the very least I'm working on updating all mob abilities with their damage type and tooltip if possible (like hardened shell).

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