I'd like to expand the Idle Actions system to more NPC's, but the devs time is spread very thin. This system has been implemented for quite a while. We were thinking that maybe players might like to contribute and create more actions for NPC's. Currently, there is a small amount of NPC's that have idle actions (Kion and Aughundell mainly). Let me explain my vision and some tools I will be implementing very soon to allow player contributed content. This will be an experiment, I'm not sure if there will be any interest, but I hope so.

I'd like to start out by having a player repository so that they can upload and download player submitted idle action files for any NPC in the world (via web page). Players can then upload their own idle action files or download the files from other players. Could be a fun way to check content that could be added to game. Devs would check out the available files, occassionaly too. If they like something, then it would be added to the game, with credits to you (comment tag in the file name). Once implemented in game, then all will see these actions.

Note that the files are played locally. They usually will never be in synch to other players. Also note, you don't want to create animations that interact with other NPC's. If a player greets an NPC, they stop their routine for 15s (by default, but it's adjustable). These delays, when you greet an NPC, is why you shouldn't try to create a synchronized performance amongst multiple NPC's. I've tried that once, it just doesn't work out.

I have a very rough draft of how to use/create/edit Idle Animation files. It will be tweaked over time. Soon there will be an upload feature. Soon the uploaded files (along with player names) will be displayed along with a download link.

For now, there is a new link at http://istariareference.com/idleaction (not available from main site yet). Again, this is a very rough draft. This page will be tweaked over time. For now, if you have some free time or bored, consider creating some animations for specific NPC's. You'll be able to share it with community in the future.

There's some commands for devs that can reload the idle action files (without having to restart the game). I'm checking if they can be added to the current game patch. If not, I'll zip up a file for resources_override, that'll let you do that. Please standby for another day or two before this happens.

If you view some of the Idle Action files (open with a text editor, such as notepad), then you might see how it works and understand a bit more. Once you study some of the current files, then all of the notes at http://istariareference.com/idleaction might make more sense ^_^

A good example of Idle Actions is when you teleport to Kion. Krianos (beside the arrival pad) will speak and peform some animations if you watch a while.