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Thread: Hello Istaria!

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    Cool Hello Istaria!

    Greetings to All.

    Recently just came into istaria, my last attempt to play was years ago but didnt stay long (maybe a few days) and my apologies for not trying to get into the game a bit more. I just recently quit a recent game (WoW) and I am attempting to come back into this world. I have read up the many updates and changes and I am very excited to begin my new journey.

    Have a good one! See ya around

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    Welcome back Korsica. Have fun playing

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    Hey there and welcome back! Hope to see you around

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    *serves Korsica a container full of klava presented with a towe and a curtsy*
    Welcome home! :-)

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    Thank you for the welcoming me I am pleased to be here!

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    Welcome back, Korsica! Glad to see you giving Istaria another go

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    Welcome Back!
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