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    Constantly get a transport error when trying to log into the game. Anyone else having this problem?

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    It's maintenance this morning. Are you not using the launcher to start Istaria?

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    I always use the launcher and on the 8th of Sept it was over 5 hours prior to the start of maintenance. Lately on a morning around 6 or 7 am (UK time) I have trouble getting into game..either transport error or problems connecting to the authentication server.

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    That could be a local internet issue (your location), get WinMTR and check your connection on (Istaria's server) low numbers are good and high are bad. Packet loss is also bad. Just checked my connection to the server and its 0% loss, 108 Avg (good). I go throw 17 servers to get to A guild mate from the UK has problems early morning UK time too.
    Dacurly Dac : Phoenix Fellowship Guild : Chaos Server

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    Thanks Dacurly. Will give it a try.

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