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Thread: Blight Character Transfers

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    Default Blight Character Transfers

    The limitations on transfers off of Blight have been relaxed a bit.
    • Character must have been made on Blight. You can not copy a character to Blight, then transfer to a live shard.
    • Character must be at least 2 years old.
    • Characters that have items from characters copied from the live shards are ineligible for transfer. (You can't copy a character from the live shards, and then move all those items to a character created on Blight).
    • Character can not have development item / testing items, coin or experience applied.
    • If in doubt, please submit a request for review before purchasing a character transfer token.
    • Requests can be submitted at

    This list is -not- the most up to date version. For the most up to date information on Blight character transfers, please see the official policy page at:

    You can see all official policy pages at:
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