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Thread: Dumb Stuff You've Done in Ista

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    Default Re: Dumb Stuff You've Done in Ista

    Well, my silliest thing was having Attunement to Aedan quest and ignoring it.
    Turns out it counts as a crafting quest, therefore I couldn't get any craft mastery quests till I was near 30 craft level

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    Well, not long ago, my hatchie needed to run to observatory outpost to deliver something for Jynasix. I usually get lost down that way, so I managed to take a trip through the cauldron, dodging golems, up thru the woods, stepping on spiders as I ran, aggro'd all the camp grunts and whatnot, and finally made my delivery. But I forgot to attune! Gah!
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    Thankfully, I haven't done this since before t6 scales were revamped, but good lord the pain sticks with you...
    Step 1: Port to Doom
    Step 2: run to favorite hunting spot, pull group of mylocs
    Step 3: get obliterated
    Step 4: realize you're in craft scales
    Step 5: recall to swap out your scales
    Step 6: get distracted in the middle of this process
    Step 7: 10 minutes later, still in craft scales "Wasn't I doing something? Oh right I wanted to hunt in Doom."
    Step 8: repeat steps 1-5
    Step 9: realize you're an idiot with two completely unnecessary death points
    Step 10: drown your sorrows by choking down a feast in your nearest tavern
    Step 11: REVENGE (in correct scales this time)

    Now that the max overburden is 75%, I take advantage of this to make a few hundred (or few thousand) resources for plot or lair work at the same time, storing the bars/bricks/whatever in machines and silos until I'm ready to mass-produce the building materials. I then run (in a Baywatch-esque manner) to the nearest portal to go apply my mats. I have t6 disks for both my crafters. I've done the following more than I'd like to admit...

    "This disk is slowing me down too much, I'll just un-attach it here, I won't forget about it."
    *apply materials*
    *immediately forget about disk*
    *switch to gathering something else far from where I left my disk*
    *only realize that my disk is halfway across the world when overburdened with a full inventory/pet*
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    Oooh I got something like that, too!

    • Run into the Bloodskulk Village, looking for Chieftain Bulok.
    • Oh, there he is (deep inside of course).
    • Oups, some spearfisher loves me, let's kill.
    • Oups, some bombs landing from another Bloodmage, let's kill him.
    • Ergh.. let's heal some..
    • Umm, another spearfisher, mkay.
    • There's a soothsayer, let's kill that one fast. Debuffs no good.
    • Next spearfisher, those guys are creepy annoying *sigh*
    • Another Bloodmage, well okay.
    • Oups, I found a Digda, and he's got friends...
    • I might have died.. wait.. why did I come here anyway?

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    I posted this in cross chat yesterday, but might as well dump it here

    • Get (a bit too) excited about the chocolate formula on my confectioner.
    • ...
    • Fill entire vault with chocolate.
    • Realise I might have a problem.
    • Fix said problem by turning all the chocolate into Dragon Cakes.
    • To this day I still have 200+ Dragon Cakes in that biped's vault.

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    Default Re: Dumb Stuff You've Done in Ista

    Leveled confectioner by making 32,000 gummy maggots. Thank goodness vault bulk was boosted as much as it was.

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    Swallowed an entire scale set & 100 Trophies in 1 Gulp .... on accident.

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    <as Awdzy> I recalled /recall, and recalling /recall, recalled so fast I did not recall where I was recalling to until I got there.
    Apparently I have not bound to a new location since the guild community moved, I showed up in an empty locale with no more shrine.

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    Cixi was following a group in the swamp, never had never been there before. As usual, Cixi was marking her map as she went so she got a bit behind the rest of the group. She saw an NPC and went over to chat. Sadly, this was a bloodskulk. The conversation was extremely short.
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