Greetings istarians.
Here is an offer for the whole community in hope to get benefits for both of you, modders/tuners and players.

I just created the file server, which is available to everyone. The main purpose is to host downloadable files for the game and of course you, the community. The countless modifications but also any other downloads are welcome there. One or the other may now think: why do we need that? Here are some points:

  • Istaria Lexica does not remove files like filehosters do (Rapidshare, Mediafire and so on). Your links to the files will be stable even after years.
  • No limited download rate. Always full speed. (except 4782934234982 users download at the same time, rofl)
  • No clicking through stuff you don't want to (registrations, etc.). The links are all direct. Always.
  • No advertisements on your way. Click, download, use, be glad.
  • No data loss. Even if the server dies. Data will be there. Only exception: An atomic bomb finds it's way into the data center
  • A direct contact to the hoster (that's me!). Makes it easy on issues.
  • On old mods not anymore available to the world: this would be a new home!

Okay, now to the details. As you can see you are able to access the files by accessing The structure is pretty simple: A few subdirectories show certain types of downloads. Right now there is only the 'game mods' directory, this contains my two mods.

  • The description shows a brief text about the file and directs you to a webpage/forum, containing all details.
  • Following the links leads you to the installation procedures
  • The table is sortable by clicks at the according headline.

How do I get a file in there?
Nothing easier than that. E-mail it to [email protected] and follow the rules below:

  • If you've got multiple files you may want to zip them before sending ( is a good and free tool for that)
  • If you want to send executable files, please zip those aswell (those could be rejected by your mailserver)
  • I got no data limits. Sending even 50Mb ain't a problem.
  • Please add some details to your files:
    - a title and a short description text
    - detailed installation instructions, if not already contained (or a link to them)
    - official links (to threads or webpages, if exists)
    - the original author incase you're not the happy one

I will respond once the file is placed and ready. This shouldn't take too long as long as I don't take a nap right at that moment