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Thread: New resource management coming.

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    Default New resource management coming.

    (trimmed) Chat log:

    [13:12.43] <Fridlekh> Is anyone still working on updating the gfx engine? or was that project put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time?
    [13:13.26] <AmonGwareth|AE> we're working on optimizing parts of the client
    [13:13.34] <AmonGwareth|AE> which involves the engine
    [13:15.53] <AmonGwareth|AE> Fridlekh: They have a new client that is in testing right now (not on blight) that has much improved performance.
    [13:17.02] <Fridlekh> Is it still dependant on the Intrinsic Alchemy core? if not I might not cancel my acct at the end of this year's subscription to go for a more short term plan :P
    [13:17.56] <AmonGwareth|AE> I don't know the answer to that question, unfortunately.
    [13:18.28] <AmonGwareth|AE> But I don't think they are working on replacing the engine. Rather, improving parts of it that don't work so well.
    [13:18.43] <AmonGwareth|AE> resource handling, rendering of the UI, etc
    [13:20.08] <Fridlekh> hmm, none of that helps all that much if it's still getting processed by libIGCore.dll
    [13:21.19] <Fridlekh> at the very least, the max view distance should be much more limited to use that engine effectively, considering it's more of a console engine than a PC one.
    [13:26.22] <Thorgat> halleluja for the client than ... ;)
    [13:26.39] <Thorgat> any eta when it might be life?
    [13:30.54] <AmonGwareth|AE> should go to blight soon...couple weeks maybe
    [13:31.16] <Thorgat> in which way has it a much improved performance?
    [13:31.22] <Thorgat> special areas?
    [13:31.58] <Thorgat> ressource handling means emptying ram?
    [13:32.14] <AmonGwareth|AE> the way it handles resource files, such as graphics, sounds, def files, etc

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    Thanks for the post.

    Looks like a rather lame update though. Lame as in, very little actually being updated. I, like hundreds of others, want/NEED a NEW gfx engine, an engine built for today's PC's.

    They STILL haven't fixed the resource/memory leak, have support for FSAA (gfx engine limitation I'm sure)/support for current (even remotely current) video cards, or fixed the Audigy 2 / X-Fi compatibility problem. Sad.

    I don't know what to make of the new takeover... We'll have to wait and see.

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