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    Who We Are:

    We are a mid-size social guild with a mix of all types of players and ages, mostly adult players ranging from high 20s and up. (30+ members and growing)

    Guild Master: Pearlie Radakeian
    Officers/Leaders: CloudDancer . BloodRosette . Pearlumia . Diamondnias . Tivor . Kittur
    Recruits: No Min Level Req to Join


    We like to help each other out and ask that all guildies are respectful and treat each other as such!
    No scamming or ripping off guildies. Buying and selling in guild chat is cool, but not overpriced.
    We ask that you to try to keep guild chat clean, there are young ones that play here sometimes, but not often.
    Also help is always available. Never be afraid to ask, there is no such thing as dumb questions.

    What We Do:

    We Have Fun! We try to make Istaria a Great Experience for Everyone!

    Joining MoonDew:

    We are always recruiting to those of interest in a remotely social and fun-gaming guild.
    Seek out one of the members listed above to join.

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    new to istaria too i see well nice to see you here too! hope looking foward to joining the guild too!
    When the time to eat a knight is to Roast them till there ready as COOKED spam...
    What can i say? im a Classic dragon looking for a free easy meal?
    Or facing my family... Isent always a Wise decision..

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