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Thread: My Sister has Passed 10.10.2015

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    Default My Sister has Passed 10.10.2015

    I lost my sister yesterday to B.C. Stage 4. She has been a fighter for over 4 years now and she is no longer suffering. She and I started playing Istaria years ago, Me in July 2010, Her in April 2009. We were not that close in friendship while in Istaria as we had different mind sets to how we did things. We never guilded together and we didn't even associate with the same players. But we tried to be close as much as we could granted we were a State apart where we lived.

    Her name is/was Kzixi. She was a Red Dragon in Chaos. I don't know who she knew in Istaria, or much of what she really did in her journey here, but I know that if I had passed on into a new realm, I'd want someone to know in Istaria that I was gone and I'd never be coming back. I'm not even quite sure she was in a guild or if she ran solo. But if she was in a guild I am hoping to find them and let them know she has passed on.

    She was a huge fan of poetry as I am slightly not as good as she was with words but I wrote something for her this morning and I just want to share it here.

    Kzixi, you loved everyone from the heart,
    No matter how much we argued, we couldn’t be drawn apart.
    You were a joy to be around, that cannot be taken away,
    Once you entered my life, I knew you were there to stay.
    You were a friend who helped me through difficult times,
    Your comforting words were worth much more than dimes.
    A partner who filled my life with laughs and smiles,
    These memories of you will last for miles and miles.
    When you were by my side, the world was filled with life,
    When you you were not around, my days were full of strife.
    A sister like you was always a blessing, you filled all our hearts with love,
    You flew with me only once, and with the beauty of a dove.
    With you, I could never hold a grudge,
    You were always as sweet as chocolate and as smooth as fudge.
    Having a sister at all is not just a trend,
    It is knowing you can always turn to her, always count on her, always know she’d have your back, you will always be my best friend.

    - CloudDancer

    * Never in my years here playing did I ever think I'd actually be considering a plot on Mem'Isle. But for my heart and my mind to possibly be a little more at ease I may just consider the construction of one. If anyone is reading this, I have no idea where to start with a Memorial Plot. I may have to pay someone to help me do it. If there is anyone available to show me the ropes a bit, please contact me when you can. And Thanks.
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    Default Re: My Sister has Passed 10.10.2015

    Wow, sorry to hear of your sister, so sad. If you need any help with the Memorial Plot, just contact me in game. The setup is you buy a plot on the Island, build it then contact support to have it set up forever. You only have to pay the one time fee if you get it built and setup by a Dev. before the month is out.

    Here is a link to what you do.
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    Very sorry to hear your sister has passed. I've lost mine a few years ago, too. There's always a hard time. I'm not playing on Chaos so I'm not a big help at all but I hope you get a good help from the active ones there. I like your text by the way!

    My best wishes to you!


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    My condolences for your loss. I'm sure the players would be honored to assist in building a memorial plot in her memory.

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    I'm sorry for your loss, wish you the best in this difficult time. If I played on chaos at all, I would certainly help with a memorial.

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    My heart goes out to you at your loss. I cannot help on Chaos, but my prayers are with you. Your poem is a lovely, clearly heartfelt, tribute to your sister.

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    Thank you all.
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    Default Re: My Sister has Passed 10.10.2015

    ill help out ill be on chaos today around 8pm est.
    When the time to eat a knight is to Roast them till there ready as COOKED spam...
    What can i say? im a Classic dragon looking for a free easy meal?
    Or facing my family... Isent always a Wise decision..

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