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Thread: The Haunting (Halloween RP Event)

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    Default The Haunting (Halloween RP Event)

    You see a gathering of gifted around a Sslik that's standing on a podium; curious you decided to listen in on the announcement.
    "Hear ye, Hear ye."
    You managed to push your way through to the front.
    "There have been sightings of hostile ghosts in the Vandus March, the empire has sent a great many adventurers but they have returned fruitless! We need help from as many gifted as possible!"

    The details are as follows:
    -Halloween event starts at 30th of october 3 PM EST, starting point in Bristugo! (8 PM ET, europe)
    -Its roleplay!
    -Whoever solves the riddles given by the ghosts will get some nice rewards! (Plus others will get some too)
    -Event is low-level friendly!
    -You have to turn off the display name option!
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