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    yeah yeah, I know, there she goes again.

    Anyway, I have truly lost my drive for mods lately due to several personal and other issues, which honestly was one of the last few driving forces for me to even get in game.

    That being said, I'm leaving all my mods as-is and un-uploaded, I don't want to send in, nor leave the community with half-done work.

    I will still pay for my sub, or rather, the person that pays for my sub is willing to keep paying, I'll just very, very rarely play, to the point where I might check in once ever 2 months or so.

    One of the reasons I'm leaving is in fact to focus more on IRL stuff and one of my very own projects. for which I still have to do several textures.
    Scions, I will leave my plot as is for now, however if I feel the need to quit my subscription, I will give you a heads-up well before I do so so you can clear the libraries.

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    I wish you well in your life and good luck with your projects. Farewell.
    Tempus fugit; aeternitas manet. ~Carpe Diem.~
    "Keep up the good work. It takes effort, but effort brings fulfillment."
    Never forget to appreciate each other and stay UNITED!

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    Thanks for the heads-up Meepsa. That's very appreciated!
    I hope the best for your IRL stuff and hope to see you again here and there

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    You will be missed Meepsa. Hopefully we see you full-time again sooner than later.

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    Don't worry it'll change in 5 minutes.

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    Sorry to see you go Meeps, though I wish you the best with what's going on IRL in your life and hope you do come back to us soon.

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    *serves meepsa a container full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy, to help her through this time*
    Good luck on your project work, and hope you are so efficient and re-energized that you come back soon. We'll miss you!

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