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Thread: Strategic tier 6 plot in Harro seeks your help!

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    Lightbulb Strategic tier 6 plot in Harro seeks your help!

    Heya Orderians,
    the tier 6 resources strategic plot in Harro (That's the big one right next to the portal) went back to the Community Manager this tuesday. Thanks to the Nimrods it has got a new owner and a rebuild is in progress - so far the vault is available again but the machines are still to be done.

    If you've got some spare time to help get all up again I'm sure people will be very thankful. *cheers*

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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    Default Re: Strategic tier 6 plot in Harro seeks your help!

    The three shops and a vault is up and running. Thanks alot to the community of Order for helping! That was very impressive.

    Istaria Lexica | Istaria Reference

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