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    I'm just checking in to see how everything is. It's been an awfully long time but I have to say I miss the good old days. Is anybody still around that remembers me?
    Frons Von Frik - Order

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    It depends which server board I think is which.

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    I can't say I do, sadly. Must've been a very, very long time since you were last around - more than 6 years ago?

    As for how everything is, lately the servers are sort of slow and have few players, but the devs are still very diligent on giving us updates and content for the game

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    Woot another spirit returning to Istaria

    I think i remember seeing your name a while ago.. but i can't be certain.
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    Frons!! Wowsers, it has been too long!
    *slips [A Bottle of Dwarven Brandy] alongside a tankard full of klava to frons, presenting it with a towel and a curtsy*

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    I recall about you. You and me sparred a LOT on the forums
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    I remember the name though we only had a few short conversation in passing so I would by no means say I knew you, but of you yes.

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    yo i remember you. i to have not played in a very long time. remember theo and helcat and some others. do you remember me? fellow dwarf. i"ll check back in a few days.
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    more like 10 years lol

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    i remember you very well. remember me primal.

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    Name seems to ring a bell, yes Were you in a guild? Which one? Are you returning?
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