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Thread: Not a Rant, but a Rave!

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    Default Not a Rant, but a Rave!

    Because I don't know where to actually post this, I figured the rant section will do. Sometimes in a bunch of negativity you need something positive.

    I made a suggestion in the suggestion forum which seemed to be misunderstood. I got frustrated, another player got frustrated, and eventually the devs answered, and even sent me a really surprising PM telling me they are considering my suggestion.

    I am raving because I did not expect this at all! This is the opposite of what I've experienced in big MMOs. Also the person who disagreed with me seemed to recognize a piece of information that was misunderstood, and now understands what I was trying to say. I just want to thank the devs and the community for being different and surprisingly very awesome!
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    Default Re: Not a Rant, but a Rave!

    The Istaria community will forever be the best

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    Glad to see you around, Kess! Told ya the Devs ain't stupid (or tried to anyway, hehehe).
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    Your'e welcome. Now sub up and lets get that Dragon's hide toughened up Plenty of monsters about, we need all the claws we can get.

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    A huge part of why I love the community here is because the devs actually DO listen to feedback, fix things that people didn't like, improve where improvements are needed and add in suggestions wherever possible. Something to be said about a small community!

    I'm certainly glad you decided to stick around as well and hope you enjoy your new Eostere beetle along with the rest of what the game has to offer! See you around on Mach/Hetanko~

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