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    An idea I just had about not just hats, but all decorative clothing, shoulderpets, etc. In addition to our "Equipment" window, could we get a 2nd window called a "Cosmetic" window? Nothing equipped in there would apply to the characters stats, etc, but it would be used for the players appearance. If nothing is in the slot in the Cosmetic window, the item in the Equipment window would be used for appearance. This way you could wear shoulder pets without giving up an armor slot.

    Say we had a really nice looking set of t2 gear, and wanted to keep that appearance, we could move it over to the Cosmetic window, equip the t5 gear in the main equip slot.

    Make sure that the default equipped spot, if say I clicked on a piece of gear in my inventory or vault, would always still go to the main equipment window, or this idea would break my crafting gear hotkeys that equip 20+ items in 1 click.

    Not having to give up an equipment slot to wear Feledan Fashion wear etc., would make all of that type stuff much more useful.

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    i really like this idea :-) especially if i can use items from my vault rather than carry them around with me

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    Great idea, would make all the decorative wearable stuff useable.
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    oh yes please- I love that idea- want my parrot always with me
    (fighting epics with parrot on my shoulder--yeeahh- Drulkar save our childly pleasures^^)
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    This would be fantastic. I'd love to wear my mask or scarf while not sacrificing my armor.

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    This is pretty much how most other MMOs do it, they have a cosmetic tab which shows the cosmetic item and hides the actual armor. This way you still get to wear your hard earned or well crafted gear and yet look fabulous.
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