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    I'm curious about something. For the longest time, I thought that the Sleeper was a female. I just read the full text of the ARoP tonight and it has the Sleeper as male. Is there any lore elsewhere that refers to the gender of the Sleeper? There is some vague memory in my head that the Sleeper was a companion to Drulkar in some manner and was referred to as "she". I'm trying to figure out where I got that from.

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    Im very sure I read in one quest "She" I cant remember which one though.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilithia View Post
    Im very sure I read in one quest "She" I cant remember which one though.......
    Drulkar's wraith quest line.

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    Yeah, I swore to god I made a thread on that but I can't seem to find it anymore...

    Anyway, I think she's referred to as 'she' in the Drulkar's Wrath questline by the ghost who gives it. Didn't Karane also say 'she' at some point? Well, probably not, considering Karane only says she's a statue, really. (Well, not so much Karane anymore, but whoever the new guy for the quest text is now)

    I always trusted the ghost because she was alive when - or perhaps before - V'Tieru was ages ago and was among the first ancients, I think. She was the scholar for all of those journals you find in Dralnok's Doom, if I'm not mistaken? So I felt she would know better.

    I know the Sleeper herself says that "if Drulkar is the first dragon, I am the second", which would fit to her being female as a balance dynamic.

    Calling her a he always bugged me in the ARoP so sorry if I seem a lil' militant xD

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    I believe you're correct that The Sleeper is female.

    I've searched through the clientlookup and found these references when searching for "Sleeper".

    The Sleeper has told you his tale of how he was defeated by a sorcerer named Elial. Elial is attempting to return to Istaria and has placed guardians over four pieces of his remains. You're to seek out each of these guardians, obtain Elial's remains and return them to The Sleeper to prevent Elial's return.

    Seek out The Sleeper inside The Rift and speak to him for further direction.

    The Sleeper Speaks...Listen to the whole of his story.

    So looks like these entries should infer her.
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    Thanks. At least I know that I'm not nuts. Well, not completely anyway...

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