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Thread: Questions for rp... maybe ideas?

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    Default Questions for rp... maybe ideas?

    Hey guys! I joined the game recently and I was hoping to get a few questions answered! I also may have some ideas for rp, though I'm sure some is already happening. I'm really excited to get involved!

    1. Where would be the best place for me to go to find rp? I've been around NT, and I have gotten some rp in the past, but I'd like to get more!

    2. RP guilds. Who are ya and how do I join? I've seen some cool ones in the past, and I'd like to see who would like a tiny hatchling!

    3. Any arcs going on? Any places I can fit in? Let me know!

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    Default Re: Questions for rp... maybe ideas?

    All depends on your play time, and schedule. I rarely see rp anymore, mainly due to the times I am online. But try out the "Role-Play" chat channel that's where many rp when busy questing, and stuffs. Also Kion, and Bristugo are main travel hubs. So pop by there, and see if anyone is chillin'

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    Default Re: Questions for rp... maybe ideas?

    Like Darkwing said, there's barely any RP going on these days, in public spaces at least. I haven't come across any in a long time. Most RP I've done is with folks I already know who still play. But! That doesn't mean there's none to be found, especially if you're determined. I'd say start with Marketplace chat actually, it has the most people. While there's no RP there, you can ask who's up for some, meet folks who'd be interested. Of course weekends in the evening hours are your best bet.

    As for RP guilds I have no clue.

    But as a starting point you can always drop me a message if you see any of my characters on, I'm always up for some RP. Generally I'm running around on Thelras, but occasionally I do get on my saris Asandra. Thelras is in the middle of cooking up some interesting things.
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    Default Re: Questions for rp... maybe ideas?

    Thanks guys! I'll take what you said in consideration. Lets hope the inactivity changes. I like the people I've met so far

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    Default Re: Questions for rp... maybe ideas?

    I hope so too, I definitely miss the old days of people sitting around in NT or, well, everywhere.

    I'm not someone who RPs very much, either in public or in private, but what the others said above are pretty much true. There are a lot of role-players on Order, but not enough are on at the same time to just rp in a public space. I have seen some good RP in the Role-Play channel recently, though. (And by good, I mean lasting more than 10 minutes )

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