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Thread: Offering help for Laircraft

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    Default Offering help for Laircraft

    Hello friends, I finaly decided to dig my claws into Lairshaping. Problem is, I has no lair myself.

    And since taking the time to make the construction parts and then hoarding or throwing them into a lava pool isn't really a neat idea, I'm looking for people whom may get use of said materials on their lair(s).

    I'm specificaly looking for lairs which will stay payd and won't dissapear in a month or two. (I have bad experiences on helping friends with lairs which in a month are gone.)

    So if anyone has a stable lair and may use T1/2 comps, just say and I offer my help with it freely.

    Once I get a bit higher on lvl I will make higher tiers if needed, T1 and 2 for now.


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    Default Re: Offering help for Laircraft

    I've got a bunch of t1/t2 rooms, murals, and corridors down at the bottom of my lair that could use some t1 and t2 stuff. Granted it'd be far more t1 than t2 and some materials might be completely finished on them. You'd need the completed lair mod to see a good bit of it, every corridor below the t4 hall has been very low on my list of things to do.

    If you're interested, my lair's outside Chiconis and overlooking the Dead Pool. I'd be willing to cough up 2g if you manage to finish all the t1 and t2 as well
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    Default Re: Offering help for Laircraft

    My lair at Tea on Drakul has upper t1 and t2 work with coin on it (has been for I think years now). It is hatchling accessible, take the Kir'ignat portal that in on guild portal list. Go west and curve around to the frozen waterfall and drop down on the north shoreline. When you reach the pool of flowing water you will be at Tea, lair is named "The Retreat_Study in Fire & Ice". If you need attunement to Kir'ignat see Valkoth the Ancient at Dralk, greet a second time after you get the quest and you are done.

    Let me know if you decide to work on it and I will get you on the permission list for storage access. There is a set of t4 machines and vault in there. Work is on the grand hall. Hatchlings will need to recall to leave, at least I've never found a land route back up to the gate.

    • 152 units Viridian Lattice
    • 251 units Rough Flowstone
    • 218 units Mild Excoriation
    • 93 units Cerulean Lattice
    • 142 units Flawed Maelstone
    • 164 units Flawed Flowstone

    After that the work there is t6. If you really want something else to work on I have another grand hall at Serenity owned by Caliginosus. That one doesn't have coin already on it, talk to me if you want to work there and I can put some coin on it.

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    Default Re: Offering help for Laircraft

    I can take a look on both of your lairs and see what can I do. As soon as Im done with new shipment I will apply it on your lairs half and half

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