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Thread: Distance view reverting back [resolved]

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    Default Distance view reverting back [resolved]

    I have noticed that when I set my Distance to Full view that it reverts back to the mid area to optimize or something due to memory. I have a pretty good setup and I don't lag much, other than the abstract CTD after porting or something, it's fine. I should be able to set my Distance where I want to and it shouldn't be moving away from where I set it. I think at a minimum there should be a toggle to disable or enable this feature.

    I have also noticed and I'm not sure if it's just me or what but, it seems like I can't see quite as far as I used to, was something changed on this?
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    Default Re: Distance view reverting back

    I think this was made to prevent crashes and lags. To be honest,id rather crash right then than constantly change my view distance to maximum. An option to turn it on and off would be very appreciated.
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    Right - when it pulls it back, it says "Istaria is using a lot of memory. Performing immediate pull back of view distance."

    I think this was the result of a ticket I sent in a while back regarding crashing porting into Dalimond. The game just suddenly spiked in memory usage and I crashed, so now the game tries to prolong its stay by hurting your graphics settings.

    Tbh, it drives me absolutely nuts. With how fast I log in these days, I'd rather just crash and log back in. I really appreciate the effort of trying to stop crashing, I honestly do, but I also really miss my view distance and high graphics. (It also forces me to use medium graphics)

    It's got all the best intentions, but I'd appreciate an option or something, at least. The game may as well not even offer higher view distances/graphical settings if it just keeps reverting it on me everything 5 minutes.

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    Default Re: Distance view reverting back

    I find it annoying myself, but I think I can handle it compared to constant crashing. I'm sure they'll find an alternative fix before it gets too irritating.

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    With the 390.25 client (on Blight as of 2016-MAR-29), the memory cleanup has been adjusted to occur at 3GB of memory use, instead of 1.4GB of memory use. 390.25 has been updated to use large memory allocation, thus allowing the cleanup to be pushed out. Please note that if you only have 2GB of system memory, things will get very slow (unless you pull in your view distance).

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