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    Default Kylisha's Chronicles

    OOC: In the spirit of an impulse of an idea that came to mind after a discussion in Skype and also along the lines of BrightCat's idea, I was inspired to write a bit for my character, Kylisha Pyrrithia. I'm not sure how often I'll update it, but I certainly will when inspiration strikes! The point of view will likely not always be the same, and may change, depending upon what I need/want to convey, so I hope you don't get too lost with that shift in perspective!

    And some of this will be out of date... of course, by now she's a fair bit more experienced... but I'll catch her up!


    Wow, is it already the 25th Rising of Cramh?

    Six years is a long time for anything... wouldn't you think?

    That's about how long it has been since I left Istaria, due to the chaos that embraces our world, which I never wanted to have a part in fighting against.

    My name is Kylisha Pyrrithia.

    I'm the daughter of Kytitia Pyrrithia, the realm of Order's most powerful Sorceress, and step-kitten to Scarlitt Showers. I actually have three sisters, but my sister, Kytali Pyrrithia and I are her first kittens.

    It was only about... hmm... I think... two or three months ago that I learned my sister Kytali had decided to retreat from the battlefield and has been either inactive, or trying to recover her strength. I'm not yet sure specifically what her reasoning is, to be honest, though I hope she doesn't plan to stay away for too long and I also hope that she is alright.

    My father is... ironically, a dragon, as unexpected as that might be, but not entirely impossible either. His name is Moregla Umbar and he is a vassal to my mother. That in itself is a long story, but if you are curious to learn about him, I'll gladly share the details another time.

    As I said, about two or three months ago, mother sought me out and informed me that Kytali had retreated from the field of battle and felt that it was prudent that I at least know that about her. She also informed me that during my time away, after her bonding with Scarlitt that the two of them had decided that they would like hatchlings... or would it be kittens? of their own. Through a complex ritual, mother and Scarlitt were successful and thus, now I have two new sisters who aren't yet old enough to venture out.

    It feels a bit odd, actually, to be the older sister now, when I was the youngest before... but with Kytali gone and with two new sisters of my own, reluctant as I am, I feel I must step up to carry the torch that Kytali has left behind and fight alongside both of my mothers and to protect my two younger sisters, Xianvydami and Aaelifaria. Although, I have to wonder where did they get THOSE names?

    To share a little bit about myself with you, as I'd said earlier, I never wanted to be a part of this dreadful war and so I left to a secluded area... and no, I'm not going to tell you where, because that's MY place and my fortress of isolation. I decided to live with the land, cultivating it and making my living off it.

    It's why I say six years is a LONG time for anything... I've been doing it for that long.

    At any rate, after I learned about my new sisters and my older sister's retreat, I decided I should return and try to help mother, both of them, protect and defend our world. I know I already have six years of life experience... but I have absolutely no combat training in the least and fortunately haven't had to deal with the risk of death since I was born. Because of this, I don't know if the Gift actually protects me... let's hope I don't have to find that out...

    I felt that I should make notes on my adventures and journeys now though... since I both don't know if the Gift protects me and because if the worst should happen and it doesn't... I'd like there to be at least some memory of me...

    Mother feels that I need to go to a place called Spirit Isle, to speak with trainers there and learn to fight.

    Well, I suppose I'd better get started and hope that things aren't TOO bad... I'll write again soon.

    May Merrasat watch over and protect all of us.
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    OOC: I'll try to date these in about week long gaps...I think that gives it a good sense of progression... maybe even do something like... every week! Though, instead of on Thursdays, I'll go with Fridays or Saturdays, but that's not a promise! just an idea! Also... KINDA depends upon how much progress I make with her in game too.


    The first rising of Lirap....

    It's hard to imagine at how fast time escapes you, you know?

    I have to admit... this has been the LONGEST week of my... um... well, sorta short life.

    You see, after taking mother's advice, I spoke with someone named Ryson Stormbringer on the Spirit Island that mother wanted me to visit. Once there, Ryson told me a lot more about the Aegis threat that we Istarians have to deal with and about how he sacrificed himself to destroy Torrin Macalair and a large number of the Aegis army and forcing them into retreat... I think that would make it about... 16 years ago now?

    It's a bit hard to say with the way time flows for those of the Gifted... it seems many have lost track of it... so that's a bit vague... I suppose though, perhaps that might be a good thing too. At the very least, I'm aware of my own age.

    As I was talking with Ryson and his friends... I can't... recall their names at the moment...

    Hey, cut me some slack! I've been training night and day! They don't like to let you rest for very long!

    Anyhow, after talking with them, I learned about different classes of study both to learn craft trades and to obtain combat skills. I did think of my sister when we discussed it. I couldn't help but remember that she'd decided to follow the path of a Reaver, to tap into the power of her spirit and strike through armor.

    Mother has focused upon the power of Sorcery and her mind, my sister destroys spirits and armor... but I think we need those that should defend against our greatest threat... The Aegis....

    Its not just me that is in danger from the undead, but my younger sisters too... I need to protect them and destroy the Aegis, that's the only way to stop this. From what I learned, I think following the path of a Paladin may be best, they learn abilities meant to specifically destroy the Aegis.

    Granted, Ryson's sacrifice was all well and good, but I get the impression that it might have been a bit pointless. I mean... the Aegis are still here, but what is keeping them here? Shouldn't they have all run off once their leader was killed? That's not, of course, to make light of Ryson destroying a large number of them, as well as himself, but it makes one wonder... Is it possible to even end this endless skirmish?

    Maybe I'm just too exhausted right now and I really don't want to fight to start with... I wish that Kytali had not retreated... she and my mothers have both been fighting against them for years longer than I...

    At any rate, my training does seem to be going well, I've taken up the sword to join my family on the field of battle, but there's a lot I have to learn... This massive two-paw sword takes some serious strength and skill to use... no lying about that.

    Perhaps after a little rest I'll pick it up and train more... I'll be in touch and will talk with you again.

    May Merrasat watch over and protect you.
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    OOC: Thinking trying to make these 'entries' in a week's space time frame... might be a bit too restrictive... sooo many things have happened with her in the two weeks I've had her back xD so, won't do them on a 'weekly' basis, just whenever an 'important update' seems to pop up! and I may well need to break up multiple chronicles into separate ones as well, considering how much I've covered and done with her in the short time I've had her back ^.^;


    Sweet Merrasat! The eighth of Lirap!

    I've only been back in Istaria for two weeks and already so much has happened! Its unbelievable! I don't think I'd be able to tell you of my adventures every week, there's just soooo much going on! So, please bear with me this time... a lot has happened just this past week alone and I'd like to try to tell you all I can. I might even break it up to discuss a bit more later.

    I'm thinking though, maybe when I feel something important has come up, I'll let you know. That seems as good an idea as any! So things may come more or less often, at least I'd be able to keep up with it!

    How has so much happened, you ask? Well, you are going to find out why!

    So, here's how it is... All that training they gave me on Spirit Isle was BRUTAL! At first it didn't seem to be too bad, you know... kill a few gruok here, okay, easy! Got some pork steaks from there! They went down with little trouble, surprisingly...

    Then was some spiders there, also easy, if... surprisingly resilient... HOW COULD a spider survive TWO hits with a two paw smashy... slashy sword? At least though, they did fall pretty quickly. The creatures of Istaria are both odd... and wondrous.

    The final test they gave me, though, was fighting beetles. At first I looked at them and I was like 'really? what's the deal with this? They are TINY! What harm could they possibly do?'

    Well, I was soon to learn that those beetles are MUCH more dangerous than one might expect. You should have seen them when I struck one! My MASSIVE, HEAVY sword glanced off their shells!

    How is that EVEN possible? Not only that... but it was only as if I was merely chipping at them... especially when they hardened their shell. I had to use every ounce of my strength to smash through their armor and leave them open to my attacks. Merrasat above... I've never been so exhausted as I was after fighting those little buggers... If this is only the smallest and weakest of ALL the beetles... I'm going to need something extra... maybe fire or something to burn them...or better yet... a hammer so massive that it crushes them into paste.

    That's not EVEN talking about how POWERFUL their jaws are! Oh those... things hurt, even through the scale armor I was wearing... that's some serious power... Now I can understand why mother had so much trouble with Gritus on Kion when she was a kitten...

    Still, it was a hard won fight, true, but I successfully completed my training on Spirit Isle and the trainer sent me off to a place known as New Trismus, which apparently was once a safe haven for young learners like myself, but had been attacked and was now dealing with some serious problems. They couldn't give me the details at the time, but they assured me that it wasn't good.

    So, my first meeting with the Withered Aegis was to be coming up soon, from the gist of it....

    Well, they weren't wrong, they really weren't wrong... no sooner had I stepped free of the portal gate and gone down to the town to speak with the marshal, only to have to help them repel an attack before I could even speak with the Marshal. Judging from that alone, I had a feeling that things were much worse than I expected. Thankfully though, we repelled the attack and then the Marshal took me aside to speak with me, having somehow known that I was a newcomer to the Island.

    We talked for a little bit, but he felt that I should find the trainer that my trainer on Spirit Isle had wanted me to find first. He pointed me to a burned out building where I found him and then I undertook the next stage of my training.

    Oh right, in case you didn't know, or aren't familiar with the way our training works. I've decided to follow the path of a Paladin, but in order to do that, I must first train as a Warrior and then eventually as a Cleric to gain enough skill to be able to fight the Aegis both with blade and their ultimate weakness, Life magic, of which, we Saris tend to have a natural aptitude. I can see already that the path I feel I must walk will be both a long... and difficult one. Anyhow, that's a little besides the point.

    My trainer on New Trismus was a warrior known as Sergeant Gaedin, he felt that I needed to refine my skills as a warrior before undertaking the Marshal's task. He's the trainer... so I thought that I should trust him a bit more than the Marshal himself. I didn't like the idea of leaving the town undefended, but there were skilled town guards able to help protect it as I trained.

    It almost feels that my entire life has become about training, to be honest... but my younger sisters and family drive me to become stronger... I must grow so that I can be the bastion that the Aegis must destroy before they can get to my little sisters. I know it won't be easy... and it hasn't been so far, but I'll persevere.

    Merrasat and my family will grant me the strength I need.

    I'm sorry... I got a bit distracted...

    I'm really not used to having to do all this fighting and training... It's a bit overwhelming, to be honest. I never liked the idea of having to fight and I still don't WANT to fight, but I have no choice... not with my sister, who HAD to be the strongest Reaver I'd ever known, gone. It's so much to have to take on at once, even with my mothers and our family friends helping out... how DO you veterans endure it?

    I don't think I actually felt this worn out all the time when I was living on my own. It puts things into perspective on just how hard things really are for the Gifted that choose to fight to defend all of us Istarians. You Gifted... are honestly under appreciated and taken for granted... So I'm going to say it now, 'Thank you, all of you, for working as hard as you have to protect those of us who have never lifted paw or talon in this stalemate.'

    I also don't understand why everyone keeps referring to me as one of the Gifted... didn't I say before that I don't even KNOW if the Gift protects me? Do all these people just ASSUME that EVERYONE they meet is protected by the Gift? Seriously... they need to stop that stereotyping... What about those of us who don't know... or might not even be Gifted? It's... rather unfair that they assume this and make us do soooooo many things for them and say 'Oh, you are Gifted, that's fine, we'll just throw you at everything to deal with our problems, because we are too scared.'

    GRRRRR!!! That's so annoying... REALLY! I'm not doing this because I KNOW I'm Gifted, or that I think any less of those that AREN'T Gifted. I'm doing this... because there are those I need to protect... and there are those that have been defending us for so many years. I feel I must do my part to help... in some way or other.

    Sorry... sorry... I got off on another tangent... I'll try to get back to the matter at paw.


    Anyhow, now that I got that off my chest, I actually do feel a little better...

    Now... to focus... take a breath... relax *breathes in and breathes out* OK... set...

    Sergeant Gaedin's training was just as intense, if not more so than the Spirit Isle training, but it did help me become much better as well... Still, this two-paw sword is not easy to wield, nevertheless. I've needed extensive guidance and tutelage with it, but I don't want use another weapon, because my sister, Kytali's, weapon of choice IS a two-paw sword. I want to become as strong as she was... and using her weapon of choice, I think, brings me even closer to her.

    I still managed to successfully complete his training though and then took his advice to help the Marshal, since he felt I was strong enough to be able to finally help against the Aegis and break the Siege of New Trismus, but my role in that part will come at another time.

    I think, at the moment, I've talked about enough for one conversation, but don't worry! I'm not done with this tail *she winks with a giggle* yet. I always do enjoy the time we have together to talk about our lives with one another.

    Until the next time, may Merrasat watch over and defend you.

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    Okay, here we are again!

    You know, I feel I need to say this now. I really appreciate your willingness to listen, it is nice to have met some people I can talk with and just... share things with, you know?

    I mean, I now all of us have a lot going on for us... Gifted or not... but that you take the time to talk with me and at least hear me out, it makes us, or at least me, feel better. This whole stalemate has been going on for so long... its a marvel to see so many still fighting against our sworn foes. It's also nice to learn that there's others who have been in my booties....

    What? There's no need to look at me like that! I'm not insane! *huffs* Hey! Booties just sounds so much better and cuter than... shoes... or clogs... or boots... Besides, my footpaw armor LOOKS like booties... at least, a little bit anyhow... That's getting so far off tangent though! No need to tease me!

    ANYHOW! Like I was saying... *pauses* OH ALRIGHT! FINE! 'BOOTS!' then... *grumbles* but I like my booties better....

    Okay, all teasing and technicalities aside, thank you... There's still a lot to talk about, but the bottom line is; 'Thank you for being here for me.' It DOES mean a lot.

    Okay, now, for really real anyhow. When we last left off, I'd just finished my training with Sergeant Gaedin and he felt that I was ready to help against the Aegis and to protect New Trismus.

    This part will cover the role I played in fighting against the siege, but I'll try to summarize where I can.

    You see, what's really neat is that, shortly after I finished my training and spoke with the Steward Marshal, I ran into a LOVELY golden hatchling. While normally most of us bipeds couldn't really tell whether a dragon is male or female, I could actually scent that it was a girl, after all, my step-mother IS a dragoness and so are a large number of our family friends, which, ironically enough, are mostly dragons.

    HA! Take that you silly Lunus dragons... always wanting to dominate and make us submit to you... THESE dragons... mostly dragonesses, get along well with us bipeds and have been LONGTIME friends of my mother, Kytitia. Sorry, got sidetracked again... I tend to do that, so please bear with me. I'm a Saris after all, our attention is all over the place!

    So, back to the lovely hatchling, -hmmm... wonder if I'm just biased towards female dragons, but she IS a lovely hatchling-

    Right... right... I'm trying to pay attention! Sorry! I'll stop as best I can! This hatchling's name was Talenth Goldclaw, okay? She didn't seem to be TOO much older and I think she might actually be a little bit younger than I, but she was also speaking with the Steward and I overheard the discussion, which... pretty much was EXACTLY what he'd JUST told me! Seriously... we were BOTH there, why does he have to repeat himself when we both heard him just as well? Isn't that just wasting breath and time? There's Aegis to destroy!

    Okay, right, silly Steward aside... because I'd overheard them talking, right in front of me, I asked her if it wouldn't trouble her for us to work together to fight and attempt to break the siege. She seemed to be a little shy, to be honest, but seemed to have an overall, hmmm... gentle demeanor, but she was also very energetic... like a Saris wrapped up in dragon scales!

    She accepted my request and we joined forces to try to break the siege upon New Trismus. It was quite the challenge, really, this was my first time ever fighting the Aegis and they are very strong. Even using my two-paw sword, it took more than one strike to destroy them. I think it took me longer to defeat one than it did Talenth actually.

    I didn't really notice it before, but there was a sort of quiet, inner strength she had that suddenly... exploded with the ferocity of a Northern Berserker. Her magic was incredibly devastating! She was destroying them with just one and two spells! I couldn't help but get the impression that there's something more to her than she'd usually show when it came to fighting against those that threatened her, or those she's trying to protect. In a way, she reminded me of myself, the reason why I've taken up this sword to protect those that matter to me.

    We didn't talk together too much, as most of our attention was taken by the Aegis we were hunting and we needed to stay sharp to protect ourselves, although, admittedly, their attacks didn't seem to even faze her... How can a dragon that's around my age, if not a bit younger be so powerful? I'd like to find out her secrets eventually, maybe I could use them too.

    The Blight has more or less covered all of the Island of New Trismus... which makes it hard to believe that at one point, it was lovely. Mother had told me that before, the blight touching it was only in a very small pocket and that there used to be a lot more life there, as opposed to the unlife that now plagues it. The very thought of what they did to that island... extending even further than that... made me shudder. I can't let my sisters be without a defender in a world like this... I just can't... I have to m Iaster this path that I've chosen so I can destroy them where it hurts most.

    Talenth and I spent a lot of time running missions for the varying outposts and camps scattered all over New Trismus and I've come to understand, just how dangerous the Aegis really are. We fought tooth and claw, tearing through the Aegis ranks and making our way to the very heart of their stronghold, only to find that the one we thought had led the attack on New Trismus, was actually following orders from another, even more powerful Aegis. Both Talenth and I were shocked to learn that it wasn't at all anything that we'd expected. As we uncovered more information, we found the 'Invae' as they are called 'true hideout'... and it wasn't even in the Dreadlands of New Trismus.

    Weary, the two of us fought our way to their leader, but the creatures protecting Urdorakhh, I think is his name, were much more powerful than either of us anticipated. Talenth and I fought our hardest but they pushed us back... The creatures that did so were known as 'Aegrors'...

    *she shudders and shivers at the memory*

    They are hideous, twisted, creatures that might have once been human... or perhaps another race at one point, and yet, somehow, they strike with the fury of a terrible galestorm. I devoted myself to protecting Talenth and defended her to the best of my ability, but we were overwhelmed... or... at least I was....

    Its an odd thing... death... the path to it is agonizing... but when it finally claims you... its like a gentle, comforting embrace that steals away all your pain and suffering... yet in that moment... you also see everything you ever dreamed and hoped in your life... you feel it as if you actually had it and then... nothingness.

    It's true... in spite of our best efforts, the Aegrors managed to kill me as I defended Talenth. On the one paw... at least I discovered that, in fact, I am protected by the Gift, but on the other... the one thing I remember most... is the feeling of failure and regret at not being strong enough to defend those I wanted to...

    It is not a pleasant feeling... feeling that you are powerless to make a change... or a difference in a terrible world that will be wiped clean from existence if we don't do anything about it. There's also knowing the pain that those the Gift does not protect... I suppose now, I can somewhat understand why all of these people WANT us to be Gifted.

    There's two ways I feel about this though... One the one paw... to me... it feels like they are being selfish... that they are ungrateful and want to take us for granted, or that we are the ones that should do EVERYTHING for them. Death is scary, true... but how can anyone live with themselves... knowing that they aren't willing to stand up to protect and defend those that they care about. There's no explaining the rage I feel about that.


    Even before I found out that the Gift does, in truth, protect me... I was STILL willing to stand up and fight to protect those that matter.

    On the other paw... I can understand the desire to avoid death... to avoid facing a foe so heartless that they don't even think twice about cutting you down... no matter who you are. Kitten, hatchling, pup, baby, elderly, young... anyone... just another corpse to add to their army.


    I feel now, all the more strongly about following a path meant to destroy the Aegis. I'll become the best Paladin I've ever known and I'll fight my hardest against the Aegis, for my mothers, my sisters, those that cannot protect themselves and the ones they love... and yes... begrudgingly, the ones too cowardly to try to protect those that matter, though... perhaps I feel a bit less strongly about protecting them than any of the others....

    *sigh* I suppose there will always be those that don't have the willingness to fight...

    Anyhow... sorry that I got a bit introspective there....

    Just... dying brings a new perspective to life... and it... disheartens me to see first-paw as well as experience the Aegis like this...

    To get back to the story, I found myself back just outside the town, near the shrine, feeling a bit unwell, but otherwise whole. I think I might have brushed against that shrine as I'd run past it during some of my other training...

    At any rate, I called to Talenth and checked on her, she'd managed to defeat them after they'd defeated me and then had retreated to wait for me to return to her side. It... did take a bit of running... but we got back together and were a bit more careful in how we dealt with them.

    After a bit of effort, we managed to destroy the leader... or at least temporarily put him down and we returned to New Trismus, where we were hailed as heroes and defenders of New Trismus.

    After such a grueling sortie, Talenth and I decided to go our separate ways, for now, and get some rest, which I was rather thankful for.

    I think I'll try to find her again... I'd like to both thank her... and train to become even stronger with her too...

    So, will you let me know if you see or find her? I'd appreciate it, thanks.

    There's more to talk about, of course, but I think... that should do for now.

    May Merrasat keep and protect you until we meet again.

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    There's no end to the wonders of the world of Istaria that I get to experience each day...

    I never really appreciated it before, since I'd left to live my life as I did... never went exploring... never tried to see what the world has to offer. I wonder... was that the right choice? Am I no better than those that are too cowardly to even try to defend those that matter?

    All these years... I've been living happily on my own, being like many of the citizens of Istaria, taking the Gifted and those that choose to fight for granted...

    Was I wrong not to want to fight? I still do not want to fight either... but the more I learn about the Aegis... the worse I feel about what I'd chosen to do for the last six years of my life. I don't like taking the lives of others... although, I guess with the undead, it doesn't matter one way or the other. They'd be just as quick to do so as me.

    In the course of my training... I've had to test myself against the innocent creatures of Istaria, to get stronger... as I gain experience and skill, I can't help but feel that the more I kill... the easier it will become. It's like... EXecution Progress... the emptier I let my heart become, the easier it is to raise my blade against others.

    Its a scary feeling... I don't want to become someone... or something that looks at life as just another thing to be quelled... doesn't that make us more or less just like the Aegis? Its an uncomfortable thought... execution progress... I must fight to preserve life... but I must take life to help life. Its a terrible paradox... if I don't, they will...

    Kytali always seemed to have a bit of a bloodlust, perhaps the dragon within her is more dominant than it is within me. Perhaps that's also why she was able to bring herself to follow the path of a Reaver, although it doesn't make me marvel at just how powerful she is too any less....

    I must train and become stronger, but so too must I try not to let the blood of so many upon my blade taint my own heart... It makes me wonder just how many people have given themselves over to the carnal desire of blood-letting... how many were once like I am now... but have changed into something different, something that wasn't them before.

    Merrasat give me the strength to hold onto my reverence for life.

    If its not already obvious enough, I'm conflicted here, my friends. What are your thoughts? I'd like to see your perspective on things too.

    Even so, as I said, I must yet train even further, which brings me to the next part of our discussion.

    If you recall, Talenth and I fought to break the siege on New Trismus and we hope that all that effort we put forth is not completely in vain. Perhaps the people on the Island can better defend themselves now...

    Unfortunately, I can't stay there forever, the trainers have nothing further they can teach me and Sergeant Gaedin feels that I should return home, to Kion, to see what I can do to help them. He says things are just as bad for them, if not worse than they are on New Trismus.

    Guess what is causing the trouble? Yep... you got it... of course, you also have years of experience already, so that shouldn't have come as a surprise, but yes, the Aegis... What place ISN'T under siege by them in some manner or other yet? Aside from Spirit Isle? I wouldn't know... I was isolated for most of my life and things have drastically changed in the six years since my departure.

    I did take Sergeant Gaedin's advice though and I moved on to Kion. It actually was kind of nice to return home to the land of my people, even if its not my actual home. I'd forgotten what it was like there, so I'm glad to have the chance to help them out.

    To be honest though... my training and guidance from Matthias has been... rather minimal, but what he has done though, has been to help me gain proficiency in my weapon of choice, the two-paw sword. Ironically though, despite that, his training has been even MORE brutal than the trainer on Spirit Isle AND Sergeant Gaedin!

    How is this possible? Well, he's been training me personally, day in and most of the day out. I was hurt a bit though... when he called me 'clumsy and ungraceful, ill-befitting a proud Saris'. I tried to explain to him that I've never had any combat training, aside from what I've JUST started doing with the other trainers. He didn't like the sound of that and doubled my training. I thought I was exhausted after the prior training I've endured, but this has been much worse...

    Our family friend, Ryshayria Kyshiryia, who is an exceptionally skilled Shaman and Spearmaster, has been there to help me as well. She says that she was once trained by Matthias himself, until she decided to specialize with the spear. She teased me a little, but has encouraged me as well.

    She has said that if I think Matthias is bad, then I need to meet Tareviel, her Elven Spearmaster trainer, who was even harder on her than Matthias has been on me.

    I flinch at the thought... if this training is difficult... just what would it be like to study under Ryshayria's Master? I think I'll pass... I don't even like spears anyhow...if anything would be my 'backup' weapon, it would be a sword and shield.

    Mother told me that Matthias wasn't always this hard on his students though, that it only really started to happen after the Aegis pressed forward and lay siege to Kion itself. If I'd trained under Matthias six years ago, things would have been much more different than they are now.

    I'm beginning to see a trend here... the Aegis are pushing forward stronger and stronger... and I'm beginning to think that those of us that have sworn to protect our realm... have become lax in our duties. Six years ago, New Trimus wasn't under siege... Six years ago, Kion wasn't under siege. I don't like the way things are looking like they are going... how much further have they spread and how much have we lost?

    At least though, Matthias isn't completely cruel with his training, he's also been very helpful as well and he told me more about what I'd need to do to be able to follow the path I desire to do so. He has said that while I'm training here with him, I will need to get accepted into the Clerical Order to be able to gain the skill in Life Magic that I would need for use as a Paladin. He was also willing to coach me further both while studying as a Warrior with him and studying as a Paladin with him. He can't guide me on the specifics for a Paladin, but in general he's willing to help.

    Matthias has also encouraged me to do a bit more... on my own, without guidance from a trainer too, which is what I have decided to do whenever I finish tasks he has set for me.

    In fact, I'd actually been doing a bit of that already, truth be told.

    The other day, I ventured to the Dalimond Peninsula, even though Matthias had not told me to go that far, but he'd said that I should explore and train... which is what I did, curious to see how much stronger I'd become. I found my way to both Bristugo and Dalimond and became attuned to them.

    I'd planned on returning to train more on Kion's warm beaches, but when I returned to Bristugo, I happened to run into another Saris. Her name was Asandra and she's been studying as a Cleric for as long as she's been fighting. I thought this might be a good chance to learn about what a Cleric does and how I'd be able to incorporate their battle style into my own. I asked her what she might be training with and she invited me to come along with her, which I was only all too happy to do.

    When I asked her if she could teach me a bit about being a Cleric, she was willing to do so and as we fought together, she showed me a variety of ways to defend, support, and protect my friends and family. Oddly though, her... demeanor changed as we were hunting together. I didn't think of her much of a 'severe' type, but she seems to have an even more deeply running hatred against the Aegis than I do... it was like... she'd changed entirely into another person as we fought them.

    Even her training methods changed and she became a bit more... ruthless. Like with Matthias, I tried to explain that I had no combat experience and asked her to slowly intensify the training, but she refused, which left me with no other choice but to try and keep up with her. In a way, she reminded me a bit of Matthias... These Aegis change people, even if they don't blight, or infect them... or whatever the case may be. partly why I felt as I did at the start of our conversation. Will I become like her? I hope not... I don't want to become like that... not ever, but by the same token, she was remarkably effective at dispatching our foes and protecting both of us.

    I want to be like that. If I learn anything from her, or pick up any of her habits or skills. I want them to be the ones that'll let me best defend my baby sisters and our world. Asandra, although she frightens me... also inspires me to become even better than I am now.

    I'll need some more time to think things through... and I hope my answers become more and more clear as I continue my training, but although there are things about Asandra that I don't want to become... there are things about her that I do want to become.

    Because of that... I'd like the chance to be able to find her again and train with her even more in the future.

    In the meantime though, you look a bit worn out, this might be a good spot to leave off until our next meeting.

    Until then, may Merrasat guide and strengthen your paws.
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    This is the first time I've had a break in a long while, at least, from training anyhow.

    My training is far from over, of course, but I think it's slowed down a bit, because my foes are getting stronger and I'm trying to rise to match against or put them down. I could train with some of the lesser creatures, but I've just about learned every trick they have to offer and I feel that my learning from them will be minimal at best, so I've been exploring Lesser Aradoth.

    Actually, that DOES bring to mind one thing of particular importance. You see, I was doing something for Matthias, which required me to run to Parsinia. Once there, I learned that there was a patrol that had been lost and the Sergeant stationed in Parsinia asked me to investigate it.

    A missing patrol didn't sound good, so I was more than happy to try to help. It's not good if Kion loses patrols, especially with the ongoing siege. As I went to investigate it, I learned that the patrol had come under attack by none other than an Aegis Patrol. I managed to defeat a few of the undead and found both ruined weapons and a few Saris as well as SSlik that had been slain.

    I'm sorry...

    I was too late to save them and by the time I managed to fight my way to them, I ran into the Aegis patrol's leader, as well as his lackeys. I saw them performing a ritual and I tried to interrupt it, but the Aegis Lieutenant's underlings kept me at bay. It's important to note that I was completely on my own this time... I didn't have either Talenth or Asandra with me and in the midst of battle, the patrolmen were returned to life.... or rather... given un-life and they immediately moved to intercept and defend the Lieutenant just as I destroyed the ones attacking me.

    I thought perhaps, moving to strike down the Lieutenant would be best and I charged through their numbers to engage it. Unfortunately, that also got the attention of others. As I fought the Lieutenant, their numbers grew and swarmed me. Just as I was about to be able to make a finishing blow, one of the Lost Patrolmen... a warrior, I think it was, caught me in a position where I could not defend myself. He struck a fatal blow to me and I fell there on the field of battle... again...

    As my vision faded and the world began to darken, I saw an... almost, ethereally glowing dragon swoop down and devastate them with powerful magic, but I saw nothing else, it was already to late for me, I felt the calling of my spirit in a sort of between world... everything was hazy, but almost immediately I felt a power like no other surge into my body and I was fully restored to prime fighting condition... I couldn't understand how, or why... honestly, but I'd been just about to make my soul recall me to Parsinia.

    As I looked over myself, still a bit confused, the dragoness....

    Yes, she was a dragoness, I could scent her... I'm pretty sure I told you that I could actually identify a dragon's gender. My step-mother IS a dragoness, I've gotten used to the slight changes and undertones to each of their genders. Also, one more thing, I AM half-dragon too, so its easier for me as well.

    Anyhow, she spoke and urged me to quickly look over the fallen Lieutenant's corpse and then escape. After we were at a safe spot, she introduced herself to me, Kaieriastieria Torcheflamme. I actually recognized the the name, since her mother is longtime friend of my mother's as well.

    At any rate, Kyrie, as she asked to be called, looked me over and made sure I was alright, then explained that she'd used a powerful ability to restore me to life without me having to recall... I think it was something... like... a sort of rebirth using primal magic.

    After she was satisfied and I assured her that I was alright, she departed to tend to her own matters.

    I returned to Sergeant Kipson, yes, that's his name, in Parsinia and told him about what I'd learned and what I'd seen. He was more than a bit troubled at the news, but as a token of gratitude, he showed me how to better utilize my weaponry to be more accurate and deadly in battle. Which, I definitely need to become...considering how many times I've been killed by the Aegis so far...

    GRRR! This is TWICE now! Am I not skilled enough to battle them? What's holding me back? How can I become better? Their smugness at killing me annoys me to no end... I must find a way to return the favor! Perhaps I should consider returning to Dalimond to speak with their Paladin, he might have some advice...

    Aside from that horrible misadventure, something else good, actually happened as well. I managed to run into Talenth again and she was with another hatchling... his name is so difficult to pronounce... I think... it was... Jaleeathik? Julaiathuk? Jyraiathuk? Jaliyathuk?

    Ugh... such a difficult name... I think I'll just call him 'J' yeah.. that seems easy enough... I'll refer to him as 'J', should help make my tongue not knot up.

    Anyhow, Talenth seemed pleased to see me again and she introduced me to her friend before inviting me along to train with the two of them. Still upset with the Aegis, I was only too happy to have some friends to train with.

    It's odd... really... I've never really had any friends, considering my long years of isolation, so seeing these two was really something to brighten my day. As I fought to protect them and refine my skills, I began to feel better, something about actually feeling useful made me feel so much better.

    While its true J and I had trouble against some of the foes we challenged, the three of us together worked really well... and effectively too. If you recall, Talenth specializes in magic and long distance battle, so she would draw them to us from a distance and J and I would move to intercept them before they got too close to her. It was a very effective system and I lose count of the number of foes we felled as a team.

    If only I could be THIS effective on my own... those like Kyrie, Talenth, J, or Asandra wouldn't need to feel like they have to protect me more than I want to protect them.

    We spent a long time training together and I have begun to feel myself improving more... even though I still have very noticeable limits, but there's some... feeling I get when I manage to be the one to strike down an enemy that tries to harm one of my friends. I don't want to say its a smug satisfaction, because I don't think that's what I feel...

    I feel... empowered, strengthened, useful, and capable. I know Matthias thinks I'm a clumsy, disgrace of a Saris at times... and... he's quite right honestly... I can swing my sword and miss something completely, even if I'm right there... I need to hone and refine my reflexes... as well as my strength. I don't like it that my trainer feels that way about me and I don't like how it feels when the Aegis strike me down.

    I think I should start to speak with the Clerics here very soon, I'm at least... a partially effective warrior, but Matthias, as well as Sergeant Gaedin in New Trismus have both told me that I need to expand my horizons and broaden my knowledge in order to become an effective and valuable member of a party.

    Maybe this is why the Aegis keep killing me... I've not been brave enough to try to broaden my horizons and knowledge... or... confident enough to try...

    Is this really why I am so weak? so.... helpless... and useless?

    How can I protect my sisters... or anyone... if I'm not even able to contribute and destroy the greatest threat of all?

    *she sniffles as her eyes moisten and fill*

    I think... I think I should go... and be alone for a while...

    I'm sorry...

    I'm sorry, everyone...

    *she picks herself up and rushes off, sobbing*

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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    *some time later*

    I'm sorry everyone....

    I'm so sorry...

    I shouldn't have lost my composure and run off like that last time, but it hurt so much, feeling that way as I did.

    I hurts me to learn and see that I can't even properly fight against the Aegis... especially as one that wants to follow the path of a Paladin.

    I'm going to make things change, I must and I will.

    After I ran off the other day, I needed to spend some time alone to rethink on my purpose in life and how to be able to best contribute to the war against the Aegis.

    I have been studying as a Cleric now and I've spent a fair bit of time practicing as one by now too, using techniques that I'd learned from Asandra's lessons a while back ago.

    I suppose I can expect a lot more heartache and disappointments though, since I'm no longer living on my own and I have to face the Aegis, as well as the creatures of our world to become better. I still don't like the thought that I must fight and I really wish, at times, that mother had never come back to tell me about Kytali and my new sisters.

    Please don't look at me that way... I know it sounds selfish... and maybe even like a spoiled kitten's words, but I'm willing to bet that you've felt that way more than once in YOUR lifetime. Especially since you've been fighting against our foes for way longer than I have. Go ahead and try tell me that you haven't, I won't believe it.

    This war has been going on for so long that I have NO doubt that there are those that feel this way. In fact, don't think that I'm not aware of how many have chosen to retreat, retire, or remove themselves from this conflict. That in itself is enough evidence to tell me that you've felt that way at least once yourself.

    I'm sharing my feelings with you and I don't appreciate you dismissing them like that, or even suggesting that I'm a selfish kitten. You know very well that I'm not doing this entirely for myself, but mostly for my family and our world.

    Now that we have THAT unpleasant business out of the way, we can talk about other things now.

    After my last run-in with the Aegis, I talked with Matthias about what had happened. Surprisingly, he was much nicer to me this time... I don't know if it is because I came back to him crying, Ryshayria talked with him, if Mother did so... or perhaps used her power to make him be nicer...

    Whatever the case may be, he showed me a side of him that I thought him incapable of possessing. A bit of a protective, fatherly side. Its odd... I mean, my father still lives, but... I don't really know him very well. After all, I did spend much of my young life living on my own, away from my family.

    Matthias helped me feel a bit better and once again, we talked about how we could improve my ability to fight and protect my friends. This time, instead of him encouraging me to go out and train even more, he suggested that I speak with Mera, the Cleric Trainer in Kion. He felt that I've spent enough time training under him to be able to effectively battle in any class that I could undertake at this point, but that I'm not yet ready to take my life's calling.

    It made me feel better too, when he told me that despite the Aegis killing me again; the fact that I'd nearly taken down one of their Lieutenants, in spite of their numbers, at my tender age and stage of training was a testament to the amount of progress I've made. Like mother had told me, he has only been this harsh on me, because he doesn't want to see anymore people he cares about destroyed.

    He also apologized for calling me a clumsy disgrace to Saris as well and he told me that my skill, grace, and poise with a weapon as difficult as a two paw sword was actually far better than most of his students. In fact, he told me that most of his students choose to exclusively use the sword and shield, but that very few actually choose to use the two-paw sword or the one paw spears.

    After the horrible day that I'd had, it really helped to get that sort of encouragement from him. At his suggestion, I sought out Mera and now I am currently studying under her, so, I probably won't get to talk with Matthias for a bit, but both he and Mera assure me that learning as a Cleric is a very good step on my path of progression.

    Given my current skill, Mera felt that I should do a bit of solo training first and told me that she'd put together some training for me when I returned.

    Well, by now, I'm used to training and exploring Lesser Aradoth and I asked her if it would be alright if I went to the mainland for a few days. She agreed to allow me to do so and thus I wandered off. I decided to pass through Dalimond on my way to Chiconis to speak with Geriad, the Paladin for some advice. He told me that there wasn't much he could do for me at the moment, because I've not refined my skill with Life magic enough. He encouraged me to find some of my friends and train a bit more as well.

    As I said, it seems that most of my life has become training nowadays, sometimes that's good, but other times... not as much.

    This time, however, it was very good, actually. You wouldn't BELIEVE how much I got done!

    You see, after I made my way to Chiconis, very carefully, I might add....I found one of my friends!

    It was Asandra! Talenth had some other things she was up to, but another friend of hers joined us. Oh, it was quite the shock too!

    Give me a moment! I'll tell you why!

    You see, her friend was a Saris, who is also a half-dragon like me. His name is Lennox and he, surprisingly so, is studying as a Sorceror! That's right! A Sorceror! Like mother!

    Wait... what's he look like? WHY WOULD YOU ASK THAT?

    *blinks for a moment and then flushes red*

    Do I like him? b-but... why would you even ASK such a thing?

    I hardly know him! I mean...I was pleasantly surprised to meet another half Saris half dragon hybrid... and... well, yes, he's not at all BAD to look at... *her eyes fade a moment as they go distant*

    Well... he... looks, kind of like a black panther... with dragon wings... and a dragonlike, LONG tail... He is VERY tall too... so tall I felt dwarfed by him.

    My um... draconic attributes are a bit more subtle though, nothing like his. He's clearly half dragon, there's no hiding that.

    And NO! I'm not going to show you my draconic attributes! That's too personal! *snorts and huffs*

    Will you get off the whole 'Aww, two Saris and Dragon hybrids, how cute!' deal... please? I'm not even interested in him that way... despite the fact that his friend Kiriinae, I think it was, more or less PUSHED him at me.

    *grumps and grumbles*

    Are you ready to get back to what matters? Yes? Thank Merrasat!

    Anyhow, Asandra and Lennox joined me and we decided to test our skills against Iron Boulder Golems. Once we got there, another Saris joined us too, her name was Arlexia and she is a Warrior like myself, or rather... like I was, since I've been training as a Cleric to improve my Life magic skill, but it gets even better!

    You see, we were ALSO joined by yet ANOTHER Saris, her name... um... Caralaerizili... I think it was? Maybe it was... Caraleraezili? Mother had actually told me a little bit about her. I'll just call her 'Cara' for short. Anyhow, mother told me about her because, she's taking her under paw to train her as her Sorceror apprentice.

    Oh you know what? That brings to mind yet another Saris I'd hunted with earlier... her name was Bastette, who studies as a Mage, and I forgot to mention that I'd visited the Isle of the Drowned for a little bit before I decided to come to Chiconis, but sorry... didn't want to forget Bastette either... I did do a bit of studying with her before I found my friends. Though she didn't join me with the others.

    Okay, now, back to the group at paw, Lennox, Asandra, Cara, Arlexia and I challenged the horde of Iron Boulder golems not too far from Chiconis. While we were training, Asandra affectionately called us the 'Itty Bitty Killer Kitty Committee'. *she lifts a paw to her mouth, giggling a bit*

    The name itself makes me giggle every time I think about it, sorry... sorry... but I had to get that out of my system.

    Anyhow, the five of us trained for a long time together and there was no stopping us! With Asandra and I working to protect our friends, none of us were felled and we were able to hold our own.

    Admittedly, it made me feel much better to be able to defend my friends and take down our enemies together. I think that one experience itself, completely turned everything around for me.

    I feel now, that perhaps, I really can become stronger to protect those I care about and to be able to make a difference, eventually. The Aegis are too strong now and I get the feeling that they will always be much stronger than any of us, but together, my friends, family, and allies will be able to fight back.

    I think I need to spend a bit more time as a Cleric before I return to Geriad... and I'd hate for Mera to put all those training lessons together only for me to leave them undone.

    Hmm, now that I think about it, perhaps I should return to her now and let her know how I'm progressing...

    Yeah, that's a good idea.

    We'll speak again soon, I'm sure.

    May Merrasat defend and strengthen you.
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    I've finally done it!

    Finally done what? You say? Well, the very thing I've been working towards since I returned from my long absence, you know!

    I've spent a fair bit of time training as a Cleric now, though, it didn't seem to be as hard as I thought it would be. Matthias and Mera feel that its because I'd trained so long and hard as a Warrior that I was able to handle training as a Cleric.

    After the time I spent with my friends training that one day and after I returned to Mera, she gave me a variety of tests to assess my growing skill with Life magic and determined it be sufficient for Paladin Geriad to evaluate, so she gave me her blessing to seek out a Paladin trainer.

    I spoke with Matthias as well, just to make sure that he didn't have anything else he wanted me to do and he also gave me his blessing to seek out a Paladin trainer. They did, however, stress to me that they'd like me to return once Geriad accepted me as a Paladin.

    The reasoning behind this is that I'll be far stronger and more ready to battle with them to try to break the siege on Kion. I promised them that I would return as soon as I could.

    I'm not a Saris to go back on my word, so I'm actually planning to return to them soon, there's just a few things that Paladin Geriad needed for me to do. Nothing major, like breaking a siege, at least, not yet, but mostly things to get me used to the new path I shall walk as a Paladin.

    Already, I feel empowered to fight the Aegis, but I'm not so foolish as to overestimate myself anymore. Those two deaths at the paws of the Aegis have taught me a great deal and I'm thinking that although I feel that using my sister's weapon of choice will bring me closer to her, I also need to recognize when I need to use other tools at my disposal. I've decided to start carrying a one paw sword and shield, so that I can better protect myself when I don't have my friends around to support me. My primary weapon will always be my two-paw sword, because when I hold it... I feel my sister's strength flow into me, or at least, it feels like it.

    I know that may seem odd, but although I've not seen my sister for quite some time, I still feel that we have a strong bond. Sometimes, when I'm feeling lonely and my mothers or friends aren't around, I can hold my sword and it feels like Kytali is sitting right there with me.

    I did manage to meet up with my friends again though, the ones I trained at the Iron Boulder Golems with, so I was thrilled to share the news with them, that Geriad had accepted me as a Paladin. Since I was already doing things for Geriad around the Tower of Clerics, my friends told me that they'd like to join me as I fought against the Tremendous Ruxus. I'm very glad they did too, because they are exceptionally difficult for me to handle alone. Fortunately, I've not been slain, but its come close a few times and the thought of being slain again bugs me, so I've started retreating much sooner than I used to.

    Oddly though, Paladin Geriad doesn't want me to give up my Warrior and Cleric training completely either. He says I should train with each of them, right alongside my training as a Paladin, because both of them will help make me even stronger than I would be as a Paladin alone.

    He's my trainer and he seems to be a very trustworthy, if overzealous, person at times. I'll follow his guidance and together, we'll make me into the very best Paladin I can be. He has said there's even more I could learn to better prepare myself as a Paladin, but for now, training as a Warrior, Cleric, and as a Paladin will be most effective for me.

    I tried to ask him to clarify this for me, but he said he will do so when he feels I'm ready for it. I tried pushing him for more details, but he steadfastly refused. There's no swaying him, so I suppose I'll have to trust his guidance until he's ready to tell me.

    I really should get back to Kion, I would feel terrible if the siege overwhelmed Kion before I got there...

    I know this is a bit short, but this was the highlight of my past few days and I'm eager to try out some of the new things I learned from Geriad upon the Aegis as I fight to break the siege on Kion. Not to mention... pay them back for the times they've killed me so far...

    I'll let you know what I find out the next time we meet, so until then, may Merrasat comfort and grant you a peaceful rest.

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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    I learned the most amazing thing the other day, or rather, I received word from a courier of the most amazing thing, the other day!

    You see, as I was running some errands for Geriad, Mera, and Matthias, I stopped by Harro for a bit, having needed to make a visit to our Guildmistress' Lair to get some supplies for my next journey.

    Who's my Guildmistress? Well, her name is Sikeolitrii Shadowshade, though, I'm not too sure why you would want to know that, as its a little besides the point.

    Anyhow, a long-time friend of ours, Ritarathi Isminei found me in Harro after she was returning there to rest for a bit, doing... whatever she was doing at the time. Anyhow, as I made my way towards the lair, Ritarathi stopped me and delivered a message. I wasn't sure who it was from, or more specifically, why she would find me, as I'm... not exactly the strongest member of my guild, the Umbral Coalition and further, that I've only been returned to Istaria for a short while.

    The thing is, Ritarathi had been doing some hunting in the East, by which, I mean THE EAST, the Dreadlands of darkness and terrifying nightmares that'll haunt you for YEARS after you've seen just one of them. According to her, she'd been traveling and making her way towards the Barrier Vale, seeking the Adamantium Golems, but had to make her way from the very southern part of the East after helping some of her friends with some intensive training. They'd finished up a bit ago and Ritarathi still had things she needed to collect.

    Anyhow, to get to the point, the message she had was from my sister. No, not Aaelifaria, or Xianvydami, but my older sister, Kytali. YES! My sister Kytali! The one that mother Kytitia had told me had withdrawn from the field of battle. You see, Ritarathi actually ran into my sister fighting within the trenches there and Kytali wanted to speak with me.

    Ritarathi's message told me that Kytali wanted to meet me in Dralk as soon as possible, if not outright go into the East. Well, obviously, I'm well aware of the limitations to my power and the horror stories I'd heard from there... I felt it best not to take the bait. Kytali always did like throwing us into extravagantly dangerous situations, just to test her strength to show off just how powerful she was.

    No thank you, sister, I'm not about to run into the stronghold of the Aegis at my current skill...

    Anyhow, I decided to ask my sister to meet me in Dralk, I felt it was safer for me to meet her there. Ritarathi delivered my message for me... because, well, I know she's one of the strongest hatchlings I know, aside from Talenth and the hatchling... Pastle, I think her name is. There may be more, but I don't know all of them, so... doesn't change the facts.

    I decided to wait for my sister at the shrine in Dralk and true enough, she came, reeking of blight and death... ugh... the smell nauseates me, but at least the intense heat of the place seared it away...or at least masked it with the thick ash in the air.

    She took me to a relatively recently constructed portal a bit in the outlands of Dralk where a curious gnome was, who seemed to be a bit... shifty... I was a bit on edge because of the gnome's behavior, but with my sister there, I did feel safe.

    Turns out though, there was nothing to be afraid of, just that the gnome had been doing some tinkering to get a portal to link to a world known as the 'Fiery Rift', apparently a place that the dragons, or Ancient Council, in particular don't want bipeds to access. Kytali assured him that I wouldn't tell on him and made me promise to keep quiet to keep him safe. Well, I don't see why she would feel like she had to make me promise... I would have tried to protect him anyhow... She's so... bossy and demanding at times, but I love her anyhow.

    After all that though, she told me that she'd not actually left the field of battle and that instead, she'd traveled to another plane. The plane of Fire... of which the Fiery Rift is connected. She'd told me that her spiritual attunement needed to be refined and improved so that she could better utilize her Reaver magic against our enemies. So it seems she'd gone to do some personal training and growth while I was away, which was rather comforting. It means that we'll be able to spend more time together, at least, when I get stronger.

    We spoke for a long time together and she gave me something very, very special that she'd acquired a long time ago, with mother's help. I didn't understand why she'd want to give me anything, especially something as meaningful as this weapon...

    Hmm? Oh? You want to know what it is? Well, I was getting to that, so it wouldn't kill you to be a LITTLE more patient you know! *huffs and crosses her arms upon her chest*

    Anyhow, this weapon is a legendary sword, once wielded by the Paladin Geriad himself! It is known as 'The Zealot'. As she gave it to me... the raw power that courses through the blade made my fur stand on end and left me tingling and warm. I can't really explain it... but as I held it... I felt the power of the ages rippling through it... it literally hums with power and it shimmered brightly as I lifted it up, glowing with a divine light. Somehow... when I held that blade... I felt as if I was many times stronger than I am now... I felt AND saw myself, brimming with so much energy and power as the Aegis wilted before my sister and I as we tore through The East.

    It was only for a brief moment that I felt my true potential revealed to me, but now... I know what I can do, or rather... what I can become. A Protector of Life, Guardian Against Blight... it reminds me of an inscription upon a special gemstone mother once showed me, but the best part is, I now feel that I can become even better, far more stronger than I could ever imagine... and I'll be able to wield my trainer, Geriad's, hallowed blade one day and carry on his legacy.

    I can't help but wonder though... just how would he feel... knowing that I've acquired a weapon that he himself once carried into battle... I hope he thinks I'm a worthy enough student that he'll let me keep it, even though it wasn't me that found it... I MUST become worthy of my great trainer's blessing... I MUST prove to him that this is the one true path for me in my life. I'll show him... I'll show my sister Kytali, I'll show my family... and I'll show all the world that I will not be a weak link in our fight against the Aegis.

    I still do feel unworthy, really, but my sister insists that I carry the blade with me and keep it. She said 'There's a light and a warmth within you, Kylisha. This sword wants you to be the one to bear it.' I'm not sure how to feel about that... I mean... I do WANT to be worthy of it, but... by the same token... am I really the one it desires to wield it? I've failed so much in my training so far... not to mention, I've been killed twice by the Aegis already...

    I just don't know... I really don't...

    I suppose though... I'm still at a very delicate point in my life... there's so much I've been through in the few weeks I've been back... and more still comes... I've not met each challenge successfully and I've struggled through many ordeals already.

    Kytali did tell me some things I could look into, in order to grow stronger. Ironic as it is, she says that mastering a craft class, specifically, Fitter, would grant me a much needed strength gain, much more so than I have now. I asked her about it and she said 'Think of it like this, weight training to gain strength. That's what you'd do as a Fitter, making beams and sheeting, then lifting, moving, and placing them upon buildings. With training like that, there's no way you won't get stronger.'

    I think I'll look into what she said, it does make a lot of sense and if it'll allow me to better protect my friends and destroy the Aegis, all the more the reason for me to master it.

    We talked for a while longer, but she shooed me off, stating that she needed to get back to her own spiritual training and I needed to train as well. Before she left though, she gave me one more item, a special gemstone, a 'Stone of Seeking'. She had me try it out, just to see if I could use it and I tried, but while I felt the power within it... it would not respond to my magic.

    She reassured me that once I grew stronger and more skilled with a type of magic, I'd be able to find out how to activate it. She doesn't know what type of magic I'd need, but that's something I'll need to find out for myself. She told me that she'll be watching and waiting for me to get stronger so that she can help me get even better as we spend more time together.

    We parted ways, but I feel much better now... far better than I've felt since returning to Istaria. I know my sister is still around and she'll be watching me... looking after me and helping me grow. I've not felt this happy in a long while and it gives me strength to carry on and pursue my life's path.

    Well, I suppose I should be going now, I've lingered a little bit longer than I expected to, but I'm glad that you were here to hear me out. I'll return soon.

    Merrasat protect and shield your journeys.

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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    Sometimes, big sisters do offer great advice!

    Why do I say that you ask? Well, lend me your ears and I'll tell you why.

    After I met with my sister a few weeks back, I decided to take her advice and focus on training in craftsmanship instead of hunting critters for a time.

    I spoke with a few trainers and gathered some information first. I tried to immediately find a Fitter trainer, but they told me that they could not accept me for training until I had a certain level of skill with forming metals, smelting, she called it. Oh right, by the way, the trainer I spoke with was in Parsinia, her name is Unaya. While she wouldn't allow me to study under her, she was more than happy to explain to me what a Fitter does, which is pretty much what Kytali told me.

    It seems my sister knew was she was talking about after all! Here I thought she only knew how to wield a blade and magic, but she actually knew what she was talking about regarding something else other than destroying things... which is kind of an amusing irony, because I never pictured her as the type to have the patience to focus on building something.

    Anyhow, Unaya told me that I should speak with an Outfitter trainer, or a Blacksmith trainer and study under them for a time. I decided I'd speak with a blacksmith trainer and returned to Kion. I found one, her name is Kelamina, which, on an off note... is a VERY lovely name for an equally lovely Saris.

    *she pauses, blinks, and then looks back before flushing a shade or two of red*

    Wh-what? Do I like her? W-why would you ask that? Why is it that just because I think someone is lovely... like Talenth, handsome, like Lennox, or lovely like Kelamina.... everyone immediately assumes I am attracted to them like that? Just what are you thinking?

    N-no! I'm not looking into such things right now! *waves her paws frantically as if to ward off the teasing* I've got to become stronger and better able to protect those I value before I even consider such a thing!

    *the playful teasing subsides and she relaxes a bit*

    You are incorrigible!

    *she grumbles and crosses her paws over her chest*

    Anyhow, on a serious note...

    I asked Kelamina to take me as her apprentice and then began to study under her. I had to speak with Mother, of course, to get a bit of coin to purchase what I needed, since... I haven't yet earned exceptionally much coin studying under my martial trainers and the money I did have from when I was living an agrarian life, I told her I didn't want to touch that coin which I'd set aside as I'd earned it, like... a savings of a sort.

    She didn't mind though, and gave me enough coin to buy the formulas I needed so I could start my training. She crafted me the tools I'd need for my own training, providing me with all I'd need to start. Mother also sent me to her... rather our, I suppose, home in Mithril's Anvil to pick up a cargo disk that she'd put in there long ago after she'd finished much of her own craft training.

    I think she also hunted down Kaieriastieria, because after I gathered everything I needed and headed to Parsinia, Kyrie followed soon after and helped me collect the resources I needed while protecting me from the bronze boulder golems at Miner's Mound, once we arrived.

    I have spent many weeks studying and learning about working metal and tools so far and at this point I've become skilled enough to work bronze optimally, but I can't work iron very well right now. Kyrie feels that I've grown skilled enough to work iron regardless and has said not to worry about not being able to work iron optimally.

    When I asked Kyrie about it, she's told me that she's decided that she wants us to go to Mother's plot. I still don't fully understand why, but she told me that she mastered craft long before she ever started to train and hunt, so I suppose, in addition to Kelamina, she's also my trainer. She does seem to know what she's talking about and she feels I could only benefit from following the same principles that she did.

    We are actually packing up now though and I should get back to her. I'd hate to keep her waiting, especially since she's been so patient with me and so helpful.

    I did have this momentary break while we prepared, but I need to return. I'd feel horrible to make her do all the work for us...

    Merrasat guide and lead your path.
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    I think I begin to understand just what Kyrie was trying to explain and why she felt it was alright for us to push forward with working with iron.

    Kyrie and I went to my mother's plot in Mithril's Anvil, known as Mithril's Bastion. She'd already gathered some iron and showed me just how using my mother's plot could help me with my training as a Blacksmith.

    You see, there's many expert level shops upon mother's plot and Kyrie showed me how that using the machines there can both help me be able to better understand more complicated formulas, procedures, and methods with which to improve myself.

    I don't understand how it works... there MUST be some sort of magic that I cannot even imagine here...or built into these shops... maybe that's what magical essence resources built into a shop do... imbue some magic into the facility. It could explain a lot, I think....

    Anyhow, amazingly so, as Kyrie read over the formulas with me while using the machines... its like... the instructions were broken down to be even more clear than they were before, with many sub-steps written into them. I think there might be some sort of magic ink in these formulas that only reacts to the magical light within these buildings.

    That doesn't mean working with the metals became exceptionally easier, but it was made much easier to do in general.

    We've been working with iron for about... two weeks now and I've finally mastered smelting it, but not so much working the tools aspect of it, but Kyrie has told me that I should have more than enough smelting skill for Unaya to be willing to accept me pretty soon. Perhaps when I've mastered the two lower level tool formulas.

    Until that point though, I suppose we should both continue working, collecting, processing, and crafting tools until I'm fully ready to become a Fitter.

    Kyrie promises me that working as a Fitter will be difficult, but more than worth it. She actually helped mother Kytitia with her own training at some point too, so I think its a bit of a nice thing that she's also willing to help train me too. She's also a much nicer trainer than some of my other trainers have been...

    But don't go telling them... or her that... okay?

    The reason I say that is because... I sense... some sort of deep hurt within her... something that she feels guilt and remorse about. I've noticed how she seems to drift off into her thoughts a bit. I'm not mother, so I can't read her mind, but its obvious enough to me that there's a lot more that she's dealing with than I may ever know.

    So... I don't want you to tell her, because I don't want her to think that she's doing something wrong with me... and to be honest, I'd like a break from a hard-pushing trainer for a while...

    So... keep that between us, okay?

    I think I really should get back to work though...

    I've taken a long enough break and I still have a lot more training I need to do before I'm ready to study as a Fitter and begin to grow from there.

    May Merrasat grant you bountiful resources and ease of harvesting.
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    It's the Second Rising of Mya and I think things are going pretty well, actually.

    I've continued training as I study in the craft class of Fitting and I've been training long and hard enough that I've finally mastered iron, as well as nickel... or... dark iron as Kyrie said it has now become known as, even cobalt, actually.

    Admittedly, there hasn't been too much of significance to report since the last time I spoke with you, aside from my extensive training. Unaya has rated my skills as those of an expert level, but not yet complete. I think she said roughly around.... season 80.

    I've actually started working with mithril, although I've not been working with it for very long. Mother has actually come to start helping me now, as well as Kyrie's aunt, Aikafina Torcheflamme.

    Why, you ask? Well, Kyrie said that she felt it would be better for Mother and Aika, as she likes to be called, to help me collect the resources I need. You see, the mithril I've just started working with is in a very dangerous location, not far from Mother's plot and although Kyrie appreciated my help with nickel and the others, she feels that trying to help with mithril is only going to make it very dangerous for me. That's why she reported to Mother and Aika, so that they can collect the resources we need.

    Kyrie also told me that she's not going to be training me any more at this stage, since it would be kind of pointless to be here with both my mother and her aunt here.

    I actually can understand that, but I'll be forever grateful that Kyrie spent as much time as she did with me. We've become good friends in the time we've been studying together, so one day... I'll pay her back.

    While we are good friends... I still haven't worked up the courage to try to push and ask her what bothers her when she drifts off into her thoughts as she's often done so. I started to, once, but she became very defensive and closed up, refusing to speak. Whatever it is... I get the feeling its something terrible that eats badly at her... but I have no idea how to help her. I'd like to, somehow, one day.... figure it out... and maybe help her come to terms with it....

    It pains me to see my friend in pain... but it hurts worse that I cannot do anything about it either.... I know there's a lot I have to deal with myself, but she shouldn't try to carry such a burden all on her own. Maybe... as our bonds deepen, she may open more to me, but until then, I'll just do what I can to make her experiences around me pleasant and perhaps help take her mind off it... or rather, try to keep it away from those thoughts.

    I've considered asking mother to look into it, but I don't get the feeling that she'd be willing to do so without good reason.

    Anyhow... sorry for getting sidetracked, but that was something I wanted to speak about, at least, it feels like a little bit of pressure is gone from my chest. Maybe those of you who are even better friends with Kaieriastieria can try to find out for me and do what you can to help her too?

    Back to my training though, I've begun to feel immense strength flowing into me now, the longer I work in this class, making ingots, tools, and building pieces. Kytali was right! This training has definitely made my physical strength grow immensely and its like... there's sooooo much tension... not tension like... 'ow sore muscles!' but tension like... arms twitching with the sheer amount of strength I've obtained.

    My sword paws twitch; they are eager to find use again and utterly SMASH and DESTROY the Aegis! All this newfound strength... its making me antsy... I just want to... find something to smash to bits and release all of this built up tension.

    Is this normal? I still don't WANT to fight and kill things... but now its like... my body is aching to see some action... it wants to, but I don't... if that even makes any sense at all...

    I'm not aggressive... really!

    I mean... I guess I DO feel a measure of glee and excitement in battle and it is very satisfying to kill something that dares attack my friends... but I'm worried...

    I've been feeling a mounting bloodlust... like that which Kytali and Asandra have.

    Why is this happening? Is this the dragon within me awakening and begging for release or acknowledgement? I don't want to turn into someone who ENJOYS spilling the blood of those that would dare stand against me. I really hope this is just a passing thing... but if it starts to become unbearable... I might need to speak with mother... or Kytali and see what I can do about it.

    At any rate... both Aika and Mother Kytitia collect resources rather quickly and these shops and silos fill up fast... I'd better not fall too far behind... so I need to get back to training...

    May Merrasat grant you bountiful yields and rich fields.... and give me the strength to tame this bloodlust...
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles


    I'm not sure how much more I could have endured of that...

    Hmm? OH! Right! Well, I've completed my training as a Fitter! I feel like a coiled up spring just ready to burst and explode.

    The strength I've attained is unimaginable! Remember how I mentioned I was beginning to feel a bloodlust rising? I was getting particularly cranky and somewhat mean to others...

    So, I want to apologize for that... I'm sorry, I'll try to keep that in check in the future. I don't know why I felt that way and continue to feel like that.

    I can't help but think that its my draconic side wanting to express itself. I think that the natural, killing and hunting streak that lives within all Saris and moreso in dragons can only be denied for so long. Now I don't know if this is for certain... I mean, I did spend six years of my life not hunting anything. Maybe now that I started fighting, the dormant warrior's blood within me has awakened and perhaps it affects me a bit more than it would others. I suppose, if that's the case, I can understand why Kytali enjoys herself so much in the thrall of battle...

    It makes me feel so destructive... and cruel... and I don't like how that feels either...

    Maybe I'll find a trainer that can help me with mental conditioning and fortitude so I can better channel those energies and control them... Perhaps a Monk? Maybe a Sorceror? What about a Berserker? Hmm... that's a thought... Guard Kerrak in SSlanis was always going on about channeling inner rage...

    At the time, I wasn't as clear-minded as I am now, so I decided to submit to that bloodlust after I finished training. I remembered there was a few things I could do from some of my trainers that required me to hunt a few things. Anyhow... I won't go into detail, but, long story short... there was a lot of carnage and bloodshed before I felt better.

    As I said, the strength I now possess is incredible... almost unbelievable, and the creatures I decided to track down couldn't even match to my raw power and fury. I've never seen something crumple into a lifeless heap that fast... ever.

    I focused every ounce of my strength into a single, critical blow, and it dropped so fast, I wasn't even done swinging my sword before it was done for. I'm that strong now. At least, comparable to something around my own level of skill... I don't think I'm going to be reckless enough to challenge things way above my skill.

    After I relieved myself of all that built up, throbbing tension, I went to speak with Unaya to see what else I could do.

    After assessing my skill with a number of different metals and pieces, she felt I've learned all I can in this class and sent me to acquire a badge recognizing my skill in Dalimond. His name was Solistan and after a short speech, he gave me a nice medallion that proclaims my skill to the world. I feel rather accomplished now!

    I decided to check in with Geriad to see what else I could do, or start doing, and he was now willing to tell me what he didn't want to before.

    Remember when I said that he refused to tell me what could make me an even better Paladin, because he felt I wasn't ready? Well, he told me that now that I've mastered a craft, I'd be able to wear much more protective clothing and be able to better handle myself in any class I'd need, or want to learn about.

    After that, he told me that in order to maximize my potential and become a Paragon of the Paladin Order, I'd have to study more than just Warrior, Cleric, and Paladin itself. He taught me that a Paladin, despite the fact that they are essentially a warrior, can use some types of magic, known as Mystic Arts, a type of magic which is comprised of Life, Spirit, Blight, and Nature sub-categories.

    The classes he suggested to me were, Spiritist, for mastering the Blight and Spirit Magic, and Druid for Nature Magic. It seems there's a lot more to becoming a Paladin than I anticipated...

    As we talked, I thought I should approach the topic of this nigh insatiable, pulsing bloodlust that I have been dealing with. He didn't seem to mind though and he had even more advice for me. He also suggested that because of this and my favored two-paw sword, training as a Berserker would better help me channel that inner rage as well as greatly increase my skill with two-paw slashing weapons.

    Yeah, that's why I mentioned Guard Kerrak earlier, because of what Geriad said.

    Anyhow, he also suggested studying as a Monk to help me become more adept at tempering my mind, body, and mental fortitude. I would be able to maximize my skill at evasion and further increase my skill with every weapon in general through increasing my finesse as well.

    Yes, that's also why I mentioned Monk earlier, its a take back to what my trainer told me.

    All in all, it seems I'll have several classes I'll need to study under... Cleric, Warrior, Paladin, Berserker, Spiritist, Druid, Monk, and Berserker.

    No wonder both mother and Kytali, as well as Ryshayria are so dangerous! They've studied under so many trainers and have so much skill... I almost feel insignificant compared to them...

    The life of a Gifted isn't going to be an easy one... it seems...

    OH! HEY! That's Mother Kytitia right now!

    She's... carrying some clothes... it seems... hmm...


    She probably went and crafted me some new clothes!


    *sprints off and rushes to meet her mother in the distance*
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    Why hasn't Mother opened her own Tailoring shop yet?

    How did she know my measurements, without even measuring me?

    The clothing she made for me is rather comfortable, although a bit close-fitting... I almost feel a little embarrassed, because as I've gone around towns, a few of the townsfolk, both male and female have stopped to take a look at me and commented upon my...

    You know what, nevermind...

    Anyhow, to put it simply, mother's clothes are very comfortable and a bit flattering, yet, they also seem to be rather sturdy too. At least... when I'm not getting slashed with sharp-bladed things like swords and gem golem scythe-blade things... I've needed a few repairs done and mother is rather amused by it, but then again, clothing was never meant to be solely relied upon as protection. I have noticed that the structure and design of the clothing as well as the reinforcement helps mitigate some of my foes' blows.

    Its no plate armor, but I think its better running around in my fur alone at the very least...

    Anyhow, sorry, was just observing the major differences between my favored armor and the clothing mother made to help protect me as I train. To be honest, I do feel rather vulnerable outside of my plate, or even scalemail, but although my natural, inborn draconic qualities DO help protect me to a degree, I can appreciate any extra protection too.

    Aside from me observing the varying types of armor, I decided to speak with Geriad and he told me that I was ready to help defend Kion and break the siege upon it, but for that, I should be speaking with Matthias.

    I'm not sure entirely why he wanted me to speak with Matthias. When I asked him for some details, wanting to help, he told me that he's dealing with some new problems on the Dalimond Peninsula, but that I'm not yet ready to be able to help him with that.

    Because of that, he wants Matthias to make good upon his offer to guide me where he can until I'm ready to help Geriad.

    No, I won't be returning to training as a Warrior under Matthias, but I'll be training a Paladin, under Matthias' guidance until we can break this siege upon Kion, like... a temporary assignment. A mission from Geriad to work under Matthias until I complete the task. If you understand what I'm trying to say.

    I get the creeping suspicion that there's something else going on on the Peninsula... most likely related to the Aegis, I'd wager... I've only seen Geriad become that serious and firm when we've talked about the Aegis.

    Blast... it seems that for every stage of strength I attain... the Aegis find another way to jump beyond my skills again!

    Curse them!

    First the siege on New Trismus, then the Siege upon Kion, now... whatever else is going on... on the Dalimond Peninsula! I swear... I will find out what's going on... and then I'll set it right! At least, where I can...

    Why the blazes are they always four steps ahead? I've been training hard and have acquired strength I could only have dreamed about before... but they are STILL getting ahead of me!

    It makes my blood boil! I get stronger, they get stronger. I catch up, they pull away! EVERY TIME! These Aegis are REALLY starting to annoy me...

    How can I protect my baby sisters, friends, and family if they are always getting stronger than me? I suppose though, what I said before will continue to be true, the Aegis will always find a way to be stronger than those that fight and I...

    Anyhow, at least I'll be able to vent myself upon the agents of the Siege upon Kion... That'll give me some measure of satisfaction...

    Not to mention... I'll get to butcher the Aegis with my newfound power... Me-he-he-he-he-he

    They'll never see it coming... and they'll be broken into bits before they know what happened to them... *she gives a devilish smirk and rubs her paws together*

    Hmmm? What? I'm acting like Asandra and Kytali? Wait! How?

    What makes you say that?

    They are the Aegis! They deserve what's coming to them! My objection is against having to harm the innocent creatures of our world!

    I never said anything about not wanting to destroy the Aegis!

    I... did?

    How? When?

    Because I've said I don't want to fight?

    I.... well... okay... I have said that...

    You misunderstand! I said I'm taking up weapons to protect my family, friends, and our world! The innocent creatures that we are sent to hunt don't deserve to be caught in the crossfire of our battles... but by the same token, the Aegis are way too strong... even when facing some at our own skill level.

    We end up having to train, using the innocent creatures who are just as threatened by the Aegis as everything else. I don't go out of my way to butcher them... or something like that. To be honest, once I have acquired enough strength, I've moved away from the innocent creatures as soon as possible, trying to battle against the Aegis instead.

    It is true that I've begun to feel a bloodlust... but I don't think its ruling... or controlling me. At... least... I'm pretty sure its not...

    That's besides the point though! But for your sake, let me restate what I've said before. I don't want to harm the innocent creatures of our world. I want to grow stronger to destroy the Aegis, not because I enjoy killing things... besides... how can you kill undead anyhow? They can only be temporarily quelled.

    Is that enough?

    I hope it is, because I can't afford avoid training and just... let the Aegis have their way with our world, especially not if I have my baby sisters involved.

    Quit nitpicking at me!

    You are just being... downright mean.

    HMPH! I'm leaving. I'm going to go break this siege upon Kion... and vent my anger upon the Aegis.

    You are lucky Merrasat is above us mortals and not prone to our quirks or... emotions, so because of that, may she still protect and watch over your journeys. Good day to you.

    *storms off and draws her massive bastard sword as she leaves*
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    *some weeks later*

    *She returns, clothing tattered, badly damaged, and not nearly as modest as it should, or could be, but enough at the least*



    Oh... those Aegis... they never really did see that coming... boy, you should have seen how they broke, scattered, and folded before me...

    *she looks up to the people present*

    Oh... hey, there... what's up?

    *she looks back to her rather immodest clothing as a few comment on it's condition*

    Oh.... whatever... I'm a half-Saris, half-Dragon... what do I have to cover anyhow? It's not like I'm flaunting myself to the world, besides... I'm gorgeous anyhow, no need to be all jealous and embarrassed of yourself. I'm not ashamed of my natural beauty, thanks for the concern though...

    Also, I wouldn't know how to fix this anyhow... that's kinda why I've returned. Mother needs to fix my clothing again. Have you seen her?

    *twitches her ears and perks up*

    Oh? Wait... what? Mother Kytitia has been helping fend off attacks on our cities? Against Reklar and his minions? All his generals... and his favorites... the Phantom Mages? What the? Seriously? THAT'S AMAZING!

    You've GOT to tell me about that! Here I thought I had tales to tell!

    No? Not going to do it until I get my clothing fixed?

    Meh... spoilsport...fine, be that way then... but whatever, I'm not going to bother Mother if she's helping fend off attacks by the Aegis leaders, so you'll just have to deal with how I look for now. That's probably a JUST A LITTLE MORE IMPORTANT than her kitten wandering around like this. The Aegis threat is more important than my massacred silk clothing.


    *she pauses* Yeah? Well, it'll have to wait! I've got SOOO much to share and mother is busy fighting off the Aegis Generals, you are the ones that told me that.


    After I left last time... no thanks to your nitpicking... mean-ness...

    I did exactly what I said I'd do. I returned to Kion to help Matthias and Mera, as well as the Kion Militia break the Siege of Kion.

    Surprisingly, the Aegis were much more... confused and disorganized in this Siege, or maybe I'm just that strong now... I'm not entirely sure which is more true. Maybe Talenth and my actions on New Trismus had some sort of effect here on Lesser Aradoth! We DID make a difference, despite the fact I'd been killed then! Such wonderful news!

    Either way, I didn't have any friends along this time, but I was confident I was strong enough to manage with just the Militia's aid during this Siege.

    Private Arlinne, Corporal Leshlia, Sergeant Kipson, and Commander Jaleo Devins as well as Lady Kendra were the key personnel that helped me break this Siege.

    Oh and that reminds me... that one time I'd mentioned Sergeant Kipson before? In Parsinia? Yeah... Sorry about that, but I'd meant to say Sergeant Talinse, in Parsinia, who was the one that helped me improve my skill then...

    I felt so bad for mixing up Sergeant Talinse with Sergeant Kipson...

    Anyhow... right, to get back to the Siege...

    At first I was asked to scout around varying areas on Lesser Aradoth, verifying positions, fortifications, quantities of undead, and leadership figureheads. I traveled all around Lesser Aradoth, finding and confirming these things, so it should be pretty accurate... I'd think... I hope...

    Commander Vekh: He was the most dangerous of all the leaders I found. He usually likes to roam between the forest and the Kion Volcano, so be careful if you are around there.... He fights as a Knight of Destruction for the Aegis. I did smash him down several times, but it only makes him move to a different area on the island in the forest.

    Commander Torrek: He's the second most dangerous of the leaders on Lesser Aradoth. It turns out he's the one that led to my death the second time. So it wasn't a Lieutenant I'd been fighting, like I thought it had been. It was an ACTUAL Commander, I feel much better about that now, really. To think... I'd ALMOST killed him back then...

    He was responsible for the Lost Patrol I'd found... He usually patrols and stands guard at a tower along the southern shores of Lesser Aradoth on your way to SSlanis, which is also south of the sandstone quarry near Nuthala, so be careful around there. He studies as a Shaman and can really ruin your day, especially since he has his own guard and that of the Lost Patrol I failed to save back then...

    Capman (Captain, but she pronounces it 'Capman' or 'Capmin' :P ) Brak: He's the third in command on Lesser Aradoth and guards the gates to the Lesser Aradoth Deadlands, which also contain Lord Bar'Akath, though... as far as I know, Bar'Akath isn't one of their commanders there. He studies as a Strider, so he can attack you from a pretty good range... roughly around 40 meters. Its a good idea to use any spells at your disposal... or rush up to him quickly and crush him as fast as possible.

    Lieutenant Tarn: He leads the undead south of the Spider Isle near a Stone Circle outpost... I don't know what sort of power is there... we never figured that out... but Lieutenant Tarn chose it for a reason... and it makes a good cut off point to stop people from heading south to Lower Bridgeview and the mainland. He studies as a Mage, so like with Brak... either blow him to bits with more powerful spells than his... or break him into tiny pieces as fast as possible.

    Sergeant Khar: Is the squad lead that directly assaults the south gates of Kion. He studies as a Cleric and most of his troops are Striders and Warriors. It's a good idea to take him down before he can really heal his friends... just so you know....

    I specifically set out to hunt and destroy the commanders and leaders, because I haven't forgotten what happened when I failed to save the Lost Patrol. If I helped stop another patrol from being lost... or more of our friends turned into undead... then I can feel better about my part in this...

    Because the Siege on Kion had been weakened due to our efforts on Trismus, although there were difficult challenges, to be sure... I was able to break it with just the Militia's help, though... honestly, it was mostly by myself, well the fighting anyhow... the Militia more or less offered important advice and information to me.

    After I broke the Siege of Kion, Lady Kendra had me warn the Parsinia Militia and the SSlanis Militia. She then awarded me a badge and inducted me into the Kion Militia as a token of gratitude. I... didn't exactly want to become part of the OFFICIAL Militia, but, I couldn't have found a polite way to decline... I didn't want to hurt her feelings, you know?

    Anyhow, I then traveled to the Dalimond Peninsula, since I'd completed just about everything Matthias and Mera on Lesser Aradoth had for me, in addition to a few other things there as well.

    I have come to find out, just after crossing the bridge from Lower Bridgeview into Sable Shores that there were some odd things going on with Forest Skulk on the Peninsula from a guard standing near a broken lumbershop. Unfortunately, I need to do a bit more investigation before I can really say much more about it.

    I'll have to pick that up after Mother Kytitia and the others repel the Aegis Generals... I know I'm not strong enough to help there... At least... not yet...

    If the Aegis have been attacking our cities and towns on the Dalimond Peninsula... this has got to be really bad... wonder if there's any connection to the skulk here too... it seems all too conveniently... simultaneous.

    I'll need to stay away from town for now, because I don't want to be just a burden when other, stronger Gifted are fighting off the Generals...

    I thought what I'd done was hard enough... and I barely escaped with my own life more than once... not going to risk it with the Generals around... so... see you soon....

    Merrasat protect and save us and those fighting against the Aegis Generals right now...
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    *As she walks in, her clothes are all neatly fixed and pretty looking again, she'd been able to get her mother to fix her clothing from her last adventure*

    It seems Mother's efforts, along with those of others helping her have been effective in stopping the Aegis Leaders from ransacking our cities, or at least for now, I think.

    After I learned that the raids on our towns and cities had been repelled and there have been no signs of any further aggression, I decided to continue my investigation after I found Mother and had her repair my clothing.

    I'm hoping for a small time at least, Mother's and her friends' efforts will keep away the Aegis Generals, long enough for me to continue to make progress on my investigations.

    I don't really know too much about the Skulk, but it seems they are a rather unsavory lot, although they only really seem to pose a threat to me in large numbers. It's made my investigations easier at least, considering the fact that I'm able to sometimes kill them outright with a single blow, or a few lesser ones. I'm most worried about what connection the Aegis might have with the raids the Skulk have been making on traders, caravans, and wandering travelers.

    After speaking with the guard at Sable Shores, she and I decided to further investigate the matter of the attacks. She did ask me to defeat a few of them first to buy her enough time to write up a report for her Sergeant in Bristugo. Once she finished it, I delivered it myself to Sergeant Jonis and he wanted a bit more proof to better determine the threat the Skulk may pose. He said something along the lines of 'I won't waste resources and manpower on a single report. Get me more information."

    Well, I suppose he does have a point, but how have these raids been going on this long... without him knowing? That's a little disturbing. I must do what I can to protect others, even if I may never see, or meet them in person. If my actions will keep them safe, then by Merrasat, I will make the roads safer for them.

    Anyhow, I returned to the guard in Sable Shores and while she wasn't too happy that her Sergeant wasn't taking her seriously, she was glad that I'd returned again, because a caravan had just been attacked in the short time I'd been away. She'd managed to repel them and they ran off, beyond her post, so she couldn't pursue them.

    She asked me if I could pursue them instead and so I did. Once I got closer, I was ambushed by the hunting party. There was at least six skulk, plus a hunt-master. Had I been any weaker... I'm sure I would have been killed again, but fortunately, I've gotten strong enough that I was able to counter-attack and break up their organization.

    How did I do that? I went straight for their leader and brought him down with a single blow, striking fear into his minions, which panicked and tried to scatter. I wasn't going to let them get away though, not after what they did to both me and that caravan. I gave them no quarter and left not a single one alive. That should teach them not to attack innocent travelers. I sustained minor injuries myself, but nothing that my training as a Cleric couldn't handle.

    I'm beginning to appreciate all this training I've been through, I'm not very good yet... but I'm beginning to see myself making progress. It's a very comforting, and reassuring feeling. Nothing arrogant or self-superior, I mean, but something... better. I wonder when next I'll be able to hunt with my friends, so I can see how much better I can protect them now...

    After I looked them over, hoping to find or recover any supplies they might have taken from that caravan they ambushed, I found something interesting...

    It was like... a medallion of sorts... or a pendant. I'm not very well versed in such things, but looking at the runes upon them, they appeared to be of at least human origin, though, what era, I have no clue... I've never really paid exceptional attention to the history of other races when I was studying in school.

    I showed it to the guard after returning the supplies I'd confiscated to her and she told me to take it to her Sergeant in Bristugo. Like me, he seemed to recognize the artifact as one that was also human in origin and suspected there might be something more to it, as such things were only given to the Humans' most influential people throughout the years. He thinks there might be something more going on, but we have to worry about protecting the people closest to the Skulk raids.

    He sent me out to scout a village of skulk nearby, at Bayn's Hill. He wanted more information before he'd be willing to call in reinforcements. Scouting isn't too bad... I did that when I was working with the Kion Militia, so it wasn't THAT hard. I did have to kill a few Skulk that wandered too close and attacked me while I was scouting, but I was fast enough that they couldn't put up much of a fight before I defeated them.

    I returned to Sergeant Jonis and told him what I found. He was glad I'd gathered that information, but he wasn't allowed to help me with assaulting the village.

    When I asked him about it, he told me that he'd already sent out the call for help to his commanders in Dalimond; but that they rejected him, saying it wasn't important and that they were dealing with other things.

    I was FURIOUS! Not at him, but at his commanders! HOW DARE THEY CHOOSE NOT TO HELP THEIR PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP? I don't care how limited your resources are! You still should help those who ask for it!

    What commander in their right mind would leave their people to be attacked without help? That's just so wrong!

    He said I'd have to attack it myself, with a few friends and that he wished me the best of luck. Well, unfortunately, none of my friends were around, so I decided that I'd try it on my own. If anything, at least to buy them some time to marshal their forces to defend the town.

    I snuck into the village from the north side of their camp and fortunately, they'd not posted guards to watch their borders. I was able to slip in and found their Elder, which is both a leader, and a healer for them. I decided to take down their Elder first, to prevent it from protecting the Skulk.

    They really didn't like that once the Elder called for help and the entire village attacked me all at once. It was a brutal battle and they wounded me pretty badly, but thanks to my growing skills and my training as a Monk too, I was able to avoid a good number of their attacks as well. That doesn't mean I wasn't pushed to my limit though and there was more than once that I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it through there alive.

    It took some time and although I didn't mean to, I destroyed their village and their numbers. I don't want to be genocidal... but I didn't really have much choice to spare them there. I'm hoping that they can make at least make a recovery in the future and maybe they'll be a bit more peaceful... I do know there's more than one village on the Dalimond Peninsula, but what remains of that village I fought in... maybe it can be repaired.

    It was mostly a blur of action then, and I did try to hold back from destroying them completely, but I had to think of my own survival too and thankfully my skills as a Cleric saved me again. Like with the hunt-master, I found an artifact on their Elder too. I brought it back to Sergeant Jonis. He considered what I found for a moment and felt that I need to go to Dalimond to speak with some of their Scholars there to do some more extensive research on the matter, considering this item had similar runes to the last one I'd found.

    I'm actually headed that way, but I thought I'd stop in to speak with you for a little while. If you'd like to come with me, we can talk more, but if not, then, I really do need to head out.

    Merrasat be your strength and guide.

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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    *Once again, her clothing is in terrible shape, looking about as bad, if not a bit worse than before*

    I know, I know... you have problems with my clothing being wrecked... well, sorry that it isn't proper plate or scale... but I can't always wear that kind of heavy gear, especially with the different types of classes I need to study in...

    I'll get mother to fix it when I get the chance, okay?


    Dennison Jadefellow is his name.

    The scholar that I needed to speak to, I mean. After I brought him the two medallions from the Skulk, he suspected that it actually belonged to some of the humans' more notable people in the ages past. He sent me to the Dalimond Archives to get a book that mentioned tombs of legendary heroes of human history.

    I didn't like the way that sounded, not in the least. The Aegis are always seeking to add new, more powerful officers to their numbers. I soon returned with the book as my throat knotted up. I had the feeling the new wouldn't be good and I wasn't wrong either. Dennison confirmed that the two pendants I had were from different kings from different ages of the Human Empire, but because they were from such different ages, he worried that the Aegis may be trying to give un-life to all the kings of the past to swell their numbers with powerful leaders.

    Because of this, he wanted me to try to recover one more artifact, just so he could compare his notes and sent me back to the soldier I'd been working with before, Private Elsa Malna is her name, since... it occurs to me that I'd never mentioned her name before. Sorry about that, but I was getting so wrapped up in my investigations that I forgot to mention her name.

    Anyhow, Elsa told me that there was yet another village that she knew about, although it was a bit farther than the one at Bayn's Hill and better defended. Following her advice, I made my way to the village, but stuck to the road so that I'd not run into ambushes in the forest. The roads are easier to see them coming from anyhow.

    I found the village and it was quite a bit away from the road, in fact, I nearly missed it too, but I found a few more skulk and followed them back to their village. I thought the Elder would be within the village, but I couldn't sneak into it, so I had to fight through the entire village, because their Chieftain found me and called EVERY skulk within thirty meters around him to defend the village.

    I knew I was greatly outnumbered, so I switched from my two-paw sword to my one paw sword and shield to better protect myself. It was an unrelenting barrage of countless attacks and I was hard-pressed to keep up with them too. It took every ounce of skill I had to fight back and protect myself, I was still able to get in a few killer one-shot blows on them, but it does take a little bit of time for me to recover and do it again.

    I can't recall how long I was fighting for, but I had to cut down a large number of skulk before I could even get close to the Chieftain, there was just so many of them guarding that Chieftain. I eventually managed to defeat them and wrecked the village, but the Elder wasn't in the village itself. As the buildings crumbled around me, I saw the Elder run off behind a waterfall and I chased it down, where I cornered him and felled him with a few, well-placed blows.

    True to Dennison's theories, that Elder DID have yet another artifact on it as well and the markings, once more I was able to tell were human in origin, but again, not from an era I could identify.

    I returned to Dalimond with the artifact. Dennison referred to the book once more and validated that the artifact was yet another from one of their ancient kings. This led him to believe that tombs scattered across the Dalimond Peninsula were being raided and the kings within being enslaved to the Aegis, with the help of the Skulk. He mentioned a 'Skulk Pledge' to help the Aegis, but why... would the Skulk do such a thing?

    Do the skulk not realize that they are in as much danger from the Aegis as those of the Living Races? Why would they do this? To what end would they benefit from all this? If the Aegis get all these legendary, powerful commanders on their side, they'll have even more powerful warriors to use to conquer the world and taint it!

    Dennison sent me to speak with the Commander of the Vandus Militia, saying 'This is beyond my purview, you need to speak with the militia Commander.' Which is actually pretty good, because I have some problems with that Commander...

    So, I ran to the other side of Dalimond, looking for the Commander and I found him training a few warriors in a courtyard. His name is Lieutenant Tomas Hanlon and he confirmed that this was the sort of thing he'd been investigating already and that he'd suspected it already.

    I wasn't going to let him get away with that and I just LIT into him for not giving the support his troops in Bristugo needed. He was genuinely shocked and surprised, actually, but I made certain he felt bad about not sending extra help to Bristugo's militia. You know what is even worse though? He STILL didn't want to take any action, without the approval of the Council!

    Seriously! How can he act like that? 'Oh I'm too scared, I don't want to do anything without being given the okay for it!'


    I'm REALLY not liking this Commander, but just to humor him, I decided to get permission from Mayor Vandus anyhow and then slapped him in the face with the paperwork giving him permission to act that I'd gotten. Now that there was no way he could say 'No' this time, he finally decided to act and sent me to my trainer, Paladin Geriad and entrusted the mission to him.

    Geriad seemed particularly pleased and excited about this arrangement, actually, and he told me that this is exactly what he'd been investigating before I'd officially come to the Dalimond Peninsula and what he'd been looking into while I was breaking the Kion Siege.

    He's said that he can think of no better arrangement for training as a Paladin with him than by purging the tombs that the undead have tainted and rescuing the kings of the past from the Aegis' hold. I think I can fully agree with that too, actually. Now, I'm actually working with my trainer himself! I'm so excited!

    There's so much I'll get to learn from this, but, while I'm glad that I'll get personal training from Geriad himself... I'm still saddened, because it won't change the fact that the Aegis have already ruined so much and that they will keep trying to do so.

    There has got to be some way... some way that we can devastate the Aegis again, like what Ryson Stormbringer did before, but where can we find such an artifact?

    *she sighs* well, I suppose we'll have to keep searching, but... for now, Paladin Geriad and I are going to start our investigations of these plundered tombs.

    What sort of horrors and defilements will we find? I shiver at the thought... what sort of kings were these people and why are the Aegis so interested in them? Well, I suppose Paladin Geriad and I will find this out as we investigate.

    *her ears twitch as a voice calls for her* AH! There's Paladin Geriad now, well, I need to go, but I'll talk with you soon.

    Merrasat grant us insight and power to purge these tombs and rescue the kings.

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    *Her once damaged clothes are again repaired and in better condition as she approaches, looking pleased with herself*

    Paladin Geriad and I have been following the trails and clues to the tombs for a little while now.

    Our research has revealed to us that there is at least more than one tomb that may have been plundered and defiled. We set out to find the Tomb of Borannis first, because Paladin Geriad had received reports from some of his other trainees that these defiled tombs aren't the only problem the Dalimond Peninsula is facing and it seemed that it might be the closest to us from Bristugo.

    In fact, Mayor Vandus actually stopped us just before we headed to the portal gates. He wanted us to talk to several different outposts on the Peninsula to assess the status of the Vandus Militia. He told us that he appreciates us investigating these tombs, but he needs us to find out more information about how badly the undead are troubling us.

    Naturally, Paladin Geriad zealously accepted his request and then told me that we won't be just investigating the tombs anymore, but that they'll be our highest priority nevertheless. Of course, I wasn't pleased that the Mayor would just walk on in and throw even more at us to do while I'm trying to get better and train as a Paladin!

    That's the thing though... anything to do with the slight POSSIBILITY of the undead, Paladin Geriad pounces on it. We don't even know if its ACTUALLY the undead entirely... or if its just a bunch of people panicking and wanting us to do things for them because they don't want to do them themselves.

    *she grumbles* Thanks... a lot, Paladin Geriad... that's exactly what I needed, to become the errand kitten of the entire Vandus Militia...

    At the very least, my Trainer told me that training me to hone my skill is also high on his priority list. So maybe that won't mean that he'll get distracted by tons of other things that people want us to do, just because we are Gifted.

    At any rate, once we passed through the portals and arrived in Bristugo, he took the lead and guided us toward King's Cross, having decided that was a likely spot where we'd find the Tomb of Borannis, at least according to Scholar Leah Attanbar's interpretation of the esoteric puzzles of the clues.

    Once we got to King's Cross, we talked with the guard stationed there. Her name is Alis Talor. She didn't know specifically where the tomb was, but she made mention of some ruins not too far away from King's Cross that might be what we were looking for.

    She also asked us, in turn, if we'd be willing to help her trim down the wolf population because of them attacking caravans and settlers; chasing them away from the settlement and generally being overly aggressive. She also needed the help, because it seemed they'd caught on to just how far she actually could go from her post and they'd stop just past the edge of the part she was allowed to go to.

    Oddly though, Paladin Geriad didn't seem too keen on the idea of helping her out, his concern seemed to be more about the tomb itself, but I managed to convince him to let us help her when I told him that she said she'd be willing to split the coin from their pelts 70/30 in our favor and that I needed the coin. He agreed, because he didn't want me to have a shortage of coin for our investigations.

    Together, we hunted a few packs and chased them away from King's Cross so that Alis would be able to rest easier and that the settlers and travelers there wouldn't have to worry about being attacked either.

    It wasn't too much of an effort for the two of us and we managed to complete it rather quickly. It was hard work though, chasing down the wolves as they thought to try to go to the part that Alis was not allowed to go to because of her orders. They underestimated that Paladin Geriad and I were allowed to go further than her post, so we chased after them until we cornered and finished them off. Once we told her about it, she seemed very grateful and gave me a special crystal, one that looked like a wolf's paw.

    Alis also offered to make us lunch if we could gather her a few squirrels from the weak arbotus nearby as well. Well, we'd already spent a long time helping her out, so what could it hurt? While its true that I haven't really felt hunger since I found out that I'm Gifted, it is occasionally nice to snack on something, just for old times' sake. Paladin Geriad didn't seem to mind an extra meal either, so once more, we helped her out and collected her a dozen squirrels.

    She made a really good stew from what we collected actually and we stayed to have a good, hearty meal with her before we had to continue on our journey. It was a short run down the road to the ruins that she'd mentioned and once we made our way towards them, we found a small, recessed area that appeared to be brimming with Blight energy and reeked of death and decay.

    We readied our weapons and cautiously made our way into the recess, which was indeed a tomb. Once we made our way into it, we saw that it'd been overrun with some sort of scarabs, skeletons, and a necromancer that was controlling the undead. Together we fought against the undead and the beetles all at once, and they just kept coming!

    Geriad really seemed to enjoy himself though! He dove into battle with a zeal that could be matched only by a berserker, or my sister, actually. I don't really remember how many it was that we destroyed before he said that was enough and that we should destroy the necromancer, but it was enough that I did find myself getting caught up in the thrall of battle too, as my draconic bloodlust made itself known once more.

    I still haven't quite figured out how to control that, despite my training as a monk and a berserker... but at least I didn't completely blank out on what I was doing like I did the first time. I have learned a bit of control from my mental conditioning for those classes.

    It was a little trickier to fight the necromancer though, because he kept reviving the skeletons we'd already broken down AND he could heal himself quite a bit. I'd wanted to use my one paw sword and shield to better protect myself, but after seeing how much he was healing himself and bringing back his friends; I switched to my two-paw smashy sword.

    Paladin Geriad is quite effective with his own two-paw sword too. It was a thrill to get to see how he wielded it and to pick up a few tricks from him as well. Once we coordinated our attacks to coincide with each other, we were able to pressure the necromancer so much that he couldn't keep up with us and we brought him down and then we finished off the other skeletons he'd ressurected.

    We looked around the tomb, but although the undead had moved in, we couldn't really find any trace of the king that had resided there. Maybe the artifacts had been the only items taken and were stored in another area of the tomb... I can't really tell, because we didn't get to explore within the tomb.

    Still, it was quite an adventure and we did manage to confirm that the king had not been undeadified, so... that's good at least!

    We made a lot of progress that day, so Paladin Geriad taught me an even more powerful and effective Life Blade technique and he helped me unlock a new ability too. He called it a 'Blessing of Life' which is a technique that is used to increase the flow of Life Magic through our body and help mend our wounds faster over time. He also gave me a special technique kit as well as some coin for our efforts too.

    We didn't do too much more after that though. Instead, we returned to Dalimond to speak with Scholar Attanbar again. Paladin Geriad said we'd done more than enough for one day and he didn't want us to be too tired to investigate the next tomb. After some discussion with Scholar Attanbar, the two of them determined that the next artifact had come from the Sorceror King Crankenspank's Tomb, which is already a very well known tomb throughout all of the Dalimond Peninsula.

    We'll be investigating that one next, but for now, he's given me enough time to rest and recover for our next adventure. I'm really looking forward to it!

    I'll see you again, I'm sure!

    Merrasat make our blades sharp and our magic potent.
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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    *her normally tightly bunned ebony tresses are hanging down her back and flowing in the wind as she approaches; she's still wearing her silken clothing as well, but she moves with purpose and dignity*

    Hmm... I was actually kind of disappointed with Crankenspank's tomb, really. So easy to find and yet... probably the most corrupted one I've seen so far of the two we've explored, but then again, perhaps I should expect that from a very highly visible tomb like that. Still, that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about, regarding my adventures with my trainer there.

    It wasn't a pleasant experience to be sure, but Paladin Geriad and I have to do our duty and I have training I need to do too. This tomb was much more heavily infested with scarabs, undead, and even... terrifyingly, horrrible centipede, looking things...

    I think I'll call them 'tentacle beasts', because 'carrion crawler'... just doesn't seem fitting. Well, I mean it does, but it doesn't, they do crawl among carrion and feed upon it, but still, you should see their legs and tentacles! Their bites are bad, they make open wounds that just don't want to stop bleeding. Not exactly a good thing to have... wide open, dripping wounds with your blood pouring forth in blight, decay, and just... dirty places like a tomb. I'm SOOOO glad we are done with that.

    I had to be particularly careful, considering I'm only wearing silken clothing and even though I DO possess some draconic attributes to help protect me, that doesn't make me more resistant to nasty wounds like that. Its a good thing I decided to bring my one paw sword and shield along for this adventure too, but the problem was...

    You attack ONE creatures and EVERYTHING nearby pounces you too! It made it very hard to defend against all sides, even with Paladin Geriad helping me out too. Fortunately though, my friend, Araminta was also there too and she joined forces with us!

    In case you don't remember Araminta... or did I just not talk about her yet? hmmm.... Either way! Araminta is also one of Paladin Geriad's students and she was also investigating these tombs as well. Paladin Geriad told me that she was one of his proteges that had reported issues with these tombs in the first place, which is why he'd begun investigating in the first place.

    He'd already been investigating this for a while, until I came around and we started investigating them together. At any rate, with Araminta joining us, though, currently training under her Shaman trainer in SSlanis, not as a Paladin with Geriad and I, we fought through the tomb.

    I think, doing that, I've come to appreciate just how beneficial Blight magic can be, if wielded in the right paws, I mean... ironic as that may seem, coming from a Paladin such as myself. You see, Araminta is able to weaken them, damage their armor, make them hurt less, and suffer even more from any physical weapon too. I began to notice this when she cast a spell that she called, 'Soften' upon the skeletons we fought, making their bones softer and more easily cut. I also noticed that the tentacle beasts and the scarabs suffered similarly, although she also made them more susceptible to crushing weapons too, by casting a spell, known as 'Brittle' upon them too.

    With her help and blight magic, as well as her nature magic to entangle and root the critters, we were able to proceed rather well, deep into the tomb, beating down any resistance offered to us, although, fortunately, my Cleric training helped us survive as well. I was able to purify and purge curses and close wounds much faster than I would have been able to without it, actually. I didn't really need to heal myself so much either, by using the technique 'Life's Blessing' that Paladin Geriad taught me last time.

    Anyhow, as we made progress into the tomb, we found one of the old kings there too. All three of us were quite surprised, actually, since King Borannis had not been disturbed, or maybe they'd not found him yet... Either way, this was the Sorceror King himself, Crankenspank. He'd been undeadified and turned into a zombie.

    Paladin Geriad was not pleased with this and rushed in to attack without thinking, but the Sorceror King saw him coming and stopped him dead in his tracks, with a mere gesture where he couldn't do anything. I recognized that as the spell Mother uses. It's called 'Spellbind' and basically, it scrambles the target's mind, literally making their mind and brain paralyzed, unable to react, think, or do anything, except the most basic of instinctual needs.

    In other words, it makes the target completely helpless, at least until it wears off or the target recovers their senses, but that can take a while and its easy to recast and keep a target bound like that. Mother does that all the time, though she generally does that in a much larger area, scrambling the minds of many creatures all at once, though she can also focus on individuals too.

    The King definitely saw Paladin Geriad as a threat and there wasn't too much I could do to help him, to be honesta... Nor could Araminta, as she was busy trying to keep the undead off of him too. The Sorceror King kept binding him the moment it wore off, or one of the other undead managed to get through Araminta and strike him.

    Alone, I had to face the Sorceror King to try to destroy him so that I could free Paladin Geriad. I had to move quick too, because the undead numbers were growing more and more by the second.

    Things do get a little blurry here though... I think I recall a sort of panic setting in...

    I HAD to protect Paladin Geriad and Araminta at all costs. I think my draconic rage burst through here, I'm not entirely sure but, I remember a haze of red and then suddenly... a surge of a power like no other race through me. It was like... an eruption of light burst into existence around me, infused my blade and me as I shifted to my two paw sword. The blade literally hummed and crackled with surges of Life energy, and seared the decaying flesh from the Sorceror King's body.

    This power that resonated through me... it reminded me of the time that my sister gave me my special sword, the one that my trainer used to wield. The strength and power that I felt then... I felt this time too and I was able to tap into that... somehow...

    My strength magnified... I don't know... a hundred times over? Two hundred times over? But either way... whatever the case, I utterly destroyed every undead around me, including the Sorceror King. Not a single one could stand against me, at least, not for more than a split second anyhow... maybe a little more.

    I obliterated the undead and I guess the energy I released was so potent, they couldn't even return for quite a while... It was enough time for me to be able to get both Araminta and Paladin Geriad out of there and to safety.

    Afterward though, I remember my senses returning to me and feeling rather drained afterwards. I think its something I wouldn't be able to hold onto for too long...

    Anyhow, we managed to return to Dalimond and once Araminta was satisfied and left us, Paladin Geriad pulled me aside to speak with me. It turns out he had recognized, at least partly, what had happened back in The Sorceror King's Tomb. He said that I somehow, unlocked another ability he was going to try to teach me next, known as 'Stand Against Darkness'.

    What this technique is... is similar to the 'Life's Blessing' one. It floods our body with Life magic, but instead of healing or protecting a Paladin, it allows them to channel that same power into every strike we unleash and each hit upon the foe would flood them with Life magic, either overloading them, or burning them up from the inside out. Unfortunately though, it only really works against the Aegis, not... other creatures, but that's fine, actually, if you ask me.

    I mean, I don't want to harm other, innocent creatures if I don't have to, so I'm glad the ability is only really effective against agents of the Aegis. Not only that, it IS exceptionally powerful too... considering how drained I felt afterwards.

    Paladin Geriad also thanked me for protecting him and Araminta too when he could not. He gave me more coin and another special technique kit for me to use. I told him he didn't have to and that it was something I'd wanted to do, to be able to protect those I care about. Of course, you should know by now just how stubborn he is... or can be, so there was no convincing him otherwise.

    Still though... regrettable as the circumstances were, I'm glad I was able to protect both of them and keep them safe when they needed me the most. I think now, I can begin to feel... better about myself, at least maybe a little. None of us were killed and I completely destroyed the Aegis that threatened us. I think that's quite an accomplishment, considering just how they manage to always be stronger than I.

    Anyhow... all that aside, Paladin Geriad felt that we needed to prepare for another investigation into yet another tomb. He wouldn't give me details, unfortunately, and I think its because he wanted to let me rest, to recover after what I had to do to save both him and Araminta.

    He's told me to rest up and that's why I'm here now. Still, I suppose I can do nothing but trust his words... he's not been wrong yet and he is a good trainer. I suppose I'll go do as he said, maybe catch a catnap too.

    Safe journeys, and may The Light of Merrasat shine brightly upon you.

    Ri'ta'ra'thi Is'mi'nei: Season 100 ADV/100 CRA/100 BLK(former)/100 LSH/ 1.11 BILLION hoard
    Kytitia Pyrrithia: Unparalleled Rating 212 Saris Sorceror, Rating 234 Crafter

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    Default Re: Kylisha's Chronicles

    *she makes her way over, carrying her sword upon her shoulder and looking as if she'd just returned from another adventure once more while her long tresses waved in the breeze*

    I think I needed that catnap from last time, Paladin Geriad knows what I need! I'm glad that he's my trainer because he takes good care of me.

    My latest adventure is more exploration and investigation within the tombs. Of course, its been mostly that which we've been doing the past few weeks, or is it months? I can't really be sure, we have been doing it for quite a while, but we are making a lot of progress!

    This third tomb though, had been rather elusive for us, but eventually we did manage to find it. Ironically, we actually needed help from a dragon, in addition to Scholar Leah Attanbar. There weren't too many clues left for even the best scholars of the humans to be able to find out this information, so Leah suggested that we speak to the 'Elder of Chiconis' since the only information we had suggested it might be near Chiconis.

    The dragons in Chiconis have always seemed to be a bit more welcoming to me, maybe they know my heritage, or can scent it at the very least. Either way, they generally accept me warmly. They were kind enough to guide me to a dragoness named 'Althanas the Great', who is also a smelting trainer for the dragons. She actually didn't seem nearly as welcoming as the others, but once I told her that it could threaten even dragons, she reconsidered and told me what I needed to know.

    I learned that the tomb was actually not too far from the Chiconis Battlefield and that it was on a plateau that overlooked the bay with fields of iron all around it. I did an initial investigation and scouting around the tomb to get an idea of what we'd be up against. Oh and I suppose I should mention, I'd asked Paladin Geriad to stay behind, since we needed to deal with dragons and I felt that it would probably be a better idea if he waited until I returned.

    This tomb was much larger than any of the other two that we'd been through earlier and it also seemed to be much more infested with undead as opposed to bugs and things like that. Lots of skeletons and... wraith-blight things too. I did sneak up and smish a few of them to clear a path for us before I returned with my report to Paladin Geriad.

    Once we got back together, he came up with a plan of attack and we returned to Chiconis. Once there, we headed north out of the town, skirting over the north border of the Dead Poold, through the iron fields, to the shores of the Chiconis Battlefield and finally to the tomb itself.

    Unfortunately, the undead I'd destroyed before had already been replaced, so the path I'd made, although visible, was once more filled with the Aegis.

    It was just Paladin Geriad and I this time, so we made sure to move slowly and meticulously through the ranks of the undead, following off the road that led into the heart of the tomb. It was unavoidable, but we did have to fight the Aegis in rather thick numbers, but Paladin Geriad used another ability that I'd never seen before.

    It was like... a brilliant, warm, inner light rippled from the core of his body and infused an area all around us with intense Life magic that seemed to weaken the Aegis and it even infused me as well as my blade, which enabled me to strike them so much more powerfully than I could have done so on my own. He told me that it was an ability, known as 'Aura of Light', which, like Stand Against Darkness and Life's Blessing, infuses us our body with Life magic to give us greater strength against the undead.

    I felt so powerful, cutting them down as if they were wheat before a scythe with the power that flooded through my body.

    Together, we made our way into the heart of the tomb, where we found not just one, but many necromancers that were healing and restoring the undead about as fast as we defeated them. There was a leader one though, but we had to fight through the legions of necromancers and undead that rose before us. I lose track of the time we spent fighting our way just to get close to those necromancers and even then, fighting the necromancers took a long time, because they kept restoring and healing each other!

    Since there were three necromancers, we figured the only way we'd manage to be able to handle them all was to split up and draw them away from each other. Paladin Geriad took one and I took another after luring them to ourselves. We separated them from their friends and then fought them one-on-one, in addition to any of the other skeletons that were around. It was difficult, but I decided I'd use my power like I did before and I destroyed the undead around me. I think Paladin Geriad might have done the same.

    After I destroyed my necromancer, I rushed to the leader, leaving the last one for Paladin Geriad. I wanted to destroy it before I ran out of energy like last time and I used all of my most powerful moves to bring it down as fast as possible. Unfortunately, my energy ran out just as I was about to deliver the fatal blow, but by that point, the leader had already used all of its most powerful healing moves to protect itself and despite the fact that I was rather worn out, I managed to defeat it just as Paladin Geriad destroyed his own.

    Fortunately, the ancient King wasn't around either, so we'd managed to get to the tomb before the undead ressurected King Moravvis, which made both of us rather happy.

    We returned to Dalimond so that Paladin Geriad could write up a report to the Archbishop Tomas at the Cleric Tower and send him news of our exploits.

    *she pulls out the letter and twirls it around in her paws before replacing it in her pack* So, that's where I'm headed now while Paladin Geriad looks over the information that was delivered for him while we were away on our journey. I suspect he'll be busy for a while, so I'll have to think of something else to do after I deliver this letter, but if you like, you can come along.

    If not, that's okay too, and may Merrasat cast her light upon your adventures through Istaria.

    Ri'ta'ra'thi Is'mi'nei: Season 100 ADV/100 CRA/100 BLK(former)/100 LSH/ 1.11 BILLION hoard
    Kytitia Pyrrithia: Unparalleled Rating 212 Saris Sorceror, Rating 234 Crafter

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