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    *The young Saris is now dressed in full iron plate armor, tinted in a platinum and essence color combination which accentuated her long, flowing ebony hair and her white and black pelt. Its gleaming radiantly in the soft light and she seems to radiate an aura of comforting warmth. Something that would make someone feel at ease and safe around her*

    Somehow, I wasn't really surprised when Archbishop Tomas told me that there was more than one problem I should be worried about when I delivered the letter.

    The Aegis are EVERYWHERE!

    After I delivered the letter to Archbishop Tomas, he told me about two different things. The first being that there was yet another tomb that was potentially jeopardized. When I asked him about it, he told me that it belonged to one of the most powerful Human Kings to date, in fact, the very King himself who led the bipeds in revolution against the dragons all those years ago, Ashlander Vandus.

    I've heard of the name through scholarly studying on my part and of course, education from my mother too. Naturally, I felt that I should investigate this and tell Paladin Geriad, but Archbishop Tomas told me that Paladin Geriad would be unable to help me this time because he was investigating corruption over the Chiconis Battlefield. He did say, however, that I might be able to help him with that, after we attended to the matter of purging Ashlander's Tomb, but he wasn't completely certain either.

    As it turns out, a few others were looking into the matter of Ashlander's tomb as well, among them were two Saris. One was a Warrior by the name of Galinore and the other was a Scout, by the name of Kyuli. There was also a SSlik that was there, a Warrior as well, by the name of Kerrsol. It seems like all of the trainers are aware of these things, though, I suppose I should expect no less from the very ones who train us.

    After speaking with my companions, it seems that both Araminta's investigations, along with Paladin Geriad's and my own investigations have spread the news and warnings across the Peninsula and many of our trainers are sending their students to help.

    I could never have grasped the enormity of this matter before... not when I was first starting out my training, but things are starting to fall into place now and it chills me to the bone to see just how bad things really are, despite the fact that the Aegis seem to be quiescent.

    I'm beginning to see that they've taken to doing things more subtly, with an occasional blatant invasion, like the time Mother had to help with those invasions throughout the land... which, have also been happening a bit more too. I'm... just not strong enough to be able to help just yet... I must get stronger and help Mother and all the others with this! It just feels like I'm so far behind that I won't ever catch up! It makes me squirm inside, having to sit out or avoid getting involved in these invasions that have been happening.

    Things have gotten so bad that I've had to ask mother to fashion me proper armor now. The enemies have become so much stronger than I could have imagined as my investigations and studies continue. The silk cloth I had before... just couldn't stand up to the strength of my foes now.

    After my companions and I discussed matters, they decided I should take the lead and guide us into the tomb since I seemed to be the most experienced fighter, especially against the undead, which, I suppose does make sense. I have specially trained to destroy the undead and guide others in battle against the undead. It made me feel important... like I could finally do something to help protect others and perhaps teach them how to fight against the Aegis too.

    We traveled to Pleasant Canyon and headed southwest, making our way through the Shadowed Coast. On the way there, though, I did notice smoke in the distance and a lighthouse, but thought perhaps it was another Militia Patrol also making its way to the Tomb, so I paid it no attention, instead, focusing on guiding us there as quickly and safely as possible. With how all the trainers were sending their students out on this mission, surely the Militia was taking action in it too.

    We found the tomb without incident and we felt it would be a good idea to destroy the patrols around the tomb to open up a pathway. After we did so, I volunteered to stay behind in order to keep the area secure, while they delivered their reports since the undead have a nasty habit of refusing to stay dead. These undead weren't much of a threat to me, so it was easy to keep the area secure until my friends got back.

    Once they did, I left to deliver my own report while they waited and gathered within the tomb. I returned after a while, after speaking with a scholar at the Tower of Clerics as well, and we were ready to continue. I led the way into the tomb, though we waited while we prepared ourselves for battle. I channelled my magic into the Aura of Light that Paladin Geriad taught me to both protect and help us against the undead.

    The moment we left that chamber, we ran into many undead, all at once and they quickly swarmed us, but thanks to my magic in both nature and spirit, I was able to draw most of their attention away from the others.

    I'll try to summarize most of it where I can, but we fought our way through the tomb and found a spirit that had been trapped there... Anchored there, if you will, by a terrible creature. He asked for us to find this... Torrash and destroy it to release the bindings of his chains, of course, to do that, we had to scour the tomb, but at least he told us it was on the upper level of the tomb.

    I asked Kyuli to do the scouting, because, well, since she's a Scout, I thought that would be fitting for her to do, while Kerrsol, Galinore, and I kept the undead at bay. She found him in a chamber at the far end of the upper half of the tomb and we soon gathered in an entryway to prepare ourselves for a fight. Judging by its magic and abilities that I sensed active, I knew it had to be a Reaver of sorts, like my sister.

    I've seen how much damage my sister can do too, so I asked them to let me catch its attention and make it focus on me. Because of the dangers of a Reaver, I felt it would be reckless not to use my one paw sword and shield, because even if my armor couldn't protect me from its blows, at least my shield and weapon could if I parried and blocked him well enough.

    I closed the distance between us and channeled my magic once more, this time, using my power to cloak me in protective life magic to both shield me and enhance my strength. I've used the ability before, when I was in the other tomb with all those necromancers. It's called Stand Against Darkness. What it does is, like I said, sheathes me in powerful Life magic to both help protect me from the undead, as well as cause them severe damage.

    Once I got his attention, I called to my companions and we battled him together. To that point, he had to have been the most difficult enemy I'd faced and I'm glad I had my friends to help me. I couldn't parry and block every hit of his, so he did hurt us pretty badly, but after some effort and quick-thinking, we managed to survive and defeated him. As he crumpled into a pile of bones, we all felt the shock of his power, like... an explosion of thick, greasy, distasteful magic that made my fur and nose curl.

    We only got to rest for a little bit, because all the other undead felt it too and they came rushing at us again. It was a struggle and they did manage to defeat both Kerrsol and Kyuli, despite my best efforts to protect them. Galinore and I battled hard and managed to beat them back after I recovered my strength and was able to unleash my Stand Against Darkness ability again.

    With the last skeleton falling, I rushed over to our fallen comrades and restored them to life with my magic. Unfortunately, I'm no Healer, so they would still suffer the penalty of death, but at least they were alright and could continue to fight. Together, we returned to Antolathes and told him of our success.

    We also had collected a few pieces from the skeletons that Scholar Kayl Reynos in the Tower of Clerics needed for some of her studies, so we decided that'd be a good time to recall and bring her our findings. Again, the four of us returned to the Cleric's Tower and gave our reports to Bishop Ronae, who is the Bishop that Archbishop Tomas put in charge of this task.

    Bishop Ronae and Scholar Kayl sent us back into the tomb to investigate the lower level this time, to see if anything had happened there, though they didn't seem too confident of anything good at that point, after they heard about what we'd just faced.

    Scholar Kayl wanted us to see if there were any ghosts within the tomb from whom we could get some sort of... spirit vapor from for her research and Bishop Ronae wanted us to try to find King Vandus.

    After we wrote down all our notes, we returned to Pleasant Canyon and made our way back into the tomb. Once in there, the undead we'd destroyed had already returned... this time, in larger numbers than before! This was not a good sign to me and I wondered if there was a necromancer... or more than one here as well. Considering what Paladin Geriad and I had found in the last three tombs.

    We even investigated to see if Torrash had returned as well and unfortunately, he had. Galinore suggested we fight him again to make sure he hadn't bound Antolathes again, so we did, though this time, we managed to defeat him a bit faster than before... maybe his last defeat had weakened him a bit, but even so, he was still just as dangerous as before.

    We made our way into the lower levels of the tomb, only to see that the entire pathway forward was covered in Berserker ghosts, judging from what I know about them. Which, to me, didn't bode well.

    The reason I say this, is because, if you remember, I decided to study under a Berserker trainer, to help me keep my own draconic blood in check when I get a bloodlust running through me. Back to the point, it wasn't a good situation because first off, there was at least twenty Berserkers in that hallway and secondly, as we were coming down the stairs, every single one of them triggered their Berserk Rage and rushed us all at once.

    I didn't have much time to react, but I called upon my Druid training and summoned a lightning storm to shock and stun them, then created a bramble barricade to stop them in their tracks as well to buy us enough time to single a few of them out. I also drew upon the power of nature to infuse us with a natural fury that would make us strike harder and again, I used my power to stand against the darkness to further protect and power our strength.

    The ghosts hacked through my bramble barricade pretty quickly, so I drew upon my Spiritist training and sucked the life from all of them while we fought. It was a spell that Mother had taught me, Ethereal Paroxysm. Basically, its spirit magic that drains the life from all of the enemies near you or a target you choose to heal yourself. Its also a spell that Kytali likes using as well. The power to manipulate Spirit magic strongly flows in all of our veins, so, the ghosts weren't too pleased with that and focused all of their attacks upon me at once, which is both a good and a bad thing...

    On the bright side, it let me hold their attention, while my friends attacked them and it kept them safe. Unfortunately, its also not easy to defend when you are being attacked from twenty different sides at once. Thanks to my magic and skills, I was able to hold them off and even managed to defeat at least five of them before I became exhausted. I needed time to rest so that I could use my skills and powers again, but they gave no quarter and I couldn't keep up with them.

    Almost as if they'd planned it... all of the remaining ghosts carefully aimed at my weak points and synchronized their attacks. It was too much for me to handle and they cut me down where I stood. As my vision faded, I saw my friends fall one after the other until darkness overtook me.

    Fortunately, all of us are protected by the Gift, but unfortunately, that meant having to return to the Tomb and fighting through the legions of the undead all over again as well as dealing with the weakness from death.

    The undead really wanted to hold onto this Tomb, I feel, but that is probably because its the tomb of one of the most powerful Kings in all of human history. Were I one of them... I'd want to control a King as powerful as that....

    Anyhow... we returned to the Tomb, though a bit more prepared this time. A human, named Ignis, was in the area and had probably been investigating why there was four of us all in this area. At any rate, he gave me the most powerful blessings he could cast upon me and those that my companions could have as well.

    Invigorated and ready, we rushed into the Tomb, once more facing the army of undead that had multiplied again. It was a long fight, but we managed to make our way back to where we were slain and this time, I used their own tactic against them. I rushed in, stunned them all with a lightning storm and drained their life in the same moment I activated both my Aura of Light and my Stand Against Darkness. The others weren't far behind and we raged through their numbers before they were even ready for us.

    It was difficult, to be sure, once they counter-attacked, but fortunately, our surprise attack managed to destroy most of them in the first rush. As their ghostly forms dissipated, we collected the vapor that Scholar Kayl needed and found that King Vandus was indeed under the Aegis' control, although, I wasn't too surprised at that, considering how stiff the resistance in this tomb had been the entire time.

    We felt a powerful, sinister magic emanating from the tomb room and the King himself, so we decided we should retreat and speak with Bishop Ronae about it. Once there, he told us about a Ritual Stone that we could make to use upon the King to put him back to rest and Kerrsol called upon a dragon it knew, by the name of Racktor to gather some components for us in the time that we'd have to return to the tomb to collect something known as a 'soul fragment'.

    Scholar Kayl also wanted one of these fragments too and so once more, we returned to the tomb, only to see that their forces had multiplied yet again. This was getting more and more difficult each time we returned! We had to end that possession soon!

    Scholar Kayl told us that she suspected only the most powerful, bone knights, like Torrash, would have connections to the spirit world strong enough to create souls that would fragment upon destruction. Taking her advice, the four of us returned to Torrash's chamber, only to see that he had indeed returned once again. Similar to the last two times we fought him, we used similar tactics and brought him down once more.

    True to Scholar Kayl's word, Torrash was strong enough to drop the soul fragments we needed for the Ritual of Eternal Rest. Once again, we returned to the Tower and once there, Racktor gave us the other components we needed and then we spoke with Bishop Ronae, who 'brewed' up and fashioned the Ritual Stone to be placed into our weapons.

    Once more, we made our way back into the tomb, fought through the legions of undead, who had returned in the greatest force yet imaginable, and then returned to the lower chambers. Considering how well our strategy worked on the ghosts before, we did it again and decimated their numbers.

    When we arrived at the chamber room, I stopped the group and asked who had a weapon socketed. Only Kerrsol and I had weapons with sockets, so I had Kyuli and Galinore focus their attention on the hellhounds and skeleton knights while Kerrsol and I fought the King himself.

    It was a grueling battle and both Kyuli and Galinore fell to the knights just as I landed a finishing blow upon the King himself. I quickly switched weapons to finish off the dogs and knights with Kerrsol's help. I restored Kyuli and Galinore to life and we made a hasty retreat just as the ghosts rushed towards us.

    We made our last trip to the Tower and the entire Tower rejoiced when we gave them our news.

    Archbishop Tomas did say, however, that I'd not be able to assist Paladin Geriad's investigation on the Chiconis Battlefield yet, because he'd received a telegram from Mayor Vandus in Dalimond that my assistance was needed with investigating the status of the Militia all over the Dalimond Peninsula.

    Despite the fact that all of us had suffered at least one death in our journey, while it is upsetting, I also feel rather accomplished too. Then again... these were some of the most powerful Aegis I have fought to date and their numbers kept multiplying each time we returned to the Tomb.

    I know my friends and I need to train harder and grow more experienced, but in this particular adventure, I have begun to see just how powerful my path as a Paladin will make me. That in itself gives me hope. Like my sister and mother, I'll become strong... and I'm getting stronger all the time and I'm getting even better at fighting the Aegis too.

    When I master my Paladin training, I really will become a force to be reckoned with and Paladin Geriad will be proud, so will Mother and Kytali.

    I need to return to Dalimond now, but that's all I have to share right now.

    Thank you for listening to me and may Merrasat's gaze watch over you.
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    Paladin Geriad's eagerness came back to bite me, it seems...

    Remember when Paladin Geriad took on those extra tasks before we left to explore the tombs?

    Well, it seems the reason I was wanted was because of that. Like Archbishop Tomas said, this task was for the Vandus Militia. Like I said before, it had something to do with the status of the Vandus Militia in general.

    Mayor Vandus wanted me to gather information on the Dalimond Peninsula about the Militia and the Aegis, so that he could consult with the Council on the next steps for them to take against the Aegis. The first thing he said to do was to speak with that annoying commander who wouldn't do anything before, Hanlon.

    That's right, I'm not even going to use his rank, that's how little respect I have for him, although I will work with him, because its to protect others and perhaps learn more about what happened with the Tombs that Paladin Geriad and I were investigating.

    Anyhow, he wanted me to talk with the lead guards at three different posts on the Dalimond Peninsula: King's Cross, Central Valley, and South March to see how things were.

    That didn't seem too hard and, not to mention, it did mean that I get to visit Alis Talor again! Fortunately, I'd asked her to attune me too, so I was able to get there right away from Bristugo, shortest trip ever! Alis said that the wolves are still a bit of a problem, but not as much as they were before, but she hasn't seen undead around King's Cross.

    That's a report I'm happy to hear, despite what happened with the tombs, it doesn't appear to have had too much of an impact.

    Makes me wonder though, were the Aegis only trying to build up their forces by taking the Kings instead of pressing forth an actual attack? I mean, either way, its still not good, but its kind of good too. It might give the Militia enough time to build up their forces to attack before the Aegis do.

    I made my way towards Central Valley and didn't run into any undead either, though the wolves did try to attack me again, but I outran them and they lost interest after I ran away from their roaming grounds. See? We don't ALWAYS have to fight against everything that moves, some will leave you alone if you outrun them fast enough!

    The guard at Central Valley, Eilin Abbath, also reported no Aegis movements as well, though she did point out that she thought there was a Forest Skulk village south east of the settlement, but that they had not been attacking anyone, or anything, for that matter. Maybe word of what I had done to the other two villages gotten around and that village decided to keep to itself? I hope so! I asked her to attune me to the Valley, so I'd be able to return there in the event of an emergency.

    After I left Central Valley, things started to get a bit more complicated though...

    You see, I needed to make my way to South March and since its a long way there, you have to head towards Slate Crest and then make your way even further south from there to get to the settlement itself.

    Well, when I arrived at Slate Crest, after being attuned there, the guard told me about some sort of infection, or plague that was spreading through the wolf population around the area that was making those wolves, in particular, quite strong, aggressive, and dangerous.

    I know I really should have just worried about my task for the Militia, since the Aegis are likely involved in many of the problems on the Peninsula.

    Don't tell Paladin Geriad that I got distracted! He should understand, even if you did, I'd hope... I AM a Saris after all, that happens! Well, half-Saris anyhow.

    Still, I couldn't leave that guard to handle everything on his own, especially because of the silly restrictions the 'leaders' of the Militia put upon them, not to mention, the settlers of Slate Crest were in immediate danger from these diseased brownbacks.

    Despite the fact that Guard Albus Torrin of Slate Crest is a bit snippy and rude, I feel that he's... more kind of like Paladin Geriad, just... more, intense about his duties and is just trying to protect those that live around Slate Crest.

    I'm not going to lie, his attitude DOES annoy me a bit and there are times I want to just claw his face off. It's a good thing I'm not my sister, or I might have. She doesn't have much patience for anyone getting snippy with her...

    Oh... right... sorry, sorry... er... side-tracked!


    Taking his advice, I ran down the road from Slate Crest and found the packs of wolves he'd mentioned. At first, he wanted me to just trim down their numbers, so he asked me to kill at least four packs of wolves to make the area safer for the residents. That wasn't too hard, because of how strong I've become now, and my plate armor made most of their attacks only glance off me.

    After that, he wanted me to collect their hearts, in order to investigate the disease. He wanted a scholar he knew about in South March to exam them. It was a grisly process, to be sure, but a necessary one, unfortunately.

    *she shudders* ugh... just... feeling their hearts still pulsing strongly even after they were dead, I don't think I'm going to be able to ever get that out of my mind...

    I had to collect around a dozen hearts from the infected wolves. Once I had them all though, I wrapped them in lemon tree leaves, and then placed them into a basket I wove from more leaves to carry them. I made my way to South March and stopped by the guard to speak with him and get his report for the Militia, since it was on my way to the Scholar's place anyhow.

    The guard, Thom Hanlon, was his name... makes me wonder if he's of any relation to that annoying officer in Dalimond... I hope not... because that would be just, disgraceful. They literally almost have the exact name! That officer in Dalimond is Thomas Hanlon, but this guard... Thom Hanlon... There has to be some sort of connection there. I wonder if they were twins...

    *she pauses and blinks* OH! Right! Sorry... drifting into my own thoughts again...

    Back the matter at paw!

    Scholar Julius Sciopionis, I think is how you say it, asked me to give him some time to evaluate the hearts, so I did, until he told me he was ready with his report. He suspected the infection may be spread by both the proximity of the Aegis' base at The Dead Pool and by the Alphas of the wolf packs, since they eat from their prey first.

    I returned to Guard Torrin with the information and he asked me to kill the pack leaders, hoping that would help stop the spread of the contagion. Fortunately, it wasn't too hard of a task to do and after I finished the task he gave me a special amulet of protection as well as a bit of extra coin. So, despite how mean he seems, I think he does have the benefits of others in mind. He's just not sure how to be nice about it, at least, I'd hope to think so at any rate.

    And... here I am now, back on my way to Dalimond to deliver the last of the reports to that... annoying officer...

    I suppose I did stay a bit longer than I expected, so I'd better hurry off!

    May Merrasat bless and brighten your day.

    *she scampers off, waving while her long tresses dance in the air*
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    I wonder… Why doesn’t anyone do anything, unless they are just telling us Gifted to do it?

    I mean, I suppose I can understand some of it to a degree, sure… but even so, it’s unfair to all of us, surely they can help too! Merrasat’s Stars! I can’t even begin to explain my growing frustration with all of these Militia people…

    Anyhow, to start with, after I returned with my reports to Hanlon in Dalimond… and NO! Don’t expect me to address him by his so-called ‘rank’. He’s not even worthy of that! I wouldn’t call him any rank, even if he were the Emperor of Tazoon! He’s just an irresponsible officer that is too scared to do anything without his hand being held and patted with words of comfort and encouragement.

    I gave him my reports from the places he told me about and even told him about the diseased Brownbacks in Slate Crest, but he couldn’t care less about it! He was like ‘it’s only wolves, and they are not my concern, we have more important things to worry about.’

    How dare he? How DARE HE! It’s supposed to be his job to look after those under the Militia’s protection! Just because the Aegis are, admittedly, our greatest threat, it doesn’t mean that everything else isn’t! Not only that, but the next thing he tells me is, “Go to the Outpost in Heart, Sergeant Nansi Illos’ last report to me indicated an increase in Withered Aegis raids.”

    Excuse me? Why didn’t you tell me this beforepaw? When I was actually going to be IN that area? Why wait until I get back to tell me this? I could have looked into it while I was there!

    UGH! Merrasat’s temperance… I could use it… I’m about ready to drag that officer by his throat out there with me and throw him into the Withered Aegis forces, just to make him actually do something for a change. Were I my sister… I’m sure I would have done so by now. At the very least, he did seem to agree with the idea that perhaps the Skulk and the Aegis raids on the Peninsula were linked, so there is that.

    Anyhow, so… once more I headed back on my journeys, taking the portals from Bristugo to Central Valley and then making my way to Heart. I spoke with the lead guard there and she told me about an increase in raids and attacks upon their outpost. She also told me that the Aegis had set up an entire camp just outside Heart, right on the roads to fully cut off any expeditions or supply caravans from reaching the Observatory Outpost far past the forest known as the Goranthis Forest. She asked me to attack their camp to push back the Aegis and stop their assault on Heart itself, because their forces, thanks to Hanlon’s lack of motivation and willingness to do anything were severely restricted and almost paralyzed. They couldn’t even afford to leave their posts to help me either.

    Well, with things as bad as they are and considering my profession as a Paladin, I decided I’d do just that. I drew my sword and waded into the Aegis’ numbers, challenging multiple undead to attack me at once. These ones were actually MUCH weaker than the ones in Ashlander’s Tomb, so I was able to easily avoid most of their attacks and much of their strength was incomparable to my own.

    I had expected more powerful resistance, but all they had on me was numbers alone and even that wasn’t enough to faze me much, in fact, any wounds they DID inflict upon me were pretty much healed right away by my Life’s Blessing ability!

    Maybe I’ve just been fighting powerful enemies for so long… many others just… aren’t as strong, I suppose…

    Either way, I was able to destroy so many of them that the road became completely clear and at that point, Sergeant Nansi called me back to her. She told me that she’d been looking over some information and found the leader of the undead attacking Heart and asked me to hunt him down in an effort to disorient the Aegis and buy Heart’s forces enough time to get resupplied to make their efforts to reclaim the roads.

    Considering just… how easy these undead were, it wasn’t a problem to find their leader and destroy him as well. I suppose there does come a point where someone becomes stronger than some of the Aegis forces!

    Once I returned with the road clear, Nansi had some bad news for me and told me about a patrol that she and her forces had sent out, but lost contact with.

    It’s… hard to replicate how I felt once I heard those words, but the moment I did, I’m sure you can imagine the first thoughts that came into my mind.

    *she paused for a moment, looking at the gathered listeners, but soon continues*

    Well, in case you don’t know me, or don’t know me well enough yet… the first thing that came to mind was that very first lost patrol that I couldn’t save before, back when I was training out of Kion.

    It was like… well, it is hard to explain, but I’ll try…

    Imagine your throat tightening up so you can’t breathe, as if you were choking on something, but then, at the same time, feeling… like… a large, heavy steel ball drops into the pit of your stomach while your heart is gripped, twisted, squeezed, and wrenched around… like a towel you are wringing the water from, while smoke burns your eyes and makes them water uncontrollably.

    I’m not proud of it… but I did begin to cry when I heard that… The memory of that patrol I couldn’t save before continues to haunt me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to erase that from my memory and what’s worse… it hurts so bad whenever I see or hear something like that… it feels like it’s happening all over again. I can just see it, like the very day it happened as if I am right there and I never left, but it continues to repeat itself.

    It did take Sergeant Nansi a while to calm me down and comfort me, although, I think she was rather surprised at how I reacted when she told me that. She said as much too. All her life, she’d not seen anyone break down like that. She tried to be sympathetic and told me that almost feels like she should do the same, largely in part due to the fact that her own nephew was involved in that patrol and she didn’t look forward to telling both her sister and learning if the worst happened to him.

    I suppose… some wounds will never heal, but at least she was willing to try to help make me feel better.

    Anyhow, back to the story… sorry for getting side-tracked again, but its something that I felt needed to be shared, because it still hurts just as badly as that first patrol...

    After I recovered my composure, I rushed through the undead forces again, cutting a swath through their numbers and running through the forest as fast as I could, following any and all clues I found to point me in the direction of this patrol.

    It took a while, but I did finally manage to find a small camp deep in the woods, overlooking a place known as The Warrens, a blighted pathway that I remember going through when I was purging Ashlander’s Tomb.

    Well, the good news is, much to my delight, I found the lost patrol there, camping out and keeping themselves hidden from the Aegis. All were present and accounted for as well as healthy… if not so happy, in truth.

    I collected a report from them and made my way back to Heart as fast as I could, eager to deliver the information to the Militia.

    The bad news, though, came when I returned to Heart. The report I had contained information about another outpost on the Dalimond Peninsula that was also in dire peril. Sergeant Nansi and I reviewed it together and determined that it was the place known as the Observatory Outpost, which was created after the fall of the Gnomian Observatory.

    As it turns out, if this place still stands, they’ll be needing supplies… which brings me to why I’m here now. Sergeant Nansi asked me to return to Dalimond to procure supplies after she filled out a supply requisition.

    I’ll be heading off to speak to Elmond Weiss here… once I can find him… so… I do need to depart, but thank you for hearing me out.

    Merrasat preserve the Observatory Outpost and give me the speed to get there before anything too bad happens…
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    OOC: Greetings readers! I apologize for the long delay in posting anything new for a while, but I'm totally going to blame it on the double exp events we had, the raids, and the winter event! I know I'm sorely behind now... I did many new quests without even realizing I'd done them to start with, but I never posted them up for her. I do plan to get Kylisha's Chronicles all caught up and I do have that final 'Katalogue' from Kytitia to make as well... I'll get to it, but thanks for your patience anyhow! NOW, to the stories!


    *She enters with a reserved poise, her massive, two paw sword sheathed. Her armor looks as if it had been badly damaged and dented as well, clearly, she'd been fighting hard against powerful creatures at some point in her absence.*

    There's so much going on with the Dalimond Peninsula.... I just never imagined how badly the Aegis have affected our realm. Well, I'll cover some of that in detail as I talk over my adventures with you.

    When I was last here, I was in a bit of a somewhat emotional state... riddled with worry for the Observatory Outpost, here to collect supplies for them.

    I was right to be worried too, but I need to talk about some things before I get to that point. Anyhow, I did manage to find the Quartermaster, Elmond Weiss as I needed to. While he seemed to be an okay type, he still annoyed me quite badly when I brought him the request forms that Sergeant Nansi had asked me to deliver to him. I suppose its really no fault of his own, if I'm being honest, but the reason I got annoyed with him was because he refused to give me the supplies I needed without first having those documents signed by my *she adds with a sneeringly sarcastic tone* FAVORITE Officer, Hanlon.

    Naturally, when I heard that I had to take these documents to HIM, I was not very happy, to say the least... That officer... well, there's so many things I'd want to do to and say about him, but I don't think they'd be appropriate for a... friendly conversation. Nevertheless, Hanlon once again proved to me WHY I despise him so much. The first thing he said to me was, 'Soldier, I'm very busy so speak quickly. Ah, a signature. Signatures, that's all I do these days.'

    Well, if he's SOOOOO busy JUST signing signatures... how can he possibly be 'busy'? I'M the one doing these tasks for the benefit of HIS subordinates! How can he even think that he is more busy than I? Maybe I should knock him down a few pegs... humiliate him a bit and even drag him into the armies of the Aegis... I'm certainly much stronger than he now.

    Anyhow... sorry to get side-tracked again, but you should have come to expect that by now, we Saris are like that. After dealing with the annoyance of associating with Hanlon, I returned to Quartermaster Weiss and he granted me the supplies I needed. I then hurried back to Bristugo and jumped into the portal for Heart where I told Sergeant Nansi about the supplies I'd gotten. She seemed exceptionally pleased and gave me directions to the Observatory Outpost.

    The undead that I'd destroyed previously, of course had been replaced, but much like my sister, Kytali, I rushed through them once more, battling my way through their forces until I broke free of them and could continue my journey to the Outpost. I went through the Goranthis Forest, following my map and the instructions Sergeant Nansi had given me. Eventually I found my way to the Outpost and, thank Merrasat, it still stood. I hurried in through the gates and took note of the detachment stationed there.

    The one who approached me, Sergeant Ral Ortos, appeared to be in command. He welcomed me warmly and with great relief when he saw the burden I carried for them. He offered to attune me to the Outpost to make it easier for me to return, while apologizing that he needed my help with even more Aegis problems.

    Considering how bad the Aegis had threatened Heart, as well as the Tombs, and, of course, as a calling befitting my profession, I listened with bated breath, dreading every moment as he explained the situation to me.

    He told me that before the Observatory was built, there was a small village known as Rastiphan in which the builders used to live, but when the Observatory fell, the Aegis captured the village as well, leading to it becoming blighted. Since its capture, it's become filled with undead and automatons, according to his information. He asked me to go to that village and destroy a number of the undead patrols to help reduce the attacks.

    I made my way to the village, did a bit of scouting, and found that indeed, his information was correct, but the automatons were quite far away from the Outpost and never left a particular area... it looked like it might be a Gnomian contraption that generated some sort of energy that the automatons rely on. I know, because if I got close enough, my fur would prickle and floof, making me feel like a big puffball. Anyhow, when I got near the device, the automatons did rush to attack me, but I quickly retreated and they only followed me so far before they appeared to lose power and become defunct. To make sure, I tried this a few more times with the same results, leading me to develop this theory and it seemed to be right.

    Perhaps that was why Sergeant Ral Ortos didn't mention that he felt I should worry about those contraptions, they weren't really a threat to the Outpost. I returned to the primary reason of my mission and destroyed a number of the undead patrols. These didn't seem near as dangerous as the enemies I'd faced in King Vandus' Tomb, so I was able to make through with only minor injuries, most of which my Blessing of Life ability mended easily enough. With the power of my Stand Against Darkness and my Aura of Light, the Aegis crumpled before me like a wind scatters loose leaves.

    Feeling pleased with myself at my success, I happily returned to Sergeant Ortos and delivered my report, in addition to the observations I made about the automatons as well. He seemed very pleased with the results and thanked me for the information about the automatons as well, which he passed on to the Scholar at the Outpost.

    He did, however have some bad news for me though, which, needless to say, wasn't entirely too much of a surprise. While I had been doing my research and taking care of the Aegis patrols in the few days I'd been away, he'd taken some of his soldiers to ready and store some supplies that I'd brought so that the Outpost could lead an assault on the Observatory itself. Unfortunately, it appeared that some of the Gnomian Scouts around the Observatory had spotted them and told... whoever leads them about what happened and in turn, once Sergeant Ortos and his team departed, they sent their own teams to raid and steal the caches of supplies.

    Sergeant Ortos and his team had returned some time later, ready to attack, but found all their supplies gone and the Aegis repelled their attack, at great cost to Sergeant Ortos' team. Not all of them were Gifted and some were felled, only to be returned as undead and turn against their former comrades. They had not known that their supplies had been stolen and they certainly didn't have a Paladin like myself with them, since I'd already been busy fighting in Rastiphan.

    Hearing this news both infuriated and saddened me, not at Sergeant Ortos, at least he actually DOES something, unlike Hanlon in Dalimond, but at the Aegis. All that work we'd done... just to be undone with a single assault AND the Aegis ranks swelled even further with those that had been brave enough to fight against them, but had not been Gifted.

    I was painfully reminded of the Lost Patrol on Kion again and I lost my composure once more. I know.... I'm not proud to admit it... but like I said before... that's a memory that just... keeps hurting me constantly. Somehow, the Aegis manage to open old wounds without even knowing that they are. What... kind of power is that? To be able to make me relive something as terrible as that... time and again. They have a sinister power to them and I can't even begin to explain it.

    It took me a while to recover myself, with Sergeant Ortos' help, thankfully, before I was ready for him to give me my next task. I suspected I had somewhat of an idea, but I wanted to hear for myself, just to make sure I had all the information I needed. He warned me about ogres and pygmies that had become blighted and been turned into Aegis, in addition to some sort of flies called 'Corpse Flies', and then, of course, all the undead gnomes. He wanted me to recover these supply caches and destroy a large number of the Ogres, Pygmies, Gnomes, and flies.

    I steeled my resolve, prepared for battle, and left to do as he asked. I followed the road from the Outpost towards the Observatory itself and I found fields of the B'nari Tribe, flies, and Gnomes. Seeing their numbers gave me pause and I had to collect my courage, but after a few moments, I sprinted deep into their hordes, heading towards the areas that Sergeant Ortos had told me that they'd last seen their supply caches. They were heavily guarded by all the creatures and I fear I overestimated myself a bit, to be honest, or perhaps I was just too emotionally traumatized at the time to think clearly enough to fully consider the danger.

    The Aegis rushed me with countless numbers and I quickly switched to my sword and shield, realizing the amount of danger I was in. I channeled every ounce of my power into all of my most powerful undead-destroying abilities as a Paladin, in conjunction with my skill with spirit and nature magic. I was able to stand against two waves and collect half of the caches before I became utterly exhausted and the Aegis overwhelmed me. As my vision faded, I saw some of the former Militia members staring at me with cold... smug expressions and gloating over my defeat.

    I returned to my bind point in Harro, quite distraught and hurting... not physically, of course, the Gift mends that... but... mentally... emotionally... and spiritually. Like a flood... or tidal wave all the memories of my failures and defeats at the paws of the Aegis came back to mind. The time with Talenth, the Lost Patrol, King Vandus' Tomb, the loss of many of Sergeant Ortos' soldiers, good, capable men and women, and now... this...

    I cannot begin to express the pain and hurt... just... that it was overwhelming and I can't recall just how many tears I cried. Mother and Ryshayria found me there, actually, and came over to speak with me as I sat upon the ground, crying bitterly. The two of them, as well as many of their comrades in arms had just suffered a terrible defeat at the paws of the Aegis Generals and they needed to rest for a bit before they could try to attack again.

    The two of them spent some time with me, telling me about their battles, trials, victories, and defeats. Both of them understood how I felt and comforted me while we rested. I knew I had to return to the fight and save the Outpost. If even Mother and Ryshayria will suffer deaths at the paws of the Aegis... it doesn't mean that they are immune... in spite of how powerful both of them are. Perhaps its not because I'm weak in general... but because the Aegis are finding ways to grow stronger and get ahead of our own strength and are much more dangerous than people like to think they are.

    I decided to return to my own fight and leave them to theirs, thanking them for their support. They left to spend some time at a tavern to recover and I returned to Bristugo, then used the portal to the Observatory Outpost. Sergeant Ortos saw me and looked surprised, thinking I'd completed the task. He asked me as much, but I told him that even I had been overwhelmed, although I'd managed to recover most of their supplies and that I was returning to finish the job. He nodded solemnly, encouraged me, patted my back, and thanked me for all my help.

    When I returned to the battlefield this time, I was a bit more careful in how I approached them. I scouted out areas that I'd be able to lure them to and fight on my terms. I used those spots to control the number of Aegis that could attack me at any one time and eventually destroyed many of the patrols, using everything I had to make them suffer. I was successful, finally, and recovered the last of the stolen supply caches.

    I returned with word of my success to Sergeant Ortos and he thanked me heartily and then gave me a tight hug, which made me feel better and even proud of what I'd done to save the Outpost. He also gave me a large sum of coin and some trophies to sell for even more coin.

    He did say he suspects that there's still more going on, but that I should take a break and speak with Paladin Geriad to let him know of my progress so far. That's why I'm here now, I'm going to rest to recover from that death and tell Paladin Geriad about what I've been doing since we parted ways the last time.

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