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Thread: New Scales for Helian Caster

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    Default New Scales for Helian Caster

    G'lit Sita all!
    After about an eight year hiatus, started back playing HZ. And wow! What a lot of good changes! So my question to you all is for suggestions about the new scales for a Helian Caster like my self.
    Would like to know what would be like the best set to work for, techs, xtals etc.
    Guaran and Chasing have made some great suggestion in Guild, but thought I would give the community time to chime in as well.
    Great minds and all that LOL.
    Appreciate any and all suggestions as it will give me something to look forward to crafting / getting (as opposed to gathering 4 billion of everything for Druidess to build her new plots with! LOL).
    Thanks all,

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    Default Re: New Scales for Helian Caster

    WHAT A JOY- to have you 2 back in Istaria!!!
    Give lots of winghugs to Druidess!!!

    Enjoy and happy gaming!!

    If you talked to Chasing and Guaran..there is nothing left to say!!

    (LovsKin of Chaos)
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: New Scales for Helian Caster

    Here's what I had sent Tel, in case anyone else is curious:

    For a pure caster, or a spell leaning hybrid build:
    Primalist Tailscale - Primal V + open slot for Grand Magus tech. Another good choice is Reklar's Tail scale of Power.
    Primalist Back scale - Dragon Breath V + open slot for Bone Lacing tech
    Primalist Chest scale - lots of options, use dragon chest techs, make a few variations. Ceremonial Scale: Primal Retribution + socket is best for Valkor, Shaloth, Fafnir, Gruk.
    Primalist Head - 2 open slots, drag on Razor Teeth + Socket
    Primalist Forelegs - 2 sockets
    Primalist Hindlegs - Primal V + Dragon Breath V -or- Primal V + Tooth&Claw V
    Primalist Wings - 2 sets, Combat set and Travel set
    Combat set(s): Primal V + open slot for Piercing Winds. Could also do Crest of Blackhammer Clan + Piercing Winds. Doesn't hurt to make a few varied sets.

    Travel wings: Speed V + Velocity V + light blue dye (so that they stand out)
    Use 2 hotkeys to swap wing sets back and forth.

    For a Hybrid leaning build choose Tooth&Claw on the Hindlegs and Back in place of Dragon Breath.

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    Default Re: New Scales for Helian Caster

    8 years, wow! Welcome back! Tell your friends
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    Default Re: New Scales for Helian Caster

    Thanks Guaran, I am still working on getting my scales to where I want them.

    And I guess I lean twords a hybrid build helian.
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